File daps.changes of Package daps

Mon Jan  6 15:25:56 UTC 2020 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Do not depend on xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis, but on generic
  xml-apis provider

Mon Dec  3 13:54:30 UTC 2018 -

- Updated license statement in spec file to SPDX 3.3 notation 

Wed Nov 21 15:24:05 UTC 2018 -

-  Only recommend libreoffice-draw on aarch64 %{ix86} x86_64

Thu Nov  8 16:19:58 UTC 2018 -

Public/final release DAPS 3.0.0

* New Features:
  - added support for ASCIIDOC sources
  - added support for LibreOffice Draw images (*.odg)
  - added support for specifying a config file on the command line
    (with --config)
  - added SVG support for HTML builds
  - integrated hunspell and make aspell optional
  - initial well-formedness check ignores duplicated IDs (this
    allows to have identical IDs in parts that get profiled)
  - initial well-formedness warns about missing xi:include files
  - daps-autobuild now supports building single books (via the
    --dcfiles option)
  - DAPS prgram name and version are passed to stylesheets with
    xslt parameters "" and "converter.version"
  - implement file not found for XIncludes
  - FOP and XEP version numbers are shown in debug/verbose output
  - various improvements for the DocBook to NovDoc conversion
  - split lib/daps_functions into several files to improve speed
    and maintainability

* Bugfixes:
  - #476: DAPS generates ODG->SVG files into images/src
  - #475: Tab completion creates error
  - #474: Potentially wrong variable assignment
  - #437: lodraw tries to convert empty SVG
  - #469: RPMLINT complains about permissions of XSLT stylesheet
  - #468: xmlwellformed script creates RPMLINT warning
  - #466: Build issues with daps-xmlwellformed
  - #464: xmlformat incorrectly formats variablelist terms
  - #462: Implement file not found for XIncludes
  - #459: By default, use the xep-daps.xml configuration from
  - #457: Ship the asciidoc postprocessing stylesheet
  - #455: Transform glosslist into variablelist (NovDoc conversion)
  - #453: Cleanup stylesheet for results from ASCIIDoctor
  - #452: Make it possible to specify the ASCIIDOC doc type
  - #439: Make xmlformat more verbose in debug mode
  - #435: require java-devel >= 1.8.0
  - #425: Well-formedness check fails with double occurrences
          of xml:ids
  - #424: Fix XML catalog generation
  - #422: Integrate hunspell and make aspell optional
  - #421: Show FOP and XEP version in debug/verbose output
  - #419: HTML and PDF builds need different paths for Admonition
          and Callout Images
  - #416: DAPS Won't Built With UTF-8 Characters in XML Filenames
  - #415: Add support for LibreOffice Draw files
  - #397: Spaces in path problem
  - #322: Add documentation for  --xmlonly / --imgonly switches
          for the list-srcfiles subcommand
  - #226: Let stylesheets know which version of DAPS calls them
  - #119: daps-init: also include example for set
  - show a warning when an existing PDF has a size of 0 bytes
    (usually the result of a failed FOP build)
  - PDF fails when static links in build/.tmp already exist
  - fixed DocBook identifiers in
  - made unpack-lopcdrop more robust against non-critical issues;
    improved its debugging output

* Documentation:
  -new guide: ASCIIDOC Quick Start
  - Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  - Improve help text for daps-xslt
  - Improve error message for IDs defined multiple times

* Removed support for:
  - sourcing DC-files
  - help texts for deprecated daps 1.x commands

* Misc:
  - converted Python scripts to Python 3; changed build
    dependencies to python3

Tue Oct 23 10:07:12 UTC 2018 -

- Workaround to make it possible to build things

Fri Oct 19 14:02:11 UTC 2018 -

Stable release DAPS 3.0.0:

* New Features:
  - added full support for Python3
	- added SVG support for online-docs
	- added support to build AsciiDoc documentation
	- integrated hunspell and make aspell optional
	- implement file not found for XIncludes

* Bugfixes:
  - #419: HTML and PDF builds need different paths for Admonition
	  and Callout Images
	- #322: Add --xmlonly / --imgonly switches to list-srcfiles
	- #416: DAPS Won't Built With UTF-8 Characters in XML Filenames
	- #397: Spaces in path problem
	- #469: RPMLINT complains about permissions of XSLT stylesheet
	- #464: xmlformat incorrectly formats variablelist terms
	- #466: Build issues
	- #475: Tab completion creates error
	- PDF fails when static links in build/.tmp already exist

* Documentation:
	- Various updates to reflect changes in the code
	- Improve help text for daps-xslt

Tue Jun 20 13:51:14 UTC 2017 -

- another try to get the Changelogs for openSUSE and SLES aligned
  (no code changes)

Wed Jun 14 14:26:38 UTC 2017 -

Hotfix for 2.4.0:

- fixed fatal typo in lib/daps-functions
- fixed spelling/grammar issues in error messages


- merged SLE 12 and Factory Changelogs
- remove daps-dont-complain-about-deprecated-option.patch

Tue May 30 11:28:44 UTC 2017 -

Stable release DAPS 2.4.0:

* New Features:
  - added a dependency checker for DAPS (/usr/bin/daps-check-deps)
    that makes it easy to check for missing programs/packages
  - added a "--lean" parameter to PDF generation for creating PDFs
    with a reduced file size (by reducing the quality of included
    images); useful for sharing PDFs via e-mail
  - added a srylesheet for returning all IDs from an XML file

* Bugfixes:
  - #408: The list-file-* commands now work with ROOTIDs from all
	  possible elements
  - #390: When an ID appears twice in the XML and this ID is used
	  with --rootid, DAPS's error message is unhelpful
  - #365: Improved error messages on "File not found" errors
          (now tells whether the path was provided by command-line
	   or config file)
  - #371: Make path to the xmlformat config file configurable
  - #372: Adjusted debian dependency list
  - #373: Check unpack-locdrop
  - #379: Output error of list-images-multisrc with
          pretty | wc option
  - #380: Proper error messages when binaries/packages are missing
  - #392: daps-xmlformat writes name of config file into output
  - SVGs were not included in ePUBs
  - Setting a default value for db5_version in
    otherwise the DB5 URN in etc/config will be set to an invalid
    value if DB5 is not installed when running make
  - fixed a few minor issues with the config file parser that was
    introduced with 2.3.0 (among them #387)
  - Increased Java stacksize for jing
  - Improved the DocBook5 -> DocBook 4 (-> NovDoc) conversion
  - compatibility: Debian's version of "which" does not support
    long parameters

* Documentation:
    - Various updates to reflect changes in the code
    - #345: added documentatioon for the xmlformat subcommand
    - #362: added documentation for the --jobs option
    - #363: added documentation about building a bigfile from
            invalid sources
    - #364: added documentation for the --norefchecks option
    - #403: improved documentation about stylesheet customizing
            (also see #407)
    - #404: clarify doc about listing unused images
  - completely revised the doc (spelling, language and grammar)
  - doc is not yet 100% on par with the code, but we are getting

