File grsync.changes of Package grsync

Tue Aug  9 20:07:48 UTC 2016 -

- Add grsync-appdata.patch to add, translate and install appdata
  file; the presence of the appdata file ensures that the
  application appears on appstores like GNOME Software and KDE

Wed Mar 23 00:12:41 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 1.2.6.
  * Don't save "default" session to ini file when "remember last
    used session" is off.
  * Better "before command" error notification.
  * Added "overwrite logs" preferences option.
  * Updated Norwegian, Russian, German, Swedish, Simplified Chinese
  * translations.
  * Enhanced and translated desktop file.
  * Updated README file.
- Split off and Recommend a -lang package,
- Drop fix-desktop-file.patch: the action is done running
  %suse_update_desktop_file macro.
- Drop grsync-link-libm.patch: fixed upstream.
- Rebase fix-invalid-lc-messages-dir.patch: add "hu", don't touch
  pt_BR, zh_CN, zh_TW, as they are in their own.

Thu Jan 15 21:12:02 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.2.5
  * Fixed an uninitialized variable warning
  * Fixed current session type change on new session creation
  * Fixed selection of sessions in set
  * Removed "switch source with destination" keyboard shortcut
  * Fixed pause and stop when running as superuser (it may ask the
    password multiple times)
  * Added Hungarian translation
  * Updated French translation
  * Updated Czech translation
- Use download Url as source
- Update fix-invalid-lc-messages-dir.patch and disable  broken hungarian

Thu Jul 11 07:53:34 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.2.4
  - Monospace font in the rsync output box
  - Log files are now appended (instead of truncated) each time a
    new run is done
  - Added date and time when starting a new rsync run (useful with
  - Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks Wei-Lun)

Mon Apr 22 20:11:52 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.2.3 
  - Do not allow creation of session names with slashes in them
  - Lintian fixes to man pages and desktop file (thanks Martijn)

Tue Oct 23 15:58:23 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.2.2 
 - increased size of source and destination fields
 - updated translations

Mon Jan 23 12:58:39 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.2.1
 - enabled session sets
 - fixed saving of current session when creating new one
 - little fix to main window layout for the two "open" buttons,
   which had some overflown translations
 - grsync-batch: fixed paths with spaces in them
 - optimization of global and file progress updates
 - fixed a translation problem on the "slashes" help dialog
 - fixed bug: didn't check "before command" exit status correctly
 - fixed bug: some rsync window titles aren't translatable
 - fixed bug: grsync-batch can't find last session in config file
 - fixed bug: output text is not selectable after something
   initially fails
 - added check for empty new session names
 - differentiated exit status in grsync-batch
 - some glade file cleanups "by-hand"
 - auto window resize only on first window load
- configure with --disable-unity
- add grsync-link-libm.patch (fix build)

Tue Apr 26 12:56:32 UTC 2011 -

- use spec-cleaner 

Fri May  7 09:06:53 UTC 2010 -

- update to grsync-1.1.1 
  * Removed automatic addition of a trailing slash to source and 
    destination directories
  * Updated new functionalities of 1.1.0 for Maemo, added 
    configuration backup support + other fixes
  * Updated czech translation (thanks Lucas)
  * Fixed tags in a french translation message
  * Added "Rsync command line" menu item

Tue Mar 30 08:57:10 UTC 2010 -

- update to grsync-1.1.0 
 - notable changes:
  * "Use tray icon" preferences option added
  * Added --protect-args option, on by default, solves the 
    "remote filename with spaces" problem
  * Fixed bug: doesn't save "itemized changes list" option
  * Added mime type definition for grsync session files with icon
  * Updated desktop file to open session files with "grsync -i"
  * Made some fixes which could make grsync more stable on some systems
  * Added "run as superuser" extra options switch, uses "pkexec" 
    from policykit
  * Added rsync child watch function
  * Added rsync process exit status output
  * Fixed behaviour when rsync window is closed not by using the close button
  * Fixed scrolling to end on pause
  * Added -i option to import a session file from command line

Thu Dec  3 14:43:36 UTC 2009 -

- update to grsync-0.9.3
  * Fixed file permissions: some scripts were not executable
  * Fixed main window position and size reset when closed with window manager's close button
  * Added advanced option to disable directory recursion
  * Added preferences option to enable the "switch source with destination" button
  * New main window layout, more compact and pretty; changes include:
   	* new toolbar
   	* removed quit button
   	* introduced more stock buttons
   	* removed custom icons from buttons
   	* additional options in a multiline text entry field
   	* directories moved to "basic options" tab
   	* notes moved to "extra options" tab
   	* other little fixes to tooltips, accelerators etc.
  * Authors information moved from AUTHORS file to about dialog

Wed Oct  7 11:24:48 UTC 2009 -

- update to grsync-0.9.2
  * grsync-batch: added itemize-changes option which was missing 
    in 0.9.1
  * Small fix to the pause button showing as "play" instead of 
    "pause" in some occasions
  * Catalan translation added (thanks Josep)
  * "-s" command line option added, stays open on success
  * Gtkbuilder xml file updated for glade 3.6.7
  * Fixed bug: when wrong session specified on the command line 
    with "-e", executes default session instead of nothing
  * Fixed bug: grsync can't start when compiled against 
    gtk >= 2.16.6
  * Now prints an error and exits when unable to correctly load 
    gtkbuilder xml file
  * Dutch translation updated (thanks Frank)
  * Italian translation updated
  * Manpage updated

Fri Jun 26 16:10:26 CEST 2009 -

- update to grsync-0.9.1
  * "itemize-changes" advanced rsync option added
  * some code cleanup
  * added "warning" button which opens the error list
  * made "show error list when finished" preferences option default to false
  * fixed some small memory leaks
  * some cosmetic fixes
  * focus on widgets didn't work before the window loosed focus

Tue Jun  9 10:23:39 CEST 2009 -

- update to 0.9.0
  * Converted from glade-2 with code generation to glade-3 with GtkBuilder
  * Some deprecated GTK calls have been removed, now grsync requires GTK 2.16
  * Found an acceptable way to make rsync window resizable, despite the
    presence of an expander
  * Removed "switch source with destination" button (there is a menu item for
    the same purpose)
  * Added "fast rsync scrolling" preferences switch
  * Added extra option "on rsync error only" to limit the execution of the
    "after" command
  * Italian translation updated (the others will need some work because of the
    move to GtkBuilder)
  * "Notes" session field added
  * Error dialog is now marked ad "urgent"
  * New session dialog remembers last session name
  * System menu: moved from applications/network to applications/system
  * New bigger icon

Sat May 23 10:55:33 CEST 2009 -

- initial package (version 0.6.3)
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