File qbittorrent.changes of Package qbittorrent

Mon Sep 12 06:43:08 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.7
  * FEATURE: Delete torrent+files with Shift+Delete (pieniacy)
  * BUGFIX: Fix 6-hour speedplot point push rate. Close #5545 
    (Daniel Segesdi)
  * BUGFIX: Avoid spawning a new explorer.exe process when 
    selecting "Open containing folder". Closes #5564. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix loading of new geoip db due to an artificial 
    size limit. (SagePtr)
  * BUGFIX: Better error handling and logging with smtp 
    communication. (Brian Kendall)
  * SEARCH: Remove KickassTorrents search engine (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Remove BTDigg search engine (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Update Torrentz search engine (ngosang)

Sat Jul 23 16:04:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.6:
  * BUGFIX: Do not create save directory in advance.
  * BUGFIX: Fix icons are missing when using RTL languages in
    Options dialog.
- Only recommend python3.

Mon Jun 20 06:54:00 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.5
  * FEATURE: Implement Torrent Management Mode(TMM) (glassez)
  * FEATURE: New cookies management dialog and various related 
    fixes (glassez)
  * FEATURE: Use unique temp directories 
    (temp_path/<truncated_torrent_hash>). Closes #5154. (glassez)
  * FEATURE: Display notifications when a torrent is added. 
    Closes #334 and #915. (sledgehammer999)
  * FEATURE: Sort labels with natural sort algorithm in the 
    right-click menu. Closes #3919. (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Add option to automatically remove .torrent files 
    upon adding (Eugene Shalygin)
  * FEATURE: Add option to bind directly to an IP instead of 
    using a network Interface (Sjoerd van der Berg, 
  * FEATURE: Detailed tooltips on the progress and 
    availability bars in the General button of each torrent. 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * FEATURE: Let user able to specifiy a filter when choosing 
    an IP filter file (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Improve usability of "Run External Program". 
    Users can write (platform dependent) shell scripts now. 
  * PERFORMANCE: Optimize drawing in speed graph (Anton 
    Lashkov, Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix memory leak. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix resizing bug in "add torrent dialog". Closes 
    #5036. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix qBittorrent doesn't exit immediately when "all 
    donwloads are done -> exit" option enabled. (glassez, Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Display the filepath when a torrent fails to load. 
    Closes #100 and #805. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix Add tracker dialog empty trackers (ngosang)
  * BUGFIX: Fix Add tracker dialog URL download (ngosang)
  * BUGFIX: Fix torrent adding with existing data (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Try to find incomplete files for new torrent 
  * BUGFIX: Fix rechecking after torrent is finished (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Fix duplicate network interfaces. Closes #5131 
  * BUGFIX: Fix .!qB extension is added when disabled (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Fix "IP Filtering - Apply to trackers" wasn't 
    being applied. Closes #5217. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Don't resize the Country column needlessly 
  * BUGFIX: Fix crashing when exiting the program while the 
    Options window was showing. Closes #4871, #5049. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix parsing of eMule .DAT filters. Closes #5281. 
    (thalieht, sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Implement in setting/removing/showing categories. 
  * WEBUI: Add 'Added on' column in Webui. Closes 
    #5145,#1092,#738 (Ibrahim Tachijian)
  * WEBUI: Add command to get the logs (pmzqla)
  * WEBUI: Expose Add trackers feature (pmzqla)
  * SEARCH: Implement search filters in the proxy model. 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Optimize widgets inside of the search tab (Eugene 
  * SEARCH: Remove duplicated code from search tab and widget 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Use script instead of DownloadManager. 
    Closes #5026. (glassez)
  * SEARCH: Various UI cleanups and optimizations. (Chocobo1, 
  * SEARCH: Fix Torrentz, Mininova, LegitTorrents, PirateBay 
    plugins (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Fix toolbar resizing when m_searchFilter 
    appears/disappears. Closes #5120. (Chocobo1)
  * SEARCH: Use QPalette::LinkVisited color for downloaded 
    items in search results (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Update Python version requirements (min 2.7.9 / 
    3.3.0) (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Remove filters from Torrentreactor, BTDigg and 
    Demonoid. It is done in the GUI now. (ngosang)
  * RSS: default refresh interval to 30 mins (botmtl)
  * COSMETIC: Improve TransferListDelegate::sizeHint (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix long text clipping. Closes #5091. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Minor change in Stats dialog (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Fix Update all button height in RSS tab (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Disable `comboHideZero` when `checkHideZero` is 
    unchecked. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Disable `checkLimituTPConnections` when 
    `checkuTP` is unchecked. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Enable word wrap for "Run external program" help 
    text (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix mutually exclusive radio buttons can be 
    unselected. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Set About tab font-size to default (zywo)
  * COSMETIC: Improve wordings in "Auto download torrent" 
    section (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change "Auto download torrent" default save path 
    to "default location". (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change ambiguous text "Copy selected" to "Copy 
    IP:port" (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Improve error messages for "Auto download 
    torrents" (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Slim down 'Downloads' page of options window. 
  * COSMETIC: Cleanup Connection page in Option dialog. Closes 
    #845. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix reload button size is not the same size as 
    "..." button in options dialog. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Let Windows handle all widgets scaling. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Improve stack trace for windows by including 
    source filenames and line numbers (SeigneurSerpent)
  * OSX: Fix qt5 bundle on OSX. Closes #4014. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Make AddNewTorrentDialog behavior uniform (glassez)
  * OTHER: Optimize the shutdown dialog (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Enable access to shutdown functions when configured 
    with `--disable-gui` option (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Delete Import Torrent Dialog. Just use the "add new 
    torrent" dialog. (glassez)
  * OTHER: Optimize code for natural sorting (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Use new alert dispathing API for libtorrent 1.1.x 
  * OTHER: Fix gcc 6 compilation with qmake. See #5237.

- Added new qbittorrent.keyring for 4096R/5B7CC9A2

- Dropped qbittorrent-gcc6.patch that was merged upstream

Fri Jun 17 17:03:09 UTC 2016 -

- Add qbittorrent-gcc6.patch from commit e2bf462: fix GCC 6 errors
  with qmake (boo#985244).