* Compatibility:
  - successfully tested DAPS on Linux Mint 18.1 

Wed Oct  5 15:35:16 UTC 2016 -

- Try to fix broken link
- Remove SVN fetch source script

Tue Aug  9 10:01:37 UTC 2016 -

- Increased the Java Stacksize for jing to 4096k since otherwise
  building manuals on s390x is failing, see bsc#992755

Fri Aug 04 12:36:01 UTC 2016 -

Stable release DAPS 2.3.0:

Just to please the SLES submission bot: bsc#992546

* New Features:
  - Config File Parser:
    Up to now, config files (DC-files, /tec/daps/config and
    ~/.config/daps/dapsrc) have been sourced. This has been a major
    security issue, since every shell code gets executed when a file
    is being sourced. DAPS 2.3.0 now comes with a parser that fixes
    this security hole. Apart from one exception (see below) existing
    config files do _not_ need to be changed. However, the parser
    offers more flexibility, see
    for documentation (the manuals has not been upfdated, yet).
    The only exception that requires changes in the config file is
    something like FOO="$FOO bar" To concatenate values, use "+="
    now. See the following commit for an example:
  - Bash Completion:
    TAB-completion for DAPS has been one of the very first feature
    requests we opened (almost five years ago). Now we finally
    managed to conquer the black Bash magic required to get it!
  - Automatically detect the DocBook 5 version: If you have
    DocBook 5.1 installed, docbookxi.rng from 5.1 will
    automatically be used as the validating schema for DocBook 5
    documents. If you rather want to use the 5.0 schema
    or a custom schema, set DOCBOOK5_RNG_URI accordingly in
    /etc/daps/config (for a system wide configuration), in
    $HOME/.config/daps/dapsrc (for a user specific configuration),
    or in the DC-file (for a document-specific configuration)

* Bugfixes:
  - subcommand "locdrop" failed when the book did not include
  - spellcheck now ignores text in <replaceable> tags
  - obsolete daps-susespell has been removed (replaced by
    daps ... spellcheck long ago)
  - paths starting with "~" were not always correctly resolved
  - several fixes for ePUB, among them a fix that now correctly
    chooses mediaobject entries with role="html" rather than
    choosing the first one listed ion the XML source
  - #10 : Generate TAB completion
  - #359: Drop bash 3 suppor
  - #369: Code review: Check Variable Assignments
  - #375: Issues with the xmlformat target

Wed Jun 15 12:34:00 UTC 2016 -

Stable release DAPS 2.2.0:

* New Features:
  - new subcommand "xmlformat" prettyfies the XML sources of a
    given DC-file or ROOTID using daps-xmlformat with
    (Note: this command will modify the original XML sources!)
  - SVG image support for HTML builds. To use it, make sure to
    provide the images in SVG format ad reference to them as follows:
    <imageobject role="html">
     <imagedata fileref="<SVG-FILE>" format="SVG"/>
  - the new global switch --jobs lets you specify how many parallel
    jobs to use. The default is set to the number of CPU cores (as was
    done in previous versions).
  - all commands generating file lists (e.g. "list-srcfiles") now
    generate human readable output on STDOUT. When the output goes
    to a pipe or subshell, it will be generated as a a one-liner.
  - Debugging of XML errors has been made easier. Sometimes the error
    message of the validator only points to an xi:include line, making
    it impossible to find the real location of the error. The option
    --novalid for the target "bigfile" will create the bigfile
    without performing a validation check on the sources. A single XML
    will be built and validated. Now the error message points to the
    exact location of the error in the bigfile. From there it should be
    easy to find the error in the original sources.
  - Verbose and debugging output now also show all profiling
    attributes set in the DC-file, plus version information for
    the sytlesheets (if available)
  - added the option --norefchecks to all output-generating targets
    ("html", "pdf", ...), "validate", "bigfile" and others. Allows
    to build/validate documents without checking internal links
    (<... linkend="<ID>">).
  - subcommand "online-docs" now always converts the bigfile that is
    created to NovDoc. To keep the same format as the original
    sources, specify --dbnoconv. To create a DocBook4 bigfile from
    DocBook5 sources, specify --db5todb4.

* Bugfixes:
  - #368: db4tonovdoc.xsl generates invalid NovDoc
  - #367: daps does not validate fop output
  - #366: Spellcheck trying to check the files "Cannot", "stat:", "No",
          "such", "file" ...
  - #364: DocBook5: Allow validating without checking xrefs
  - #363: Allow building a bigfile from invalid sources
  - #362: Make the number of parallel jobs configurable
  - #361: Externel xrefs are resolved to "????"
  - #360: Check Rootid fails on Debian 8.4.0
  - #356: file list output should default to pretty format
  - #354: Validate the result of online docs when it has been
          converted from DB5 to DB4 or novdoc
  - #353: Make db5 to db4 conversion default for online-docs
  - #351, #348, #342, #282: Fixes for the daps spec-file
  - #346: daps-xmlformat writes its messages into the output
  - #343: daps-init warning messages
  - #340: ePUB builds always show remarks
  - #335: on Debian, make install creates incorrect group in
  - #330: Enable SVG2Grayscale stylesheet to handle new color
  - #305: locdrop produces no "non-trans" image tarball for a
          complete set
  - #301: SVG to PNG conversion creates very large PNGs
  - #289: Verbose / Debugging Output Should Show Profiling
  - #251: Write XSLT to Return xml-model PI
  - #226: Let stylesheets know which version of DAPS calls them
  - subcommand "clean-all" fails if run from within a directory
    that will be removed with that command
  - daps fails when called from a directory that no longer exists

* Cross-Distribution Support
  - first release with full Debian/Ubuntu support--manual
    adjustments after the installation are no longer needed
    (was required in previous releases for DocBook5 support).
    Many thanks to Tomáš Bažant and Christoph Berg for their help!
  - GitHub checkouts now also work for Fedora/RedHat and
    Debian/Ubuntu--refer to
    for details
  - tested on Debian 8.5.0 / Fedora 23 / openSUSE 13.2 and
    Leap 42.1 / SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 / Ubuntu 16.0

* Misc:
  - removed "daps-envconvert", a script for converting susedoc
    ENV-files to DAPS DC-files. susedoc was the predecessor of

* Documentation:
  - the documentation has _not_ been updated for this release, so
    new features mentioned above are not yet covered

Sun Apr 17 10:35:37 UTC 2016 -

- Add reproducible.patch to fix build-compare

Mon Dec  7 16:21:55 UTC 2015 -

Stable release DAPS 2.1.5:

* New Features:
  - parameters for text generation can be set in the config files
    via TXT_PARAMS or via --param/--stringparam on the command line
  - a change introduced in 2.0 made using the original DocBook
    stylesheets for text generation the default. Since this behavior
    is confusing and unexpected, it is reverted with this change:
    * the stylesheets configured via STYLEROOT or --styleroot are
      used by default for text generation
    * to ignore _any_ STYLEROOT definitions, set
      TXT_IGNORE_STYLEROOT="yes" in the config files or use
      --ignore-styleroot on the command line
      (daps -d <DC> text --ignore-styleroot)

* Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #294: xmlcatalog returns file:<PATH> rather than
    file://<PATH> on Debian Jessie and openSUSE Tumbleweed and
    caused DAPS to fail with DB5 sources

* Misc
  - added basic debugging output to test suite (--debug)

Wed Dec  2 15:05:19 UTC 2015 -

Stable release DAPS 2.1.4:

* Bugfixes:
  - Target text shows remarks (issue #293)
  - DAPS checklink doesn't work (issue #296)
  - ASPELL_EXTRA_DICT from ~/.config/daps/dapsrc is ignored
    (issue #297)
  - DAPS package includes SUSE wordlist (issue #298)
  - Parameter passed with --param is ignored with subcommand
    "text" (issue #299)
  - Target locdrop does not generate
    (issue #302)
  - Translation check for locdrop (issue #306)
  - Add --optipng to unpack-locdrop (issue #307)
  - Add --xmlonly / --imgonly switches to list-srcfiles (issue #310)
  - bigfile creates unresolved xrefs for  DocBook5 (issue #314)
  - Improve DocBook5 -> DocBook4 -> Novdoc Stylesheets (issue #311)
  - Enhancements in user guide, thanks to Martin Koeditz
    (issue #315)
  - FO contains wrong image paths when XML contains no profiling
    PI (issue #316)
  - DB-4-to-5 migration: missing book titles/productnames/productnumbers
    (issue #319)

* New Features:
  - Option --schema lets you specify an URN to a DocBook 5 schema that
    is to be used for validation. Will be ignored when validating Docbbok4
    now also point to a local file. If the URN begins with the prefix
    "file://", it will not be resolved via xmlcatalog, but rather taken as
    is (minus "file://").
  - Add conversion options to online-docs:
    . --db5todb4: converts DocBook 5 sources to a DocBook 4 bigfile
    . --db5todb4nh: converts DocBook 5 sources to a DocBook 4
      bigfile without a DOCTYPE declaration
    . --dbtonovdoc: converts DocBook 4/5 to Novdoc

* Misc:
  - Do not set -nocs, hurts us when building Arabic (related: 
    issue #108)
  - Avoid adding version attribute on all elements (commit 3a273d5)

Tue Sep 22 13:50:13 UTC 2015 -

Stable release DAPS 2.1.3:

* Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #284 (spellcheck / getimages use wrong filelist
    when called with --debug
  - "--param" and "--stringparam" were missing for the subcommands
    package-pdf and package-html
  - all warning messages now go to STDERR, making it possible to
    always catch the output of a DAPS command with FOO="$(daps...)

* Misc:
  - added a wrapper for jing allwing to customize java flags,
    jars, and options
  - standardized customising options for all java programs (fop,
    jing, xep)

Wed Aug 26 16:20:24 CEST 2015 -

- Do not print warning about deprecated --xsltparam option to
  standard output.  At least some sub-commands (e.g, package-html)
  haven't been moved to the new method of passing parameters to
  the xslt processor, so it is incorrect to say it is deprecated.

Tue Aug  4 11:30:16 UTC 2015 -

-  Stable release DAPS 2.1.2:

* Bugfixes
  - man page for daps-init was named daps_init

* Miscellaneous:
  - renamed daps_autobuild to daps-autobuild for consistency

Fri Jul 10 08:38:00 UTC 2015 -

- Stable release DAPS 2.1.1:

* Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #274 (PDF Index Building Fails Because of Empty
    Profiling Directory)
  - fix for issue #275 (Avoid Same Target Names in Different
  - fix for issue #276 (PROFILE_URN Detection Depends on Position of PI
    in Document)
  - fix for issue #277 (Debugging Targets Fail when xml:lang is
    not set)
  - fix for issue #278 (Avoid Using "LANGUAGE" as a Variable Name)
  - fix for issue #280 (Webhelp: Common/ Directory Contains Dead
    Symbolic Links)

* New Features:
  - added support for profiling attribute "outputformat" by
    intrducing PROFOUTPUTFORMAT (issue #279)

* Miscellaneous:
  - replaced Chinese font "FZSongTi" with "wqy-microhei" in the
    default config file for XEP

Mon Jul  6 10:32:48 UTC 2015 -

- no changes this version is just for the sake of the maintenance
  process: DAPS update is required by bsc #936253 

Thu Jul  2 16:29:55 UTC 2015 -

Stable release DAPS 2.1:
- added support for webhelp
- added support for <xi:include ... parse="text"> (issue #71)
- handling of passing XSLT parameters on the command line has been
  improved (issue #263)
- improved handling of doxcuments that do not need to be profiled
- daps_autobuild: changed the order of builds to increase performance
- Bugfix package-src: removed extraneous text
- Bugfix daps_autobuild: in case no rebuild was necessary, rsync
                         deleted the previous results
- Bugfix DB4 -> DB5 migration: Fixed various issues in the migration

Fri Jun 19 09:21:31 UTC 2015 -

Stable release DAPS 2.0:

- supporting rng _and_ rnc schemas for validation with jing
- added a --debug switch and error reporting to daps_autobuild
- moved a --meta related warning so it does not get displayed
  when running a *-name subcommand
- fixed a quoting issue in daps-migrate and daps_functions
- fixed an error in the DB4->DB5 migration stylesheet (formatting
  was lost on <term> tags)

Wed Jun 10 14:02:18 UTC 2015 -

 New release DAPS 2.0~rc7

- replaced with daps_autobuild
  * uses an XML file as a config file (can be validated with
    schema that is also provided)
  * supports git _and_ svn repos
- DB5 fix for target productinfo
- locdrop target can now read information about translated files
  from in-file tag provided by docmanager
- fixed two issues in the unpack-locdrop target
- fixed stylesheet issues when using saxon as a parser
- Added missing dependency on $(RESULT_DIR) for epub
- bash code cleanup
- Changed default DB5 schema fom docbook.rng to docbookxi.rng
  (supports xi:includes)
- Documentation: now covers all 2.0 changes

Mon Apr 27 15:32:46 UTC 2015 -

New release DAPS 2.0~rc6

* Bugfix: Due to an error in, the contents of
  daps_xslt/relnotes were installed to daps_xslt/xhtml and
  vice versa.

