File qbittorrent.changes of Package qbittorrent

Fri Jun  2 20:12:04 UTC 2017 -

- Rebase qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.1.1.patch.
- Add qbittorrent-fix-qt-5.4-compat.patch: Fix compatibility with
  Qt 5.4 or older.

Thu Jun  1 18:03:55 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 3.3.13
  * BUGFIX: Fixed UI glitch about torrent numbers in the sidepanel. 
    Fixes #6454. (evsh)
  * BUGFIX: Fix downloaded/uploaded columns were not highlighted 
    properly when selected. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Always draw background in files list and search result 
    list (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Remove torrent temp folder if it becomes unneeded 
  * BUGFIX: Remove torrent temp folder when torrent is deleted 
  * BUGFIX: Setup DPI at startup (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Do not attempt to show detailed tooltips without torrent 
    metadata. Closes #6768. (evsh)
  * BUGFIX: Better detection of already present files when adding a 
    torrent. (fbriere)
  * BUGFIX: Fix double click on system tray icon causing program to 
    open and minimize immediately. Closes #5826. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGIFX: Fix categories sorting in AddNewTorrentDialog. Partially 
    fixes #6708. (fbriere)
  * BUGFIX: Set "category" column as case-insensitive in transfer 
    list. (fbriere)
  * BUGFIX: Properly sort categories case-insensitively in filter 
    widget. Closes #6708. (fbriere)
  * BUGFIX: Fix renaming files is not case sensitive on Windows 
    platform. Closes #5128. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash in download piece bar (evsh)
  * BUGFIX: Fix focusing on the previously opened dialog didn't work 
  * WEBUI: Bugfix: `RequestParser::splitMultipartData` drop extra 
    trailing newline. (OpenGG)
  * WEBUI: Add `skip_checking` and `paused` to `/command/download` 
    and `/command/upload` (OpenGG)
  * WEBUI: Fix checkbox hidden. Closes #6642. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Implement http persistence connection. Max simultaneous 
    connection limit set to 500. This also release allocated memory of 
    Connection instances at runtime instead of at program shutdown. 
  * WEBUI: Always send Content-Length header. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Send Date http header (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Fix "Content-Encoding" header is always created. 
  * WEBUI: Implement robust checking for gzip encoding and revise 
    gzip compressing/decompressing code. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Make the context obligatory for translatable strings. 
    Also delete duplicate strings from extra translations. 
  * WEBUI: Use translatable strings in Statistics dialog. 
  * WEBUI: Add missing unit sizes in misc.js (sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Use the same layout in the Speed tab in preferences as 
    the GUI. (sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Return status indicating if at least one torrent was 
    successfully added (Thomas Piccirello)
  * WEBUI: Increase the number of digits after the decimal point 
  * WEBUI: Use less permissive Content Security Policy (Thomas 
  * WEBUI: Fix connection status icon too large. Closes #6804. 
  * WEBUI: Cosmetic fixes for WebUI upload and download windows 
  * WEBUI: Fix slow filtering in WebUI. (naikel)
  * WEBUI: Make cookie parsing robust (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: New API for getting torrent piece info (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Implement Cross-Site Request Forgery defense. Due to this 
    the HTTP referer header is now expected in (almost) all HTTP 
    requests. qBittorrent will drop the request sent without the 
    referer header. That's why we bump the API_VERSION_MIN too. 
    (reported by OpenGG, fixed by Chocobo1)
  * SEARCH: Update demonoid, legittorrents plugins (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Remove mininova, ExtraTorrent plugins (ngosang, 
  * SEARCH: Add btdb plugin (ngosang)
  * LINUX: Rename .desktop and appdata files to match executable 
    name. Fixes #6625. (evsh)

Fri Apr  7 08:40:50 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 3.3.12
  * FEATURE: Indicate bitness in stackstrace and about dialog. 
    Closes #6172. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix incomplete type compile error with Qt4 (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix compile error: ‘escape’ is not a member of ‘Qt’ 
  * BUGFIX: Use system locale to format dates/time/etc 
  * BUGFIX: Follow http user-agent format (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix cancel "Set location" causes files move to 
    installation dir. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Improve performance of updating 'progress' column 
  * WEBUI: Implement statistics window in web UI 
  * WEBUI: fixed "remaining" column in WebUI (FranciscoPombal)
  * WEBUI: Set HttpOnly attribute to SID cookie (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Fire up the timer to clean inactive sessions 
  * WEBUI: Set cookie SID value to empty on logout (Chocobo1)
  * LINUX: Add keywords to the .desktop file. (sledgehammer999)
  * LINUX: Update stuff in appdata.xml and run 'appstream-utl 
    upgrade' on it. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Replace rand() by a true uniform distribution 
    generator (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Change our user-agent format as indicated earlier in 
    the news section (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: cmake: fix OSX bundle creation (evsh)

- Refreshed qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.1.1.patch but probably
  useless at this point

- Dropped qbittorrent-fix_qt4_build.patch (merged upstream)

Sat Mar  4 08:53:48 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 3.3.11
  * FEATURE: Always show progress and remaining bytes for 
    unselected files. (sledgehammer999)
  * FEATURE: Allow to change priority for unselected files 
    through the combobox like it is done via the context menu. 
  * FEATURE: Remove settings to exchange trackers. It wasn't 
    used by non-libtorrent clients. Also it has a privacy risk 
    and you might be DDoSing someone. (sledgehammer999)
  * FEATURE: Put temp files in .qBittorrent directory. Closes 
    #4462. (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Use the numbers from tracker scrape response. 
    Closes #5048, #6117. (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Implement category filter widget. Show categories 
    in tree mode when subcategories are enabled. (glassez)
  * FEATURE: Allow to toggle columns in searchtab (thalieht)
  * FEATURE: PeerList: allow to hide zero values for the 
    "uploaded" and "downloaded" columns (thalieht)
  * FEATURE: Display more information in tracker tab (ngosang)
  * FEATURE: Use Ctrl+F to search torrents. Closes #5797. (Tim 
  * FEATURE: Transferlist: add hotkeys for double click and 
    recheck selected torrents (thalieht)
  * FEATURE: Add hotkey for execution log tab, Trackerlist, 
    Peerlist etc (thalieht)
  * FEATURE: Seperate seeds from peers for DHT, PeX and LSD 
  * BUGFIX: Do not remove added files unconditionally. Closes 
    #6248 (Eugene Shalygin)
  * BUGFIX: Ignore mouse wheel events in Advanced Settings. 
    Closes #866. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Add queue repair code. It should fix missing 
    torrents after restarting. (Eugene Shalygin, nxd4)
  * BUGFIX: Fetch torrent status when generating final 
    fastresume data. It should fix missing torrents after 
    restarting. (Eugene Shalygin)
  * BUGFIX: Fix queue overload for add torrent at session 
    start. It should fix missing torrents after restarting. 
  * BUGFIX: After files relocate, don't remove the old folder 
    even if it is empty. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix finding 'English' item in language dropdown 
    menu when an unrecognized locale is requested. Closes #6109. 
  * BUGIFX: Speedlimitdlg: raise slider default value to 
    10000. Closes #6150. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: TransferListWidget: keep columns width even if 
    they are hidden on qBittorrent startup (unless something 
    goes wrong) (thalieht)
  * BUGFIX: fix index overflow for torrents with invalid meta 
    data or empty progress (Falco)
  * BUGFIX: Immediately update torrent_status after 
    manipulating super seeding mode. Partially fixes #6072. 
  * BUGFIX: Use case-insensitive comparsion for torrent 
    content window. Closes #6327. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fixed sort order for datetime columns with empty 
    values (closes #2988) (Vladimir Sinenko)
  * BUGFIX: Disable proxy in WebUI HTTP server. Closes #6349. 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * COSMETIC: Use a disabled progressbar's palette for 
    unselected files. (sledgehammer999)
  * COSMETIC: Support fallback when selecting theme icons 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * COSMETIC: Do not resize SVG icons (Eugene Shalygin)
  * COSMETIC: Align text to the right in columns that handle 
    numbers for PeerList and SearchTab (thalieht)
  * COSMETIC: Increased number of digits after the decimal 
    point for Gibibytes and above (thalieht)
  * COSMETIC: Use non-breaking spaces between numbers and 
    units (thalieht)
  * WEBUI: Fix proxy type bug (Oke Atime)
  * WEBUI: Use the correct value for 
  * WEBUI: Make torrents table scrollable horizontally 
  * WEBUI: Make torrent peers table scrollable horizontally 
  * WEBUI: Add tooltips to dynamic table header (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Implement dynamic table columns resizing, 
    reordering and hiding (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Add some missing columns to dynamic tables (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Make too tall menus scrollable (buinksy)
  * WEBUI: Prevent text wrapping in menus (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Add a vertical separator between columns (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Implement resizable progress bar in "Done" column 
  * WEBUI: Fix scrollbar covers menu item with long text 
  * WEBUI: Remove 300px limit of column width (buinsky)
  * WEBUI: Avoid lags in firefox on resizing progress column 
  * WEBUI: Fix category in torrent upload. Closes #6260 
  * WEBUI: Turn off port forwarding of WebUI by default for 
    GUI users (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Exclude insecure ciphers. Fixes security issues 
    reported by @beardog108 privately. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Avoid clickjacking attacks. Fixes security issues 
    reported by @beardog108 privately. (ngosang) (bsc#1028073)
  * WEBUI: Add X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, CSP 
    header. Fixes security issues reported by @beardog108 
    privately. (Chocobo1) (bsc#1028072)
  * WEBUI: Escape various values that might contain injected 
    html. Fixes security issues reported by @beardog108 
    privately. (Chocobo1)
  * WEBUI: Bump API_VERSION to 12.
  * SEARCH: Update extratorrent plugin. Closes #6261 (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: SearchTab: can now save sorting column changes 
  * SEARCH: Use case-insensitive sort for Name column in 
    Search tab. Closes #407. (Chocobo1)
  * RSS: Fix tab order in RSS downloader. Closes #6164. (Tim 
  * RSS: Move old RSS items to separate config file. Closes 
    #6167. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Episode filter code refactoring (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Allow resetting rule to no category. Closes #5539. 
    (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Save rule on enable/disable even if not selected. 
    Closes #6163. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Allow | in RSS must contain. Closes #6171. (Tim 
  * RSS: RSS use red text to indicate invalid filter. Closes 
    #6165. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Allow episode zero (special) and leading zeroes in 
    RSS episode filter. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: RSS parse torrent episodes like 1x01 as well as 
    S01E01. Closes #2749. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: RSS allow infinite range to extend beyond current 
    season. Closes #800, #3876, #6170. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Improve UI responsiveness during RSS downloading. 
    Closes #873, #1089, #1235, #5423. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Show name of feed list and sort rules in editor. 
    Closes #3782, #6281. (Tim Delaney)
  * RSS: Fix regex matching. Closes #6337. (Tim Delaney)
  * MACOS: Fix qbittorrent-nox build (Oke Atime)
  * LINUX: fixes default indicator name (Bilal Elmoussaoui)
  * OTHER: Workaround problem with moc from Qt4 and #if 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * OTHER: Print warning to the user if stacktrace contains no 
    function names (Eugene Shalygin)
  * OTHER: Various cmake fixes (Eugene Shalygin)
    - OTHER: Fix finding qmake in configure when cross-compiling 
    (Zach Bacon)

