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Sat Feb 21 19:30:17 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 2.5.0:
  * Autotools and packaging changes:
    - Upgraded autoconf version requirement to 2.60
    - Added '--with-alsa' to suppress ALSA sound driver inclusion
    - Added '--without-oss' to suppress OSS sound driver inclusion
    - Added '--disable-cache' to remove tags cache support
    - Added specific GDB support to '--enable-debug'
    - Refactor decoder plug-ins' autoconf scripts into source
    - Ensure that all decoders get into the source distribution
    - Removed SID decoder's dependance on .la-file presence
    - Removed distribution-specific .spec file
    - Minor reformatting of the configure summary
    - Added warnings for various deprecations and potential problems
    - Added warnings for unmet future package requirements
    - Updated GNU boilerplate text
  * Improved support for embedded systems:
    - Refined FFmpeg decoder configuration for use with
    - Provided use of Tremor with the Vorbis decoder
    - Improve portability to non-GNU library platforms
    - Added --with-libiconv-prefix configure option
  * Audio driver changes:
    - Allow use of the OSSv4 per-application mixer API
    - Provided SNDIO support for OpenBSD systems
  * New and changed audio decoders:
    - New TiMidity decoder for MIDI
    - Migrate AAC decoder to later FAAD2 API
    - Added AAC+ (HE-AAC) support to AAC decoder
    - New SidPlay2 decoder for SID
    - New Modplug decoder
    - New WavPack decoder
    - Renamed SndFile plugin for consistancy
    - Removed M4A format support from AAC decoder plugin
    - Removed WAV format support from ModPlug decoder plugin
    - Detect huge files in certain formats which SndFile cannot play
    - Improved (drastically in some cases) the accuracy of AAC
  * Overhauled FFmpeg/LibAV decoder:
    - Resolved FFmpeg API deprecations
    - Provided LibAV compatibility
    - Provided proper stereo downmixing
    - Provided locking support for non-thread-safe library functions
    - Provided better FFmpeg or LibAV discrimination
    - Provided better audio duration reliability determination
    - Increased number of decodable formats (including Xiph Opus)
    - Added decoding of audio from video formats
    - Added logging of FFmpeg/LibAV messages
    - Added seeking in most (but not all) formats
    - Added handling for "planar" codecs
    - Excluded experimental codecs from decoding
    - Fixed misreporting of tags, duration and bitrates
    - Fixed memory and file descriptor leakages
    - Fixed severe distortion on 8-bit samples
    - Fixed loop playing FLAC files
    - Fixed many FFmpeg/LibAV API breakages
    - Fixed many miscellaneous bugs
    - Detect over-length (and therefore broken) WAV files
    - Fixed log formatting when FFmpeg messages contain newline
  * Audio reproduction changes:
    - Improved support for 8-bit sample size
    - Added software mixer
    - Added parametric equalizer
    - Fixed many bugs which produced distorted sound
    - Fixed bugs in 24-bit sample handling
  * General configuration file changes:
    - Reconciled and regularised example config and keymap files
    - Introduced lists and function-like syntax
    - Introduced variable substitution
    - Introduced symbol and boolean option types
    - Improved security of the configuration file
    - Automatic clearing of an overridden default key binding
    - Made processing of keymap file consistant with that of config
  * Changed configuration file options:
    - Layout# options moved to a list and function-like syntax
    - SoundDriver option moved to a list syntax
    - Renamed OSSMixerChannel to OSSMixerChannel1
    - Renamed ALSAMixer to ALSAMixer1
    - QueueNextSongReturn moved to yes/no values
    - TagsCacheSize set to zero now disables tag caching
  * New configuration file options:
    - OnSongChange: run an external command
    - RepeatSongChange: govern the running of the OnSongChange
    - OnStop: run an external command on stopping
    - EnforceTagsEncoding: substitutes ID3v1TagsEncoding for
      ISO-8859-1 encoding in ID3v2 tags
    - FileNamesIconv: converts from local to UTF8 encoding for file
    - NonUTFXterm: converts UTF8 to local encoding for X-Term titles
    - AutoLoadLyrics: says whether MOC should look for lyrics files
    - PreferredDecoders: allow finer control over decoder selection
    - XTerms: externalises terminals regarded as X-Terms
    - UseMIMEMagic: says whether to identify audio files by using
    - JackStartServer: autostart JACK the server
    - ShowTimePercent: set the percent played state
    - Various options for SidPlay2, Modplug and TiMidity support
  * New command line options:
    - '-j' to jump to some position in the current track
    - '-O' to override configuration file settings
    - '-Q' to display user formatted information
    - '-q' to queue files from command line
    - '-t' and '--on/off' to toggle or set playback options
    - '-v' to set the volume
  * Screen handling changes:
    - Changed minimum screen height to 7 lines