Tue Apr 21 13:05:12 UTC 2015 -

New release  DAPS 2.0~rc5
(releases rc3 and rc4 have not been made available as SUSE builds)

- Full support for DocBook 5 now (finally)
- various fixes for ePUB (again):
  -ePUB 2 builds without warnings/errors in epubcheck
  -ePUB3 shows a few warnings/errors in epubcheck resulting from
   errors in the stylesheets
  -make sure ePUB gets a correct date format (YYYY-MM-DD)
- Moved DAPS user config directory to ~/.config/daps/. The config file
  has been renamed to dapsrc (the user will be notified and DAPS will
  automatically do the move if the user agrees)
- all of DocBook's profiling attributes are no supported
- Various build fixes to make it work on Debian Wheezy, Fedora 20/21
  openSUSE 13.x, SLE 12, and Ubuntu 14.10
- tested DAPS on Debian Wheezy, Fedora 20/21 and Ubuntu 14.10
- Added script and stylesheets to migrate DocBook4 projects to
  DocBook 5 (libexec/daps-migrate)
- various fixes and improvements for bin/daps-init (incl. man page)
- Added support for local static/ directories
- Established new locdrop workflow
- Fixed daps-init
- strings passed with --xsltparam no longer need to be uoted with double
  and single quotes--only use double quotes now
- Definied DAPS version for major, minor, and micro (
  - Introduced daps_version_{major,minor,micro} substitutions
  - Corrected URL from SourceForge to GitHub
  - Used DAPS version in AC_MSG_NOTICE
- Unified copyright statements
- Let configure change the Version in entity-decl.ent
- Created DOCTYPE and PI node manually for daps-xslt/profiling/
- Added more testcases, fixed erfrors in test cases
- Significant documentation updates for version 2.0
- version string in manuals and man pages is now automatically set by
- provided useful READMEs in ASCII Doc format
- Support for both, /usr/bin/xml (SUSE) and /usr/bin/xmlstarlet (Ubuntu)
- stability fixes for make files
- adjusted the test suite to code changes; made sure all tests are passed
- man pages for daps-init, daps-susespell and daps-envconvert will
  now be correctly installed
- added various XSLT parameters to the documentation's DC-files to
  make them look better when build with the upstream stylesheets

Bug fixes:
- issue #151: Detect DocBook XSL Stylesheet Version in daps
- issue #157: Add option for optimising PNG files for targets locdrop and
- issue #223: Paths starting with ~ are now correctly resolved
- issue #227: Made --static for HTML builds the default
- issue #230: Moved DAPS config to ~/.config/daps/
- issue #249: Added support for all missing profiling attributes supported
  by DocBook
- issue #250: building Japanese text format requires external LANG
- issue #253: Implement Migration Stylesheets from DocBook 4 <-> DocBook 5
- issue #260: Removed project-web directory (moved into gh-pages branch)
- issue #262: Quoting is removed from subcommand-options
- issue #264: Make STYLEROOT Platform Independant
- issue #266: Review XEP config file handling
- issue #267: Improve Default DAPS Layout 
- issue #268: Fix ePUB date issues
- check for embeeded fonts in PDF now works correctly
- ASPELL_LANG no longer gets overwritten with value from XML document if
  set in config or on the command line
- package-html no longer fails when called with --draft
- DocBook5 validation now works correctly
- epub is now correctly generated (STYLEIMG was not always set)
- existing man page builds were duplicated rather than overwritten
- callout graphics were not shown in PDF when using the
  DocBook stylesheets

- project moved to GitHub
- Moved all stylesheet related files to github://openSUSE/suse-xsl
- obsolete docmanager code has been removed from the repository
- source clean-up
- source changes are tested with Travis

Thu Aug 14 13:57:37 UTC 2014 -

- Purely packaging related update: update list of excluded files,
  streamline TAR archive fetch script 

Thu Aug 14 11:09:36 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~rc2 

-  EPUB 3 builds now succeed
-  Mobipocket builds succeed again
-  "static" directories are now expected to be located within
   specific subfolders of the chosen style root
-  EPUB now supports "static" folders

Fri Aug  1 11:56:05 UTC 2014 -

-  Changing the version number from "RC1" to "rc1" because the
   uppercase form is considered to be older than the previous release
   "beta8". No code change.

Wed Jul 30 08:27:09 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~RC1:

- Language string in resulting filenames is no longer transformed to
  lowercase but taken as specified in MAIN (needed for Release Notes)

Wed Jul 23 14:59:13 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta8:

- Added two stylesheets to daps-xslt/relnotes needed to build

Thu Jun 26 15:31:56 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta7:

- Reverted the change that was introduced with beta6, since
  the libxml2-2 patches have been removed - they broke too many
- apart from a minor change in the automake setup this release is
  identical to beta5

Wed May 21 14:36:57 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta6:

- Fixed fatal error:
  an update of libxml2 changed the behaviour of xmllint's
  entity handling which made it necessary to add --noent
  to the xmllint calls that check whether the sources are

Wed Apr 23 15:31:09 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta5:

- fully supporting the suse-doc-style-checker (target stylecheck)
- fix for "online-docs": only tar'ing png and jpg if respective
  images are available
- fix for ticket #225 (Misleading error message when xml files do
  not reside in a directory named xml/)
- fix for ticket #218 (Improve error handling for --rootid
- added tests for targets "package-html and "package-pdf"
- resulting filenames for package-html and package-pdf can now
  be queried via "showvariable"

Fri Mar 14 16:11:06 UTC 2014 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta4:
- replace special characters (such as space or "/") from
  profiling attributes with "_" when generating the profiling
    directory path
- Made profiling depend on the DC file, too, to ensure a rebuild
  is triggered whenever the DC file changes
- STYLEIMG was set in a way that it had an incorrect value in case
  a fallback STYLEROOT directory was used
- Improved error message when not being able to determine DocBook
- spec file: 
  * require xmlstarlet
  * remove emacs-psgml recommendation
  * svg-dtd package has been renamed to svg-schema

Sat Dec 21 21:30:10 UTC 2013 -

New release DAPS 2.0~beta3:
- Use original HTML DocBook Stylesheets for txt output by default:
  * use custom stylesheets by setting TXT_USE_DBSTYLES to "no"
 - STYLEROOT and FB_STYLEROOT definitions in the config files were
   checked even if values were specified on the command line
   (ticket #211)use custom stylesheets by setting TXT_USE_DBSTYLES
   to "no"
 - JSP result directory was incorrect when no profiled MAIN existed
   (ticket #212)
 - PDF was not copied to the result dir when running package-pdf
 - Improved error message when having specified a second bareword
   after the subcommand (ticket #185)

Thu Dec 12 11:48:18 UTC 2013 -

Bugfix release DAPS 2.0~beta2:
 - two fixes for package-html and package-pdf:
   * ticket #208 package-pdf and package-html should support...
   * ticket #209 package-html --jsp is broken