Wed Mar 30 21:12:43 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.4:
   * FEATURE: Download more pieces in
     "Download first and last pieces first" feature.
   * FEATURE: Unlock first column in peerlist too.
   * FEATURE: Add "Hide zero values" option.
   * FEATURE: Add a "remaining" column to the torrent content model.
   * FEATURE: Allow to toggle columns in peerlist.
   * FEATURE: Add ability to filter log messages by type.
   * FEATURE: Add ability to write the log to file.
   * FEATURE: Add 'never show again' checkbox/pref to auto-exit
     confirm dialog.
   * PERFORMANCE: Perform fastresume data saving in separate thread.
   * PERFORMANCE: Optimise session startup.
   * BUGFIX: Save resume data using QSaveFile (Qt5 only). This
     reduces chances of corrupt files.
   * BUGFIX: Check torrent file permissions before opening.
   * BUGFIX: Always update native session's announce_ip setting.
   * BUGFIX: Fix loading *.magnet files from watched directories.
   * BUGFIX: Fix upgrade corrupted fastresume file.
   * BUGFIX: Fix total values for "Seeds" & "Peers".
   * BUGFIX: Fix potential race condition.
   * BUGFIX: Don't merge trackers for private torrents.
   * BUGFIX: Fix double buttons in "Add New Torrent" dialog.
   * BUGFIX: Fix malformed date header in email.
   * BUGFIX: Save "Run external programme" input as is.
   * BUGFIX: Enable "filename" column in peers list again.
     Crash is fixed now.
   * BUGFIX: Don't display warning when directory name stayed the
     same after rename.
   * BUGFIX: Fix selection of Portuguese translation files.
   * BUGFIX: Fix selection of Esperanto locale.
   * BUGFIX: Fix "caja" file manager opens the file instead of
     opens the directory.
   * BUGFIX: Potentially fix a random crash coming from the sidepanel.
   * WEBUI: Fix max_ratio precision.
   * WEBUI: Fix JavaScript exception on WebUI load.
   * WEBUI: Fix translation.
   * WEBUI: Submit the label in the new label dialog on pressing
     enter key.
   * WEBUI: Check WebUI username and password length.
   * WEBUI: Minor changes in CSS styles.
   * WEBUI: Add "Added on" and "Completion on" fields to
     query/torrents query response.
   * WEBUI: Do not try to parse request message when content-length
     is 0.
   * WEBUI: Support SSL certificate bundles.
   * WEBUI: Change the order of the values of speed labels.
   * SEARCH: Update PirateBay plugin.
   * SEARCH: Added TorLock search engine.
   * COSMETIC: Fix splash screen staying on top of all windows.
   * COSMETIC: Rearrange advanced settings.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup "about" dialog.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup "Add New Torrent" dialog.
   * COSMETIC: Use short date in addnewtorrentdialog.
   * COSMETIC: Change "Free disk space" to "Free space on disk".
   * COSMETIC: Let OS handle DPI scaling for now. Should let Qt do
     the work when it's more mature.
   * COSMETIC: Put comment_lbl in QScrollArea.
   * COSMETIC: Change the order of the values of speed labels.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup the Log tab.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup the Atom/RSS tab.
   * OTHER: Set "Show splash screen on start up" option default to
   * OTHER: Support for cross-compilation with MXE.
   * OTHER: Add basic (and unofficial) cmake support.
   * OTHER: Move some URLs overs to https.
   * OTHER: Add appveyor suppor.
   * OTHER: Many other internal code restructuring, cleaning and
- Check tarball signing.

Mon Jan 25 10:12:32 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.3.3:
  * BUGFIX: Temporarily disable "filename" column of peers view.
    It has a bug that causes frequent crashes.
  * WEBUI: Move style of dynamic table header to CSS.
  * WEBUI: Fix unnecessary updates of torrent peers table.

Tue Jan 19 17:45:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.3.2:
  * FEATURE: Add a new column to peers list that shows list of
    files which are downloaded right now from a peer.
  * FEATURE: Improve the "Watch directories" UI.
    You'll need to redo your watch directories settings.
  * FEATURE: Support loading multiple magnets/hashes/urls per
    .magnet file in the watched directory (one per line).
  * BUGFIX: Fix resolution of peer host names.
  * BUGFIX: Don't recheck twice after 'Force Recheck' with
    'Recheck torrents on completion' enabled.
  * BUGFIX: Don't apply some settings again if they weren't changed.
  * BUGFIX: Update ISO 3166 country codes.
  * BUGFIX: Fix moving torrents to Temp after application restart.
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash in favicon code due to null pointer
  * BUGFIX: Move the 'qBittorrent-resume' file even when no magnets
    were recovered. Also make sure to rename it with a unique name.
  * BUGFIX: Don't add the watch directory before the user closes
    the Preferences window.
  * BUGFIX: Remove watch directories permanently only if the user
    accepts the Preferences dialog.
  * BUGFIX: Better handling of cookies in the download manager.
  * BUGFIX: Use the download manager for Atom/RSS, the application
    updater and the DNS updater.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reconfigure additional trackers.
  * BUGFIX: Fix loading corrupted .fastresume file.
  * WEBUI: Show filtered torrents number.
  * WEBUI: Fix paused, active and inactive filters.
  * WEBUI: Fixed bug when uploading several files and only the last
    one was considered.
  * WEBUI: Implemented WebUI interface for the new
    Watched Directories feature.
  * WEBUI: Fix possible showing "qBittorrent client is not reachable"
    message on deleting torrents.
  * WEBUI: Don't show "Limit download speed" menu item for
    downloaded torrents.
  * WEBUI: Update webui run application parameters.
  * WEBUI: Allow to remove the label assigned to a torrent.
  * WEBUI: Repair translation.
  * WEBUI: Remember last opened tab.
  * COSMETIC: Update native names for Chinese locales.
  * COSMETIC: Rename column header in Content view.
  * COSMETIC: Edit speed limits and upload ratio icons.
  * SEARCH: Code refactoring.
  * SEARCH: Fix PirateBay plugin implementation for Python 3.
  * SEARCH: Update PirateBay URL.
  * ATOM/RSS: Code refactoring.
  * OTHER: Fix lrelease version due to the default Qt5 build.
  * OTHER: Indicate to the user that he's going to download the
    new version.
  * OTHER: Don't require GUI libs for qt4 nox build.
  * OTHER: Fix cross-compilation.
  * OTHER: Allow GeoIP in nox builds.

Mon Nov 30 10:20:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.3.1:
  * FEATURE: New "Set as default label" option in "Add torrent" dialog.
  * FEATURE: Support wildcards for filtering torrent list and torrent content.
  * BUGFIX: Fix -1 is displayed instead of the infinity symbol.
  * BUGFIX: Fix scan dirs settings saving.
  * BUGFIX: Exported torrents now use name instead of hash.
  * BUGFIX: Improve upgrade to v3.3.0. Now undownloaded magnets will be migrated too.
  * BUGFIX: Fix wrong encoding for listen failed error message.
  * BUGFIX: Fix Atom/RSS not automarking articles as read.
  * BUGFIX: Fix possible deadlock during application exit.
  * WEBUI: Cookies support on WebUI when downloading torrent from an URL.
  * WEBUI: Modify download and upload windows to allow autocompletion of browsers.
  * WEBUI: Fixed the spinner in the WebUI upload page.
  * WEBUI: Modify height of the WebUI download page.
  * WEBUI: Fix all the JavaScript functions for download and upload pages.
  * WEBUI: Add seeds tab to WebUI.
  * COSMETIC: Cleanup "Trackers", "Peers", "HTTP Sources", "Speed" and "Content" page layout.
  * COSMETIC: Reduce mainwindow border width.
  * COSMETIC: Use QLineEdit built-in ClearButton (Qt5 only).
  * COSMETIC: Change text description for half-open connection.

