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IBM's Journaled File System (JFS) for Linux

JFS Homepage:

Team members
Steve Best
Dave Kleikamp  
Barry Arndt
Christoph Hellwig

The following mount options are supported:

iocharset=name	Character set to use for converting from Unicode to
		ASCII.  The default is compiled into the kernel as
		CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT.  Use iocharset=utf8 for UTF8
		translations.  This requires CONFIG_NLS_UTF8 to be set
		in the kernel .config file.

resize=value	Resize the volume to <value> blocks.  JFS only supports
		growing a volume, not shrinking it.  This option is only
		valid during a remount, when the volume is mounted
		read-write.  The resize keyword with no value will grow
		the volume to the full size of the partition.

JFS TODO list:

Plans for our near term development items

   - get access control list functionality operational
   - get extended attributes functionality operational

Longer term work items

   - implement defrag utility, for online defragmenting
   - add quota support
   - add support for block sizes (512,1024,2048)

Please send bugs, comments, cards and letters to

The JFS mailing list can be subscribed to by using the link labeled
"Mail list Subscribe" at our web page
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