File hwloc.changes of Package hwloc

Thu Mar  5 15:32:07 UTC 2015 -

- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Update to 1.10.1
  * Actually remove disallowed NUMA nodes from nodesets when the 
    whole-system flag isn't enabled.
  * Fix the gathering of PCI domains. Thanks to James Custer for 
    reporting the issue and providing a patch.
  * Fix the merging of identical parent and child in presence of 
    Misc objects. Thanks to Dave Love for reporting the issue.
  * Fix some misordering of children when merging with 
    ignore_keep_structure() in partially allowed topologies.
  * Fix an overzealous assertion in the debug code when running 
    on a single-PU host with I/O. Thanks to Thomas Van Doren for 
    reporting the issue.
  * Don't forget to setup NUMA node object nodesets in x86 backend 
    (for BSDs) and OSF/Tru64 backend.
  * Fix cpuid-x86 build error with gcc -O3 on x86-32. Thanks to 
    Thomas Van Doren for reporting the issue.
  * Fix support for future very large caches in the x86 backend.
  * Fix vendor/device names for SR-IOV PCI devices on Linux.
  * Fix an unlikely crash in case of buggy hierarchical distance matrix.
  * Fix PU os_index on some AIX releases. Thanks to Hendryk 
    Bockelmann and Erik Schnetter for helping debugging.
  * Fix hwloc_bitmap_isincluded() in case of infinite sets.
  * Change hwloc-ls.desktop into a lstopo.desktop and only install 
    it if lstopo is built with Cairo/X11 support. It cannot work 
    with a non-graphical lstopo or hwloc-ls.
  * Add support for the renaming of Socket into Package in 
    future releases.
  * Add support for the replacement of HWLOC_OBJ_NODE with 
    HWLOC_OBJ_NUMANODE in future releases.
  * Clarify the documentation of distance matrices in hwloc.h and 
    in the manpage of the hwloc-distances. Thanks to Dave Love for 
    the suggestion.
  * Improve some error messages by displaying more information 
    about the hwloc library in use.
  * Document how to deal with the ABI break when upgrading to 
    the upcoming 2.0 See "How do I handle ABI breaks and API 
    upgrades ?" in the FAQ.

Tue Dec 30 10:34:40 UTC 2014 -

- minor spec fixes (unbreak build for suse_version < Factory)

Tue Dec 16 09:22:26 UTC 2014 -

- Update to Version 1.10.0
   * v1.10.0 is the new feature release. There is no new major change
      in this release, just improvements everywhere.
      If you are buying new Intel Xeon E5 with 10 cores or more, this
      release is required for proper Socket/NUMA detection until the
      Linux kernel gets fixed.

   * API
     + Add hwloc_topology_export_synthetic() to export a topology to a
       synthetic string without using lstopo. See the Synthetic topologies
       section in the documentation.
     + Add hwloc_topology_set/get_userdata() to let the application save
       a private pointer in the topology whenever it needs a way to find
       its own object corresponding to a topology.
     + Add hwloc_get_numanode_obj_by_os_index() and document that this function
       as well as hwloc_get_pu_obj_by_os_index() are good at converting
       nodesets and cpusets into objects.
     + hwloc_distrib() does not ignore any objects anymore when there are
       too many of them. They get merged with others instead.
       Thanks to Tim Creech for reporting the issue.
   * Tools
     + hwloc-bind --get <command-line> now executes the command after displaying
       the binding instead of ignoring the command entirely.
       Thanks to John Donners for the suggestion.
     + Clarify that memory sizes shown in lstopo are local by default
       unless specified (total memory added in the root object).
   * Synthetic topologies
     + Synthetic topology descriptions may now specify attributes such as
       memory sizes and OS indexes. See the Synthetic topologies section
       in the documentation.
     + lstopo now exports in this fully-detailed format by default.
       The new option --export-synthetic-flags may be used to revert
       back the old format.
   * Documentation
     + Add the doc/examples/ subdirectory with several real-life examples,
       including the already existing hwloc-hello.C for basics.
       Thanks to Rob Aulwes for the suggestion.
     + Improve the documentation of CPU and memory binding in the API.
     + Add a FAQ entry about operating system errors, especially on AMD
       platforms with buggy cache information.
     + Add a FAQ entry about loading many topologies in a single program.
   * Misc
     + Work around buggy Linux kernels reporting 2 sockets instead
       1 socket with 2 NUMA nodes for each Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell) processor.
     + pciutils/libpci support is now removed since libpciaccess works
       well and there's also a Linux-specific PCI backend. For the record,
       pciutils was GPL and therefore disabled by default since v1.6.2.
     + Add --disable-cpuid configure flag to work around buggy processor
       simulators reporting invalid CPUID information.
       Thanks for Andrew Friedley for reporting the issue.
     + Fix a racy use of libltdl when manipulating multiple topologies in
       different threads.
       Thanks to Andra Hugo for reporting the issue and testing patches.
     + Fix some build failures in private/misc.h.
       Thanks to Pavan Balaji and Ralph Castain for the reports.
     + Fix failures to detect X11/Xutil.h on some Solaris platforms.
       Thanks to Siegmar Gross for reporting the failure.
     + The plugin ABI has changed, this release will not load plugins
       built against previous hwloc releases.  