Fri Dec  6 20:39:09 UTC 2013 -

Version DAPS 2.0~beta1:
- First beta for a new major release

  Output targets:
  * the number of subcommands has been significantly reduced, see
    "daps --commands", "daps help" and "daps help <SUBCOMMAND>" for
    more information
    - "html-single" has been replaced by "html --single"
    - "jsp" has been replaced with "html --jsp"
    - "color-pdf" has been replaced by "pdf" (now produces color PDFS)
    - "pdf" has been replaced by "pdf --grayscale --cropmarks"
    - "projectfiles" and "projectgraphics" have been replaced with
      "list-srcfiles" (see daps help "list-srcfiles" for more options)
    - all dist-* commands have been removed
    - when calling deprecated targets, an error message hinting at a
      valid alternative (is existing) is shown
  * subcommand bigfile now generates a bigfile for the given rootid
    (rather than for the complate set); target bigfile-reduced has been
  * subbcommands package-pdf and package-html now have switches
    --dcoumentfiles, --desktopfiles and --pagefiles which generate
    the resource files for GNOME and KDE
  * new subcommands
    - "clean-package" removes all generated package data for the given
      DC-file. Generated images and profiled sources will _not_ be
    - "dapsenv" shows a list of the most important make variables
      and their values
    - "images" generates images only for a given rootid. Intended for
      debugging purposes
    - "package-src" (creates a tarball with profiled XML sources and
      images); switch --set-date allows to specify a build date (default
      date is "now")
    - "list-file" lists the filename that contains the ID specified
      with the mandatory paramater --rootid.
  * ePUB generation has been completely rewritten (pure make solution,
    no longer uses the ruby script from upstream); generated ePUBs
    now validate with epubcheck3.
    - added support for .mobi (Amzon Kindle format). Requires calibre.
      (ticket #98)
  * replaced support for HTML4 with support for HTML5 (--html5)
    xhtml remains the default, html4 is no longer supported
  * to nullify a CSS-file definition for HTML or EPUB (HTML_CSS or
    EPUB_CSS) from the DC-file, specify "--css none" 

  * now supports XSLT processor saxon6 (in addition to xsltproc),
    specify with --xsltprocessor (default: xsltproc)  
  * improved verbosity handling:
    - if output is not a terminal (e.g. pipe) only prints the
      resulting filename (-v0)
    - default verbosity shows a result message plus filename (-v1)
    - -v2 shows additional messages
    - -v3 shows the complete make output from make -j1 (commands are
      executed successively, not parallel)
    - --debug shows the complete make output from make -j1+x
      (commands are executed parallel; this also shows in the debug
  * added support for JPG images (ticket #101)
  * added support for a "static/" directory in STYLEROOT containing
    css, js and images taht are reference in the CSS and the
    stylesheets for HTML
  * New general switch --commands shows all available subcommands
  * if the XML sources are not well-formed, a meaningful error
    message is shown
  * xsltparameters have to be submitted as --param PARAM=VALUE or
    --stringparam PARAM=VALUE (the "=" is mandatory, used to be
    a "space2 with DAPS 1.x)
  * output formats are only re-generated when the source files
    (xml, entity files or images) have changed. To force a rebuild
    run DAPS with --force or run a suitable clean command 
  * added switches --author and --productname switches to daps-init

  Config file changes:
  * New config file variables:
    COVERT_OPS_JPG:    command-line options for "convert" for converting
                       jpg images to grayscale
    FOP_STACKSIZE:     set stacksize for fop (ticket #82)
    META, META_STR:    permanently run html and PDF builds with
    STATIC_DIR:        custom static directory
    XML_USER_CATALOGS: add custom catalogs to XML_CATALOG_FILES
                       (ticket #99)
    XSLTPROCESSOR:     Use the specified XSLT processor
                       (saxon6 or xsltproc)

  Code changes:
  * big makefile ( has been split into several small files
    - easier to maintain
    - improved performance by only loading makefiles that are needed
      for the given subcommand
  * added a comprehensive test suite to ensure better quality when
  * no longer requires Bash 4--Bash 3 is sufficient

  * Quickstart has been updated to cover DAPS 2.0
  * Update of User Guide is WIP
  * new Tutorial "How to Write an Article with DocBook and DAPS" 

  Numerous bugfixes and improvements, among them:

  * #64 Split Makefiles
  * #66 daps: DC Files and Platform Dependant Paths
  * #73 Create PDFs for target locdrop if --def-file is specified
  * #82 Add config parameter for FOP (XEP?) stacksize
  * #85 Set a fixed <date/> date with package-src target
  * #98 Adjust EPUB Stylesheet to Suppot Kindle
  * #99 Support User Definied Catalogs by Setting XML_CATALOG_FILES...
  * #101 DAPS should support JPEG as a source file format
  * #103 Exit target package-source when there are missing images
  * #105 DAPS's sub-commands are somewhat inconsistent
  * #106 Enable overwriting xsltproc params
  * #108 Support FOP 1.1
  * #115 --css/HTML_CSS parameter is completely ignored if styleroot...
  * #116 Move font requirements from daps specfile to ...
  * #126 Add --show switch to checklink
  * #127 productinfo sometimes fails and is slow
  * #129 Get rid of native xsltproc calls
  * #136 daps Ignores Language in Document for Spell Checking
  * #138 DAPS makes it easier to create black/white PDFs than ...
  * #139 When trying to create a PDF file with malformed XSLT files...
  * #142 Saxon seems to have problems with NovDoc documents
  * #146 EPUB CRITICAL Error: No manual specific tmp dir
  * #147 EPUB validation error on callouts
  * #148 --meta only works when profiling
  * #159 Fatal Error in ePUB stylesheets
  * #163 JSP Stylesheets fail with saxon6
  * #165 FOP config file is unnecessary
  * #166 Reduce Logging Output of Apache's FOP
  * #171 Remove unnecessary "eval" statements in the DAPS code
  * #192 Create filenames in a single place
  * #196 EPUB does not build with saxon

  Known Issues:
  * the webhelp code hasn't been touched at all; webhelp will most
    likely not work

Thu Jun  6 08:19:06 UTC 2013 -

- Bugfix:
  * fixed failing dist-htmlsingle generation in online-docs 

Wed May 15 14:46:08 UTC 2013 -

- Bugfixes:
  * option -m was missing when parsing the command line options
  * allow relative paths for --statdir and --export-dir
  * A custom static dir (--statdir) was not correctly copied/linked
    when no --static option was specified
  * fixed entitiy packaging in various targets
  * made automatic setting of HTML_CSS and EPUB_CSS more robust by
    allowing empty values when readlink fails
Mon May 13 08:30:05 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.7 (Bugfix release):
 - Critical fix: Locdrop tarballs did not have profiled but original
                 sources. This has been corrected
 - Made check for ROOTID  in lib/daps_functions more robust
Mon May  6 11:28:00 UTC 2013 -

- Bugfix: Typo in Varaiable name
- Created bnc #818744 requesting an online update

Fri May  3 21:30:12 UTC 2013 -

- Removed one unnecessary make info output which may produce
  irritating messages 