Mon Nov 30 10:20:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.3.0:
  * FEATURE: Huge core code refactoring. Problems with labels, temp
    directories etc should be eliminated. Smoother UI should be
    observed too.
  * FEATURE: Speed graph.
  * FEATURE: Add multiple peers in Peers addition dialog.
  * FEATURE: Allow to copy all peers with a keyboard shortcut.
  * FEATURE: Use GeoIP2 database, allows for country resolution of
    IPv6 peers. It is no longer embedded in the program but
    downloaded and updated monthly.
  * FEATURE: Add more "Run External Program" parameters.
  * FEATURE: Add an option to allow the use of proxies only for
  * FEATURE: Detect network interface state changes. It should
    detect VPN connection resets.
  * FEATURE: Switch to using C++11.
  * FEATURE: Automatically add trackers to new downloads.
  * FEATURE: You can now choose the path to download for watched
  * BUGFIX: Fix progress calculation in Content tab.
  * BUGFIX: Fix label filter.
  * BUGFIX: Fix "Run External Program Launches too Early" issue.
  * BUGFIX: Don't remove torrent contents parent folder, even it is
  * BUGFIX: Always apply filter for manually banned IPs.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reporting of tracker status.
  * BUGFIX: Don't connect to "any interface" when the configured
    network interface is missing.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reordering of first column with Qt5.
  * COSMETIC: Add back "qBittorrent" in program updater title.
  * COSMETIC: Use infinity symbol rather than -1 for nb_connections.
  * COSMETIC: Move uTP options to it's own section.
  * COSMETIC: Fix availability bar & progress bar height being too
    small on high DPI displays.
  * COSMETIC: Fix availability label & progress label clipped on
    high DPI displays.
  * COSMETIC: Add tooltips/legend for availability bar & progress
  * COSMETIC: Use theme colour for background in PropertiesWidget.
  * COSMETIC: Replace horizontal line with border in bottom panel.
  * COSMETIC: Various visual changes in the side panel.
  * COSMETIC: Use thin border for transfer list.
  * COSMETIC: Make URL in "Add Torrent File..." clickable.
  * COSMETIC: New view for errored torrents.
  * WEBUI: Add information in General tab.
  * WEBUI: Reorder "Super seeding mode" option in right click menu.
  * WEBUI: Clean up JavaScript code.
  * WEBUI: Added labels support.
  * WEBUI: Fix accessing the WebUI through IPv6.
  * WEBUI: Bump WebUI API_VERSION to 6.
  * WEBUI: Change selected colour to differentiate from the
  * SEARCH: Add "Copy description page URL" button in search tab.
  * SEARCH: Add https_proxy env variable. This forces Python to use
    the HTTP proxy for HTTPS connections.
  * SEARCH: Detect new plugin URL from clipboard.
  * SEARCH: Update Torrentz trackers.
  * WINDOWS: Fix german translation of the installer.
  * NOX: Don't ask the user questions in nox build when in
    non-interactive mode.
  * OTHER: Fixed typos, spelling correction.
  * OTHER: Fix need for restart to enable/disable peer countries
  * OTHER: Unload the GeoIP db when disabled.
  * OTHER: Reduce max value of "Disk cache size" to 1536MB for
    32bit. Closes to #4028.
  * OTHER: Make "Download in sequential order" and
    "Download first and last piece first" options independent.

Sat Oct 31 17:12:31 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.5:
  + BUGFIX: Fix difficult to reproduce crash.

Sat Oct 10 13:26:03 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 3.2.4
  * FEATURE: Select the file of single file torrents when opening
    destination folder (pmzqla)
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash with invalid favicon. Closes #3632. (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Try to download favicon.png when the download of
    favicon.ico fails (pmzqla)
  * BUGFIX: Try to avoid loading a corrupted configuration file.
    Also log errors encountered while saving/loading the configuration.
    Closes #3503. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Allow adding torrent link from Torcache (jsayol)
  * BUGFIX: Don't limit the number of torrents that can be announced to
    the tracker/dht/lsd. Closes #3473. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix potential crash when memory allocation failed.
    Closes #3877. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change Queue buttons order in the Toolbar (GUI & Web
    UI) (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Move option "Ignore transfer limits on local network"
    to Speed page (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Move option "Confirm torrent deletion" to Behavior
    page (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix typos. Make `μTP` untranslatable. Use American
    variation of words. Closes #3654. (sledgehammer999)
  * COSMETIC: Optimize text color for dark themes. Closes #3633
    and #3815. (sledgehammer999)
  * COSMETIC: Show current label in the torrent context menu.
    Closes #3776. (sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Add save_path to /query/torrents (Casey Bodley)
  * WEBUI: Bump API_VERSION to 5
  * SEARCH: Fix python detection when the 'Anaconda' software is
    installed. Closes #3731. (sledgehammer999)
  * RSS: Handle magnet links as torrents instead of news URLs.
    Closes #3560 (ngosang)
  * RSS: Trim elements text in RSS articles (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix contextual menu in RSS torrents list (ngosang)
  * RSS: Improve error handling when a RSS feed doesn't contain
    torrents (ngosang)
  * RSS: More precise message and code simplification in RSS feeds
    deletion (ngosang)
  * RSS: Don't hide the elements in Unread list when clicked (ngosang)
  * RSS: Allow multiple selection in RSS torrents list (ngosang)
  * RSS: Simplify string translation (ngosang)
  * RSS: Handle more types of RSS feeds (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix RSS panel position not saved (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix forgetting label changes to first item in RSS rule
    list. (Gelmir)
  * RSS: Add label to UI when a new one is creating during rule
    addition. (Gelmir)
  * RSS: Removes refresh message when adding a new feed (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix RSS crash when deleting RSS feeds. Closes #997, #2152
  , #2461, #3718,
    #3747, #3766, #3806, #3814, #3829 and #3846. (ngosang)
  * RSS: Sort labels in RSS Downloader dialog, closes #3140. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Correctly show german letters in the installer. Closes #3574,
    #3566. (sledgehammer999)
  * WINDOWS: Fix file selection on Explorer when the filename contains
    weird characters. Closes #3185. (sledgehammer999)
  * WINDOWS: Fix wrong default download directory in Windows.
    Closes #2625. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Fix German translation of the installer. (netswap)
  * LINUX: Fix broken .desktop file icon for some locales.
    See #3905. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Fix ppc64le detection during configure (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Don't use sed in configure. Closes #3169. (pmzqla)
  * OTHER: Fix broken donation link. Closes #3771. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Add forum link in README. Closes #3853. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: New translation: Esperanto
  * OTHER: Fix Qt5 nox build on non-Windows. (sledgehammer999)

Mon Aug 10 04:52:27 UTC 2015 -

- add ppc64le support with new patch

Sun Aug  2 17:25:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.3:
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash when closing a search tab while search is
  * SEARCH: Other minor search fixes and improvements.

