File gramps.changes of Package gramps

Mon Sep  5 20:46:05 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 4.2.4 (boo#1011888):
  + fixes for the PHON, FAX, EMAIL and WWW Gedcom tags to support
    Gedcom v5.5.1.
  + use more relative import.
  + Support for FTM and others Custom Gedcom Event Tags on import.
  + fix '_deeprelationshippath' filter rule.
  + Narrativeweb: some dates are incorrect in tar archive.
  + MacOS: Update graphviz to 2.38 and change to a binary launcher
    in app bundles.
  + Gramps crashes when closed while exporting.
  + Some events are not shown in familymaps page.
  + Remove old debug bloc on place selection.
  + Add GUI and CLI config option to allow easy setting.
  + Chinese characters are not rendered properly in pdf reports.
  + Support v5.5.1 OBJE/FORM/MEDI tag on embedded OBJE.
  + Sorting of Sources on gedcom.
  + Change "class xxx(object)" to "class xxx".
  + Use "with open" instead of "try: except:".
  + Change "raise NotImplemented" to "raise NotImplementedError()".
  + Add new argument to IsEnclosedByRule.
  + Narrativeweb: place title must agree the
  + Improvements on CSV file format support.
  + update Finnish holidays.
  + Some strings in tools and report dialogs will not translate.
  + Gedcom import improvements in media area to support v5.5.1 and
  + Trailing whitespace.
  + Gedcom import of FTM .ged file containing _LINK tags not
  + Change pycairo-python3 to pycairo.
  + pycairo for python2 is now py2cairo.
  + Remove pango modules from bundle, pango no longer uses them.
  + Gedcom import loses spaces in text fields from FTM.
  + Gedcom import of FTM file containing _PHOTO tags.
  + Missed initializer.
  + Attempting to select an "Available item" for the Book Report
    gives an error.
  + Fix for either valid or invalid FTM Gedcom.
  + Gedcom import of FTM file with OCCU record crashes import.
  + crash - 'NoneType' object has no attribute.
  + Family Page maps are non-functional in Narrative Web report.
  + Gedcom import loses spaces in text fields from FTM.
  + String not translated in geoplaces.
  + Descendant Report does not recognise auto. place title
  + Translated text will not be printed in the program.
  + Geography: Attempting to print crashes (add parent to dialog).
  + GEDCOM doesn't accept CR as a line terminator.
  + Wrong Numeric date format for cs_CZ locale.
  + Narrativeweb: inconsistent & incomplete display of place
    hierarchy labels.
  + Narratedweb: surname listing errors for people with multiple
  + In "Verify" people w/ death event w/o date are not thought
  + While starting gramps, it fails to pop up "tips of the day".
  + GEDCOM import in CLI mode with .ged file containing ANSEL
    encoding tries to pop up gui.
  + fix merge conflict.
  + Use first matching name when generating place titles.
  + GEDCOM import with media files that have no path fails.
  + [Geography] Geoclose and mother handle.
  + place names empty if Gedcom ADDR record contains no street.
  + Tidy up place configuration options.
  + Use CSS to fade background colour in ValidatableMaskedEntry.
  + crash on GEDCOM import with empty _AKA lines.
  + Add inclusive option to IsEnclosedBy rule.
  + Saving/closing new person window with Alt-o does not find
  + Fix to allow deferred translation of place type.
  + Include all place types in place report.
  + Allow place selection both individually and by filter on
    textual report.
  + Expand tree in selectors automatically.
  + Fix Encloses gramplet to display correct place references.
  + Update for appdata stuff.
  + UnboundLocalError on ODF doc backend.
  + Media Preview: wrong frame.
  + fix signals.
  + GEDCOM import PLAC:FORM in local mode doesn't work.
  + fix empty Place Alternate Names on import.
  + Merge unit test for PlaceCheck not working correctly.
  + GEDCOM import some Place Names & Titles are blank.
  + GEDCOM import PLAC or ADDR attached Notes etc. are lost.
  + Gramps not appearing in Gnome Software.
  + fix broken GEDCOM import PLAC:FORM handling.
  + Place Alt Names gets duplicated entries.
  + Multiple GEDCOM imports creates duplicate event IDs.
  + The place page in webreport is complete mess.
  + Gallery tab of Source view does not display .ods files.
  + Narrated Web report - Individual sort order not correct on the
    Surnames tab.
  + Specify required GtkSpell and GExiv2 version.
  + Narrated web report link to thumbnails is broken on certain
  + Narrated Web report - Individual page sort order has changed.
  + Gramps reports that it can't find dictionaries.
  + Turns out it was really that enchant couldn't find its backend
    because an environment variable wasn't set.
  + Update translations.
- Updated gramps.appdata.xml path.

