File gegl-unstable.changes of Package gegl-unstable

Tue Mar 15 09:25:51 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.3.6:
  + gegl-binary: make ops chain pass to mrg ui.
  + git-binary: rename mrg-ui to ui.
  + gegl-binary: factor out commandline to chain builder in a
  + gegl-binary: assume gegl: prefix for unprefixed ops.
  + gegl-binary: permit specifying pads on commandline.
  + gegl-binary: document property assignment.
  + bin: Fix compilation error in previous commit.
  + Updated Polish translation.
  + gegl-binary: support specifying more complex DAGs than linear
    chains from commandline.
  + tests: Re-connecting connected nodes should not cause
  + tests: Sources shouldn't be invalidated when connecting &
  + Updated Slovenian translation.
  + gegl-binary: add scroll-wheel based zoom.
  + gegl-binary: center scroll-wheel zoom on cursor.
  + gegl-binary: refresh mrg scroll api.
  + bin/gegl: add unsharp-mask as an op.
  + bin/gegl handle GeglColor and enums.
  + Updated Slovenian translation.
  + tests: remove webm part of ff-save smoketest.
  + release 0.3.6.

Fri Mar 11 12:49:28 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.3.5~20160303:
  + Rename insta-curve and insta-filter to retro-curve and
  + Move retro-curve/-filter out of workshop.
  + Remove retro look filter presets.
  + Updated
  + GeglNode: Clean up.
  + Short circuit gegl_node_connect_from if the nodes are already

Wed Mar 02 11:01:34 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.3.5~20160229:
  + operations/workshop/insta-curve: Fix crash while building.
  + operations/core/nop: Remove a needless and wrong cast.
  + tiff: Fix inversion between case and return values.
  + point-coposer3: skip some multi-threading for opaque buffers.
  + video-degradation: add opencl support.
  + gegl: set properties on = arguments.
  + Updated translations.
- Use _service, as we require a git snapshot for GNOME Photos. It
  is not clear when the next release will happen.
- Call, as the git-checkout is not bootstrapped.
- Drop gegl-unstable-0_3-orig-addon subpackage: this was purely
  split so that 3rd party OBS instances could build gegl against
  ffmpeg/libav. As openSUSE ships ffmpeg by now, this is no longer
  required. Accordingly, provide and obsolete
- Remove traces of ?BUILD_ORIG / ?BUILD_ORIG_ADDON.
- Replace (prior conditional, now unconditional) ffmpeg-devel
  BuildRequires with pkgconfig(libavcodec), pkgconfig(libavformat)
  and pkgconfig(libswscale): follow what configure is looking for.
- Drop babl-devel, glib2-devel, glibc-devel and pcre-devel Requires
  from the -devel subpackage: they are auto-detected.

Fri Feb 12 19:35:18 UTC 2016 -

- Replace libopenraw-devel for pkgconfig(libraw) BuildRequires,
  really build libraw support, as configure was not satisfied with
- Add pkgconfig(gexiv2), pkgconfig(libtiff-4), pkgconfig(libv4l2),
  pkgconfig(libwebp) and pkgconfig(vapigen) BuildRequires,
  configure looks for these optional dependencies.

Tue Dec 15 11:58:31 UTC 2015 -

- Add missing post/postun handling for gegl-0_3.

Thu Nov 26 03:20:57 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 0.3.4:
  + build: do not install examples in path
  + ff-save fully store all in-flight codec contexts before closing
  + ff-load improvements to seeking accuracy
  + transform: make fast paths skip pixel format conversions
- Changes from version 0.3.2:
  + Operations:
    - new operations: libraw based raw loading op, tiff-save and
      tif-load, maze, sepia
    - ff-load and ff-save revived, with support from
    - apply-lens uses less memory, higher precision computation
    - disable automatic threading on many ops where it fails
    - force more operations to prefer operating on linear RGB data
      for more accurate/physical processing
  + Buffer: implement abyss paremeter on gegl_buffer_copy and
  + Added start of a microraptor gui based image viewer/non
    destructive editor.
  + Optimizations to scaled blitting (speeds up most GEGL UIs a
- Change %define debug_package_requires libgegl-0_2-0 to
  %define debug_package_requires libgegl-0_3-0.
- Stop removing no longer existing examples.

Wed Jun 10 13:54:58 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 0.3.0:
  + Improvements to thread safety and parallelism.
  + Lower overhead graph travesal due from rewrite of visitors.
  + OpenCL support now enabled by default when detected.
  + Experimental multithreading, enable by setting
    GEGL_THREADS=<number of threads> in the environment.
  + Experimental mipmap rendering, which permits transparent
    rendering of previews on smaller sized versions, enable by
    setting GEGL_MIPMAP_RENDERING=true in the environment.
  + Buffer: New default tile backend, doing disk writes in a
    separate thread.
- Temp stop passing --enable-workshop=yes to configure as it break
  the build atm.