Sun Aug  2 09:32:36 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.2:
  + FEATURE: Allow to force reannounce DHT too.
  + FEATURE: Implement an option to disable confirmation of torrent
  + FEATURE: Allow to copy all the trackers with a keyboard shortcut.
  + BUGFIX: Fix torrent renaming.
  + BUGFIX: Fix localhost address (::ffff: is not
    recognized when connecting to WebUI.
  + BUGFIX: Fix '&' character in label name becomes accelerator
  + BUGFIX: Fix HTTP header parsing when torrent filename contains
    a semicolon.
  + BUGFIX: Fix installing search plugin from local file.
  + BUGFIX: Fix installing search plugin by drag-n-dropping file.
  + COSMETIC: Update color scheme of completed.png icon.
  + COSMETIC: Fix printing of the copyright symbol in the About
  + COSMETIC: Minor changes in Preview File dialog.
  + COSMETIC: Add Force Resume icon.
  + COSMETIC: Add count of unread items to Atom/RSS tab label.
  + WEBUI: Ports between 1 and 65535 as in the GUI.
  + WEBUI: Fix an error in Content tab when the torrent does not
    have metadata.
  + WEBUI: New option Web UI port UPNP.
  + WEBUI: Fix API Content Types.
  + WEBUI: Fix empty trackers addition.
  + WEBUI: Torrent download from hash.
  + WEBUI: Fix sort by queue number.
  + WEBUI: Open external links in a new window/tab.
  + WEBUI: Massive increase in performance.
  + SEARCH: Search status per tab.
  + SEARCH: Remove the word 'torrent' in ExtraTorrent results.
  + SEARCH: Prefer python3 over python2 on GNU/Linux and OS X.
  + SEARCH: Show notification if Python is not found and a search
    is started.
  + SEARCH: Improve checks for python. Print python version and
    path to log.
  + SEARCH: Improve Python detection.
  + OTHER: Improvements on the build system.
  + OTHER: Bump minimum libtorrent version required to
  + OTHER: New translation: Slovenian.
- Require libtorrent-rasterbar 1.0.6 for all releases of openSUSE.
- Build with Qt5 for openSUSE Leap 42.x and 13.2 as well.

Mon Jul 13 15:27:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.1:
  + FEATURE: Change default preferences.
  + FEATURE: Add "Add link to torrent" menu in TrayIconMenu
  + FEATURE: Allow to Open files from the properties pane by
    pressing "Enter".
  + FEATURE: Add checkbox option for IpFilterTrackers.
  + FEATURE: Download-from-URL textbox change focus on tab key.
  + FEATURE: Increase priority value of "High".
  + FEATURE: Add 16 KiB, 8 MiB and 16 MiB piece sizes in
    Torrent Creator.
  + BUGFIX: Disable Auto piece size when creating a new torrent.
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to cancel button in delete confirm
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to ok button in add new torrent dlg.
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to no button in exit confirm box.
  + BUGFIX: Fix Start Minimized checkbox in Options.
  + BUGFIX: Remove limits on alternative speeds setting.
  + BUGFIX: Fix sorting torrents by ETA.
  + BUGFIX: Improve ratio calculation formula.
  + BUGFIX: Clear missing files flag when resuming or force
  + BUGFIX: Delete tempfile when downloading favicon.ico.
  + BUGFIX: Don't close downloadFromURL dialog when showing empty
    url warning.
  + BUGFIX: Minimize to tray only if the relevant option is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Update disk space label after changing partition.
  + BUGFIX: Don't use a default upload limit.
  + BUGFIX: Fix Properties bar size when started minimized to tray.
  + BUGFIX: Fix issue when the theme doesn't have a corresponding
  + COSMETIC: Change option text "Confirmation on exit when
    torrents are active".
  + COSMETIC: Enable to choose dark/light tray icons on all
  + COSMETIC: Use AllUppercase for label text.
  + COSMETIC: Changes in typography.
  + COSMETIC: Menu revamp.
  + COSMETIC: Revamp general tab info.
  + COSMETIC: Better update message for users.
  + COSMETIC: Fix ugly 'C++' wrapping in About dialog.
  + WEBUI: Fix login and logout relative URLs.
  + WEBUI: Fix resumeAll and pauseAll.
  + WEBUI: Changes in title bar.
  + WEBUI: Complete translatable strings.
  + WEBUI: Minor changes in style.
  + WEBUI: Fix Max connections and Time active in transfer
  + WEBUI: New config - Global maximum number of upload slots.
  + WEBUI: Display wasted data with friendly units.
  + WEBUI: add delay in shutdown command in order to send out
    response message.
  + WEBUI: Option to hide Top Toolbar.
  + WEBUI: Reorder the tabs/groups in Options window.
  + WEBUI: Add new options.
  + WEBUI: Increase API_VERSION.
  + WEBUI: Add Web Seeds (HTTP Sources) tab.
  + WEBUI: Don't update the tabs if tab's panel is collapsed.
  + WEBUI: Fix alternative global rate limits.
  + SEARCH: Fix thepiratebay.
  + SEARCH: Improve torrentz engine to return more results.
  + SEARCH: Change width of columns in search tab.
  + SEARCH: Make strings translatable in seach engine.
  + SEARCH: Aborting search engine process during closure.
  + SEARCH: Perform searches in parallel.
  + SEARCH: Add Demonoid search engine.
  + SEARCH: Minor fixes in search engines.
  + SEARCH: Show the version of search engines.
  + SEARCH: Update Legit Torrent to remove sgmllib.
  + SEARCH: Update KickassTorrents, BTDigg, Torrentz, ExtraTorrent,
  + SEARCH: Fix Python 2 implementation of Torrentz.
  + SEARCH: Cosmetic changes in search engine.
  + SEARCH: Fix column sort in search engine.
  + ATOM/RSS: Update matching Atom/RSS articles while editing rules.
  + OTHER: Add translator to credits.
  + OTHER: New translation: Indonesian.
  + OTHER: Split Chinese locales into Chinese Simplified,
    Chinese Traditional (Taiwan), Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong).