Mon Apr 11 09:11:43 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 4.2.3:
  + Creation of the "graphic calendar report" failed
  + Fix "TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment
  + Fix experienced an unexpected error
  + Unable to build narrated web site
  + [NarrativeWeb report] Places index and Media index are
    incorrectly sorted
  + Error when trying to create narrative report (residence event)
  + Fix filter set by default on selector, 'Show all' button
  + Detailed Ancestors Report has ? for locations when [private
    data is excluded]
  + Age in the event family view column is wrong.
  + Crash when dragging multiple media items to clipboard
  + vCal Export File format invalid
  + Error occurs for Complete Individual Report -- complete
  + Narrated Web Site Report: places page is no longer sorted
  + Narrative web: html elements emitted in different order
  + Narrative web: "errno: 1, operation is not permitted" when
    creating archive.
  + Narrative Web report further stops in error.
  + Fix multiple lines for firstname on gramps XML file via import
    or export
  + fix scrolling in persons view after typing some letters
  + Location on geography view could not convert string to float
  + make typeout more accurate
  + Searching in people view when surnames are collapsed
  + Fix error when changing database in new locations gramplets
  + Error loading Participants add-on in French locale
  + Restores setting the stdout encoding to
    sys.getdefaultencoding() for Python3
  + Fix comment about getting the right encoding for stdout.
  + Date format does not match system.
  + Make US English a special-case locale, where en_GB is the
    default for english based locales
  + Enhance the Locations gramplet
  + New "Encloses" gramplet to the display places that the active
    place encloses
  + Individuals with incomplete names, not updated when name
  + Children gramplet in Family view does not get updated when a
    birth/death events are added to a child
  + Non-image media objects don't appear in the main window
  + Pressing tab stops at element in gui places
  + Double-clicking on a source in the citation gramplet causes
  + "Find text in record" filter crash
  + Fix vCard Export
  + Notes used in the "To Do" gramplet are found by the Remove
    Unused Objects tool
  + Unable to select Unicode
  + Cannot import gedcom generated by RootsMagic custom place
    details ignoring PlaceName()
  + Fix people sorted by surname view
  + Complete Report about person (whole database) - PDF - crash
  + Update for travis
  + Only consider the values of LC_ALL, LANG, and LANGUAGE, in that
    order, when choosing the default locale.
  + New Icelandic date and relationships handlers
  + Fix Finnish translation in keywords of desktop entry
  + Updated translations.

Sat Jan  9 10:31:21 UTC 2016 -

- Add add from master:
  - Providing much nicer webcalendar navigation.
  - Space cleanup, obsolete spaces at end of line removed.

Sat Jan  9 08:05:29 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 4.2.2:
  + "Show all" checkbox of "Select Family" window not unchecked
    when the filter is cleared.
  + Name of user defined filter is not shown.
  + ErrorDialog and GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent.
  + 'Find' is broken when used in the Family selector.
  + Fix default selection in selectors.
  + Comment currently-unused bogus wiki URL pointers.
  + Fix counter for filtered entries and indentation on
  + Faulty headline in start up screen.
  + Check that gramplet is in notebook before setting tab label.
  + Fix creation of focus change events.
  + Interactivesearch gives "TypeError: unorderable types: str()
    < NoneType()".
  + Put tag selection list in alphabetical order.
  + Remove redundant code.
  + Fix delete error in undoable entry widget.
  + Fix deprecation warning.
  + Re-enable selection in MultiTreeView on a grab_broken event.
  + Add validation to gender field.
  + Unhandled AttributeError when db.get_tag_from_handle returns
  + ReferencedBySelectionProxy can forget some referenced tags.
  + Remove encoding on stdout and stderr.
  + Handle citation objects in glocale.trans_objclass.
  + Locality data in address was not imported.
  + Can not download new or updated add-ons:
    - Don't check SSL certs when fetching addons.
    - Catch urlopen TypeError when context arg isn't supported.
    - Fix undefined variable error.
  + ValueError: underlying buffer has been detached.
  + LaTeX backend crashes.
  + Geography: performance issue due to bad initialization and.
    performance issue when selecting the events or places views.
  + Narrated Web Site Report: html elements emitted in different
  + Unused *_init.jpg are created in the narrated website.
  + Some media files are not exported to the NAVWEB report.
  + Narrative web report: add author to citations.
  + TypeError: unorderable types: EventRef() < EventRef(),
    events list and family list are differents between two reports.
  + Permission denied: change mtime to origin instead of
  + Thumbnails html file missing in the narrative web.
  + Narrativeweb: Place title based on current date not that of
    the event.
  + Webcal: make the month name clickable in the year overview
  + 'Narrative' word not translatable.
  + 'Unknown' spouse uses an harcoded string name on Simple
    Descendants textual report.
  + Father/mother's age attributes are not translated on reports.
  + Improve Russian date handler and unittests.
  + Mars month instead of Marzec on Polish locale (Date Editor).
  + Updated translations.

