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Things you must change to use the production server
First you must change settings (domains, email, challenges) in 

In /etc/certbot/cli.ini the staging (testing) server is enabled.
You can make tests without lock out you from letsencrypt servers.

After that when all go right, you _must_ change the server in 
/etc/certbot/cli.ini to production server.

You _must_ change /etc/cron.d/certbot with your settings,
so the certificate is renewed.

Change from letsencrypt-client to certbot-client
You must only copy your configs, key and so on from /etc/letsencrypt to /etc/certbot.
Also you must change /etc/cron/certbot as /etc/cron/letsencrypt it is.

And, perhaps, you must change your paths in the ssl-conf from apache or nginx to.
And change the paths in /etc/certbot/renewal from /etc/letsencrypt/... to /etc/certbot/...
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