Sun May 10 10:12:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.0:
  + FEATURE: Show actual protocol for listen success/failure in the
    log (needs libtorrent v1.0).
  + FEATURE: Support per tracker re-announce (needs libtorrent v1.0),
  + FEATURE: Support saving in network locations.
  + FEATURE: Support Qt5.
  + FEATURE: Code optimizations resulting in a more CPU efficient
    and snappier qBittorrent.
  + FEATURE: WEBUI code rewritten, refactored and improved.
  + FEATURE: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu.
  + FEATURE: Cache preferences in memory. Minimize chance of
    settings corruption.
  + FEATURE: Option to disable connections not supported by proxies.
  + FEATURE: Add a save resume data interval option (useful for SSD).
  + FEATURE: Add "Last Seen Complete" column.
  + FEATURE: Add "Last Activity" column.
  + FEATURE: Add "Total Size" column.
  + FEATURE: Show current speed limits in the status bar.
  + FEATURE: Episode filtering for RSS.
  + FEATURE: Highlight files when opening containing directory on
    Nautilus, Dolphin, Konqueror).
  + FEATURE: Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days.
  + FEATURE: Add hotkeys and buttons for Top and Bottom priorities.
  + FEATURE: Implement peer relevance column.
  + FEATURE: Show reason why a peer was blocked (needs libtorrent
  + FEATURE: Use the 'fastest_upload' setting as seed choking
  + FEATURE: Allow to set text options for the toolbar icons.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Resumed' torrent filter.
  + FEATURE: 'Add New Torrent` dialog has a button for quickly
    choosing a location.
  + FEATURE: Copy selected peers as IP:Port format.
  + FEATURE: Show info hash in the torrent details in
    'Add New Torrent' dialog.
  + FEATURE: New feature: Remove empty labels.
  + FEATURE: Add "Copy name" option in right-click menu of torrent
  + FEATURE: Implement tracker list in the side panel.
  + FEATURE: Implement a 'Completed' status.
  + FEATURE: Columns for session-based download and upload
  + FEATURE: Distribute systemd service file for the nox build.
  + FEATURE: Create qBittorrent.appdata.xml.
  + BUGFIX: Use completed time from libtorrent directly.
  + BUGFIX: Speedup and fix a bug in torrent moving.
  + BUGFIX: Scan Folder dialog now remembers last location.
  + BUGFIX: Show input box to filter torrent list only when the
    list is shown.
  + BUGFIX: Add placeholder text to the input to filter the torrent
  + BUGFIX: Put directories first when sorting torrent content by
  + BUGFIX: Fix missing icon for open action in file list.
  + BUGFIX: Set placeholder text to torrent content filter.
  + BUGFIX: Fix torrent creation when data is too large.
  + BUGFIX: Load torrents that have big metadata file.
  + BUGFIX: Use correct separator for "OR" condition in Atom/RSS
  + BUGFIX: Don't waste UI space in 'Content' window.
  + BUGFIX: Fix the language selection in the combobox when the
    system locale only has a lang equivalent and not a lang_COUNTRY
  + BUGFIX: Don't overwrite the 'Add Paused' setting from the
    'Add New Torrent' Dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Fix file preview when .!qB extension is used.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that the priority column has enough width when
    queueing is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Don't put limits to the alternative speed limits.
  + BUGFIX: Make space key change all selected files' checkboxes.
  + BUGFIX: Don't block peers that use privileged ports.
  + BUGFIX: Accept multiple files at once.
  + BUGFIX: Don't touch torrents whose files are missing.
  + BUGFIX: Save the new save path first in the history.
  + BUGFIX: Fix default tracker in 'Create Torrent' dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Let the OS decide the default interface regardless of
    IPv4/IPv6. Closes #2156.
  + BUGFIX: Delete the correct selected torrents when the list is
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash when trying to open destination folder on a
    torrent with no metadata.
  + BUGFIX: Change torrent name when metadata is retrieved.
  + COSMETIC: Removes white bar in the labels list.
  + COSMETIC: Fix speed printing in the tray icon and in the
    title bar.
  + COSMETIC: Change the colour scheme used.
  + ATOM/RSS: Display remote images in the preview.
  + ATOM/RSS: Format html descriptions in the preview.
  + ATOM/RSS: Support overriding global "Add paused" option on per
    rule basis.
  + SEARCH: Update kickasstorrents, mininova, thepiratebay, and
    legittorrents plugins.
  + SEARCH: Remove vertor engine.
  + SEARCH: Add combo box for fast search engine switch.
  + SEARCH: Add Torrentz search engine.
  + OTHER: Drop libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15.x support
  + OTHER: Drop Qt < 4.8.0 support
  + OTHER: Migrate build system to autotools.
  + OTHER: Remove deprecated feature of separate DHT port.
  + OTHER: Speedup compilation speed.
  + OTHER: New translation: Hindi (India).
- Build with Qt5 for openSUSE after 13.2.
- Add systemd service for noX version.
- Remove qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch: fixed upstream.

Fri May  1 19:31:23 UTC 2015 -

- Extend qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch to deprecations removal
  (fixes segmentation fault while torrent adding).

Sun Apr 26 10:06:30 UTC 2015 -

- Add qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch for libtorrent-rasterbar
  1.0 support.

Mon Feb 23 21:20:55 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.1.12:
  + BUGFIX: Don't use internal libtorrent-rasterbar API.
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15.x.
- Spec cleanup.

Sat Oct 25 21:40:04 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.11:
  + FEATURE: Allow relative torrent paths when qBittorrent is already running.
  + FEATURE: Make Windows icons suitable for high dpi screens.
  + FEATURE: Increase maximum size of system icons.
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash in the "Content" widget when user would right click in it without a torrent selected.
  + BUGFIX: Don't show multiple unlock UI dialogs. Closes #2040.
  + SEARCH: Fix bug where python would falsely be detected and nothing worked.
  + SEARCH: Fix TorrentReactor search plugin.
  + SEARCH: Pirate bay search engine update.
  + SEARCH: Internal improvements in the python code.
  + WEBUI: Set correct HTTP Content-Type in case of forbidden access.
  + COSMETIC: Remove unneeded tooltip.
  + COSMETIC: Don't stretch the last section in the transfer list.
  + COSMETIC: Set minimum width of the left panel in the preferences.
  + OTHER: Optimize sorting of rows. This should have less CPU impact when many torrents are present.
  + OTHER: Use the correct character encoding for exceptions coming from libtorrent.
  + OTHER: Use boost:bind() as the docs show. Allows compilation with older gcc versions.