Mon Oct 19 11:37:02 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.2.1:
  + Support for Retina and HiDPI Display, added 24px icons
  + Fix verification tool with "Estimate missing or inexact dates"
  + Fix missing link in hourglass graph report
  + Sort custom place types in editors
  + Allow Easter calculation with python3
  + Fix crash on Descendants-detailed report
  + FanChartDescendants View should at least have 2 generations
  + Allow hyphenated gramps-id in Graphviz reports
  + Complete Individual Report fails to run
  + Fix broken wiki help links
  + Set TextOption widget to expand vertically
  + Unused Object Dialog box too small
  + Short cut keys does not work in 'Change Event Types' dialog
  + Update some Tips of the day
  + Error when extracting place names
  + Custom filters for note text repaired
  + Fix Pedigreeview crash when selecting Compact view
  + Set "visable_window" in GtkEventBox to fix transparency
  + Faster scrolling:
    - cache database access for column values
    - cache do_get_path lookups
    - speed up load access on treeviews with no filters
    - new LRU size of 1k (was 250)
    - use cache in do_get_path from siblings
  + Avoid using person-centric date matching for places
  + Use place title as default name in GEDCOM import
  + Ensure place names are not empty after upgrade
  + Fix proxy to include all referenced place objects
  + Fix bug that prevented any addons being loaded onto the Mac
  + Remove copy button from family tree manager
  + Consistency for name fields on Person Editor
  + Geography:
    - Place.set_name(name) requires a PlaceName()
    - Fix and improvements on place selection
  + Limit problems with existing selection in media reference editor
  + Stability fixes on Mac port
  + Mac port localization crash with non-standard locale (e.g.
  + Fix color on history
  + Fix countries selector for holidays
  + Fix missing markups into textual reports
  + All sidebars with Types now show custom types in combo list
  + [New] Added Places to CSV import/export
  + Some fixes on installer (
  + Various improvements on gen.plug.utils
  + Fix graph reports [in Greek locale]
  + New date handler for Hungarian locale
  + Updated translations.
- Update source URL path to github.

Wed Aug 12 17:38:19 UTC 2015 -

- Add gramps-no-translations-check.patch: Disable gramps internal
  test if localization files are available. As gramps is properly
  packaged, we know where the translations are and don't want to
  alert a user with annoying popups (boo#941490).

Mon Aug  3 13:48:40 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.2.0:
  + New date and language fields on place name.
  + Review on GtkBuilder, fix some Gtk3 warnings and move from
    deprecated methods.
  + Change icons and buttons handling methods.
  + Enhanced Place Editor and new Place Name editor.
  + New widget: use own interactive-search.
  + Ability to import kml data into Geography views.
  + Enhancement for removing multiple selected items from Views
    (action group).
  + Add drag support on more Views, Selectors and Editors.
  + Add right-click "Copy all" to ListModel and all QuickTables.
  + Review Alternate Place handling and edition.
  + New 'Place' configuration keys set by user (settings).
  + New filter rule: is enclosed by.
  + Consistency on Privacy option for reports.
  + Consistency on "Name-format" options for reports.
  + Add DeferredFilter class (a subclass of GenericFilter).
  + New textual Report: Links on Notes.
  + Fix alphabetic index and toc bug in books.
  + Enhancements on Style Editor.
  + Enhancements on End Notes into textual reports.
  + Changes on Individuals complete textual report.
  + Changes on Ancestors Tree draw report: Include Siblings.
  + Add name-format option, and deferred translation on Records
  + Add deferred translation on Timeline draw report.
  + Enable attributes gramplet on Source and Citation Views.
  + New place locations gramplet.
  + Optimizations around index, Flat and TreeView models.
  + Enhanced samples files.
  + All importers return now an ImportInfo object.
  + Experimental gwplus (geneweb) import file format support.
  + Remove experimental HTML renderer view.
  + New test scripts.
  + New Date handler for Japanese.
  + Review on Slovenian and Czech Date Handlers.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gramps-webkit3.0.patch: no longer applicable.
- Add python3 BuildRequires: follow upstreams port to python3.
- Drop python-webkitgtk, python-gtkspell and python-PyICU
  recommends: no longer valid after the port to python3.
- Add python3-bsddb3, python3-cairo  and python3-gobject
  Requires: new dependencies.