- Added qbittorrent-fix_qt4_build.patch
Sun Feb  5 12:42:15 UTC 2017 -

- Update descriptions

Thu Feb  2 11:59:30 UTC 2017 -

- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel

Sat Dec 17 19:49:56 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.10
  * BUGFIX: Fix share ratio limiting. Broken by commit 
    259b5e51c49b744. Closes #6039 #6048. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Case insensitive sort for client column. Closes 
    #6054. (Oke Atime)
  * BUGFIX: Make resume/pause menu items clickable. Closes 
    #6040. (Oke Atime)
  * WINDOWS: Make the updater to look for the x64 installer if 
    running x64 version. (sledgehammer999)

Wed Dec 14 18:44:15 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.9:
  * BUGFIX: Fix slider for per torrent speed limits when no global
    speed limit has been set (gh#qbittorrent/qBittorrent#6046).
  * BUGFIX: Fix GUI for proxy settings
- Add qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.1.1.patch: fix building with
  libtorrent-rasterbar 1.1.1.

Wed Dec 14 15:25:03 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.8:
  * FEATURE: Start using new libtorrent 1.1.2+ APIs.
    Still unofficial support.
  * FEATURE: Add a new DHT bootstrap node run by the libtorrent
    author arvidn.
  * FEATURE: Option to disable tracker's favicon download.
  * FEATURE: Shift + scroll = horizontal scroll.
    Only for TransferListWidget, PeerListWidget
  * BUGFIX: Actually set new path as default when checkBox is
    enabled in Add New Torrent dialog.
  * BUGFIX: Properly fix the handling of default save path
  * BUGFIX: Fix a crash when restoring from tray
  * BUGFIX: Export torrents added only after the setting was enabled.
  * BUGFIX: Delete old Atom/RSS favicon before assigning new one.
  * BUGFIX: Don't revert save path value in the Dialogue when
    metadata are received (gh#qbittorrent/qBittorrent#5482).
  * BUGFIX: Don't ever stop seeding forced torrents
  * BUGFIX: Fix a potential crash in TransferList widget
  * BUGFIX: Sort torrent names case insensitively.
  * BUGFIX: Fix ma istake in getting values for sorting in
    TransferList widget. 
  * BUGFIX: Fix memory leaks.
  * WEBUI: Fix webui port overflow.
  * WEBUI: Changed meaning of the value of 'dl_limit', 'up_limit',
    'alt_dl_limit' and 'alt_up_limit' tokens. The value is
    expressed in bytes and not in KiB.
  * WEBUI: Don't request client SSL certificate
  * SEARCH: Fixed extratorrent search not working
  * SEARCH: Update Demonoid plugin.
  * SEARCH: Remove TorrentReactor plugin.
  * SEARCH: Fix python auto install, deletion of installer and use
    3.5.x series for Vista+ (gh#qbittorrent/qBittorrent#5871).
  * COSMETIC: Log: set embedded Tracker [OFF] msg type as info.
  * COSMETIC: Remove (mostly) useless log warnings about tracker's
  * COSMETIC: Change Atom/RSS view layout to horizontal
  * LINUX: Workaround a Qt5 bug which results in a flood of network
    interface change singals.
  * OTHER: New translations: Icelandic, Latvian, Malay, Occitan,
  * OTHER: A whole lot of code refactoring.

Mon Sep 12 06:43:08 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.7
  * FEATURE: Delete torrent+files with Shift+Delete (pieniacy)
  * BUGFIX: Fix 6-hour speedplot point push rate. Close #5545 
    (Daniel Segesdi)
  * BUGFIX: Avoid spawning a new explorer.exe process when 
    selecting "Open containing folder". Closes #5564. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix loading of new geoip db due to an artificial 
    size limit. (SagePtr)
  * BUGFIX: Better error handling and logging with smtp 
    communication. (Brian Kendall)
  * SEARCH: Remove KickassTorrents search engine (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Remove BTDigg search engine (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Update Torrentz search engine (ngosang)

Sat Jul 23 16:04:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.6:
  * BUGFIX: Do not create save directory in advance.
  * BUGFIX: Fix icons are missing when using RTL languages in
    Options dialog.
- Only recommend python3.

Mon Jun 20 06:54:00 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.5
  * FEATURE: Implement Torrent Management Mode(TMM) (glassez)
  * FEATURE: New cookies management dialog and various related 
    fixes (glassez)
  * FEATURE: Use unique temp directories 
    (temp_path/<truncated_torrent_hash>). Closes #5154. (glassez)
  * FEATURE: Display notifications when a torrent is added. 
    Closes #334 and #915. (sledgehammer999)
  * FEATURE: Sort labels with natural sort algorithm in the 
    right-click menu. Closes #3919. (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Add option to automatically remove .torrent files 
    upon adding (Eugene Shalygin)
  * FEATURE: Add option to bind directly to an IP instead of 
    using a network Interface (Sjoerd van der Berg, 
  * FEATURE: Detailed tooltips on the progress and 
    availability bars in the General button of each torrent. 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * FEATURE: Let user able to specifiy a filter when choosing 
    an IP filter file (Chocobo1)
  * FEATURE: Improve usability of "Run External Program". 
    Users can write (platform dependent) shell scripts now. 
  * PERFORMANCE: Optimize drawing in speed graph (Anton 
    Lashkov, Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix memory leak. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix resizing bug in "add torrent dialog". Closes 
    #5036. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix qBittorrent doesn't exit immediately when "all 
    donwloads are done -> exit" option enabled. (glassez, Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Display the filepath when a torrent fails to load. 
    Closes #100 and #805. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix Add tracker dialog empty trackers (ngosang)
  * BUGFIX: Fix Add tracker dialog URL download (ngosang)
  * BUGFIX: Fix torrent adding with existing data (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Try to find incomplete files for new torrent 
  * BUGFIX: Fix rechecking after torrent is finished (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Fix duplicate network interfaces. Closes #5131 
  * BUGFIX: Fix .!qB extension is added when disabled (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Fix "IP Filtering - Apply to trackers" wasn't 
    being applied. Closes #5217. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Don't resize the Country column needlessly 
  * BUGFIX: Fix crashing when exiting the program while the 
    Options window was showing. Closes #4871, #5049. (Chocobo1)
  * BUGFIX: Fix parsing of eMule .DAT filters. Closes #5281. 
    (thalieht, sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Implement in setting/removing/showing categories. 
  * WEBUI: Add 'Added on' column in Webui. Closes 
    #5145,#1092,#738 (Ibrahim Tachijian)
  * WEBUI: Add command to get the logs (pmzqla)
  * WEBUI: Expose Add trackers feature (pmzqla)
  * SEARCH: Implement search filters in the proxy model. 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Optimize widgets inside of the search tab (Eugene 
  * SEARCH: Remove duplicated code from search tab and widget 
    (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Use script instead of DownloadManager. 
    Closes #5026. (glassez)
  * SEARCH: Various UI cleanups and optimizations. (Chocobo1, 
  * SEARCH: Fix Torrentz, Mininova, LegitTorrents, PirateBay 
    plugins (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Fix toolbar resizing when m_searchFilter 
    appears/disappears. Closes #5120. (Chocobo1)
  * SEARCH: Use QPalette::LinkVisited color for downloaded 
    items in search results (Eugene Shalygin)
  * SEARCH: Update Python version requirements (min 2.7.9 / 
    3.3.0) (ngosang)
  * SEARCH: Remove filters from Torrentreactor, BTDigg and 
    Demonoid. It is done in the GUI now. (ngosang)
  * RSS: default refresh interval to 30 mins (botmtl)
  * COSMETIC: Improve TransferListDelegate::sizeHint (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix long text clipping. Closes #5091. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Minor change in Stats dialog (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Fix Update all button height in RSS tab (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Disable `comboHideZero` when `checkHideZero` is 
    unchecked. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Disable `checkLimituTPConnections` when 
    `checkuTP` is unchecked. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Enable word wrap for "Run external program" help 
    text (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix mutually exclusive radio buttons can be 
    unselected. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Set About tab font-size to default (zywo)
  * COSMETIC: Improve wordings in "Auto download torrent" 
    section (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change "Auto download torrent" default save path 
    to "default location". (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change ambiguous text "Copy selected" to "Copy 
    IP:port" (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Improve error messages for "Auto download 
    torrents" (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Slim down 'Downloads' page of options window. 
  * COSMETIC: Cleanup Connection page in Option dialog. Closes 
    #845. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix reload button size is not the same size as 
    "..." button in options dialog. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Let Windows handle all widgets scaling. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Improve stack trace for windows by including 
    source filenames and line numbers (SeigneurSerpent)
  * OSX: Fix qt5 bundle on OSX. Closes #4014. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Make AddNewTorrentDialog behavior uniform (glassez)
  * OTHER: Optimize the shutdown dialog (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Enable access to shutdown functions when configured 
    with `--disable-gui` option (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Delete Import Torrent Dialog. Just use the "add new 
    torrent" dialog. (glassez)
  * OTHER: Optimize code for natural sorting (Chocobo1)
  * OTHER: Use new alert dispathing API for libtorrent 1.1.x 
  * OTHER: Fix gcc 6 compilation with qmake. See #5237.

