File python-ioflo.changes of Package python-ioflo

Wed Jul 29 18:24:19 UTC 2015 -

- Updated to v1.3.8
  - Refactored base.aiding to aid.aiding and then split out groups of utility
    functions into metaing, navigating, timing, blending
  - use sixing for 2to3 in more places
    Some other refactoring
  - Use of ioflo.base.aiding is deprecated. Use ioflo.aid.aiding. In the future
    base.aiding will be removed.
  - Move odicting and osetting to aid.  base.odicting base.osetting references still
    exist by are deprecated use aid.odicting aid.osetting
  - added modict (multiple valued odict) class to odicting
  - Fixed bug in httping processing chunked encoded responses
  - Changed default encoding for x-www-form-urlencoded to utf-8
  - Support for multipart/form-data for POST request forms with utf-8
  - changed parameter to fargs for form args from form to be consistent with qargs
  - added support for http url encoded form data in Requester and Patron
  - fixed bug in http copy
  - Added redirects field to response returned when request is redirected in Patron
  - Some bug fixes and minor changes to httping
  - Fixed bug in value parsing due to new None as valid value
  - Added framer inode relative 'me' to path resolution so put set etc can use framer inode relative addressing as per ionints
  - Added 'of me' relation clause so can perform inode relative addessing
  - Refactoring of httping classes to normalize interfaces
    Requester now accepts data dictionary that it automatically jsonifies on build
  - Patron now passes through copy of request odict to reponses copy so that requester
    can add tracking and return information to request that shows up in response
  - Fixed bug with Nact   go .. if not ... in Need expression
  - do verb via connective now supports paths that end with dot or not
  - do verb by/from, for, qua, now all use all the fields in the source if a field
    list is not provided
  - values of field value expressions can now be unquoted path strings
  - Support for optional via inode clause in framer verb to provide framer wide
    prefix for ioinit inodes
  - Support for optional via inode clause in aux verb for cloned aux framers to
    provide override of aux framer via clause on invocation of aux verb
  - Semantics of aux via inode is to prepend main framer via inode unless
    the aux via inode is absolute or main or mine. if main then use main framer's
    via inode if mine then ignore main framer's via inode
  - FloScript now supports single quoted values in addition to doubled quoted
  - Exchanged 'qua' and 'via' connective semantics in 'do' verb because via is more commmon
  - Added aid.httping with classes for nonblocking http client
    See class aid.httping.Patron
  - Added 'qua' connective to 'do' verb to allow easier setting of inode
  - renamed python 2 to 3 compat module
  - Some refactoring of repository directory structure. Added ioflo.aid as
    sub-package for utility modules. Started moving some stuff out of .base
    into .aid. Left reference in .base for now but deprecated in future.
  - ioflo.base.nonblocking is deprecated use ioflo.aid.nonblocking instead
  - Added support for nonblocking tcp/ip and tcp/ip + tls client and server classes
    in aid.nonblocking
  - Added support for nonblocking http client in aid.httping
  - Updated docs

Wed Mar 25 19:59:53 UTC 2015 -

- Updated to v1.2.1
  - Moved nonblocking io classes to ioflo.base.nonblocking from ioflo.base.aiding
  - Added script aliases ioflo3 for ioflo on python3 and ioflo2 for ioflo on python2
  - Changed syntax of "bid" verb: Now supports optional "at period" clause that allows
    changing the iteration period of framer
  - Added retrograde and parsemode options to ioflo script
  - Changed syntax of "do" verb: Made with and from connectives aliases for to and by 
    repectively to be consistent with other verbs. Replaced with and from in do verb with cum and via respectively
  - Changed interface for Actor Class (Deed subclass) .postinitio is no longer supported. 
    It was deprecated in version 1.1.5. The correct one to use is ._prepare

Thu Feb 26 21:28:47 UTC 2015 -

- Updated to v1.1.9
  - More Skeddar timer fixes
  - Added MonoTimer to Skeddar that detects if system clock is retrograded.
  - Added binary create mode for OCFN utility function. Needed for P3 support if using msgpack.
  - Renamed Registry class to Registrar class to avoid confusion with .Registry in RegisterType metaclass
  - Added Ordered Set class called oset or OSet in