Sat May  2 01:44:03 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.1.3:
  + Fix db upgrade failure
  + GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
  + [Gedcom]:
    - SUBN and SUBM record handling
    - Import/export round trip causes lost information
    - Entering a witness to an event such as marriage might be
    - Gramps can't import estim. date period exported by itself
    - 1/4 and 1/2 ANSEL characters not supported on importing
    - Importing file containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
    - Import fails for ANSI file under python 3
    - Failure importing ANSEL encoded gedcom file
    - Characters ignored on a Gedcom encoded ANSI (cp1252 West
      Europe, USA)
    - NameError in importer
    - Event address is lost on import, i.e. disconnected from
  + Crash on geneweb export with python3
  + GuiColorOption missing avail-changed event handler
  + Bad generation of [timeline report] ODT files since 4.0.0
  + Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
  + Fix spurious generation of empty 'Alternative Name' in
  + Support creating directories in various scenarios
  + Attempting to add a bookmark causes an error
  + Long series of "unhandled exception" popup boxes while doing a
    check & repair
  + Crash when trying to link existing place as an enclosing place
    using P0001 number
  + HTML view fails to load
  + Relationship Graph crashes
  + Python3 needs new_subpixbuf not subpixbuf
  + Regression: running gramps from crontab fails
  + tag_map is not initialized
  + Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
  + Event columns in web narrative are too narrow
  + Problem by start program (launcher)
  + Translation string missing in Not Related tool for help and
    close button
  + Date format month/year is not well reported at editing time [in
  + Fix unknown gender relationships handler for the french locale
  + Fix a handle type bug on sidebar filter
  + Tidy up About dialog
  + Cleanup on some man files
  + Convert some remaining unicode literals
  + Fix mac menubar setting
  + Enable python3 to run po/
  + Updated translations.

Mon Mar  9 11:16:50 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.1.2:
  + Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when
    loading data from database.
  + Removing a parent place from a place leaves a dangling
  + Error during checking the database.
  + Stubborn blank space in database won’t be removed, fix removing
    rows in flat list views.
  + Database upgrade fails if default media path is not set.
  + Error converting database after upgrade to Gramps 4.1.1.
  + Error in a single place within the places section.
  + Entries from the add-or-choose selector of
    Place/Source/Media/Note cannot be dragged.
  + Enclosing places tab should work like other similar tabs, new
    place reference editor.
  + Association editor refuses dropped persons.
  + Error on opening twice an object from clipboard.
  + Incorrect spacing in export assistant file chooser.
  + New Event types are saved as a disordered list.
  + Always display main participants.
  + Place titles can now be generated on-the-fly by a place
    displayer, default is still to use the place title field.
  + GEDCOM import of embedded notes attached to media does not
  + Crash on .ged import; consistent.
  + Errors handling owner/submitter information in GEDCOM files.
    Only import researcher from GEDCOM or XML if the family tree
    was originally empty.
  + GEDCOM export does not export media attached to citations.
  + The fanchart view crashes if max generation is set to 1 away.
  + Sidebar Filters do not match placetypes in new placeview, two
    new filter rules (HasTitle, HasData).
  + Fix bug when family has no parents.
  + Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event.
  + Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter.
  + Views in Geography should not always use the last option set by
    the user.
  + Request for keyboard-controlled zoom on Geography view.
  + Error geography view – Displaying main menu.
  + Configure screen needs a file selector to select directory for
    “offline mode” files.
  + Filter panel on geography view displays improperly.
  + Detailed descendant report crashes, bibliography (citations).
  + Can’t disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree.
  + Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output.
  + Regression: Complete Individual report has
    partially-untranslated output.
  + Events Page in Narrative Report not working.
  + Gramps freeze after defining a report style with German cm
  + Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object.
  + Report event attribute name is not translated.
  + Records Gramplet uses wrong text.
  + Closing detached gramplet causes python to crash.
  + Cannot reduce size of gramplets detached from a gramplet bar.
  + Gramplets don’t fill window when detached from dashboard.
  + ImageMetadata doesn’t show metadata.
  + typo on GLib call, used by an addon only.
  + Fix error setting gramplet tab label.
  + Check for active person in session log gramplet.
  + Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output.
  + Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before
  + Gtk3 warning and custom undoableentry widget, (bgo#644927).
  + Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme
  + Fix: database manager dialog is inconsistent for older gtk+3
  + Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme
  + Fix: Error loading theme icon ‘gtk-apply’.
  + gramps fails to start with gtk+-3.13.3.
  + Places in data.gramps are not in the new Place hierarchy.
  + Upgrade the version of some dependencies for Mac OS and
    Windows OS.
  + Keywords entry in gramps.desktop does not work.
  + ‘Available Gramps Updates for Addons’ window not on top.
  + Some text not translatable in context menu fancharts.
  + Fix for Unit test.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gramps-4.1.1-Glib-typo.patch: fixed upstream.
- Move .desktop file to Office;Database category: it certainly is
  a stretch, but Education;Science is no longer valid and
  Science;Humanities is not officially registered.