- Added new qbittorrent.keyring for 4096R/5B7CC9A2

- Dropped qbittorrent-gcc6.patch that was merged upstream

Fri Jun 17 17:03:09 UTC 2016 -

- Add qbittorrent-gcc6.patch from commit e2bf462: fix GCC 6 errors
  with qmake (boo#985244).

Wed Mar 30 21:12:43 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3.3.4:
   * FEATURE: Download more pieces in
     "Download first and last pieces first" feature.
   * FEATURE: Unlock first column in peerlist too.
   * FEATURE: Add "Hide zero values" option.
   * FEATURE: Add a "remaining" column to the torrent content model.
   * FEATURE: Allow to toggle columns in peerlist.
   * FEATURE: Add ability to filter log messages by type.
   * FEATURE: Add ability to write the log to file.
   * FEATURE: Add 'never show again' checkbox/pref to auto-exit
     confirm dialog.
   * PERFORMANCE: Perform fastresume data saving in separate thread.
   * PERFORMANCE: Optimise session startup.
   * BUGFIX: Save resume data using QSaveFile (Qt5 only). This
     reduces chances of corrupt files.
   * BUGFIX: Check torrent file permissions before opening.
   * BUGFIX: Always update native session's announce_ip setting.
   * BUGFIX: Fix loading *.magnet files from watched directories.
   * BUGFIX: Fix upgrade corrupted fastresume file.
   * BUGFIX: Fix total values for "Seeds" & "Peers".
   * BUGFIX: Fix potential race condition.
   * BUGFIX: Don't merge trackers for private torrents.
   * BUGFIX: Fix double buttons in "Add New Torrent" dialog.
   * BUGFIX: Fix malformed date header in email.
   * BUGFIX: Save "Run external programme" input as is.
   * BUGFIX: Enable "filename" column in peers list again.
     Crash is fixed now.
   * BUGFIX: Don't display warning when directory name stayed the
     same after rename.
   * BUGFIX: Fix selection of Portuguese translation files.
   * BUGFIX: Fix selection of Esperanto locale.
   * BUGFIX: Fix "caja" file manager opens the file instead of
     opens the directory.
   * BUGFIX: Potentially fix a random crash coming from the sidepanel.
   * WEBUI: Fix max_ratio precision.
   * WEBUI: Fix JavaScript exception on WebUI load.
   * WEBUI: Fix translation.
   * WEBUI: Submit the label in the new label dialog on pressing
     enter key.
   * WEBUI: Check WebUI username and password length.
   * WEBUI: Minor changes in CSS styles.
   * WEBUI: Add "Added on" and "Completion on" fields to
     query/torrents query response.
   * WEBUI: Do not try to parse request message when content-length
     is 0.
   * WEBUI: Support SSL certificate bundles.
   * WEBUI: Change the order of the values of speed labels.
   * SEARCH: Update PirateBay plugin.
   * SEARCH: Added TorLock search engine.
   * COSMETIC: Fix splash screen staying on top of all windows.
   * COSMETIC: Rearrange advanced settings.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup "about" dialog.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup "Add New Torrent" dialog.
   * COSMETIC: Use short date in addnewtorrentdialog.
   * COSMETIC: Change "Free disk space" to "Free space on disk".
   * COSMETIC: Let OS handle DPI scaling for now. Should let Qt do
     the work when it's more mature.
   * COSMETIC: Put comment_lbl in QScrollArea.
   * COSMETIC: Change the order of the values of speed labels.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup the Log tab.
   * COSMETIC: Cleanup the Atom/RSS tab.
   * OTHER: Set "Show splash screen on start up" option default to
   * OTHER: Support for cross-compilation with MXE.
   * OTHER: Add basic (and unofficial) cmake support.
   * OTHER: Move some URLs overs to https.
   * OTHER: Add appveyor suppor.
   * OTHER: Many other internal code restructuring, cleaning and
- Check tarball signing.

Mon Jan 25 10:12:32 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.3.3:
  * BUGFIX: Temporarily disable "filename" column of peers view.
    It has a bug that causes frequent crashes.
  * WEBUI: Move style of dynamic table header to CSS.
  * WEBUI: Fix unnecessary updates of torrent peers table.

Tue Jan 19 17:45:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.3.2:
  * FEATURE: Add a new column to peers list that shows list of
    files which are downloaded right now from a peer.
  * FEATURE: Improve the "Watch directories" UI.
    You'll need to redo your watch directories settings.
  * FEATURE: Support loading multiple magnets/hashes/urls per
    .magnet file in the watched directory (one per line).
  * BUGFIX: Fix resolution of peer host names.
  * BUGFIX: Don't recheck twice after 'Force Recheck' with
    'Recheck torrents on completion' enabled.
  * BUGFIX: Don't apply some settings again if they weren't changed.
  * BUGFIX: Update ISO 3166 country codes.
  * BUGFIX: Fix moving torrents to Temp after application restart.
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash in favicon code due to null pointer
  * BUGFIX: Move the 'qBittorrent-resume' file even when no magnets
    were recovered. Also make sure to rename it with a unique name.
  * BUGFIX: Don't add the watch directory before the user closes
    the Preferences window.
  * BUGFIX: Remove watch directories permanently only if the user
    accepts the Preferences dialog.
  * BUGFIX: Better handling of cookies in the download manager.
  * BUGFIX: Use the download manager for Atom/RSS, the application
    updater and the DNS updater.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reconfigure additional trackers.
  * BUGFIX: Fix loading corrupted .fastresume file.
  * WEBUI: Show filtered torrents number.
  * WEBUI: Fix paused, active and inactive filters.
  * WEBUI: Fixed bug when uploading several files and only the last
    one was considered.
  * WEBUI: Implemented WebUI interface for the new
    Watched Directories feature.
  * WEBUI: Fix possible showing "qBittorrent client is not reachable"
    message on deleting torrents.
  * WEBUI: Don't show "Limit download speed" menu item for
    downloaded torrents.
  * WEBUI: Update webui run application parameters.
  * WEBUI: Allow to remove the label assigned to a torrent.
  * WEBUI: Repair translation.
  * WEBUI: Remember last opened tab.
  * COSMETIC: Update native names for Chinese locales.
  * COSMETIC: Rename column header in Content view.
  * COSMETIC: Edit speed limits and upload ratio icons.
  * SEARCH: Code refactoring.
  * SEARCH: Fix PirateBay plugin implementation for Python 3.
  * SEARCH: Update PirateBay URL.
  * ATOM/RSS: Code refactoring.
  * OTHER: Fix lrelease version due to the default Qt5 build.
  * OTHER: Indicate to the user that he's going to download the
    new version.
  * OTHER: Don't require GUI libs for qt4 nox build.
  * OTHER: Fix cross-compilation.
  * OTHER: Allow GeoIP in nox builds.