Thu May  2 15:06:22 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.6 (Bugfix release):
 * General:
   - reducing code by adding MAIN to the list of DOCFILES, by
       generating the list of ENTITY files globally and by
       using HTML_DIR for HTML. HTML-SINGLE and JSP
 * EPUB:
   - fixed critical error: a single tmp dir was used to generate
     different EPUB books
   - EPUB zip file is now generated from a file list extracted from
     OEBPS/content.opf. This ensures that only files referenced
     in the content.opf are packaged
   - Added fix for bug in DocBook stylesheets which generates an
     empty date entry in content.opf which causes a validation error
   - Improved CSS handling:
     - if no CSS file is specified on the command line or in the
       DC-file, the _first_ one found in <STYLEDIR>/epub/ is
       automatically used
     - --css now requires a parameter - if you do not want any CSS
       file to be used, specify "none": --css=none
   - EPUBs now validate with epubcheck 3.0
 * HTML:
   - if using the DocBook standard layout for resources
     it is no longer manfdatory to specify a CSS file on the
     command line or in the DC-file. DAPS will automatically use the
     _first_ *.css file in <STYLDIR>/ if none is specified
   - if using a static dir for resources
      you can now specify an alternative css file with --css or an
      alternative static dir with --statdir
    - this makes it possible to switch between stylsheets using the
      two different resource directory approaches without having to
      modify a DC-file
    - the --css parameter now requires an argument. If you want to
      use no stylesheet at all, specify --css=none
    NOTE: This update requires to run the first HTML, HTML-Single
          and JSP build after the update with the --clean switch in
          order to create a clean result directory.
    - if both variants (<STYLEDIR>/images and <STYLEDIR>/static
      exist, the static directory is automatically used
   - DC-files are delivered with a locdrop if --def-file is
   - NO_TRANS_FILES was not correctly computed
   - entity files were missing in packages
   - entity files were missing in packages
   - generating a uniquely named graphics tarball for each book
     (when export-dir is set) instead of one that gets overwritten
     with each build

Tue Mar 26 07:46:45 UTC 2013 -

- Fixed bnc#811376

Mon Mar 25 09:28:54 UTC 2013 -

 * fix for EPUB validation bug (EPUB Mime-Type file ended with 
   a newline which caused a validation error)
Fri Mar 22 15:13:47 UTC 2013 -

 * spec-file update: Version 1.77 or better of the Docook
   stylesheets is required 

Fri Mar 22 13:50:03 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.5 (Bugfix release)

 * fixed errors in EPUB generation (wrong paths in content.opf)
   EPUBs should now be viewable in all ePUB viewers
 * fixed two errors in target locdrop: no proper image tarball was
   generated and the notrans-tarball had a wrong path 
 * added a missing conditional requirement (on $IMG_DIRECTORIES)
   for image building
 * fixed errors when building dist-{html,htmlsingle,jsp}

Fri Mar 22 09:22:01 UTC 2013 -

- Added url as source.
  Please see

Wed Feb 13 14:37:26 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.4 (Bugfix Release):

 * Fixed target productinfo, which did not produce any output when
   ROOTID was not set

Tue Feb  5 13:38:37 UTC 2013 -

 Version 1.1.3 (Bugfix Release):

 * Added missing dependecies for Desktop/Document/Pagefile option
   (fix for ticket #122 package-pdf: --documentfiles fails with
   clean sources)
 * Added switch "xsltparam" for package-pdf and package-html
   (fix for ticket #121 package-pdf: --xsltparam missing)

Thu Jan 17 15:21:28 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.2:

* added support for the static/ directory used by the new
  stylesheets for HTML
* re-enabled the new font-macros in spec-file (see commit from
  Mon Aug  6 15:53:53 UTC 2012 - that got

Mon Jan 14 15:56:50 UTC 2013 -

Version 1.1.1 (Bugfix Release):

* fix for ticket #113 (daps-xslt/mallard/docbook.xsl missing) 
* fix for ticket #114 (package-html with easy file names wanted)
* settings for BUILD_DIR in config files were ignored

Fri Dec 21 10:03:32 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.1:
  * a perl script to automatically build documents and deploy them
    to a remote machine via rsync

  * completely rewrote the epub generating code
  * no longer needs an external script (db2epub.ruby) for
    epub-file generation - now everything is handled in
    make itself

  * added a --clean switch which clears the directory
    before generating a new version

  * completely rewrote the code for package-src
    - new option --set-date allows to set a publication date
      (default: current date)
  * new options for package-html and package-pdf
    --desktopfiles: generates an archive with desktopfiles for KDE3
    --documentfiles: generates a documnet file for KDE4/GNOME2
    --pagefiles: generates a page file for GNOME3
  * completely rewrote online-docs
    - now automatically generates epub, color-pdf and single-html archive
    - new option --export-dir to specify a results directory
  * completely rewrote locdrop
    - new option --export-dir to specify a results directory

  * no longer a stand-alone program
  * use "daps -d DC-file spellcheck" to check single files 
    (--file option), complete documents (via DC-file) or
    parts of a document (vi ROOTID)
  * can be configured via config variables ASPELL_* 

Emacs macros for DocBook:
  * Now supports nxml-mode

  * User Guide: significant additions

  * Added a --manifest option to dist-html which adds a manifest
    files containing the html-files in the same order as in the
  * Replaced bash 4 only code with bash 3 compatible code
    (bash 4 is no longer a prerequisite for daps)

  * Ticket #77 Lang variable ($LL) might not be set
  * Ticket #104 Inconsistent Tar Ball for dist-graphics
  * Corrected the webhelp.indexer.language setting
  * a misplaced >/dev/null prevented the svg2svg conversion,
    resulting in 0 byte SVGs
  * added proper error handling to setfiles, sourcefiles, docfiles
  * html-single output in a separate htmlsingle/ directory
  * Raised FOP_STACK to 2048k, because otherwise FOP builds on
    x86_64 fail
  * Fixed a bug in listing the double images. backup images like
    foo.svg~ or foo.svg.~ were listed, too
  * EPUB generation failed when no CSS file was specified. This
    is fixed now
  * Fixed sed statements for preserving and recovering entities;
    the former statements did not match all entity declarations
    possible and recovering was error-prone
  * Only use optipng when it is available
  * Fixed targets warn-images and warn-cap

Mon Aug  6 15:53:53 UTC 2012 -

- prepare spec file for dropping SuSEconfig.fonts (openFATE#313536)

Thu May  3 20:24:49 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0.2 (Bugfix Release):

* Important:
  - in order to avoid confusion with short options for daps itself
    (such as -d for --docconfig and --draft),
    the subcommands only support long options now. The following
    short options for subcommands are no longer supported:
     -c (use --comments)
     -d (use --draft)
     -f (use --file)
     -m (use --meta)
     -n (use --name)
     -p (use --pretty)
     -r (use --remarks)
     -s (use --show)
  - the only short option that will remain is -h (help)

* Bugfixes:
  - added proper help texts for subcommands
  - target warn-images did not work
  - target missinggraphics did not show all missing images
  - daps failed with a useless error message when $MAIN was not
    well-formed. The fix produces a useful error message now
  - --remarks option did not work with DocBook stylesheets
  - paths specified on the command line or the config file had to
    be absolute. The fix now allows to also specify relative paths
    for all configurable directories and files
  - COMMENTS_STR, DRAFT_STR and REMARK_STR were not correctly unset
    when one of these modes was not set on the command line but
    implied by another mode (e.g. --meta). The result was a wrong
  - target webhelp-dir-name was missing
  - draft.png was not shown in PDF/HTML draft builds when using the
    DocBook Stylesheets
  - Due to a variable name mismatch, the --name option did not work
  - target showvariable exited with an error if requested variable
    was empty
  - config options FOP_CONFIG and XEP_CONFIG were not used. The fix
    renames them to FOP_CONFIG_FILE and XEP_CONFIG_FILE - these
    variables are used in the wrapper scripts
  - FOP_WRAPPER and XEP_WRAPPER were not set correctly when
    DAPSROOT was set
  - disabled Permalink generation for PDFs (this is an HTML-only
  - images were not cerrectly references for target jsp
  - the DEF file was not correctly packaged in target locdrop
  - fixed webhelp target. Wildcards do not work in classpath
    expression, resolved them with $(wildcard $(firstword())
  - Warning message "DEF file is missing" was issued for targets
    that do not have a --def-file option
  - targets package-html and package-pdf failed with an error on
    desktop files generation
  - target remaininggraphics always returned an empty list
  - SVG to SVG conversions generated useless error messages