Fri Sep 26 12:28:37 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.10:
  + FEATURE: Allow disabling of OS cache. Closes #1699.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Completed' column. Closes #1241.
  + FEATURE: Added 'Ratio Limit' column. Closes #936.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Open' and 'Open Containing Folder' entries in the content's right-click menu. Closes #1143.
  + FEATURE: Don't listen on IPv6 address by default. Prevents network connectivity problems. Closes #1880.
  + FEATURE: Added 'Shutdown now' button in shutdown confirmation dialog. Closes #969.
  + FEATURE: Add peer port column to PeerListWidget. Closes #1650.
  + COSMETIC: Fix weird ratio values when torrent was imported or downloaded history was lost due to crash.
  + COSMETIC: Use 'μTP' instead of 'uTP'.
  + COSMETIC: Show the loaded torrents in the transferlist when qBT is launched with a torrent/magnet and the AddNewTorrentDialog is showing. Closes #1564.
  + COSMETIC: Don't mix finished/unifinished torrents when sorting by ETA. Closes #1688.
  + COSMETIC: Sort finished torrents by completed date when sorting by queue number.
  + COSMETIC: Right align numerical values in the transfer list. Partially revert 51a9a9aab. Closes #1903.
  + COSMETIC: Don't display the Search Engine tab by default.
  + WEBUI: Correctly save/load settings and other improvements
  + WEBUI: Removed broken 'Report a bug' iframe. Closes #1343
  + WEBUI: Removed broken 'Documentation'. Improves fix for #1343
  + WEBUI: Removed essentially useless 'Visit website' iframe and changed it to a regular link. Improves fix for #1343
  + BUGFIX: Fix RSS feed icon. The tmp file gets deleted in the feed destructor. Closes #1639
  + BUGFIX: fix issue #1674: AddNewTorrentDialog is shown again and again even if checkbox "dont ask me again" is set
  + BUGFIX: Don't show availability bar for magnet links
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash when the selected torrent disappears from the transfer list. Closes #1661
  + BUGFIX: Fix tracker announcing problem(hit-and-run) when many torrents are being active. Closes #1571
  + BUGFIX: Count magnet links in the 'downloading' filter and make them prevent system inhibition. Closes #1558
  + BUGFIX: Pick up updated plugins. Closes #1745.
  + BUGFIX: Bring mainwindow in front when notification is clicked and other windows are in front.
  + BUGFIX: Speedup torrent moving
  + BUGFIX: Fix bug when moving a torrent before the previous move is completed
  + BUGFIX: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu
  + BUGFIX: Fix column resizing issues
  + BUGFIX: Fix possible crashes. Closes #1814.
  + BUGFIX: Limit max cache to 1800MiB for 32bits compiled binaries and to 4GiB for other. Closes #1698.
  + BUGFIX: Don't localize double numbers in the webui. Closes #1525.
  + BUGFIX: Don't shrink transferlist rows when scrolling horizontally. Closes #1613.
  + BUGFIX: When qBT is launched with a magnet don't show it in the transferlist while the metadata are being loaded in the background.
  + BUGFIX: Show disk space while retrieving metadata. Closes #1693.
  + BUGFIX: Don't disable DHT/LSD/UPnP in the GUI when anonymous mode is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Possible fix for crash in RSS code. Closes #1901.
  + BUGFIX: Fixed SMTP emailing code
  + BUGFIX: Don't display the context menu in 'Content' and 'HTTP Sources' buttons when no torrent is selected. It prevents crashes. Closes #1906, #1900.
  + BUGFIX: Don't translate file extensions. Closes #1907.
  + BUGFIX: Fix available disk space label on single file torrents.
  + BUGFIX: Show stalled downloads that are uploading under the 'Active' filter. Closes #1654."
  + BUGFIX: fix import torrent with "Keep incomplete torrents in:" enabled (lojack5)
  + BUGFIX: Send a spoofed user agent for the search engines(fixes some of them)
  + BUGFIX: Support URLs that redirect to magnet links
  + BUGFIX: Consider queued items before deciding to 'auto-shutdown on downloads completion'. Closes #1942.

Fri Mar 21 23:50:25 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.9:
  + BUGFIX: Fix nox build. Closes #1368.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build with libtorrent 0.15.x.
  + BUGFIX: Fix missing percentage signs. Closes #1392.
  + BUGFIX: Fix queue sorting order.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build using qt < 4.7 Closes #1385.
  + FEATURE: Add button for links in toolbar.

Thu Feb 13 15:12:50 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.8 (changes from 3.1.5):
  + BUGFIX: Really fix build of v3.1.6, to keep it short: it's next bugfix
    update after v 3.1.5.
  + BUGFIX: Fix 'preview file' regression. Closes #1285.
  + BUGFIX: Fix peers and seeds sorting in transfer list.
  + BUGFIX: Fix btdigg search engine.
  + BUGFIX: Save statistics every 15min and only if there was new traffic.
    Fixes #1288 and partially #1272.
  + BUGFIX: Fix share ratio text in the 'general' tab.
  + BUGFIX: Output a more generic message when blocking IPs and don't use
    italics in the log.
  + BUGFIX: Allow 2 decimals when setting the share ratio. Closes #1303.
  + BUGFIX: Fix extratorrents search plugin.
  + BUGFIX: Use shorter names for amount columns in main UI.
  + BUGFIX: Fix overstretched options dialog. Closes #1293.
  + BUGFIX: Don't show a popup menu when no torrent is selected.
  + BUGFIX: Launch external programs async and don't block. Closes #1252.
  + BUGFIX: Don't re-announce to trackers when torrent is paused. Closes #1310.
  + BUGFIX: Bring dialog boxes in the front when qbt doesn't have focus.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly resize 'name' column of the content tab. Closes #1360.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly restore 'name' column width when loading magnet links in
    the 'Add new torrent dialog'. Closes #1334.
  + WEBUI: Fix sorting by size in WebUI when non-default locale used.
  + UI: Reposition statistics menu item.
  + UI: Convert more accurately decimal numbers to text.
  + LINUX: Explicitle tell that we don't support freedesktop's startup notify
    standard. Fixes GNOME issues. Closes #1217.
  + LINUX: Add our WM_CLASS in the .desktop file so window managers know how to
    group our windows.
  + OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex.

Fri Jan 17 12:02:38 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.5:
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with Qt 4.7. Closes #1215.
  + BUGFIX: Third attempt at fixing saving settings on OS shutdown.
  + BUGFIX: Preview now correctly uses the selected file. Closes #1222 #1182.
  + BUGFIX: Allow to resize the columns in Add New Torrent dialog. Closes #1207, #676.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that at least one column in the tranferlist is always visible. Closes #1165.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that the options window will always be placed onscreen. Closes #1226.
  + BUGFIX: Delete temporary files after they aren't needed. Closes #1188.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly detect libtorrent version.
  + BUGFIX: Various code cppcheck fixes.
  + BUGFIX: Remove isohunt search engine and update thepiratebay url.
  + BUGFIX: Fix rss settings corruption when checking regexp and going to other rule.
  + BUGFIX: Don't count paused torrents for the autoshutdown. Closes #1280.
  + LINUX: Fix notifications with xfce4-notifyd.
  + OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex.

Mon Dec 30 15:34:22 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.4:
  + FEATURE: Statistics dialog.
  + FEATURE: Tooltips explaining each peer's connection flags.
  + BUGFIX: Better dialog message for torrent delete confirmation.
  + BUGFIX: Fix resizing grip location. Closes #1146.
  + BUGFIX: Lock toolbar in place. Closes #1144.
  + BUGFIX: Second attempt at fixing saving settings on shutdown.
  + BUGFIX: Sort labels in 'Add new torrent' dialog. Closes #1150, #411.
  + BUGFIX: Make sleep and shutdown functions work on systemd's logind.

Thu Nov 21 11:15:32 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.3:
  + FEATURE: Add a key shortcut to "Add link to torrent...".
  + BUGFIX: Make all columns and headers use the same text alignment in the transferlist.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build system for Unix/Linux.
  + BUGFIX: Case insensitive sort in Peers list.
  + BUGFIX: Small optimization of WebUI responses when there isn't a data payload.
  + BUGFIX: Hide empty folders after filtering.
  + BUGFIX: Expand folders when filtering files.
  + BUGFIX: Updated search plugin's URL.
  + BUGFIX: Strip some png to fix incorrect sRGB profiles.
  + BUGFIX: Fixed font issues on OSX Mavericks.
  + BUGFIX: Improve text in the About dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Always show a peer IP address as a tool tip.
  + BUGFIX: Fix inhibit system functionality.
  + BUGFIX: WebUI: Don't gzip too small payloads.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly detect if the browser supports gzip compression.
  + BUGFIX: Fix WebUI link to 'Anonymous mode' explanation.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly update tracker tier number in the trackers tab.
  + BUGFIX: Speed improvements.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.

Fri Nov  8 12:56:59 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.2:
  + BUGFIX: Fix WebUI gzip compression.
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with qt < 4.8.0.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.