Sun May  3 04:28:46 UTC 2015 -

- move to the plugin package, it is a support
  library for the seamless-clone plugin 

Wed Apr 22 08:24:00 UTC 2015 -

- Be more accurate with the BuildRequire versions.

Wed Feb 18 15:53:53 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 0.3.0~20150218:
  + configure: bump babl requirement to 0.1.12
  + Updated Basque language
  + Updated Basque language
  + fix: undefined string comparison in gegl:load operation
  + Change sRGB Y values to match sRGB built-in profiles
  + operations: string fixes/changes in gegl:distance-transform
  + Bug 698380 - Add gegl_module_error_message() which sets and displays...
  + Fix errors in Catalan translation
  + Updated Polish translation
  + operations/workshop/external: distribute generated header files

Wed Feb 18 15:48:57 UTC 2015 -

- Split to gegl-unstable, following git master branch (based on
  _service). GNOME 3.16 requires a newer version of gegl, but many
  other packages are not ready for that (e.g. gimp).

Sat Oct 25 19:46:46 UTC 2014 -

- fix build for factory
  * add patch: gegl-UF_long.patch
  * newer suitesparse abandoned UF_long in favor for SuiteSparse_long
- fix build for graphics repo
  * ugly fix, multiple provides of gd by gd and gd-tools from libgd2

Mon Feb  4 14:31:22 UTC 2013 -

- update license to new format

Fri May 18 09:50:52 UTC 2012 -

- Add gegl-ruby19.patch: Fix build with ruby 1.9.
- Add liberation-fonts: the documentation references bitstream
  vera sans font, so we need to provide it for the build.

Tue Apr  3 08:45:42 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 0.2.0:
  + OpenCL support
  + Build improvements.
  + High level API to apply ops directly to buffers with arguments.
  + Final bits of translation infrastructure.
  + Invalidate regions when disconnecting input pads.
  + Operations:
    - New operation: global-matting
    - Allow transform core to do perspective transforms.
    - Added string based key/value pairs to operations.
    - Added arguments for dealing with scaled down preview
  + Added human interaction ranges and non-linear mapping to
  + Buffer:
    - Removed broken lanczos sampler.
    - Add gegl_buffer_set_color and gegl_buffer_set_pattern
    - Added ability to drop cached tiles.
    - Added API for handling abyss policy (not implemented yet)
    - Avoid iterating global tile cache when flushing/destroying
      buffers that have no tiles in the cache.
- Add intltool BuildRequires: new dependency upstream, for
- Add lensfun-devel BuildRequires to build with lensfun support.
- Add libexiv2-devel BuildRequires to build with libexiv2 support.
- Add libjasper-devel BuildRequires to build with Jasper support.
- Add libspiro-devel BuildRequires to build with SPIRO support.
- Add suitesparse-devel BuildRequires to build with UMFPACK
- Uncomment ruby BuildRequires: it was commented out because a file
  was missing in a earlier tarball.
- Rename subpackages from gegl-0_1/libgegl-0_1-0 to
  gegl-0_2/libgegl-0_2-0 following the upstream soname change.
- Create a gegl-0_2-lang subpackage for new translations.

Wed Jan 11 08:57:36 UTC 2012 -

- Add gegl-lua52.patch: fix build with lua 5.2, while still being
  compatible with lua 5.1.

Sun Nov 27 14:39:21 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 0.1.8:
  + New operations: spread, vignette, map-relative,
    noise-reduction, plasma, fractal-trace, exr-save, lens-correct,
    emboss, cubism, ripple, color-to-alpha, color-rotate,
    red-eye-removal, convolution-matrix, deinterlace,
    polar-coordinates, lens-distortion, pixelise.
  + Split GeglView GTK Widget into separate utility library
  + build/test improvements.
  + Buffer:
    - Added lohalo resampler, API and infrastructure for doing non
      affine resamplings.
- Clean spec-file using spec-cleaner.
- Drop docs-build-fix.diff: fixed upstream.

Mon Jun 20 09:42:30 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.1.6 (see NEWS)
 • New operations: max-rgb, pixelise, motion blur.

 • Fixed a bugs in matting-levin that made GEGL halt due to errors
   detected by babl sanity code, this made 0.1.4 be unusable if you had
   all dependendency when building.
 • build/test improvements.
 • Buffer:
    Added API to use external tile backends, allowing to plug-in alien
    tilebackends, for GIMP/Krita/OSM or similar.
- remove upstreamed patches bgo609706 bgo610680 (thanks, Vincent)

Thu May  5 13:46:33 UTC 2011 -

- BuildRequire graphviz-gd instead of graphviz: we do require png
  capabilities, which are split out of the main package.
  Theoretically, we should require graphviz-devel, but this package
  also does not drag in -gd.

Mon Feb 22 12:59:17 CET 2010 -

- Add gegl-fix-overflow.patch to fix overflow found by gcc 4.5.

