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<patchinfo incident="5911">
  <issue id="988954" tracker="bnc">wicked: no custom dhcp options possible</issue>
  <issue id="989741" tracker="bnc">DHCP IP address assignment takes more than an hour on SLES12 SP2 Beta4</issue>
  <issue id="973355" tracker="bnc">wicked does not work correctly with interface renames</issue>
  <issue id="913861" tracker="bnc">wicked does not support dsl connections</issue>
  <issue id="865573" tracker="bnc">wicked:  PPPoE support broken</issue>
  <issue id="982231" tracker="bnc">Openvswitch errors : unable to query bridge parent</issue>
  <issue id="916948" tracker="bnc">wicked skips custom DHCP Tags</issue>
  <issue id="981887" tracker="bnc">wicked does not start without CONFIG_FIB_RULES in kernel</issue>
  <issue id="902897" tracker="bnc">wicked - RDNSS information is not used</issue>
  <issue id="997027" tracker="bnc">wicked skips ifdown and reports "no matching interface" without the effective reason, that persistent mode is enabled</issue>
  <issue id="972471" tracker="bnc">Slow boot: 33s waiting for wicked interfaces to start</issue>
  <issue id="982952" tracker="bnc">wicked ifreload eth0 : wicked: ifreload: no matching interfaces</issue>
  <issue id="998413" tracker="bnc">Bonding, does not failback to primary device with vlan-slaves.</issue>
  <issue id="985894" tracker="bnc">wicked: no hostname option in dhcp DISCOVERY message</issue>
  <issue id="975466" tracker="bnc">dhcp discover isn't reaching interface</issue>
  <issue id="984088" tracker="bnc">interface config, IP_OPTIONS does not work anymore</issue>
  <issue id="974231" tracker="bnc">Wicked: ifcfg-macvlan parsing error</issue>
  <issue id="916613" tracker="bnc">RDNSS not working in 13.1</issue>
  <issue id="988794" tracker="bnc">Wicked does not parse scope keyword in ifcfg files</issue>
  <issue id="312217" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="317976" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="317977" tracker="fate"/>
This update provides Wicked 0.6.39, which brings the following fixes and enhancements:

- dhcp: Support to define and request custom options. (boo#988954)
- dhcp6: Fix refresh on newprefix workaround. (boo#972471)
- dhcp4: Do not fail in capture on link type change. (boo#975466)
- dhcp4: Ignore invalid options, do not discard complete message.
- dhcp4: Log and add sender (server or relay) ethernet hw-address to the lease.
- ifdown: Show reasons to skip an action. (boo#997027)
- ifconfig: Fix to consider address scope in dbus model. (boo#988794)
- bonding: Set the primary slave in the master at enslave of the primary when it 
  were not yet ready while bond setup. (boo#998413)
- dhcp: Fixed to properly append dhcp option data. (boo#988954)
- addrconf: Rewrite to run lease updates in background jobs and use netconfig 0.84 
  batch support if available (boo#989741).
  Fixed auto4 and dhcp supplicants to explicitly stop device before un-registering
  dbus object to disarm it and return release request result before sensing the 
  released event.
  Fixed fsm to not advance fsm state on unrelated events and use new call to refresh
  addresses from kernel for tentative checks in ifup.
- auto6: Do not apply rdnss/dnssl if autoconf=0. (boo#984088)
- addrconf: Utility to parse string with update flags.
- leasefile: Added an lease file exists utility.
- ifstatus: Show IPv6 privacy addresses as autoconf.
- updater: Adjusted system settings update debug info.
- updater: No remove before install on granted lease.
- updater: No backup/restore for netconfig, unused.
- updater: No warning on unset optional backup/restore.
- man: Added DHCLIENT_REQUEST_OPTION to ifcfg-dhcp.
- leaseinfo: Dump other/unknown dhcp options.
- dhcp4: Initial support to request custom options. (boo#916948, boo#988954)
- lease: Store and load other/unknown dhcp options.
- utils: Fixed last byte formatting in ni_format_hex.
- dbus: Handle unparsed dhcp options in leases.
- dhcp4: Store unparsed options in the lease.
- addrconf: Add generic dhcp options to lease.
- dhcp: Move specific dhcp.h to dhcp4.h and dhcp6.h.
- ovs: Use generic ovs type until we can query ovs. (boo#982231)
- dhcp4: Send hostname in discover. (boo#985894)
- ifconfig: Fixed to apply address preferred_lft 0.
- address: Apply suse ifcfg IP_OPTIONS. (boo#984088)
- config: Add a global LINK_REQUIRED ifcfg default.
- client: Apply global LINK_REQUIRED setting if any.
- ifreload: Make output more informative. (boo#982952)
- rules: Do not fail when kernel support is missed. (boo#981887)
- nanny: Reapply policies on device renames. (boo#973355)
- iflist: Fixed macvlan/macvtap link info data parsing.
- auto6: Apply rdnss/dnssl and wait for autoconf. (boo#902897, boo#916613)
- spec: Removed ppp service template macro calls. (fate#317976)
- bonding: Support for new v3.7.1 netlink options in 4.4 kernel.
- linux: Update included headers to 4.4, add if_addr.h.
- utils: Fix for ni_string_set to set empty pointers.
- team: Fix for unclosed file descriptor and string memory leak.
- ppp: Initial implementation of PPPoE support. (fate#317976, boo#865573, boo#913861)
- route: Initial routing policy rules support. (fate#312217)
- tunnel: Add device binding support. (fate#317977)
- gre: Fix flags use, added missed keyed gre options.
- doc: Added an initial FAQ to the documentation.
- util: Fix null string and string array in compare.
- ipv6: Cleaned up IPv6 RA PI and RDNSS processing.
- ipv6: Receive IPv6 RA DNSSL options forwarded by kernel.
- dhcp6: Refresh ipv6 link on each prefix event to fix workaround for missed NEWLINK event
  on changes caused by RA. (boo#972471)
- macvlan: Fix enum values for BRIDGE and PASSTHRU modes. (boo#974231)
  <summary>Recommended update for wicked</summary>
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