Mon Nov 30 10:20:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.3.1:
  * FEATURE: New "Set as default label" option in "Add torrent" dialog.
  * FEATURE: Support wildcards for filtering torrent list and torrent content.
  * BUGFIX: Fix -1 is displayed instead of the infinity symbol.
  * BUGFIX: Fix scan dirs settings saving.
  * BUGFIX: Exported torrents now use name instead of hash.
  * BUGFIX: Improve upgrade to v3.3.0. Now undownloaded magnets will be migrated too.
  * BUGFIX: Fix wrong encoding for listen failed error message.
  * BUGFIX: Fix Atom/RSS not automarking articles as read.
  * BUGFIX: Fix possible deadlock during application exit.
  * WEBUI: Cookies support on WebUI when downloading torrent from an URL.
  * WEBUI: Modify download and upload windows to allow autocompletion of browsers.
  * WEBUI: Fixed the spinner in the WebUI upload page.
  * WEBUI: Modify height of the WebUI download page.
  * WEBUI: Fix all the JavaScript functions for download and upload pages.
  * WEBUI: Add seeds tab to WebUI.
  * COSMETIC: Cleanup "Trackers", "Peers", "HTTP Sources", "Speed" and "Content" page layout.
  * COSMETIC: Reduce mainwindow border width.
  * COSMETIC: Use QLineEdit built-in ClearButton (Qt5 only).
  * COSMETIC: Change text description for half-open connection.

Mon Nov 30 10:20:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.3.0:
  * FEATURE: Huge core code refactoring. Problems with labels, temp
    directories etc should be eliminated. Smoother UI should be
    observed too.
  * FEATURE: Speed graph.
  * FEATURE: Add multiple peers in Peers addition dialog.
  * FEATURE: Allow to copy all peers with a keyboard shortcut.
  * FEATURE: Use GeoIP2 database, allows for country resolution of
    IPv6 peers. It is no longer embedded in the program but
    downloaded and updated monthly.
  * FEATURE: Add more "Run External Program" parameters.
  * FEATURE: Add an option to allow the use of proxies only for
  * FEATURE: Detect network interface state changes. It should
    detect VPN connection resets.
  * FEATURE: Switch to using C++11.
  * FEATURE: Automatically add trackers to new downloads.
  * FEATURE: You can now choose the path to download for watched
  * BUGFIX: Fix progress calculation in Content tab.
  * BUGFIX: Fix label filter.
  * BUGFIX: Fix "Run External Program Launches too Early" issue.
  * BUGFIX: Don't remove torrent contents parent folder, even it is
  * BUGFIX: Always apply filter for manually banned IPs.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reporting of tracker status.
  * BUGFIX: Don't connect to "any interface" when the configured
    network interface is missing.
  * BUGFIX: Fix reordering of first column with Qt5.
  * COSMETIC: Add back "qBittorrent" in program updater title.
  * COSMETIC: Use infinity symbol rather than -1 for nb_connections.
  * COSMETIC: Move uTP options to it's own section.
  * COSMETIC: Fix availability bar & progress bar height being too
    small on high DPI displays.
  * COSMETIC: Fix availability label & progress label clipped on
    high DPI displays.
  * COSMETIC: Add tooltips/legend for availability bar & progress
  * COSMETIC: Use theme colour for background in PropertiesWidget.
  * COSMETIC: Replace horizontal line with border in bottom panel.
  * COSMETIC: Various visual changes in the side panel.
  * COSMETIC: Use thin border for transfer list.
  * COSMETIC: Make URL in "Add Torrent File..." clickable.
  * COSMETIC: New view for errored torrents.
  * WEBUI: Add information in General tab.
  * WEBUI: Reorder "Super seeding mode" option in right click menu.
  * WEBUI: Clean up JavaScript code.
  * WEBUI: Added labels support.
  * WEBUI: Fix accessing the WebUI through IPv6.
  * WEBUI: Bump WebUI API_VERSION to 6.
  * WEBUI: Change selected colour to differentiate from the
  * SEARCH: Add "Copy description page URL" button in search tab.
  * SEARCH: Add https_proxy env variable. This forces Python to use
    the HTTP proxy for HTTPS connections.
  * SEARCH: Detect new plugin URL from clipboard.
  * SEARCH: Update Torrentz trackers.
  * WINDOWS: Fix german translation of the installer.
  * NOX: Don't ask the user questions in nox build when in
    non-interactive mode.
  * OTHER: Fixed typos, spelling correction.
  * OTHER: Fix need for restart to enable/disable peer countries
  * OTHER: Unload the GeoIP db when disabled.
  * OTHER: Reduce max value of "Disk cache size" to 1536MB for
    32bit. Closes to #4028.
  * OTHER: Make "Download in sequential order" and
    "Download first and last piece first" options independent.

Sat Oct 31 17:12:31 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.5:
  + BUGFIX: Fix difficult to reproduce crash.

Sat Oct 10 13:26:03 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 3.2.4
  * FEATURE: Select the file of single file torrents when opening
    destination folder (pmzqla)
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash with invalid favicon. Closes #3632. (glassez)
  * BUGFIX: Try to download favicon.png when the download of
    favicon.ico fails (pmzqla)
  * BUGFIX: Try to avoid loading a corrupted configuration file.
    Also log errors encountered while saving/loading the configuration.
    Closes #3503. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Allow adding torrent link from Torcache (jsayol)
  * BUGFIX: Don't limit the number of torrents that can be announced to
    the tracker/dht/lsd. Closes #3473. (sledgehammer999)
  * BUGFIX: Fix potential crash when memory allocation failed.
    Closes #3877. (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Change Queue buttons order in the Toolbar (GUI & Web
    UI) (ngosang)
  * COSMETIC: Move option "Ignore transfer limits on local network"
    to Speed page (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Move option "Confirm torrent deletion" to Behavior
    page (Chocobo1)
  * COSMETIC: Fix typos. Make `μTP` untranslatable. Use American
    variation of words. Closes #3654. (sledgehammer999)
  * COSMETIC: Optimize text color for dark themes. Closes #3633
    and #3815. (sledgehammer999)
  * COSMETIC: Show current label in the torrent context menu.
    Closes #3776. (sledgehammer999)
  * WEBUI: Add save_path to /query/torrents (Casey Bodley)
  * WEBUI: Bump API_VERSION to 5
  * SEARCH: Fix python detection when the 'Anaconda' software is
    installed. Closes #3731. (sledgehammer999)
  * RSS: Handle magnet links as torrents instead of news URLs.
    Closes #3560 (ngosang)
  * RSS: Trim elements text in RSS articles (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix contextual menu in RSS torrents list (ngosang)
  * RSS: Improve error handling when a RSS feed doesn't contain
    torrents (ngosang)
  * RSS: More precise message and code simplification in RSS feeds
    deletion (ngosang)
  * RSS: Don't hide the elements in Unread list when clicked (ngosang)
  * RSS: Allow multiple selection in RSS torrents list (ngosang)
  * RSS: Simplify string translation (ngosang)
  * RSS: Handle more types of RSS feeds (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix RSS panel position not saved (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix forgetting label changes to first item in RSS rule
    list. (Gelmir)
  * RSS: Add label to UI when a new one is creating during rule
    addition. (Gelmir)
  * RSS: Removes refresh message when adding a new feed (ngosang)
  * RSS: Fix RSS crash when deleting RSS feeds. Closes #997, #2152
  , #2461, #3718,
    #3747, #3766, #3806, #3814, #3829 and #3846. (ngosang)
  * RSS: Sort labels in RSS Downloader dialog, closes #3140. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Correctly show german letters in the installer. Closes #3574,
    #3566. (sledgehammer999)
  * WINDOWS: Fix file selection on Explorer when the filename contains
    weird characters. Closes #3185. (sledgehammer999)
  * WINDOWS: Fix wrong default download directory in Windows.
    Closes #2625. (Chocobo1)
  * WINDOWS: Fix German translation of the installer. (netswap)
  * LINUX: Fix broken .desktop file icon for some locales.
    See #3905. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Fix ppc64le detection during configure (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Don't use sed in configure. Closes #3169. (pmzqla)
  * OTHER: Fix broken donation link. Closes #3771. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: Add forum link in README. Closes #3853. (sledgehammer999)
  * OTHER: New translation: Esperanto
  * OTHER: Fix Qt5 nox build on non-Windows. (sledgehammer999)

Mon Aug 10 04:52:27 UTC 2015 -

- add ppc64le support with new patch

Sun Aug  2 17:25:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.3:
  * BUGFIX: Fix crash when closing a search tab while search is
  * SEARCH: Other minor search fixes and improvements.

