File README.SUSE of Package firebird

1. Packaging

Package firebird contains only common files shared by all architectures.
For server functionality, one of the following subpackages is needed:

  firebird-superserver - SuperServer architecture
  firebird-classic     - Classic and SuperClassic architecture

Client libraries are contained in two packages:

  libfbclient2  - standard client for shared database
  libfbembed2_5 - embedded server

There are three devel packages:

  libfbclient2-devel - devel files for libfbclient2
  libfbembed-devel   - devel files for libfbembed2_5
  firebird-devel     - common headers and development examples

Two of Firebird utilities - isql and gstat - have names colliding with
tools from other packages. They have been renamed to isql-fb and
gstat-fb respectively.

2. Configuration

Default sysdba password is "masterkey" as usual. Location of Firebird
security database is /var/lib/firebird/secdb/security2.fdb

Config files are in /etc/firebird. Default config files are mostly the
same as upstream defaults, the only difference is default value of
DatabaseAccess directive. As upstream default "Full" can be considered
a security flaw, SUSE packages use "Restrict /srv/firebird". To use
a database in different location, either modify the DatabaseAccess
directive or define an alias for it in aliases.conf.

3. Starting the server

- SuperServer:

  * once: /etc/init.d/firebird start
  * always: insserv firebird

- Classic:

  * in /etc/xinetd.d/firebird, change value of "disable" to "yes"
  * check that xinetd is running and reload its configuration

- SuperClassic:

  The same as for SuperServer (with firebird-classic package installed)