Sun Aug 17 18:42:36 UTC 2014 -

- removed patches (fixed upstream)
   * hwloc-1.7-manpage.patch
   * hwloc-1.7.patch 

- Update to Version 1.9.0
  * API
    + Add hwloc_obj_type_sscanf() to extend hwloc_obj_type_of_string() with
      type-specific attributes such as Cache/Group depth and Cache type.
      hwloc_obj_type_of_string() is moved to hwloc/deprecated.h.
    + Add hwloc_linux_get_tid_last_cpu_location() for retrieving the
      last CPU where a Linux thread given by TID ran.
    + Add hwloc_distrib() to extend the old hwloc_distribute[v]() functions.
      hwloc_distribute[v]() is moved to hwloc/deprecated.h.
    + Don't mix total and local memory when displaying verbose object attributes
      with hwloc_obj_attr_snprintf() or in lstopo.
  * Backends
    + Add CPUVendor, CPUModelNumber and CPUFamilyNumber info attributes for
      x86, ia64 and Xeon Phi sockets on Linux, to extend the x86-specific
      support added in v1.8.1. Requested by Ralph Castain.
    + Add many CPU- and Platform-related info attributes on ARM and POWER
      platforms, in the Machine and Socket objects.
    + Add CUDA info attributes describing the number of multiprocessors and
      cores and the size of the global, shared and L2 cache memories in CUDA
      OS devices.
    + Add OpenCL info attributes describing the number of compute units and
      the global memory size in OpenCL OS devices.
    + The synthetic backend now accepts extended types such as L2Cache, L1i or
      Group3. lstopo also exports synthetic strings using these extended types.
  * Tools
    + lstopo
      - Do not overwrite output files by default anymore.
        Pass -f or --force to enforce it.
      - Display OpenCL, CUDA and Xeon Phi numbers of cores and memory sizes
        in the graphical output.
      - Fix export to stdout when specifying a Cairo-based output type
        with --of.
    + hwloc-ps
      - Add -e or --get-last-cpu-location to report where processes/threads
        run instead of where they are bound.
      - Report locations as likely-more-useful objects such as Cores or Sockets
        instead of Caches when possible.
    + hwloc-bind
      - Fix failure on Windows when not using --pid.
      - Add -e as a synonym to --get-last-cpu-location.
    + hwloc-distrib
      - Add --reverse to distribute using last objects first and singlify
        into last bits first. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for the suggestion.
    + hwloc-info
      - Report unified caches when looking for data or instruction cache
        ancestor objects.
  * Misc
    + Add experimental Visual Studio support under contrib/windows.
      Thanks to Eloi Gaudry for his help and for providing the first draft.
    + Fix some overzealous assertions and warnings about the ordering of
      objects on a level with respect to cpusets. The ordering is only
      guaranteed for complete cpusets (based on the first bit in sets).
    + Fix some memory leaks when importing xml diffs and when exporting a
      "too complex" entry.
  * Fix the cpuid code on Windows 64bits so that the x86 backend gets
    enabled as expected and can populate CPU information.
    Thanks to Robin Scher for reporting the problem.
  * Add CPUVendor/CPUModelNumber/CPUFamilyNumber attributes when running
    on x86 architecture. Thanks to Ralph Castain for the suggestion.
  * Work around buggy BIOS reporting duplicate NUMA nodes on Linux.
    Thanks to Jeff Becker for reporting the problem and testing the patch.
  * Add a name to the lstopo graphical window. Thanks to Michael Prokop
    for reporting the issue.
  * New components
    + Add the "linuxpci" component that always works on Linux even when
      libpciaccess and libpci aren't available (and even with a modified
      file-system root). By default the old "pci" component runs first
      because "linuxpci" lacks device names (obj->name is always NULL).
  * API
    + Add the topology difference API in hwloc/diff.h for manipulating
      many similar topologies.
    + Add hwloc_topology_dup() for duplicating an entire topology.