Sun Aug  2 09:32:36 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.2:
  + FEATURE: Allow to force reannounce DHT too.
  + FEATURE: Implement an option to disable confirmation of torrent
  + FEATURE: Allow to copy all the trackers with a keyboard shortcut.
  + BUGFIX: Fix torrent renaming.
  + BUGFIX: Fix localhost address (::ffff: is not
    recognized when connecting to WebUI.
  + BUGFIX: Fix '&' character in label name becomes accelerator
  + BUGFIX: Fix HTTP header parsing when torrent filename contains
    a semicolon.
  + BUGFIX: Fix installing search plugin from local file.
  + BUGFIX: Fix installing search plugin by drag-n-dropping file.
  + COSMETIC: Update color scheme of completed.png icon.
  + COSMETIC: Fix printing of the copyright symbol in the About
  + COSMETIC: Minor changes in Preview File dialog.
  + COSMETIC: Add Force Resume icon.
  + COSMETIC: Add count of unread items to Atom/RSS tab label.
  + WEBUI: Ports between 1 and 65535 as in the GUI.
  + WEBUI: Fix an error in Content tab when the torrent does not
    have metadata.
  + WEBUI: New option Web UI port UPNP.
  + WEBUI: Fix API Content Types.
  + WEBUI: Fix empty trackers addition.
  + WEBUI: Torrent download from hash.
  + WEBUI: Fix sort by queue number.
  + WEBUI: Open external links in a new window/tab.
  + WEBUI: Massive increase in performance.
  + SEARCH: Search status per tab.
  + SEARCH: Remove the word 'torrent' in ExtraTorrent results.
  + SEARCH: Prefer python3 over python2 on GNU/Linux and OS X.
  + SEARCH: Show notification if Python is not found and a search
    is started.
  + SEARCH: Improve checks for python. Print python version and
    path to log.
  + SEARCH: Improve Python detection.
  + OTHER: Improvements on the build system.
  + OTHER: Bump minimum libtorrent version required to
  + OTHER: New translation: Slovenian.
- Require libtorrent-rasterbar 1.0.6 for all releases of openSUSE.
- Build with Qt5 for openSUSE Leap 42.x and 13.2 as well.

Mon Jul 13 15:27:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.1:
  + FEATURE: Change default preferences.
  + FEATURE: Add "Add link to torrent" menu in TrayIconMenu
  + FEATURE: Allow to Open files from the properties pane by
    pressing "Enter".
  + FEATURE: Add checkbox option for IpFilterTrackers.
  + FEATURE: Download-from-URL textbox change focus on tab key.
  + FEATURE: Increase priority value of "High".
  + FEATURE: Add 16 KiB, 8 MiB and 16 MiB piece sizes in
    Torrent Creator.
  + BUGFIX: Disable Auto piece size when creating a new torrent.
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to cancel button in delete confirm
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to ok button in add new torrent dlg.
  + BUGFIX: Set default focus to no button in exit confirm box.
  + BUGFIX: Fix Start Minimized checkbox in Options.
  + BUGFIX: Remove limits on alternative speeds setting.
  + BUGFIX: Fix sorting torrents by ETA.
  + BUGFIX: Improve ratio calculation formula.
  + BUGFIX: Clear missing files flag when resuming or force
  + BUGFIX: Delete tempfile when downloading favicon.ico.
  + BUGFIX: Don't close downloadFromURL dialog when showing empty
    url warning.
  + BUGFIX: Minimize to tray only if the relevant option is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Update disk space label after changing partition.
  + BUGFIX: Don't use a default upload limit.
  + BUGFIX: Fix Properties bar size when started minimized to tray.
  + BUGFIX: Fix issue when the theme doesn't have a corresponding
  + COSMETIC: Change option text "Confirmation on exit when
    torrents are active".
  + COSMETIC: Enable to choose dark/light tray icons on all
  + COSMETIC: Use AllUppercase for label text.
  + COSMETIC: Changes in typography.
  + COSMETIC: Menu revamp.
  + COSMETIC: Revamp general tab info.
  + COSMETIC: Better update message for users.
  + COSMETIC: Fix ugly 'C++' wrapping in About dialog.
  + WEBUI: Fix login and logout relative URLs.
  + WEBUI: Fix resumeAll and pauseAll.
  + WEBUI: Changes in title bar.
  + WEBUI: Complete translatable strings.
  + WEBUI: Minor changes in style.
  + WEBUI: Fix Max connections and Time active in transfer
  + WEBUI: New config - Global maximum number of upload slots.
  + WEBUI: Display wasted data with friendly units.
  + WEBUI: add delay in shutdown command in order to send out
    response message.
  + WEBUI: Option to hide Top Toolbar.
  + WEBUI: Reorder the tabs/groups in Options window.
  + WEBUI: Add new options.
  + WEBUI: Increase API_VERSION.
  + WEBUI: Add Web Seeds (HTTP Sources) tab.
  + WEBUI: Don't update the tabs if tab's panel is collapsed.
  + WEBUI: Fix alternative global rate limits.
  + SEARCH: Fix thepiratebay.
  + SEARCH: Improve torrentz engine to return more results.
  + SEARCH: Change width of columns in search tab.
  + SEARCH: Make strings translatable in seach engine.
  + SEARCH: Aborting search engine process during closure.
  + SEARCH: Perform searches in parallel.
  + SEARCH: Add Demonoid search engine.
  + SEARCH: Minor fixes in search engines.
  + SEARCH: Show the version of search engines.
  + SEARCH: Update Legit Torrent to remove sgmllib.
  + SEARCH: Update KickassTorrents, BTDigg, Torrentz, ExtraTorrent,
  + SEARCH: Fix Python 2 implementation of Torrentz.
  + SEARCH: Cosmetic changes in search engine.
  + SEARCH: Fix column sort in search engine.
  + ATOM/RSS: Update matching Atom/RSS articles while editing rules.
  + OTHER: Add translator to credits.
  + OTHER: New translation: Indonesian.
  + OTHER: Split Chinese locales into Chinese Simplified,
    Chinese Traditional (Taiwan), Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong).

Sun May 10 10:12:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.2.0:
  + FEATURE: Show actual protocol for listen success/failure in the
    log (needs libtorrent v1.0).
  + FEATURE: Support per tracker re-announce (needs libtorrent v1.0),
  + FEATURE: Support saving in network locations.
  + FEATURE: Support Qt5.
  + FEATURE: Code optimizations resulting in a more CPU efficient
    and snappier qBittorrent.
  + FEATURE: WEBUI code rewritten, refactored and improved.
  + FEATURE: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu.
  + FEATURE: Cache preferences in memory. Minimize chance of
    settings corruption.
  + FEATURE: Option to disable connections not supported by proxies.
  + FEATURE: Add a save resume data interval option (useful for SSD).
  + FEATURE: Add "Last Seen Complete" column.
  + FEATURE: Add "Last Activity" column.
  + FEATURE: Add "Total Size" column.
  + FEATURE: Show current speed limits in the status bar.
  + FEATURE: Episode filtering for RSS.
  + FEATURE: Highlight files when opening containing directory on
    Nautilus, Dolphin, Konqueror).
  + FEATURE: Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days.
  + FEATURE: Add hotkeys and buttons for Top and Bottom priorities.
  + FEATURE: Implement peer relevance column.
  + FEATURE: Show reason why a peer was blocked (needs libtorrent
  + FEATURE: Use the 'fastest_upload' setting as seed choking
  + FEATURE: Allow to set text options for the toolbar icons.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Resumed' torrent filter.
  + FEATURE: 'Add New Torrent` dialog has a button for quickly
    choosing a location.
  + FEATURE: Copy selected peers as IP:Port format.
  + FEATURE: Show info hash in the torrent details in
    'Add New Torrent' dialog.
  + FEATURE: New feature: Remove empty labels.
  + FEATURE: Add "Copy name" option in right-click menu of torrent
  + FEATURE: Implement tracker list in the side panel.
  + FEATURE: Implement a 'Completed' status.
  + FEATURE: Columns for session-based download and upload
  + FEATURE: Distribute systemd service file for the nox build.
  + FEATURE: Create qBittorrent.appdata.xml.
  + BUGFIX: Use completed time from libtorrent directly.
  + BUGFIX: Speedup and fix a bug in torrent moving.
  + BUGFIX: Scan Folder dialog now remembers last location.
  + BUGFIX: Show input box to filter torrent list only when the
    list is shown.
  + BUGFIX: Add placeholder text to the input to filter the torrent
  + BUGFIX: Put directories first when sorting torrent content by
  + BUGFIX: Fix missing icon for open action in file list.
  + BUGFIX: Set placeholder text to torrent content filter.
  + BUGFIX: Fix torrent creation when data is too large.
  + BUGFIX: Load torrents that have big metadata file.
  + BUGFIX: Use correct separator for "OR" condition in Atom/RSS
  + BUGFIX: Don't waste UI space in 'Content' window.
  + BUGFIX: Fix the language selection in the combobox when the
    system locale only has a lang equivalent and not a lang_COUNTRY
  + BUGFIX: Don't overwrite the 'Add Paused' setting from the
    'Add New Torrent' Dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Fix file preview when .!qB extension is used.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that the priority column has enough width when
    queueing is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Don't put limits to the alternative speed limits.
  + BUGFIX: Make space key change all selected files' checkboxes.
  + BUGFIX: Don't block peers that use privileged ports.
  + BUGFIX: Accept multiple files at once.
  + BUGFIX: Don't touch torrents whose files are missing.
  + BUGFIX: Save the new save path first in the history.
  + BUGFIX: Fix default tracker in 'Create Torrent' dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Let the OS decide the default interface regardless of
    IPv4/IPv6. Closes #2156.
  + BUGFIX: Delete the correct selected torrents when the list is
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash when trying to open destination folder on a
    torrent with no metadata.
  + BUGFIX: Change torrent name when metadata is retrieved.
  + COSMETIC: Removes white bar in the labels list.
  + COSMETIC: Fix speed printing in the tray icon and in the
    title bar.
  + COSMETIC: Change the colour scheme used.
  + ATOM/RSS: Display remote images in the preview.
  + ATOM/RSS: Format html descriptions in the preview.
  + ATOM/RSS: Support overriding global "Add paused" option on per
    rule basis.
  + SEARCH: Update kickasstorrents, mininova, thepiratebay, and
    legittorrents plugins.
  + SEARCH: Remove vertor engine.
  + SEARCH: Add combo box for fast search engine switch.
  + SEARCH: Add Torrentz search engine.
  + OTHER: Drop libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15.x support
  + OTHER: Drop Qt < 4.8.0 support
  + OTHER: Migrate build system to autotools.
  + OTHER: Remove deprecated feature of separate DHT port.
  + OTHER: Speedup compilation speed.
  + OTHER: New translation: Hindi (India).
- Build with Qt5 for openSUSE after 13.2.
- Add systemd service for noX version.
- Remove qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch: fixed upstream.

