File xscreensaver-ignore-no-pwent-password.patch of Package xscreensaver

We are using PAM via helper, do not issue following warnings:
xscreensaver: couldn't get password of "my_uid"
xscreensaver: couldn't get password of "root"
Index: driver/passwd-pwent.c
--- driver/passwd-pwent.c.orig
+++ driver/passwd-pwent.c
@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ get_encrypted_passwd(const char *user)
 	*s = 0;
-#ifndef HAVE_PAM
+#if 0
   /* We only issue this warning if not compiled with support for PAM.
      If we're using PAM, it's not unheard of that normal pwent passwords
      would be unavailable. */
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