    + hwloc.h and hwloc/helper.h have been reorganized to clarify the
      documentation sections. The actual inline code has moved out of hwloc.h
      into the new hwloc/inlines.h.
    + Deprecated functions are now in hwloc/deprecated.h, and not in the
      official documentation anymore.
  * Tools
    + Add hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch tools together with the new diff API.
    + Add hwloc-compress-dir to (de)compress an entire directory of XML files
      using hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch.
    + Object colors in the graphical output of lstopo may be changed by adding
      a "lstopoStyle" info attribute. See CUSTOM COLORS in the lstopo(1) manpage
      for details. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for discussing the idea.
    + hwloc-gather-topology may now gather I/O-related files on Linux when
      --io is given. Only the linuxpci component supports discovering I/O
      objects from these extended tarballs.
    + hwloc-annotate now supports --ri to remove/replace info attributes with
      a given name.
    + hwloc-info supports "root" and "all" special locations for dumping
      information about the root object.
    + lstopo now supports --append-legend to append custom lines of text
      to the legend in the graphical output. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for
      discussing the idea.
    + hwloc-calc and friends have a more robust parsing of locations given
      on the command-line and they report useful error messages about it.
    + Add --whole-system to hwloc-bind, hwloc-calc, hwloc-distances and
      hwloc-distrib, and add --restrict to hwloc-bind for uniformity among
  * Misc
    + Calling hwloc_topology_load() or hwloc_topology_set_*() on an already
      loaded topology now returns an error (deprecated since release 1.6.1).
    + Fix the initialisation of cpusets and nodesets in Group objects added
      when inserting PCI hostbridges.
    + Never merge Group objects that were added explicitly by the user with
    + Add a sanity check during dynamic plugin loading to prevent some
      crashes when hwloc is dynamically loaded by another plugin mechanisms.
    + Add --with-hwloc-plugins-path to specify the install/load directories
      of plugins.
    + Add the MICSerialNumber info attribute to the root object when running
      hwloc inside a Xeon Phi to match the same attribute in the MIC OS device
      when running in the host.
  * Do not create invalid block OS devices on very old Linux kernel such
    as RHEL4 2.6.9.
  * Fix PCI subvendor/device IDs.
  * Fix the management of Misc objects inserted by parent.
    Thanks to Jirka Hladky for reporting the problem.
  * Add a Port<n>State into attribute to OpenFabrics OS devices.
  * Add a MICSerialNumber info attribute to Xeon PHI/MIC OS devices.
  * Improve verbose error messages when failing to load from XML.
  * Fix a failed assertion in the distance grouping code when loading a XML
    file that already contains some groups.
    Thanks to Laercio Lima Pilla for reporting the problem.
  * Remove unexpected Group objects when loading XML topologies with I/O
    objects and NUMA distances.
    Thanks to Elena Elkina for reporting the problem and testing patches.
  * Fix PCI link speed discovery when using libpciaccess.
  * Fix invalid libpciaccess virtual function device/vendor IDs when using
    SR-IOV PCI devices on Linux.
  * Fix GL component build with old NVCtrl releases.
    Thanks to Jirka Hladky for reporting the problem.
  * Fix embedding breakage caused by libltdl.
    Thanks to Pavan Balaji for reporting the problem.
  * Always use the system-wide libltdl instead of shipping one inside hwloc.
  * Document issues when enabling plugins while embedding hwloc in another
    project, in the documentation section Embedding hwloc in Other Software.
  * Add a FAQ entry "How to get useful topology information on NetBSD?"
    in the documentation.
  * Somes fixes in the renaming code for embedding.
  * Miscellaneous minor build fixes.