Wed Jan 28 19:43:04 UTC 2015 -

- Updated to v1.1.5
  - Added preliminary support for insular clones Added if done (any, all) [in frame [framename] [of framer [framername]]]
  - Added support for aux framer as mine aux framer as mine if ...
    Where mine specifies an insular aux clone framer whose name is auto generated at resolve time and is 
    not available to floscript verbs
  - Added support for rear and raze verbs. the rear verb enables runtime as opposed to resolve time creation of insular 
    auxiliary clones These reared auxes can be destroyed at runtime using the raze verb This enables the creation of 
    temporary insular auxiliary clones. When razed the memory for the clone is released.
  - rear original [as mine] [be aux] in frame framename
  - raze (all, last, first) [in frame [(me, framename)]]
  - More consistent usage of resolveFrameOfFramer
  - Added Deck class to
  - Add scaffolding for unit tests of Deeds (behaviors) inside House, Framer, Frame contexts in file ioflo.test.testing
  - Changed interface for Actor Class (Deed subclass) .postinitio is not ._prepare for backwards compatibility .postinitio 
    is still supported but is deprecated and will no longer be supported in a future version.
  - Changed Actor .act to ._act

Sun Dec 28 20:32:30 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to v1.1.0
  - Added improvements to done verb and bid verb
  - Fixed related bugs:
  + Added support for cloning auxiliary framers. This is provided via the aux framer as clonename 
    form of the aux verb Only framers whose schedule kind is moot may be cloned.
  + Added support for inline relative addressing syntax and removed goal and state varients 
    of relative addressing as these are imcompatible special cases of recurred and elapsed still supported
  + Support for ioflo has test run using reporting via house metas
  + Added framer schedule type of moot, when moot, house builder does not call resolveLinks on the framer. 
    When moot the framer is meant to be cloned. ResolveLinks will be called on the clones
  + Added actor, main, and me relative addressing in "of" clauses Refactored so all share resolution 
    happens at resolve time not parse time Refactored so all frame and framer resolution happens at resolve time 
    not parse time Deprecated current server command as will be changing syntax significantly 
    Got rid of tasker command as only use subclasses Framer, Logger, Server Refactor and clean up code Change 
    default inode path in resolvePath to "" Raises error if duplicate unders 
    Refactor so resolving Tasker links uses utility function more DRY Refactor so resolving Framer and Frame links 
    uses utility function to be more DRY Replaced Restarter Actor with SideAct restart

Wed Oct 22 20:52:37 UTC 2014 -

- Major update to v1.0.1
  - Changed license to Apache 2.0 1.0 release
  - Added WinMailslotNb Class for non blocking comms on windows to replace SocketUxdNb
  - Added better support for Python3

Wed Jul 30 19:10:17 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to v0.9.39
- Cleanup some non python3 compatible print statement in tests Lint cleanup

Tue Jul  1 19:12:17 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to v0.9.38
- change console log file cli parameter to not be required
- change console log file to append mode so multiple can write to it without overwiting
- Added console log file path capability now has parameter consolepath that 
specifies files path to log console messages instead of stdout
- ioflo script now has command line parameter -c --console for same

Sat Jun 14 11:39:23 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to v0.9.35
- fixed command line version ioflo -V to work properly
- Added exitAll() to framer microthread abort
- More verbose socket error messages for servers
- Some lint like cleanup of parameters

Mon Jun  9 10:22:00 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to version v0.9.31
  - Changed Class naming convention for Actors/Deed Registery to get rid of reverse camel convention. This was causing confusion to new users and it was the result of a now obsolete historical convention in the way IoFlo managed behavior registration for FloScript.
    Unfortunately this change breaks any FloScripts/behaviors (sub classes of Actor or Deed) that were created using the old convention. The FloScripts do not need to be changed but the ClassNames need to be changed so they will be found.
    The new Convention is to use Cap Camel Case for the Class Name but the order of the camel case segments is not reversed to generate the FloScript do verb name as previously. Also when using .register the name parameter argument value should be captital camel case not lower camel case.
    So everything is consistent now

Sat Apr 12 06:07:43 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to version v0.9.20
  + Upstream fixed rpmlint issues

Thu Apr 10 19:15:37 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to version v0.9.19
  - Now running in Python3 basic test missions. Probably some corner conditions
  - Addes preliminary support for Python3 compatibility

Mon Mar 31 18:49:49 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to version v0.9.17
  - Increases Udp and Uxd socket buffer sizes if they are too small for the server setting.

Mon Mar 31 18:41:45 UTC 2014 -

- Updated spec file suse/sles needs python-importlib

Sat Mar 29 20:01:37 UTC 2014 -

- Improved spec file after review

Fri Mar 21 23:17:00 UTC 2014 -

- initial version v0.9.16