File docker.service of Package docker

Description=Docker Application Container Engine
Documentation= containerd.socket


# While Docker has support for socket activation (-H fd://), this is not
# enabled by default because enabling socket activation means that on boot your
# containers won't start until someone tries to administer the Docker daemon.
ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd --containerd /run/containerd/containerd.sock --add-runtime oci=/usr/bin/docker-runc $DOCKER_NETWORK_OPTIONS $DOCKER_OPTS
ExecStartPost=/usr/lib/docker/ wait
ExecReload=/bin/kill -s HUP $MAINPID

# Having non-zero Limit*s causes performance problems due to accounting overhead
# in the kernel. We recommend using cgroups to do container-local accounting.

# Uncomment TasksMax if your systemd version supports it.
# Only systemd 226 and above support this property.

# Set delegate yes so that systemd does not reset the cgroups of docker containers
# Only systemd 218 and above support this property.

# This is not necessary because of how we set up containerd.