File certbot.cron of Package certbot


# You must choose one method and replace "mm hh dd" with real data.
# Also you must changes in /etc/certbot/cli.ini.
# For all you must set: domains, email, server
# For webrootyou must uncommend: authenticator = webroot, webroot-path
# For standalone must uncommend: authenticator = standalone, standalone-supported-challenges

# renew all certificates methode: renew
#mm hh dd * *  root    /usr/bin/certbot renew

# renew all certificates methode: webroot (not tested)
#mm hh dd * *  root    /usr/bin/systemctl stop apache2 && /usr/bin/certbot webroot --config /etc/certbot/cli.ini --renew-by-default --text && /usr/bin/systemctl start apache2

# renew all certificates methode: standalone 
#mm hh dd * *  root    /usr/bin/systemctl stop apache2 && /usr/bin/certbot certonly --config /etc/certbot/cli.ini --renew-by-default --text && /usr/bin/systemctl start apache2
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