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.TH SYSLOG 8 "May 2008" "syslog" "System Logging"
syslog - the system logging service
There are different syslog daemon implementations
supported as the system's syslog service, currently:
.BR syslogd ,
.BR rsyslogd ,
.BR syslog-ng .

It depends on the software selection during the installation
which daemon is installed as default.

Each syslog-daemon provides an own service file, that is:
.BR syslogd.service ,
.BR rsyslogd.service ,
.BR syslog-ng.service .

Only one syslog-daemon can be installed, it activates itself as the syslog
service by creating the
.BR syslog.service
alias, a common name to start/stop, query status and reload the daemon while
log rotation.

.BR /etc/sysconfig/syslog
file contains several variables allowing to specify additional
settings, such as start parameters for the daemon or additional
chroot log sockets.
The \fIyast2 sysconfig\fR module provides a comfortable way to
change these settings.

Starting with openSUSE-12.3, the
variable, which was used to select the daemon before, has been
removed. Also the
has been removed and each daemon declares in its service file
whether the network will be started before syslog or not.

Please report bugs at <>
Juergen Weigert <>
Dr. Werner Fink <>
Marius Tomaschewski <>
.BR sysklogd (8)
.BR syslogd (8)
.BR syslog.conf (5)
.BR syslog-ng (8)
.BR syslog-ng.conf (5)
.BR rsyslogd (8)
.BR rsyslog.conf (5)
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