Tue Nov 12 22:17:52 UTC 2013 -

- fixed shared library rename

Wed Oct 16 08:02:12 UTC 2013 -

- enable build on SLE and older (12.2) OS 

Fri Oct  4 12:34:25 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.7
  * New operating system backends
  * New I/O device discovery
  * New components
  * Use libpciaccess instead of pciutils/libpci by default for
    I/O discovery.
  * Fix some crash or buggy detection in the x86 backend when Linux
    cgroups/cpusets restrict the available CPUs.
  * Fix the pkg-config output with --libs --static.
    Thanks to Erik Schnetter for reporting one of the problems.
  * Fix the output of hwloc-calc -H --hierarchical when using logical
    indexes in the output.
  * Reorganize the backend infrastructure to support dynamic selection
    of components and dynamic loading of plugins.
  * Fix block OS device detection on Linux kernel 3.3 and later.
    Thanks to Guy Streeter for reporting the problem and testing the fix.
  * and many more changes, see NEWS files
- Added patches (taken from Fedora):
  * hwloc-1.7.patch
  * hwloc-1.7-manpage.patch

Sat Oct 13 07:36:23 UTC 2012 -

- Set executable permissions to 2 scripts

Fri Oct 12 16:37:05 UTC 2012 -

- license update: BSD-3-Clause
  Use SPDX format (

Fri Mar 30 19:18:43 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.4.1:
  * fix hwloc_alloc_membind
  * fix memory leaks in some get_membind() functions
  * fix helpers converting from Linux libnuma to hwloc (hwloc/linux-libnuma.h)
    in case of out-of-order NUMA node ids
  * fix some overzealous assertions in the distance grouping code
  * workaround BIOS reporting empty I/O locality in cuda and openfabrics
    helpers on Linux
  * install a valgrind suppressions file hwloc-valgrind.supp (see the FAQ)
  * fix memory binding documentation

- changes from 1.4.0:
  * add "custom" interface and "assembler" tools to build multi-node topology;
    see the Multi-node Topologies section in the documentation for details
  * add symmetric_subtree object attribute to ease assumptions when consulting
    regular symmetric topologies
  * add a CPUModel and CPUType info attribute to Socket objects on Linux and
  * add hwloc_get_obj_index_inside_cpuset() to retrieve the "logical" index of
    an object within a subtree of the topology
  * add more NVIDIA CUDA helpers in cuda.h and cudart.h to find hwloc objects
    corresponding to CUDA devices
  * add a group object above partial distance matrices to make sure the
    matrices are available in the final topology, except when this new object
    would contradict the existing hierarchy
  * grouping by distances now also works when loading from XML
  * fix some corner cases in object insertion, for instance when dealing with
    NUMA nodes without any CPU
  * implement hwloc_get_area_membind() on Linux
  * honor I/O topology flags when importing from XML
  * further improve XML-related error checking and reporting
  * hide synthetic topology error messages unless HWLOC_SYNTHETIC_VERBOSE=1
  * add synthetic exporting of symmetric topologies to lstopo
  * lstopo --horiz and --vert can now be applied to some specific object types
  * lstopo -v -p now displays distance matrices with physical indexes
  * add hwloc-distances utility to list distances
  * fix and/or document the behavior of most inline functions in hwloc/helper.h
    when the topology contains some I/O or Misc objects
  * backend documentation enhancements
  * fix dependencies in the embedded library
  * remove references to internal symbols in the tools

- changes from 1.3.2:
  * fix missing last bit in hwloc_linux_get_thread_cpubind()
  * fix PCI locality when Linux cgroups restrict the available CPUs
  * fix conversion from/to Linux libnuma when some NUMA nodes have no memory
  * remove references to internal symbols in the tools
  * further improve XML-related error checking and reporting

Wed Dec 21 08:28:43 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.3.1:
  * silence some harmless pciutils warnings
- changes from 1.3.0:
  * add I/O devices and bridges to the topology using the pciutils library;
    only enabled after setting the relevant flag with
    hwloc_topology_set_flags() before hwloc_topology_load(). See the I/O
    Devices section in the documentation for details.
  * discovery improvements:
    + add associativity to the cache attributes
    + add support for s390/z11 "books" on Linux
    + add the HWLOC_GROUPING_ACCURACY environment variable to relax
      distance-based grouping constraints. See the Environment Variables
      section in the documentation for details about grouping behavior and
    + allow user-given distance matrices to remove or replace those discovered
      by the OS backend
  * XML improvements:
    + XML is now always supported: a minimalistic custom import/export code is
      used when libxml2 is not available. It is only guaranteed to read XML
      files generated by hwloc.
    + hwloc_topology_export_xml() and export_xmlbuffer() now return an integer
    + add hwloc_free_xmlbuffer() to free the buffer allocated by
    + hide XML topology error messages unless HWLOC_XML_VERBOSE=1
  * minor API updates:
    + add hwloc_obj_add_info to customize object info attributes
  * tools:
    + lstopo now displays I/O devices by default. Several options are added to
      configure the I/O discovery.
    + hwloc-calc and hwloc-bind now accept I/O devices as input
    + add --restrict option to hwloc-calc and hwloc-distribute
    + add --sep option to change the output field separator in hwloc-calc
    + add --whole-system option to hwloc-ps

- changes from 1.2.2:
  * fix XML import of very large page sizes or counts on 32bits platform
  * fix crash when administrator limitations such as Linux cgroup require to
    restrict distance matrices
  * fix the removal of objects such as AMD Magny-Cours dual-node sockets in
    case of administrator restrictions
  * improve error reporting and messages in case of wrong synthetic topology

Fri Aug 26 23:33:39 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.2.1:
  * improve support of AMD Bulldozer "Compute-Unit" modules by detecting
    logical processors with different core IDs on Linux
  * fix hwloc-ps crash when listing processes from another Linux cpuset
  * fix hwloc_get_last_cpu_location(THREAD) on Linux

Wed Jun 01 20:39:43 CET 2011 -

- initial version (1.2)