* Stylesheets:
  - removed obsolete stuff for @role=productname,
    productnumber, or productnameref
* Documentation:
  - Quick Start Guide: Finished
  - User Guide: Significant additions, but still work in progress
  - Updated README.upgrade_from_susedoc_4.x

Tue Apr  3 10:04:42 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0:

 - Use XEP/FOP wrapper scripts by default 

Mon Apr  2 14:22:05 UTC 2012 -

version 1.0 RC5:

* Bugfix:
  - Setting stack size for FOP to 512k in wrapper script, otherwise
    builds on i586 fail during hyphenation

Mon Apr  2 12:28:49 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0 RC4

* Bugfix:
  - Not all links were dereferenced with --static

Fri Mar 30 19:37:13 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0 RC3

* Bugfixes:
  - Issuing hint on missing formatter scripts only when verbosity
    is >= 1
  - spec-file: Fixed typo on suse-xsl-stylesheet recommends
               python-xml needs to be a general requirement
  - fixed path to callouts and style images for FO

* Lots of minor documentation fixes/enhancements 

Thu Mar 29 09:12:37 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0 RC2 

* Bugfixes:
  - issue a hint rather than exiting when XEP/FOP_WRAPPER do not
  - daps_xslt/yelp/*.xsl was not installed by make install

Wed Mar 28 08:44:22 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0 RC1

* Bugfixes:
  - fixed minor package building issues
  - inkscape always returns 0, even in case of an error. Added
    a workaround, so daps now exits when an image conversion with
    inkscape fails
  - --main option should work now
  - Fixed errors on setting the fallback stylesheets
  - comments and remarks did not show up in the docs when requested
    (again ;-(( ) - this is fixed now
* much better error handling - daps will now exit when wrong paths
  or a non existing ROOTID are entered in the user config file
  or the DC file
* significant enhancements to the Documentation
  (Reference & Quickstart)

Tue Mar 20 13:14:16 UTC 2012 -

* Bugfix: Target for index generation had wrong ending
  (.idx instead of .ind)

Fri Mar 16 16:01:26 UTC 2012 -

* Bugfix: Typo in Makefile caused wrong catalog entries 

Thu Mar 15 15:38:26 UTC 2012 -

* showvariable now only shows the result to make it better suited
  for script usage 

Thu Mar 15 10:12:39 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0beta2:

* Bugfix:
  Finally found the correct solution for adding/removing catalog
  entries in the spec file
* Enhancement: webhelp suppport 

Wed Mar  7 15:54:22 UTC 2012 -

Version 1.0beta1:

* Rebuild large parts to make DAPS distribution-independent.
  - rewrote Makefile for automake/autoconf
    => configure; make; make install is now supported
  - thorough cross-distribution testing is still needed, basic tests
    have been run on RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu

* removal of custom stylesheets
  DAPS no longer uses the SUSE stylesheets as a default. It even no
  longer contains the SUSE stylesheets - they are now available as a
  separate package (suse-xsl-stylesheets in Documentation:Tools).

  - By default DAPS uses the generic DocBook stylesheets now
  - Custom stylesheets such as the SUSE stylesheets can be used by
    specifying up to four parameters on the command line/the config
    * Styleroot:
      Directory containing the custom stylesheets. Must have the same
      directory structure as the original DocBook stylesheet root
      directory. Does _not_ need to contain stylesheets for all output
      formats. If stylesheets are not found, DAPS will automatically
      fall back to the DocBook stylesheets.
      - Variable: STYLEROOT
      - Parameter: --styleroot
      - Value: absolute path to directory
    * Fallback styleroot
      Custom fallback styleroot. If DAPS cannot find styles for the
      given output format, it will automatically fall back to the
      DocBook stylesheets. This config option will add a custom
      fallback directory with higher priority. The DocBook stylesheets
      will remain as a last resort, however.
      - Variable: FALLBACK_STYLEROOT
      - Parameter: --fb_styleroot
      - Value: absolute path to directory
    * CSS files:
      Specify CSS files for HTML and/or CSS. By default no CSS file
      will be used.
      - Variables: HTML_CSS, EPUB_CSS
      - Parameter: --css for html and epub targets
        (daps -d <DC> html--css <CSS> )
      - Value: absolute path to file

* rewrote FOP formatter handling - both supported formatters (FOP/XEP) are
  now controlled by the following variables:
  *_WRAPPER (wrapper script, libexec/daps-fop, libexec/daps-xep by default)
  *_CONFIG (xml config file, etc/daps/xep/xep-daps.xml and
            etc/daps/fop/fop-daps.xml by default. A specific fop-daps.xml
            is installed for RedHat and SUSE by default)
  *_OPTIONS (Command line options)
* renaming of parameters and variables
  In order to make parameters and variables "self-speaking" the
  following has been renamed:

  - File ENV-file to DC-file (doc config file)
  - Variable BASE_DIR to DOC_DIR (doc dir) => Terminology!
  - Variable DTDROOT to DAPSROOT (daps installation directory)
  - Variable FOP_TYPE to FORMATTER
  - command line switch --fop to --formatter
  - command line switch -e/--envfile has been renamed to
    -d/--docconfig (-e/--envfile will still be supported)

* global parameter --base_dir no longer supported

  Instead of specifying --base_dir with daps, you now need to specify a
  full path (either relative or absolute) to the DC-file. However, the
  "magic" that automatically tries to determine the path to a DC-file
  when you do not specify a path or not even a DC file, still applies.
  Therefore you only need to specify a valid path to the DC-file in
  cases where you would have used --base_dir with previous DAPS

* --main parameter / MAIN

  Instead of calling daps with -d/--docconfig you can also directly
  specify a MAIN with --main=<PATH>. You need to specify a valid
  relative or absolute path. If you just specify a
  file name, ./xml/$MAIN is automatically assumed.

