File README.maintainers of Package dietlibc

Notes for maintainers (2011-10-05,

- Even though fix-arm-regex-in-makefile.diff fixes the arm architecture
  for general build, build still ultimately fails on armv7hl due to
  apparently invalid lfm/sfm opcodes in arm/__longjmp.S and arm/setjmp.S,
  so for now we are exlcuding arm architecture.

- dietlibc 0.32 is available (tarball included in OSB project as of
  2011-10-05), but no work has been done here to upgrade from 0.31 to 0.32.
  In particular, the 0.31-tls patch no longer applies cleanly, so some
  massaging is obviously required if we want to upgrade (see changelog
  at if interested).

- dietlibc-0.30-setjmp-longjmpg.diff is no longer listed as Patch23, as it
  was never applied in %prep (if it is defined, "osc build" fails due to
  unapplied patch, so I changed it to Source23).

- See also