File perl-Module-Starter.changes of Package perl-Module-Starter

Mon Apr 13 18:43:00 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 1.71
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Starter/Changes

Mon Dec  9 11:18:02 UTC 2013 -

- updated to 1.62
         * Fix regexp in tests to stop failing on 5.8.x (Sawyer X).
         * Fix FSF address in template block and tests (Brian Manning).
         * Typo fixes (David Steinbrunner).
         * Stop getpwuid calls on Windows, instead prompt user for author.
           (Martin McGrath)

Wed Jun  5 18:43:43 UTC 2013 -

- updated to 1.60
       * Guess author from getpwuid if not provided (Hilko Bengen).
       * Guess email from $ENV{'EMAIL'} if not provided (Hilko Bengen).

       * Skip POD tests unless RELEASE_TESTING environment is on.
         (Alberto Simoes)

       -- Trying to clean up test failures. More to come.

       -- All changes in this release are by Brendan Byrd (SineSwiper).
          Thank you! :)

       * Add GPL3 licenses (fixes RT #72321).
       * Add all other supported licenses, including Software::License
         support (fixes RT #68634).

       New Params:
       * Make ignores_type an arrayref (closes Pull Request #8).
       * Add new --ignores parameter (also repeatable).
       * Add new --minperl parameter (Minimum Perl version).

       File Creation:
       * Fix MANIFEST.SKIP to skip creation of MANIFEST.
       * Make all warnings FATAL in created .t/.pm files.
       * Add config/build requires to Makefile/Build.PL.
       * Bulk up Module::Install Makefile.PL.
       * Fix ignores_guts to use different contents for MANIFEST.SKIP and
         other ignore files.

       test-dist.t Revamp:
       * Complete refactor of test-dist.t to make it more standardized.
       * Create new TestParseFile::parse_file_start method that handles
         parsing of all current created file types (outside of .pm files).
       * Use subtest for better organization.
       * Add verification that existing files are there and no new surprise
         files are not there.
       * Add new mega-loop to "test all variations of everything" (uses 1%
         sample size to keep test speed fast for average users).

       * Use .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP.

Sat Nov 12 08:52:13 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.58
    * Added prereq on Path::Class (RT #68360).
    * Doc fixes by Nicholas Bamber and Salvatore Bonaccorso (RT #68385).
    * No functional changes.
    * Removing English from unnecessary tests that confuse a tester.

Thu Apr  7 17:26:00 UTC 2011 -

- updated to 1.56
       Special thanks goes to Andy Lester, who has been, still is and
           will remain an inspiration to many programmers, myself included.
       Added hooks for distribution building in App. Thanks to Brian D. Foy.
       MANIFEST is now created via the proper builder.
       Kept create_MANIFEST to act as hook.
       Added Apache license by pfig.
       * [RT #53539] Refactoring, adding hooks, described above.
       (Patch provided by brian d. foy)
       * [RT #27304] Minimal version of perl (5.006)
       (Patch provided by Alexandr Ciornii)
       * [RT #53339] ::Simple uses the builder to create the MANIFEST
       * Moved repository to Github
       * Some more refactoring in Simple::create_builder()

Wed Dec  1 13:33:44 UTC 2010 -

- switch to perl_requires macro

Tue Oct 19 08:38:49 UTC 2010 -

- add perl as explicit buildrequire