Fri May  1 19:31:23 UTC 2015 -

- Extend qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch to deprecations removal
  (fixes segmentation fault while torrent adding).

Sun Apr 26 10:06:30 UTC 2015 -

- Add qbittorrent-libtorrent-1.0.patch for libtorrent-rasterbar
  1.0 support.

Mon Feb 23 21:20:55 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 3.1.12:
  + BUGFIX: Don't use internal libtorrent-rasterbar API.
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15.x.
- Spec cleanup.

Sat Oct 25 21:40:04 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.11:
  + FEATURE: Allow relative torrent paths when qBittorrent is already running.
  + FEATURE: Make Windows icons suitable for high dpi screens.
  + FEATURE: Increase maximum size of system icons.
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash in the "Content" widget when user would right click in it without a torrent selected.
  + BUGFIX: Don't show multiple unlock UI dialogs. Closes #2040.
  + SEARCH: Fix bug where python would falsely be detected and nothing worked.
  + SEARCH: Fix TorrentReactor search plugin.
  + SEARCH: Pirate bay search engine update.
  + SEARCH: Internal improvements in the python code.
  + WEBUI: Set correct HTTP Content-Type in case of forbidden access.
  + COSMETIC: Remove unneeded tooltip.
  + COSMETIC: Don't stretch the last section in the transfer list.
  + COSMETIC: Set minimum width of the left panel in the preferences.
  + OTHER: Optimize sorting of rows. This should have less CPU impact when many torrents are present.
  + OTHER: Use the correct character encoding for exceptions coming from libtorrent.
  + OTHER: Use boost:bind() as the docs show. Allows compilation with older gcc versions.

Fri Sep 26 12:28:37 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.10:
  + FEATURE: Allow disabling of OS cache. Closes #1699.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Completed' column. Closes #1241.
  + FEATURE: Added 'Ratio Limit' column. Closes #936.
  + FEATURE: Add 'Open' and 'Open Containing Folder' entries in the content's right-click menu. Closes #1143.
  + FEATURE: Don't listen on IPv6 address by default. Prevents network connectivity problems. Closes #1880.
  + FEATURE: Added 'Shutdown now' button in shutdown confirmation dialog. Closes #969.
  + FEATURE: Add peer port column to PeerListWidget. Closes #1650.
  + COSMETIC: Fix weird ratio values when torrent was imported or downloaded history was lost due to crash.
  + COSMETIC: Use 'μTP' instead of 'uTP'.
  + COSMETIC: Show the loaded torrents in the transferlist when qBT is launched with a torrent/magnet and the AddNewTorrentDialog is showing. Closes #1564.
  + COSMETIC: Don't mix finished/unifinished torrents when sorting by ETA. Closes #1688.
  + COSMETIC: Sort finished torrents by completed date when sorting by queue number.
  + COSMETIC: Right align numerical values in the transfer list. Partially revert 51a9a9aab. Closes #1903.
  + COSMETIC: Don't display the Search Engine tab by default.
  + WEBUI: Correctly save/load settings and other improvements
  + WEBUI: Removed broken 'Report a bug' iframe. Closes #1343
  + WEBUI: Removed broken 'Documentation'. Improves fix for #1343
  + WEBUI: Removed essentially useless 'Visit website' iframe and changed it to a regular link. Improves fix for #1343
  + BUGFIX: Fix RSS feed icon. The tmp file gets deleted in the feed destructor. Closes #1639
  + BUGFIX: fix issue #1674: AddNewTorrentDialog is shown again and again even if checkbox "dont ask me again" is set
  + BUGFIX: Don't show availability bar for magnet links
  + BUGFIX: Fix crash when the selected torrent disappears from the transfer list. Closes #1661
  + BUGFIX: Fix tracker announcing problem(hit-and-run) when many torrents are being active. Closes #1571
  + BUGFIX: Count magnet links in the 'downloading' filter and make them prevent system inhibition. Closes #1558
  + BUGFIX: Pick up updated plugins. Closes #1745.
  + BUGFIX: Bring mainwindow in front when notification is clicked and other windows are in front.
  + BUGFIX: Speedup torrent moving
  + BUGFIX: Fix bug when moving a torrent before the previous move is completed
  + BUGFIX: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu
  + BUGFIX: Fix column resizing issues
  + BUGFIX: Fix possible crashes. Closes #1814.
  + BUGFIX: Limit max cache to 1800MiB for 32bits compiled binaries and to 4GiB for other. Closes #1698.
  + BUGFIX: Don't localize double numbers in the webui. Closes #1525.
  + BUGFIX: Don't shrink transferlist rows when scrolling horizontally. Closes #1613.
  + BUGFIX: When qBT is launched with a magnet don't show it in the transferlist while the metadata are being loaded in the background.
  + BUGFIX: Show disk space while retrieving metadata. Closes #1693.
  + BUGFIX: Don't disable DHT/LSD/UPnP in the GUI when anonymous mode is enabled.
  + BUGFIX: Possible fix for crash in RSS code. Closes #1901.
  + BUGFIX: Fixed SMTP emailing code
  + BUGFIX: Don't display the context menu in 'Content' and 'HTTP Sources' buttons when no torrent is selected. It prevents crashes. Closes #1906, #1900.
  + BUGFIX: Don't translate file extensions. Closes #1907.
  + BUGFIX: Fix available disk space label on single file torrents.
  + BUGFIX: Show stalled downloads that are uploading under the 'Active' filter. Closes #1654."
  + BUGFIX: fix import torrent with "Keep incomplete torrents in:" enabled (lojack5)
  + BUGFIX: Send a spoofed user agent for the search engines(fixes some of them)
  + BUGFIX: Support URLs that redirect to magnet links
  + BUGFIX: Consider queued items before deciding to 'auto-shutdown on downloads completion'. Closes #1942.

Fri Mar 21 23:50:25 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.9:
  + BUGFIX: Fix nox build. Closes #1368.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build with libtorrent 0.15.x.
  + BUGFIX: Fix missing percentage signs. Closes #1392.
  + BUGFIX: Fix queue sorting order.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build using qt < 4.7 Closes #1385.
  + FEATURE: Add button for links in toolbar.

Thu Feb 13 15:12:50 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.8 (changes from 3.1.5):
  + BUGFIX: Really fix build of v3.1.6, to keep it short: it's next bugfix
    update after v 3.1.5.
  + BUGFIX: Fix 'preview file' regression. Closes #1285.
  + BUGFIX: Fix peers and seeds sorting in transfer list.
  + BUGFIX: Fix btdigg search engine.
  + BUGFIX: Save statistics every 15min and only if there was new traffic.
    Fixes #1288 and partially #1272.
  + BUGFIX: Fix share ratio text in the 'general' tab.
  + BUGFIX: Output a more generic message when blocking IPs and don't use
    italics in the log.
  + BUGFIX: Allow 2 decimals when setting the share ratio. Closes #1303.
  + BUGFIX: Fix extratorrents search plugin.
  + BUGFIX: Use shorter names for amount columns in main UI.
  + BUGFIX: Fix overstretched options dialog. Closes #1293.
  + BUGFIX: Don't show a popup menu when no torrent is selected.
  + BUGFIX: Launch external programs async and don't block. Closes #1252.
  + BUGFIX: Don't re-announce to trackers when torrent is paused. Closes #1310.
  + BUGFIX: Bring dialog boxes in the front when qbt doesn't have focus.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly resize 'name' column of the content tab. Closes #1360.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly restore 'name' column width when loading magnet links in
    the 'Add new torrent dialog'. Closes #1334.
  + WEBUI: Fix sorting by size in WebUI when non-default locale used.
  + UI: Reposition statistics menu item.
  + UI: Convert more accurately decimal numbers to text.
  + LINUX: Explicitle tell that we don't support freedesktop's startup notify
    standard. Fixes GNOME issues. Closes #1217.
  + LINUX: Add our WM_CLASS in the .desktop file so window managers know how to
    group our windows.
  + OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex.