Wed Feb  4 10:20:23 UTC 2015 -

- Add gramps-4.1.1-Glib-typo.patch: fix typo, which removes wrong
  automatic dependency; already applied upstream for 4.1.2.
- Remove comment about osm-gps-map because it is already detected.

Thu Jan 15 20:38:15 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.1.1
  + Fix custom place types in the place editor.
  + Allow place type combobox to receive focus.
  + Store custom place types in the metadata table.
  + Fix place type for places without a main location.
  + Fix bug adding parent places to a new place.
  + Prevent user creating a cycle in the place hierarchy.
  + Avoid infinite loop when place cycle encountered.
  + Prevent creation of a place cycle when merging.
  + Fix error when no place is selected.
  + Check that a place has been selected when saving.
  + Use the standard place selection widget to be consistent..
  + Add a new Top Level place through the Place Reference Editor.
  + Fix backlinks code in place report.
  + Backlinks for places can now also be places as well as events.
  + Fix check and repair tool for empty placerefs.
  + Update location utilities to work with proxies.
  + Place report does not run.
  + Update place details gramplet.
  + Locations are now displayed in a new separate gramplet.
  + Add check for empty handle in gramplets.
  + Check DB lock on the recent opened trees list.
  + Sidebarfilter gramplet does not fit well into People, Events or
    Media views.
  + Fix new event default type considering existing events with
    *default + role.
  + Rebuild secondary indexes after database upgrade.
  + Importing gedcom files containing multibyte UTF-8 characters
  + Ahnentafel Report did not use Christening Date if no Birth
  + [Narweb:] Missing webpage for media under some circumstances.
  + Fix narrated web report with gendex option enabled.
  + Tweak to "default" CSS choice for the narrated web report.
  + Invalid link for Merge citation Help button.
  + Fix 'todo' gramplet.
  + Fix path when using drag & drop to add media.
  + Limit the number of generations displayed in the ancestor
  + Export of a subset of the tree failed.
  + Fix issues in python3, and bytes-string mismatch with ICU.
  + Fix url/uri handling with non-ascii characters under linux and
  + Fix name format on graphical reports.
  + Fix name format on textual reports.
  + Better GUI support for embeded custom attributes list on media
  + Better keys for search under linux shells (.desktop file).
  + 'Unknown' person in detailed ancestor report can not be
  + Translations don't show in many labels.
  + Ensure python text domain gets the right encoding.
  + Translate some punctuation marks.
  + Various fixes around Geography and osmgpsmap.
  + Allow gramplets to be displayed in the dashboard only.
  + Update FSF address.
  + Add Arabic-script, Islamic-date, Thai script, Married Name and
    more dates examples.
  + Fix on czech date handler for calculated and estimated dates.
  + Enhance Serbian date handler to handle Cyrillic dates.
  + Simplify Canadian Ash Wednesday holiday.
  + Re-enable Esperanto support (for non-Windows OS only) after a
    large review.
  + Updated translations.
- Remove python-gtk-devel Requires: no longer needed after the
  project moved to python-gobject.
- Add hicolor-icon-theme BuildRequires: do not own standard
  hicolor directories.

Mon Jul 28 08:00:38 UTC 2014 -

- Add gramps-webkit3.0.patch: specify in the code that we require
  WebKit 3.0, not 'any' WebKit (bnc#887048).
- No longer filter typelib(OsmGpsMap) from automatic dependency
  scanner: we now have osm-gps-map 1.0.1 available.

Tue Jul 22 23:05:04 UTC 2014 -

- Drop gnome-icon-theme (Build)Requires: no longer functional after
  the merging of the themes into Adwaita theme, which in turn is a
  dependency to GTK+ 3.0.