Mon Nov  4 23:09:49 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.1:
  + FEATURE: Show external IP in the log.
  + FEATURE: Enable gzip compression in the webui. It should be faster now.
  + FEATURE: Torrents show more states (queued for checking, downloadin
    metadata, allocating, checking resume).
  + FEATURE: Reenable "force reannounce" to all trackers.
  + FEATURE: Allow to clear the UI lock password.
  + FEATURE: New translations: English(Australia) and English(United Kingdom)
  + BUGFIX: Expose all available translation in the WebUI.
  + BUGFIX: Copy IP copied wrong data.
  + BUGFIX: "Preview file..." didn't work on single file torrents.
  + BUGFIX: Fix and improve the scheduler.
  + BUGFIX: RSS fixes.
  + BUGFIX: Fix 'append label to save path' with magnet links.
  + BUGFIX: Can download up to 10MB .torrent file when a link is provided.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.
  + LINUX: Fix missing conf.pri error.

Sun Oct 13 17:29:27 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.0:
  + FEATURE: Add command line option to daemonize qbittorrent-nox
  + FEATURE: Add "Shutdown qBittorrent" button to Web UI
  + FEATURE: Add setting to copy .torrent files for finished downloads
  + FEATURE: Add option to start qBittorrent on Windows startup
  + FEATURE: Add context menu to Web seed list
  + FEATURE: Add support for tracker tiers / groups to creator
  + FEATURE: Allow clearing execution and ban logs
  + FEATURE: Add option to use random port on each startup
  + FEATURE: Expose the cache expiry to the user
  + FEATURE: Support Atom feeds
  + FEATURE: Add "save path" column
  + FEATURE: Add µTorrent-compatible "Flags" column in the peer tab
  + FEATURE: Load magnet metadata in the background while the "Add New
    Torrent" Dialog is showing
  + FEATURE: Allow to enter only an info-hash for download
  + FEATURE: Bring the "Add New Torrent" Dialog to the front
  + BUGFIX: Add confirmation dialog for "Force recheck" action loses
  + BUGFIX: Greatly improve RSS manager performance
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that all columns in the tranferlist have a size > 0.
  + BUGFIX: Don't mark RSS item as read when it failed to download
  + BUGFIX: Fix ETA calculation when some files are downloaded and marked
    afterwards as 'do not download'
  + BUGFIX: Make the UI show that PEX/DHT/LSD are actually disabled on
    private torrents
  + BUGFIX: Scheduler should be much more robust and correct now
  + BUGFIX: Now qBt won't forget torrent settings after an unclean
  + BUGFIX: Text boxes in edit dialogs will fit to text width
  + BUGFIX: Enable edit/rename via F2 or double click in various places
  + BUGFIX: Allow to edit trackers and copy their urls
  + BUGFIX: Add Uploaded column to main view
  + BUGFIX: Calculate ETA for seeding torrents
  + BUGFIX: Add option to ignore global share ratio limits for created
  + OTHER: Many RSS bugfixes and improvements all over the place
  + OTHER: Generate translations at configure time to reduce tarball size
  + OTHER: Make peer tab sortable by ip too
  + OTHER: Translations moved to Transifex
  + OTHER: New Translation - Vietnamese 
  + PERFORMANCE: Impove drawing speed of tranferlist when there are many
  + PERFORMANCE: Impove drawing speed of peers list when there are many

Thu Aug  1 19:30:49 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.11:
  + FEATURE: Allow more fine tuning of upload slots.
  + FEATURE: Enable edit/rename via F2 or double click in various places.
  + BUGFIX: Don't allow newlines in rename dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Treat unfinished dates as the newest ones when sorting.
  + BUGFIX: Respect UI lock when clicking on tray notification.
  + BUGFIX: Fix kickass torrents search plugin.
  + BUGFIX: Use system language as default language. Closes #780.
  + BUGFIX: Move completed files to .unwanted folder when they are
    unselected by the user.
  + BUGFIX: Show delete action when multiple feeds are selected.
  + BUGFIX: Use Unicode for libtorrent alert messages.  
  + OTHER: Update translations.

Wed Jul 10 12:41:15 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.10:
  + BUGFIX: Fix LegitTorrents search plugin
  + BUGFIX: Improve peer host name resolution (closes #360)
  + BUGFIX: Context menu fix in the Web UI
  + BUGFIX: Respect 'don't show' torrent dialog in Search
  + BUGFIX: Torrent creator can now use files/folders from disk root (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Update free disk space when changing drives in the add new torrent
  + BUGFIX: Various fixes relating to RSS drag and drop (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Properly rename torrent which changes position in filter model (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Actually show tray notifications when a torrent finishes
  + BUGFIX: Don't download RSS items based on rules still being edited (Gelmir)
  + COSMETIC: Native look for the search boxes (Hyperz)
  + IMPROVEMENT: Use natural sorting where possible (Gelmir and sledgehammer999)
  + LINUX: Drop Boost.Thread dependency from configure script
  + OTHER: Update translations.
  + Impove drawing speed of tranferlist and peers list when there
    are many torrents(>100)

Sun Jun  2 15:10:38 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.9:
  + BUGFIX: Raise qBittorrent windows when another instance is launched
  + BUGFIX: Enable 'copy magnet uri' for torrents without metadata too
  + BUGFIX: Fix a few JSON parser issues (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Add support for gzipped encoded HTTP responses (daimor)
  + BUGFIX: Fix possibly missing "Add torrent" icon (Driim)
  + OTHER: Add search plugin for Legit Torrents
  + BUGFIX: Fix support for --no-splash command line argument
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation error with libtorrent v0.15
  + BUGFIX: Fix search issues with Python3
  + BUGFIX: Fix dead link about certificates in program preferences
- Removed qbittorrent-3.0.7.-fix-for-libtorrent-rasterbar-0.15.x.patch
  as merged into upstream
- Url tag was updated.

Sat Jan 19 15:46:47 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.7:
  + Search engine plugins cleanup.
  + WebUI Mootools updated to v1.4.5
  + Add m4v to the list of previewable file extensions.
  + Fix "Set as default save path" setting.
  + Use https links in search plugins when possible.
- Add qbittorrent-3.0.7.-fix-for-libtorrent-rasterbar-0.15.x.patch

Wed Oct 31 10:59:49 UTC 2012 -

- Set download_files service to mode="localonly" and add tarball

Tue Oct 30 15:30:19 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.6:
  + FEATURE: Add command line option to daemonize qbittorrent-nox
  + FEATURE: Add "Shutdown qBittorrent" button to Web UI
  + FEATURE: Add setting to copy .torrent files for finished downloads
  + FEATURE: Add option to start qBittorrent on Windows startup
  + BUGFIX: Add confirmation dialog for "Force recheck" action
  + BUGFIX: Greatly improve RSS manager performance
  + FEATURE: Brand new torrent addition dialog
  + FEATURE: Add the ability to choose the save path when using magnet links
  + FEATURE: Add support for adding multiple local torrents at once
  + COSMETIC: Improve style of left panel
  + BUGFIX: Lower panels no longer gets disabled
  + BUGFIX: Major code refactoring and various optimizations.
  + BUGFIX: No longer strip root folder from torrent files
  + OTHER: Drop support for libtorrent v0.14.x
  + OTHER: Drop support for Qt 4.5
- Duplicate files warning was resolved.