Fri Jan 17 12:02:38 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 3.1.5:
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with Qt 4.7. Closes #1215.
  + BUGFIX: Third attempt at fixing saving settings on OS shutdown.
  + BUGFIX: Preview now correctly uses the selected file. Closes #1222 #1182.
  + BUGFIX: Allow to resize the columns in Add New Torrent dialog. Closes #1207, #676.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that at least one column in the tranferlist is always visible. Closes #1165.
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that the options window will always be placed onscreen. Closes #1226.
  + BUGFIX: Delete temporary files after they aren't needed. Closes #1188.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly detect libtorrent version.
  + BUGFIX: Various code cppcheck fixes.
  + BUGFIX: Remove isohunt search engine and update thepiratebay url.
  + BUGFIX: Fix rss settings corruption when checking regexp and going to other rule.
  + BUGFIX: Don't count paused torrents for the autoshutdown. Closes #1280.
  + LINUX: Fix notifications with xfce4-notifyd.
  + OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex.

Mon Dec 30 15:34:22 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.4:
  + FEATURE: Statistics dialog.
  + FEATURE: Tooltips explaining each peer's connection flags.
  + BUGFIX: Better dialog message for torrent delete confirmation.
  + BUGFIX: Fix resizing grip location. Closes #1146.
  + BUGFIX: Lock toolbar in place. Closes #1144.
  + BUGFIX: Second attempt at fixing saving settings on shutdown.
  + BUGFIX: Sort labels in 'Add new torrent' dialog. Closes #1150, #411.
  + BUGFIX: Make sleep and shutdown functions work on systemd's logind.

Thu Nov 21 11:15:32 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.3:
  + FEATURE: Add a key shortcut to "Add link to torrent...".
  + BUGFIX: Make all columns and headers use the same text alignment in the transferlist.
  + BUGFIX: Fix build system for Unix/Linux.
  + BUGFIX: Case insensitive sort in Peers list.
  + BUGFIX: Small optimization of WebUI responses when there isn't a data payload.
  + BUGFIX: Hide empty folders after filtering.
  + BUGFIX: Expand folders when filtering files.
  + BUGFIX: Updated search plugin's URL.
  + BUGFIX: Strip some png to fix incorrect sRGB profiles.
  + BUGFIX: Fixed font issues on OSX Mavericks.
  + BUGFIX: Improve text in the About dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Always show a peer IP address as a tool tip.
  + BUGFIX: Fix inhibit system functionality.
  + BUGFIX: WebUI: Don't gzip too small payloads.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly detect if the browser supports gzip compression.
  + BUGFIX: Fix WebUI link to 'Anonymous mode' explanation.
  + BUGFIX: Correctly update tracker tier number in the trackers tab.
  + BUGFIX: Speed improvements.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.

Fri Nov  8 12:56:59 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.2:
  + BUGFIX: Fix WebUI gzip compression.
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation with qt < 4.8.0.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.

Mon Nov  4 23:09:49 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.1:
  + FEATURE: Show external IP in the log.
  + FEATURE: Enable gzip compression in the webui. It should be faster now.
  + FEATURE: Torrents show more states (queued for checking, downloadin
    metadata, allocating, checking resume).
  + FEATURE: Reenable "force reannounce" to all trackers.
  + FEATURE: Allow to clear the UI lock password.
  + FEATURE: New translations: English(Australia) and English(United Kingdom)
  + BUGFIX: Expose all available translation in the WebUI.
  + BUGFIX: Copy IP copied wrong data.
  + BUGFIX: "Preview file..." didn't work on single file torrents.
  + BUGFIX: Fix and improve the scheduler.
  + BUGFIX: RSS fixes.
  + BUGFIX: Fix 'append label to save path' with magnet links.
  + BUGFIX: Can download up to 10MB .torrent file when a link is provided.
  + OTHER: Updated translations.
  + LINUX: Fix missing conf.pri error.

Sun Oct 13 17:29:27 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.1.0:
  + FEATURE: Add command line option to daemonize qbittorrent-nox
  + FEATURE: Add "Shutdown qBittorrent" button to Web UI
  + FEATURE: Add setting to copy .torrent files for finished downloads
  + FEATURE: Add option to start qBittorrent on Windows startup
  + FEATURE: Add context menu to Web seed list
  + FEATURE: Add support for tracker tiers / groups to creator
  + FEATURE: Allow clearing execution and ban logs
  + FEATURE: Add option to use random port on each startup
  + FEATURE: Expose the cache expiry to the user
  + FEATURE: Support Atom feeds
  + FEATURE: Add "save path" column
  + FEATURE: Add µTorrent-compatible "Flags" column in the peer tab
  + FEATURE: Load magnet metadata in the background while the "Add New
    Torrent" Dialog is showing
  + FEATURE: Allow to enter only an info-hash for download
  + FEATURE: Bring the "Add New Torrent" Dialog to the front
  + BUGFIX: Add confirmation dialog for "Force recheck" action loses
  + BUGFIX: Greatly improve RSS manager performance
  + BUGFIX: Ensure that all columns in the tranferlist have a size > 0.
  + BUGFIX: Don't mark RSS item as read when it failed to download
  + BUGFIX: Fix ETA calculation when some files are downloaded and marked
    afterwards as 'do not download'
  + BUGFIX: Make the UI show that PEX/DHT/LSD are actually disabled on
    private torrents
  + BUGFIX: Scheduler should be much more robust and correct now
  + BUGFIX: Now qBt won't forget torrent settings after an unclean
  + BUGFIX: Text boxes in edit dialogs will fit to text width
  + BUGFIX: Enable edit/rename via F2 or double click in various places
  + BUGFIX: Allow to edit trackers and copy their urls
  + BUGFIX: Add Uploaded column to main view
  + BUGFIX: Calculate ETA for seeding torrents
  + BUGFIX: Add option to ignore global share ratio limits for created
  + OTHER: Many RSS bugfixes and improvements all over the place
  + OTHER: Generate translations at configure time to reduce tarball size
  + OTHER: Make peer tab sortable by ip too
  + OTHER: Translations moved to Transifex
  + OTHER: New Translation - Vietnamese 
  + PERFORMANCE: Impove drawing speed of tranferlist when there are many
  + PERFORMANCE: Impove drawing speed of peers list when there are many

Thu Aug  1 19:30:49 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.11:
  + FEATURE: Allow more fine tuning of upload slots.
  + FEATURE: Enable edit/rename via F2 or double click in various places.
  + BUGFIX: Don't allow newlines in rename dialog.
  + BUGFIX: Treat unfinished dates as the newest ones when sorting.
  + BUGFIX: Respect UI lock when clicking on tray notification.
  + BUGFIX: Fix kickass torrents search plugin.
  + BUGFIX: Use system language as default language. Closes #780.
  + BUGFIX: Move completed files to .unwanted folder when they are
    unselected by the user.
  + BUGFIX: Show delete action when multiple feeds are selected.
  + BUGFIX: Use Unicode for libtorrent alert messages.  
  + OTHER: Update translations.

Wed Jul 10 12:41:15 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.10:
  + BUGFIX: Fix LegitTorrents search plugin
  + BUGFIX: Improve peer host name resolution (closes #360)
  + BUGFIX: Context menu fix in the Web UI
  + BUGFIX: Respect 'don't show' torrent dialog in Search
  + BUGFIX: Torrent creator can now use files/folders from disk root (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Update free disk space when changing drives in the add new torrent
  + BUGFIX: Various fixes relating to RSS drag and drop (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Properly rename torrent which changes position in filter model (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Actually show tray notifications when a torrent finishes
  + BUGFIX: Don't download RSS items based on rules still being edited (Gelmir)
  + COSMETIC: Native look for the search boxes (Hyperz)
  + IMPROVEMENT: Use natural sorting where possible (Gelmir and sledgehammer999)
  + LINUX: Drop Boost.Thread dependency from configure script
  + OTHER: Update translations.
  + Impove drawing speed of tranferlist and peers list when there
    are many torrents(>100)

Sun Jun  2 15:10:38 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.9:
  + BUGFIX: Raise qBittorrent windows when another instance is launched
  + BUGFIX: Enable 'copy magnet uri' for torrents without metadata too
  + BUGFIX: Fix a few JSON parser issues (Gelmir)
  + BUGFIX: Add support for gzipped encoded HTTP responses (daimor)
  + BUGFIX: Fix possibly missing "Add torrent" icon (Driim)
  + OTHER: Add search plugin for Legit Torrents
  + BUGFIX: Fix support for --no-splash command line argument
  + BUGFIX: Fix compilation error with libtorrent v0.15
  + BUGFIX: Fix search issues with Python3
  + BUGFIX: Fix dead link about certificates in program preferences
- Removed qbittorrent-3.0.7.-fix-for-libtorrent-rasterbar-0.15.x.patch
  as merged into upstream
- Url tag was updated.