Sun Jun 08 11:41:11 UTC 2014 -

- Fix source URL in spec

Thu May 29 11:23:17 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 4.0.4:
  + Upgrade to db version 17 fails in Python 3 due to use 
    of iteritems
  + Database corrupted – TypeError: unhashable type: ‘list’
  + Fix bug in abandon changes and quit
  + Paths, unicode and bsddb module
  + Consistency on create_id method
  + Better handling for non-ASCII characters on database-path
  + Better support for ANSEL characters
  + ‘Display as’ field in Name Editor reverts to 
    Preferences default
  + Fix vcard date converter
  + View does not communicate over proxy server with autorisation
  + Enhanced Bookmark support
  + Event gramplet filter does not have field for primary role
  + New HasDayOfWeek filter rule
  + Error when leaving a Gramps type field blank in an editor
  + Fix creation of events with same Gramps-ID
  + Crash when opening details of a person
  + Fix spacing on dialogs for some recent linux distributions
  + date editor and Date class allow e.g. Hebrew dates 
    with newyear (Mar25)
  + Fix crash in fan chart view when scrolling
  + Poor contrast mouse on mouse over
  + Drag and drop only one data into Editors tabs
  + Unable to edit citations on association
  + Enhancements and consitency on events gramplet, selector 
    and view
  + Sometimes says ‘no data exists for note’ when saving
  + Enhanced Citation Editor
  + Do not always raise errors when some plugins are hidden
  + Remove hover selection from embedded lists
  + Fix update of active object after merge
  + Cleanup on warnings and messages around locale directory
  + Media Editor error if Path value was changed to a non existing
  + Register history objects at startup
  + Avoid dumb encoding error when compiling gpr file
  + Work around Py2Cairo
  + Given Name Cloud Gramplet splits up given names into words
  + Users should not be allowed to edit and delete ‘default’ style 
    into Style Editor
  + Filename Decoding Error in Graphical Reports
  + Missing closing bracket in Web_Basic-Spruce.css
  + Reorder tool: global name ‘gen’ is not defined
  + Some fixes and enhancements
  + Fix start in East Asian language, force UTF-8 locale on Mac
  + Fix apple_collation on Mac
  + Spelling messages at random cause hang for a few seconds.
  + Media viewer list crashes during start if one try to select 
    an entry where the media isn’t available
  + ‘Available Gramps Updates for Addons’ window not on top 
  + HTML View fails to load
  + Paper names and Styles values are now translated
  + Sort failure using glocale.sort_key
  + Improve support for collation variants
  + Translate some punctuation marks
  + Fix unit tests and python3 issues
  + Fix Relationships handler for Portuguese
  + Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, he, it, lt, nb, nl,
    pl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk

Tue Jan 28 08:37:33 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 4.0.3:
  + Fix copy via context menu on Views into Charts Category.
  + Fix Tab sequence in Name Editor.
  + Fix citations gramplet into media view.
  + Fix unhandled exception when inspecting media.
  + Fix Citation sidebar filter for python3.
  + Fix add link to a "Html code" note.
  + Fix message on backup dialog.
  + Fix space for selection lists.
  + Fix spell with myspell and LANG.
  + Fix changes root cursor to hand.
  + Recent file parser now gives the file location.
  + Fix vertical overflows on check and repair-tool dialog.
  + Fix custom key/value (data item) on Database difference report.
  + Fix unhandled exception in media exif information under Windows
  + Fix person selector in searchfilter under Windows OS.
  + Starting Gramps without console is now possible under Windows
  + Specific OS handling.
  + Common fixes and changes with 3.4.7.
  + Updated translations.

Tue Nov 26 13:01:15 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 4.0.2:
  + Citation merge works better for all objects with citations.
  + Fixed citations attached to family events.
  + Fixed several crashes, hangs, and data corruption scenarios.
  + Fixed bugs in determining whether a person is alive,
    potentially resolving private data leak via export or report.
  + Fixed bugs on proxies.
  + VCF export/import now support gender information.
  + Several bugs with filtering fixed, most filters now support
    regular expressions.
  + Fixed bug in Hebrew calendar date calculations.
  + Fix some regressions on GEDCOM file format export and
    enhancement on CONT/CONC handling.
  + Multiple fixes and improvements on gramplets.
  + Multiple fixes in the narrated website and web calendar
  + Enhancements on date and calendar.
  + Some fixes and improvements of the webapp.
  + Fix on Database Differences module.
  + Enhancements of the citation tree view (Sources category).
  + Improvements on User classes.
  + Polish and consistency on Gramps XML export.
  + Bump XML schema to 1.5.1.
  + Fixed several long-standing problems with report generation.
  + Better support of RTL locales (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) in GUI.
  + Better support for selected lang on some reports.
  + Better way for displaying missing dependencies.
  + Better Spell support.
  + Platform-specific fixes for Mac and Windows.
  + Add printing functionality for all geography views.
  + New date handlers for Arabic and Greek.
  + Repaired and enhanced tests broken since 3.3.x, resulting in
    overall reliability improvements.
  + Add a support for AppData.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gramps-4_0-gtk-3_8.patch, fixed upstream.

Sun Jun 30 17:22:19 UTC 2013 -

- Add gramps-4_0-gtk-3_8.patch: Fix execution with GTK+ 3.8.