    - Added support for GNU screen title
    - Restored screen to console mode after reporting fatal errors
    - Populated playlist panel when loading default playlist file
    - Removed default playlist autofocus at start
    - Fixed overlength highlight bar
    - Fixed screen upset when tags contain control characters
    - Fixed some screen upsets when tags contain UTF-8 characters
    - Fixed screen upset caused by screen(1) mis-detection
  * New and updated client interaction features:
    - 'a' command: also add a directory to the playlist
    - 'L' command: display music lyrics
    - 'Y' command: prune unreadable files from the playlist
    - Queued messages for display in the message area
    - Added play queue
    - Mark a fragment of a file which can be passed to external
    - Clear status message after a stream open failure
    - Minor help menu clarifications
  * Improve text entry history and editting:
    - Recognise ^u (by default) as delete to start of line
    - Recognise ^k (by default) as delete to end of line
    - Save and restore entered text prior to history scrolling
    - Save history entry modifications
    - Do not save adjacent duplicate entries
    - Do not save or modify with blank entries
    - Position cursor at end of restored or history line
  * Theme changes:
    - Enabled highlighted playlist numbers and file times
    - Fixed miscoloured frame when switching themes
    - Fixed default colour settings
    - Fixed cursor placement in themes menu
    - Fixed ordering of theme files in themes menu
    - Fixed new attributes application on theme switching
  * General code cleaning:
    - Refactoring, optimisations and cosmetic improvements
    - Silenced many build warnings and errors
    - Replaced various deprecated, legacy and platform-specific
    - Improved thread safety
  * Significant bug fixes:
    - Fixed stale locks freeze in tags cache database following a
    - Fixed CURL timeout for internet streaming errors
    - Fixed audio distortion on MP3 file having overly long tag
    - Fixed false positive stream detection in the MP3 decoder
    - Fixed Ogg/Vorbis stream detection in the Vorbis decoder
    - Fixed 'LRINTF error' raised when reconfiguring MOC
    - Fixed backspace key mishandling
    - Fixed client interface meta-key handling
    - Fixed pthread stack overflow segfault on OpenBSD
    - Fixed segfault when text entry history becomes full
    - Fixed segfault processing playlists with relative paths
    - Fixed memory corruptions when toggling tag reading
    - Fixed assertion when a second client is started
    - Fixed slow memory leak in client on long-playing streams
    - Fixed severe distortion on 11025Hz 16-bit mono audios
    - Fixed freeze at end of playing audio file
    - Fixed server crash when attempting to play a deleted file
    - Fixed MIME type detection on HTTP redirection
    - Fixed crash when mixer value is above 100%
    - Fixed handling of huge (greater than 2 GiB) files
    - Fixed sub-second audio truncation on ALSA
    - Fixed segfault when MIME-detected MP3 file has no "extension"
    - Fixed segfault when using '--format' without an audio playing
    - Workaround for streams that have the actual title as
    - Indentified cause of "undefined symbol" build errors
    - Plugged all known memory and file descriptor leaks
    - Fixed nonsense duration values returned on some corrupt FLAC
    - Fixed 'time >= 0' assertion at change of audio file
    - Fixed client event notification failure in some circumstances
    - Fixed client abort on duplicated playlist filenames
    - Fixed delayed client exit when server invokes long-running
    - Fixed occasional server freeze on logging when running scripts
    - Fixed non-conforming 'User-Agent' HTTP request header
  * Miscellaneous:
    - Updated and reformatted mocp manpage and equalizer README file
    - Made many warning and error reports more informative and
    - Better logging of more problem determination information
    - More informative version information display
    - Introduced MD5-based decoder verification tools
    - Improved compatibility with 64-bit systems
    - Improved compatibility with big-endian systems
    - Moved tags cache to a Berkeley DB
    - Integration of down-stream distribution patches
    - Fixed frames to duration calculations in ALSA
    - Fixed some mutex management bugs
    - Fixed many bugs which crashed MOC
- drop patch moc-2.4.4-new_ffmpeg.c: ffmpeg support reworked
- refresh underlinking patch: moc-2.5.0-underlinking.patch
  from moc-2.4.4-underlinking.patch
- add source gpg signature and keyring
- add new build dependencies:
  * file-devel
  * libdb-4_8-devel
  * libsidplay1-devel
  * libtimidity-devel
  * libtool
  * pkgconfig(libmodplug)
  * pkgconfig(wavpack)

Fri Nov 29 14:30:30 UTC 2013 -

- Change the pkgconfig(libavformat) BuildRequires for libffmpeg1-devel
  Unfortunatelly the pkg-config files don't clarify the API version.

Mon May 28 20:46:11 UTC 2012 -

- Fix build with ffmpeg 0.11

Wed Mar 28 15:13:32 UTC 2012 -

- Initial package
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