Tue Jul  3 19:55:33 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.11, bugfix release:
  + Bring window to front after restoring from systray
  + Fix keyboard focus problems on main window
  + Fix ThePirateBay search plugin

Mon Jun 25 22:00:33 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.10, bugfix release:
  + Various webui fixes
  + Fix ratio limiting bug
  + Fix possible crash when showing torrent content
  + Add support for RSS feeds using magnet links

Sun May 20 21:35:37 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.9, bugfix release:
  + Improved RSS reader performance
  + Various UI fixes

Sat May  5 11:28:30 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.8, bugfix release:
  + UI style fixes
  + Update Italian translation
- Drop qbittorrent-gcc47.patch: fixed upstream.

Sun Mar 25 12:35:32 UTC 2012 -

- Add qbittorrent-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Mon Mar 19 12:06:29 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.7, bugfix release.

Mon Feb 20 15:17:07 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.5, bugfix release.

Thu Dec 29 21:06:39 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.3, bufix release.
- Change license to format.

Sun Oct 30 15:04:55 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.2, bugfix release.

Sun Oct 23 17:29:13 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.1, bugfix release.

Fri Oct 14 13:49:03 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.9.0:
  + Support for anonymous mode (libtorrent-rasterbar >= 0.16.0)
  + Setting to ignore slow torrent in queueing system
  + Improved settings for option "announce to all trackers"
  + Minor cosmetic fixes

Sat Sep 24 14:18:50 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.8.5, bugfix release.

Sun Jun 26 19:50:23 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.8.2, bugfix release.
- Drop webui_password_fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Jun 21 19:52:21 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.8.0:
  + HTTPS support in Web UI
  + Dynamic DNS support (DynDNS, no-ip)
  + RSS downloader can use regex
  + Display connection type in peer list
  + Added SSL and Auth for SMTP Settings
- Fixed Web UI user/pass change: webui_password_fix.patch

Sun Apr 10 21:44:07 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.7.2, bugfix release.
- Spec cleanup, use pkgconfig in BuildRequires

Tue Mar 29 23:50:41 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.7.1, bugfix release.
- Bumped Qt version to >= 4.6

Mon Mar 21 16:50:48 UTC 2011 -

- Upstram release 2.7.0:
  + Customize IP reported to trackers
  + Inhibit system sleep when torrents are active
  + Minor cosmetic changes

Mon Mar 14 18:26:06 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.9, bugfix release.
- Drop ntfs-fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Wed Mar  9 16:24:26 UTC 2011 -

- Fixed downloading data to ntfs partition: ntfs-fix.patch
- Fixed magnet url handler

Sun Feb 27 20:35:20 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.7, bugfix release.

Tue Feb  8 22:23:04 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.6, bugfix release.

Mon Jan 24 20:12:28 UTC 2011 -

- use %{optflags} to build binaries properly

Sun Jan 23 21:18:02 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.4, bugfix only.

Sat Jan 15 21:58:34 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.3, bugfix only.

Mon Jan 10 19:23:39 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.1, bugfix and UI polish

Sun Jan  9 13:56:47 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.6.0:
  + Use system icons (Linux, Qt >= 4.6)
  + Simplify program preferences
  + Imporved IP filter handling
  + all changes in Changelog file

Thu Jan  6 21:17:32 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.5, bugfix only.

Mon Jan  3 21:45:54 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.3, bugfix only.

Mon Dec 20 12:04:52 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.2, bugfix only.

Sun Dec  5 16:00:38 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream release 2.5.1:
  + qBittorrent can now act as a tracker
  + improved RSS feed automated downloader
  + new feature to shutdown qbittorrent on torrents completion
  + all changes in Changelog file

Tue Nov 23 13:12:44 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.11, bugfix only.

Wed Nov 10 23:53:07 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.10, bugfix only.

Sun Oct 31 20:13:03 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.9, bugfix only.
- Drop qbittorrent-2.4.x-fix-addition-crash.patch: fixed upstream.
- Bumped Qt version to >= 4.5.

Tue Oct 26 22:15:07 UTC 2010 -

- added:  qbittorrent-2.4.x-fix-addition-crash.patch
  It fixes crash when one presses enter in the save path field
  of the torrent addition.

Mon Oct 25 12:21:32 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.8, bugfix only.

Wed Oct 20 22:22:55 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.7, bugfix only.

Thu Oct 14 23:13:27 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.5, bugfix only.

Sat Oct  9 15:21:32 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream release 2.4.4.
- Drop alternative-speed-limits.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop parameter-fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Jun 29 17:25:36 UTC 2010 -

- Fixed toggling to alternative speed limits.

Thu Jun 24 12:54:50 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.10, bugfix only.

Thu Jun 17 14:33:43 UTC 2010 -

- Fixed WebUI in -nox package.

Sun Jun 13 12:47:55 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.9, bugfix only.

Tue May 25 17:44:33 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.8, bugfix only.

Fri May 14 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.7, bugfix only.

Thu Apr 22 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.6, bugfix only.

Fri Apr 09 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.5, bugfix only.

Tue Apr 06 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.4, bugfix only.

Sun Apr 04 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.3, bugfix only.

Tue Mar 23 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.2, bugfix only.

Mon Mar 15 2010

- Upstream release 2.2.0:
  + bandwidth scheduler
  + many new features in WebUI
  + full list of changes in Changelog file

Sun Mar 07 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.6, bugfix only

Sat Feb 13 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.5, bugfix only

Tue Feb 02 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.3, bugfix only

Wed Jan 27 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.2, bugfix only

Wed Jan 20 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.1, bugfix only

Mon Jan 18 2010

- Upstream release 2.1.0
  + new -nox package, allows install qbittorent without X

Wed Jan 13 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.7, bugfix release
- This update requires libtorrent-rasterbar >= 0.14.8

Wed Jan 06 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.6, bugfix only

Fri Jan 01 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.5, bugfix only

Wed Dec 30 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.4, bugfix only

Wed Dec 23 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.3, bugfix only

Fri Dec 18 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.2, critical bugfix

Mon Dec 14 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.1, bugfix only

Thu Dec 10 2009

- Upstream release 2.0.0
  + many new features
  + new UI
  + many more... look into Changelog

Wed Nov 18 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.6, bugfix only

Mon Nov 09 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.5, bugfix only

Tue Oct 27 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.4, bugfix only

Thu Oct 22 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.3

Wed Jul 15 2009

- Upstream release 1.3.4

Mon Apr 13 2009

- Upstream version, bugfix release 1.3.3

Mon Jan 26 2009

- Upstream update to 1.3.1

Mon Jan 12 2009

- Upstream release 1.3.0

Sun Nov 15 2008

- Upstream update to 1.2.1

Fri Oct 31 2008

- Update to 1.2.0 release

Sun Aug 03 2008

- Update package to 1.1.1

Thu Jul 03 2008

- Initial package, 1.0.0 version.
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