Sat Jun 29 08:59:34 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 4.0.1:
  + Gtk3: fix menu on person editor and Geography views, convert
    deprecated code for the indicator in entryfield.
  + Gedcom: Fix crash on export when there are addresses, fix space
    on ID.
  + Disallow bookmarking a source in the Citation Tree View.
  + Better RTL support on Pedigreeview and position for gramplets.
  + Fix bad scaling in address editor.
  + Fix crash on ancestor chart report.
  + Fix navigation issues with selected line.
  + Fix size of the 'Tip of the day' dialog.
  + Fix right-click on tables in Quick Views.
  + Fix cursor corruption on Pedigree view.
  + Improvements when exporting via CLI.
  + Reports: Various fixes on dialogs, output file formats and
    cleanup on error messages.
  + MacOS: Fix bad filename on Gramps URL, osm-gps-map revision,
    image paths, resource-path file, maclocale.
  + Move the HTML resources from gramps/plugins/webstuff to Data
    and Images.
  + Alternate Names in Person Details Gramplet.
  + New holidays, date and relationship handlers for Ukrainian.
  + Enhancements for testing localized Relationship handlers.
  + More names and events on data.gramps sample.
  + Updated translations.

Sat Jun 22 12:57:18 UTC 2013 -

- Add gobjet-introspection BuildRequires: needed in order for the
  code to be inspected and typelib() Requires be added to the
- Filter out the following typelib() Requires:
  + typelib(GtkosxApplication)is not needed on Linux.
  + typelib(OsmGpsMap) is optional and currently not available in
  + typelib(Gtkspell) is an obsolete name which gramps can cope
    with as an alternative to GtkSpell (different spelling).

Thu May 23 10:55:43 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 4.0.0:
  + Conversion to GTK 3 and use of gobject introspection, GEPS#029.
  + Support for python 3, GEPS#031.
  + Code reorganization, GEPS#008.
  + Autotools is no longer used for building Gramps, distutils is
    used, GEPS#026.
  + Completely reworked localization handling.
  + The Gramplet view has been renamed Dashboard. This to avoid an
    overload of the word Gramplet, and to make it more clear to new
    users what can be expected in this view
  + GTK 3 uses new themes, so users not on Gnome must set a nice
    GTK 3 theme to fully appreciate Gramps 4.0. Install a GTK 3
    theme and set it. If Gramps looks ugly, you made an error in
    this step.
  + Different sidebar navigators can be installed
  + New Ancestor Fan Chart View and Descendant Fan Chart View,
    which offer a lot of insight in your family tree on a small
    space. Direct printing is available from these views.
  + All wizards are reworked, so the exporter dialog, help and bug
    report dialog are different from version 3.4, but offer the
    same functions.
  + New To Do Gramplets listing all To Do Notes.
  + More reports support output in a different language than the
    interface language
  + Narrative Web has been reworked to make it more stable.
- Rewrite build and install sections to adapt to the switch to
  pythonm distutils, away from autotools.
- Add python-PyICU recommends: it's not strictly required to
  operate, but strongly recommended.

Wed May 15 17:17:45 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.4.4:
  + Infinite recursion bug in narrative web generation.
  + Protection on family trees when using version 3.4 and 4.0 on
    the same PC (road to 4.0).
  + Merging notes of media with citations now works.
  + Crash during Calculate Preview of a filtered XML export.
  + Fix annoying errors on navigation related to citations gramplet
    and tag object.
  + Listing the Family Trees can corrupt them.
  + Various fix around handling Gedcom file format.
  + Fix citations and sources import on ProGen format.
  + Better date handling and better alternate translation support.
    on some textual reports according to locale under windows.
  + Avoid Errors when setting wrong value as markup for invalid
    dates (Preferences).
  + Fix paragraph layout on PDF format or print output.
  + New: New-Zealand holidays.
  + Polish and backport code on XML import (road to 4.0).
  + Regular expression rules now use search rather than match, fix
    design issues on regex filter rules.
  + Disable/Enable indent spouse on descendants tree.
  + Fix regular expressions on Place filter rule.
  + Consistency on cli arguments (road to 4.0).
  + Fix call of non-existant process on references proxy, enhanced
    tests on proxy filter.
  + Fix NarWeb creation via cli for some non-english locales.
  + Updated translations.

Tue Mar 19 22:30:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.4.3:
  + Sorting (both in the main display window, and particularly in
    Narrative Web output) now uses PyICU.
  + The automatic Addon checking and download now works once again.
  + Import from Pro-Gen has been updated.
  + Import and Export of address fields in GEDCOM has been
  + GEDCOM Repositories not imported correctly from FTM.
  + Fixes to a number of errors in filtering notes.
  + Fix some errors in determining whether someone is alive.
  + Make availability of GraphViz settings depend on output format.
  + Improve the descriptions and tooltip for GraphViz aspect ratio
  + Fixed update problems with citation bottombar gramplet.
  + Fixed Open Document Text output in Book report.
  + A number of changes to Narrative Web.
  + Updated translations.