Sat Jan 19 15:46:47 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.7:
  + Search engine plugins cleanup.
  + WebUI Mootools updated to v1.4.5
  + Add m4v to the list of previewable file extensions.
  + Fix "Set as default save path" setting.
  + Use https links in search plugins when possible.
- Add qbittorrent-3.0.7.-fix-for-libtorrent-rasterbar-0.15.x.patch

Wed Oct 31 10:59:49 UTC 2012 -

- Set download_files service to mode="localonly" and add tarball

Tue Oct 30 15:30:19 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 3.0.6:
  + FEATURE: Add command line option to daemonize qbittorrent-nox
  + FEATURE: Add "Shutdown qBittorrent" button to Web UI
  + FEATURE: Add setting to copy .torrent files for finished downloads
  + FEATURE: Add option to start qBittorrent on Windows startup
  + BUGFIX: Add confirmation dialog for "Force recheck" action
  + BUGFIX: Greatly improve RSS manager performance
  + FEATURE: Brand new torrent addition dialog
  + FEATURE: Add the ability to choose the save path when using magnet links
  + FEATURE: Add support for adding multiple local torrents at once
  + COSMETIC: Improve style of left panel
  + BUGFIX: Lower panels no longer gets disabled
  + BUGFIX: Major code refactoring and various optimizations.
  + BUGFIX: No longer strip root folder from torrent files
  + OTHER: Drop support for libtorrent v0.14.x
  + OTHER: Drop support for Qt 4.5
- Duplicate files warning was resolved.

Tue Jul  3 19:55:33 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.11, bugfix release:
  + Bring window to front after restoring from systray
  + Fix keyboard focus problems on main window
  + Fix ThePirateBay search plugin

Mon Jun 25 22:00:33 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.10, bugfix release:
  + Various webui fixes
  + Fix ratio limiting bug
  + Fix possible crash when showing torrent content
  + Add support for RSS feeds using magnet links

Sun May 20 21:35:37 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.9, bugfix release:
  + Improved RSS reader performance
  + Various UI fixes

Sat May  5 11:28:30 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.8, bugfix release:
  + UI style fixes
  + Update Italian translation
- Drop qbittorrent-gcc47.patch: fixed upstream.

Sun Mar 25 12:35:32 UTC 2012 -

- Add qbittorrent-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Mon Mar 19 12:06:29 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.7, bugfix release.

Mon Feb 20 15:17:07 UTC 2012 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.5, bugfix release.

Thu Dec 29 21:06:39 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.3, bufix release.
- Change license to format.

Sun Oct 30 15:04:55 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.2, bugfix release.

Sun Oct 23 17:29:13 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.9.1, bugfix release.

Fri Oct 14 13:49:03 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.9.0:
  + Support for anonymous mode (libtorrent-rasterbar >= 0.16.0)
  + Setting to ignore slow torrent in queueing system
  + Improved settings for option "announce to all trackers"
  + Minor cosmetic fixes

Sat Sep 24 14:18:50 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.8.5, bugfix release.

Sun Jun 26 19:50:23 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.8.2, bugfix release.
- Drop webui_password_fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Jun 21 19:52:21 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.8.0:
  + HTTPS support in Web UI
  + Dynamic DNS support (DynDNS, no-ip)
  + RSS downloader can use regex
  + Display connection type in peer list
  + Added SSL and Auth for SMTP Settings
- Fixed Web UI user/pass change: webui_password_fix.patch

Sun Apr 10 21:44:07 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.7.2, bugfix release.
- Spec cleanup, use pkgconfig in BuildRequires

Tue Mar 29 23:50:41 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.7.1, bugfix release.
- Bumped Qt version to >= 4.6

Mon Mar 21 16:50:48 UTC 2011 -

- Upstram release 2.7.0:
  + Customize IP reported to trackers
  + Inhibit system sleep when torrents are active
  + Minor cosmetic changes

Mon Mar 14 18:26:06 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.9, bugfix release.
- Drop ntfs-fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Wed Mar  9 16:24:26 UTC 2011 -

- Fixed downloading data to ntfs partition: ntfs-fix.patch
- Fixed magnet url handler

Sun Feb 27 20:35:20 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.7, bugfix release.

Tue Feb  8 22:23:04 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.6, bugfix release.

Mon Jan 24 20:12:28 UTC 2011 -

- use %{optflags} to build binaries properly

Sun Jan 23 21:18:02 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.4, bugfix only.

Sat Jan 15 21:58:34 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.3, bugfix only.

Mon Jan 10 19:23:39 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.6.1, bugfix and UI polish

Sun Jan  9 13:56:47 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream release 2.6.0:
  + Use system icons (Linux, Qt >= 4.6)
  + Simplify program preferences
  + Imporved IP filter handling
  + all changes in Changelog file

Thu Jan  6 21:17:32 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.5, bugfix only.

Mon Jan  3 21:45:54 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.3, bugfix only.

Mon Dec 20 12:04:52 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.5.2, bugfix only.

Sun Dec  5 16:00:38 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream release 2.5.1:
  + qBittorrent can now act as a tracker
  + improved RSS feed automated downloader
  + new feature to shutdown qbittorrent on torrents completion
  + all changes in Changelog file

Tue Nov 23 13:12:44 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.11, bugfix only.

Wed Nov 10 23:53:07 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.10, bugfix only.

Sun Oct 31 20:13:03 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.9, bugfix only.
- Drop qbittorrent-2.4.x-fix-addition-crash.patch: fixed upstream.
- Bumped Qt version to >= 4.5.

Tue Oct 26 22:15:07 UTC 2010 -

- added:  qbittorrent-2.4.x-fix-addition-crash.patch
  It fixes crash when one presses enter in the save path field
  of the torrent addition.

Mon Oct 25 12:21:32 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.8, bugfix only.

Wed Oct 20 22:22:55 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.7, bugfix only.

Thu Oct 14 23:13:27 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.4.5, bugfix only.

Sat Oct  9 15:21:32 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream release 2.4.4.
- Drop alternative-speed-limits.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop parameter-fix.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Jun 29 17:25:36 UTC 2010 -

- Fixed toggling to alternative speed limits.

Thu Jun 24 12:54:50 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.10, bugfix only.

Thu Jun 17 14:33:43 UTC 2010 -

- Fixed WebUI in -nox package.

Sun Jun 13 12:47:55 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.9, bugfix only.

Tue May 25 17:44:33 UTC 2010 -

- Upstream update to 2.2.8, bugfix only.

Fri May 14 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.7, bugfix only.

Thu Apr 22 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.6, bugfix only.

Fri Apr 09 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.5, bugfix only.

Tue Apr 06 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.4, bugfix only.

Sun Apr 04 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.3, bugfix only.

Tue Mar 23 2010

- Upstream update to 2.2.2, bugfix only.

Mon Mar 15 2010

- Upstream release 2.2.0:
  + bandwidth scheduler
  + many new features in WebUI
  + full list of changes in Changelog file

Sun Mar 07 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.6, bugfix only

Sat Feb 13 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.5, bugfix only

Tue Feb 02 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.3, bugfix only

Wed Jan 27 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.2, bugfix only

Wed Jan 20 2010

- Upstream update to 2.1.1, bugfix only

Mon Jan 18 2010

- Upstream release 2.1.0
  + new -nox package, allows install qbittorent without X

Wed Jan 13 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.7, bugfix release
- This update requires libtorrent-rasterbar >= 0.14.8

Wed Jan 06 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.6, bugfix only

Fri Jan 01 2010

- Upstream update to 2.0.5, bugfix only

Wed Dec 30 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.4, bugfix only

Wed Dec 23 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.3, bugfix only

Fri Dec 18 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.2, critical bugfix

Mon Dec 14 2009

- Upstream update to 2.0.1, bugfix only

Thu Dec 10 2009

- Upstream release 2.0.0
  + many new features
  + new UI
  + many more... look into Changelog

Wed Nov 18 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.6, bugfix only

Mon Nov 09 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.5, bugfix only

Tue Oct 27 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.4, bugfix only

Thu Oct 22 2009

- Upstream update to 1.5.3

Wed Jul 15 2009

- Upstream release 1.3.4

Mon Apr 13 2009

- Upstream version, bugfix release 1.3.3

Mon Jan 26 2009

- Upstream update to 1.3.1

Mon Jan 12 2009

- Upstream release 1.3.0

Sun Nov 15 2008

- Upstream update to 1.2.1

Fri Oct 31 2008

- Update to 1.2.0 release

Sun Aug 03 2008

- Update package to 1.1.1

Thu Jul 03 2008

- Initial package, 1.0.0 version.