Wed Feb 10 23:42:49 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.1.2:
  + GeglLookup, configurable floating point lookup tables for lazy
  + Use GFileIOStream in GeglTileBackendFile.
  + Optimizations: in-place processing for point filters/composers,
    SIMD version of gegl:opacity, avoid making unneccesary
    sub-buffers, removed some  manual instrumentation from critical
    paths, improved speed of samplers.
  + Added xml composition/reference image based regression tests.
  + Added performance tracking framework.
  + Syntactic sugar using varargs for constructing gegl graphs from
  + Build fixes on cygwin.
  + Gegl# fixes.
  + Initial, but unstable code towards multithreading.
  + Improvements to lua op in workshop.
  + Added new resamplers upsize, upsharp, upsmooth, downsize,
    downsharp and downsmooth.
  + Removed gegl:tonemap and gegl:normal ops.
- Drop gegl-new-babl.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add gegl-fix-build.patch: remove printf that breaks build because
  of missing include.
- Rename package from gegl-0_0 and libgegl-0_0-0 to gegl-0_1 and
  libgegl-0_1-0 following soname bump.

Thu Jan 28 15:31:28 CET 2010 -

- Add gegl-new-babl.patch to fix build with babl 0.1.2.

Mon Jul 20 13:24:19 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.1.0:
  + Renamed gegl:load-buffer to gegl:buffer-source and
    gegl:save-buffer to gegl:buffer-sink (but the old names still
   + Represent colors using doubles instead of floats (this change
     is independent from internal processing)
   + Removed the GTK+ UI parts of the gegl binary and turned gegl
     into a pure command line tool (which can still visualize stuff
     with help help the SDL based display operation)
   + Consider {x=G_MININT/2, y=G_MININT/2, width=G_MAXINT,
     height=G_MAXINT} as the only valid region wichin processing
     may occur. Processing outside of this region is undefined
   + Added support for storing allocation stack traces for
     GeglBuffers so that debuging buffer leaks becomes much easier
   + Made small changes and cleanups of the public API, e.g.
     - Removed gegl_node_adapt_child()
     - Made GeglConfig an explicit object
     - Removed most of the ifdeffed stuff to mask away internal
     - Added gegl_rectangle_infinite_plane() and
   + Added new sampler GeglSamplerSharp
   + Added format property go gegl:buffer-sink
   + Cleaned up and made gegl:introspect work again
   + Add a bunch of test cases using the automake test sytem (make
     check) and also port buffer tests to automake
   + General cleanups, bug fixes, increased robustness and improved
- Drop gegl-babl_api_change.patch: fixed upstream.
- Temporarly remove ruby BuildRequires as the build is broken when
  it's there right now.

Thu Jun 11 04:04:07 CEST 2009 -

- Add gegl-babl_api_change.patch to make gegl build with babl
  0.1.0. Patch taken from Fedora.
- Remove autoreconf call.
- Do not make gegl0_0 explicitly Requires libbabl-0_0-0.

Wed Dec 31 16:29:21 EST 2008 -

- Update to 0.0.22
   * GeglOperation
     - operation names are now prefixed, the ops in GEGL use 'gegl:' as prefix.
     - gegl:opacity - combine value and aux mask input when both are available.
     - gegl:src-in - deal correctly with extens.
     - gegl:path - new op covering the stroke/fill needs of SVG.
     - deprecated gegl:shift, the affine familiy of operations now
       uses the same fast code paths for integer translations.
   * GeglBuffer
     - Profiling motivated speed ups in data reading/writing.
     - Remove left-over swapfiles from dead processes at startup.
   * GeglNode
     - made gegl_node_add_child and gegl_node_remove_child public API. (bgo#507298)
   * GeglPath: Vector path representation infrastructure, 
- Remove gegl-64bit-warning.diff

Sun Oct  5 23:49:54 EDT 2008 -

- Update to 0.0.20
   * libopenraw support
   * Linear buffer support, amongst other things enabling GeglBuffer API access
     to external linear buffers in memory.
   * Reworked samplers using a shared caching neighbourhood infrastructure.
   * YAFR - a new resampler contributed by Nicolas Robidoux.
   * Marked user visible strings for translation.
   * Added a fill operation (might be a bit fragile) that allows rendering
     SVG like paths backed by a GeglVector.
- Remove gegl-strict-compile-fix.diff
- Added gegl-64bit-warning.diff
   * Address a fatal warning on 64bits

Wed Oct  1 12:49:31 EDT 2008 -

- Add patch gegl-strict-compile-fix.diff:
   *Fix header for stricter compilation
- enable workshop at compile time

Mon Sep 29 17:49:46 CEST 2008 -

- Fixed dependencies.
- Fixed permissions of documentation.

Mon Jul 21 14:25:07 CEST 2008 -

- New SuSE package.