Wed Oct 31 12:06:35 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.2:
  + Some fixes on NarrativeWeb report.
  + Some fixes on book report.
  + Improvement on database path interface and user's preferences.
  + Consistency on Name display and regex support.
  + Some platform-specific fixes for Windows system environment.
  + Better support for media links on Gedcom file format.
  + Fix possible incorrect family relations on Gedcom file format.
  + Various fixes on citation records.
  + Fix and improve places handling on Geography views.
  + Fix on command line arguments.
  + Consistency on PDF file format.
  + Updated translations.

Sun Sep 16 14:01:38 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.1:
  + Fixed error in export to xml of family order.
  + Fixed crash in windows after some use due to too much terminal
  + Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX).
  + Misc bug fixes.
  + Updated translations.

Wed May 23 18:54:45 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.0:
  + Lots of changes and bug fixes to every part of Gramps,
    including XML import/export, image handling, gedom handling,
    Gramplets, date handling, citations, reports, more!
  + Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX, Linux).
  + Updated translations.
- Remove _version define as it stays equal to %version.

Sat May 19 18:17:27 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.3.2:
  + Expressive error when trying to load familytree with
    downgraded Berkeley db.
  + Fix in the image offset calculation (MediaRef Editor).
  + Improved focus and bug fixes on Editors.
  + Enhancements on ODT file format.
  + Improved synchronization on gramplets.
  + Export, filtering and database log improvements.
  + Call of living proxy is more accurate when using NarrativeWeb
  + Fixes on Check and Repair, Sort Events and Clipboard tools.
  + Fix automate version.
  + Fixes on PedigreeView (database state and mouse events).
  + Various fixes and improvements on merge code.
  + Minor fixes on report interface and output.
  + Various fixes on Narrative and Web Calendar reports.
  + Minor issues on Gedcom handling.
  + Add Japanese holidays (reports).
  + Add a Relationship calculator for Catalan.
  + More than 50 bug fixes and improvements.
  + Updated translations.

Mon Oct  3 07:44:03 UTC 2011 -

- Add explicit shared-mime-info BuildRequires since we use the
  %mime_database_* macros.

Sun Oct  2 13:13:23 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 3.3.1:
  + Various bugs fixed.
  + Updated translations.

Wed Jun 15 10:01:44 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 3.3.0:
  + New "person name" dialog and workflow with better (or new!)
    support for nickname, complicated multiple surnames, patronymic
    as surname, family nickname, and name format preferences
  + Gramplet bottombar and sidebar per view, with new gramplets
    such as details view and image metadata viewer/editor
  + Ability to tag objects; this is the next version of what used
    to be called "markers" in previous versions of Gramps
  + Geography view now uses osm-gps-map
  + New locality field in the place editor; hierarchy is now:
    Country, State, County, City, Locality, Street
  + Automatic check and upgrade of plugins on startup
  + Improved merge support of objects
  + Better descendant/ancestor tree reports
  + Undo/redo on entry fields (CTRL+Z, CTRL+SHIFT+Z)
  + Backup option in the exporter
  + Exporter based on filters with preview
  + Various under-the-hood improvements, including for performance.
  + Updated translations.
- Add python-gtkspell Recommends as we do have the package.
- Update FIXME about missing Recommends: python-enchant is not used
  anymore, but python-exiv2 and osm-gps-map are new optional
- Stop using source service to download the tarball, as Factory
  will move away from this.

Mon May  2 18:58:57 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 3.2.6:
  + fix memory leaks
  + fix corrupted reports
  + fix crash in cramplets
  + fix gedcom import and export
  + import speed improvements
  + NarrativeWeb fixes
  + prevent corrupting databases
  + Updated translations.
- Use set_version source service.

Sat Feb 12 18:59:36 CET 2011 -

- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
    least one desktop file.
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
  can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.

Tue Dec  7 16:32:44 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 3.2.5:
  + Fix Gramps so it again runs with Python 2.5
  + Write all notes and sources to gedcom files
  + Cli fixes
  + GeneWeb and LegacyGedcom fixes
  + NarrativeWeb fixes
  + Memory leak fixes
  + Various other small fixes
  + Updated translations
- Add gnome-icon-theme BuildRequires for directory ownership.
- Add gnome-icon-theme, python-gtk, xdg-utils Requires, as
  documented by upstream.
- Add graphviz, python-webkitgtk Recommends, as documented by
- Improve description.
- Also remove the deprecated mime data files from
  /usr/share/mime-info, not just /usr/share/application-registry
- Call %mime_database_post and %mime_database_postun macros in
  %post/%postun since we install a xml mime file.
- Tag localized man pages with the right language. We should
  eventually move them to the lang subpackage, but at the moment,
  they would create a file conflict between bundles and the lang

Thu Nov  4 19:19:43 UTC 2010 -

- Initial package, version 3.2.4