* packaging

  The former DAPS version has been split into two packages:
  - daps
  - suse-xsl-stylesheets (SUSE stylesheets, NovDOC DTD, SUSE aspell

* other DAPS changes since 0.9.2 in brief:
  - stylesheet images have been moved to fit the directory structure used
    in the original stylesheets
  - new variable STYLEDEVEL which can be used when developing stylesheets.
    STYLEDEVEL _always_ takes precedence over STYLEROOT and can be set in
  - Rewrote handling of profiling variables PROFARCH, PROFCONDITION,
    PROFVENDOR, PROFOS - all 4 are now fully supported (formerly only
    PROFOS and PROFARCH were fully supported)
  - created catalog entry to resolve stylesheets in daps_xslt
  - daps init has been moved to a separate script bin/daps-init
  - each SUSE stylesheet file now contains a short overview of purpose
    and parameters
  - lots of stylesheet bugfixes
  - license: GPL 2.0 or 3.0 at your choice
  - fixed target man for man-page generation; man pages are not gzip'ed
    by default (unless you specify --nogzip); manpage subdirectories
    (man1, man2,...) are no longer created by default, but can rather be
    enabled via the --subdirs switch
  - new parameter --check for target epub checks build with epubcheck
  - added very basic DocBook5 support (with xslt 1.0 stylesheets only)
    still a lot to do on this front
  - Default HTML format is now XHTML 1.0 (instead of HTML 4.01). Use
    --html4 to generate HTML 4.01
  - auto generate SUSE HTML4 stylesheets from XHTML stylesheets
  - binaries that are only called from withion make have been moved to

Mon Jan  9 15:30:47 UTC 2012 -

- Really fixed bnc#739213,
- Added COPYING-{2.0,3.0} files

Wed Dec 28 11:48:06 UTC 2011 -

- Remove fetch_source.

Wed Dec 28 08:39:57 UTC 2011 -

- BuildRequire exiftool that's now available as a subpackage on

Thu Dec 15 14:07:13 UTC 2011 -

New version 0.9.2

  * fixed misspelled variablename in fo generating target
  * remarks in HTML and PDF builds were only shown when comments
    were turned on, too. This had been fixed earlier but the fix
    seems to have been reverted by mistake. Re-enabled the fix in
    the inline.xslt stxlesheets for fo and html
- -r/--remarls now implies draft mode
- -m/--meta now implies draft mode but does not imply remarks

Thu Dec 15 10:39:31 UTC 2011 -

- Set license to GPL-2.0+.

Thu Dec 15 06:49:50 UTC 2011 -

- On 12.1, BuildRequire perl-Image-ExifTool.

Fri Dec  9 11:53:10 UTC 2011 -

- BUGFIX: Misspelled variable name in fo generation for FOP
- Styleshhet changes:
  * added first draft of release notes stylesheets 

Wed Dec  7 13:54:43 UTC 2011 -

- Stylesheet changes:
  Fixed bugs:
  * bnc#573835: pdf-color: title in PDF properties too general
  * bnc#703483: FOP: No Hyphenation?
  * bnc#706452: FOP: Too much Whitespace Behind <ulink> and <filename>
  * bnc#711526: Layout: sect3 can not be distinguished from a sect4
  * bnc#719848: daps stylesheets: Make metadata for PDF draft mode optional  

- Program changes:
  * New version 0.9.1
    - "daps -h <subcommand>" now shows help for subcommand
    - New config option XSLTPARAM / cmdline switch --xsltparam:
      can be used to overwrite one or more stylesheet
      parameters. Using that option/switch it is possible to change
      the pagesize, pageformat, alignment, margins, etc. etc.
      without having to rewrite the stylesheets directly
    - subcommand getimages can now be run with a rootid or a filename
    - subcommands getimages and checklink can now be invoked without
      a filename or a rootid - in this case the rootid provided by
      the ENV-file is used
    - new general command line switch --version
    - new switch -m/--meta for pdf builds (adds same functionality as
      for the html builds)
  * completely rewrote lib/daps_functions:
    - now has a generic option parser
    - functions setup_builddir and format_options have been
      combined into one function called init_env
    - one single function that invokes make: call_make
    - logging can be turned on/off within each function invoking
      call_make by setting WRITE_LOG to 1/0 (default: 1 (on))
    - the make command is now set up here rather than in bin/daps
    - getimages now uses make to create the image list (rather than
      using /usr/bin/xml)
    - new function no_opts for subcommands that have no command line
  * pretty printing has been moved from lib/daps_functions into the
    - We now do an early! check whether a subcommand is correct
      or not function run_subcmds has therefore been replaced by an
      associative hash; the hash's key/value pairs can be eval'd to
      call the function
    - .fo files will always be regenerated by using PHONY targets
      This also keeps the .fo file, which is desireable for debugging
Fri Oct  7 12:28:15 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfixes on .document and .desktop file generation 

Fri Oct  7 08:13:54 UTC 2011 -

- Updated Quick Start/Flyer design

Thu Oct  6 11:59:03 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: image copying on static html builds

Thu Oct  6 10:39:58 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: css file was not properly copied when using --static on
  HTML builds 

Fri Sep 30 22:25:08 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfixing HTML generation. Copying/linking images and CSS made 
  problems when old builöds were present. This fix ensures images/css
  files get removed before trying to create them 

Fri Sep 30 14:48:36 UTC 2011 -

Beta 8:

- new option "--static" for html builds copies images and css files
  rather than linking them (which is the default)
- document-files-html / document-files-pdf / desktop-files now only
  generate the desktop files rather than creating tarballs
  * tarballs are generated with dist-document-files-html, dist-...
  * document-files-dir-name, desktop-files-dir-name show the
    directory names for the generated desktop files
- new file names for PDFs:
  color: ($BOOK|$ROOTID)_$LANG.pdf
  print: ($BOOK|$ROOTID)-print_$LANG.pdf
- new option --def-file=DEFFILE for target package-src. If specified
  also adds all ENV files referenced in the DEF-file to the tarball
- new option --def-file=DEFFILE for target locdrop adds the DEF-file
  to the notrans tarball
- Bugfix:
  * get name targets (pdf-name, html-dir-name,...) now support
    options --name, --rootid, -cdr

Mon Sep 26 15:36:46 UTC 2011 -

- spec file changes so daps builds for SLE 11 / 11.1:
  * checkbot is a recommendation for SLE
  * require python-xml for < 1120
  * replace make_install macro with a literal make install call,
    since 11.1/SLE 11 do not have the macro
- use the tar option --transform instead of --xform in order to be
  compatible with older tar versions
- Bugfix Makefile: global option -d has been replaced with --debug
Mon Sep 26 11:45:24 UTC 2011 -

- target validate now also warns about missing graphics
- Bugfix: verbosity switch -v works correctly now

Tue Sep 20 11:53:36 UTC 2011 -

- verbosity can now also be set to "0" on the command line (needed
  for scripting)
- renamed "--verbose" switch to "--verbosity"
- Specfile: Requires: fam

Mon Sep 19 11:52:50 UTC 2011 -

- Specfile: fixed %{ext_man}
- fetch_source now also copies the spec file if needed

Mon Sep 19 10:46:07 UTC 2011 -

- Completely rewrote the verbosity stuff:
  * Verbosity none: only display on line with result (default)
  * Verbosity 1 (-v, --verbose=1): print the most important target results
  * Verbosity 2 (-vv --verbose=2): print all commands called by make
  * Default verbosity level can be overwritten in ~/.daps/config via
- General option -d is no longer supported to avoid confusion with
  subcommand option -d (draft mode) - use --debug instead
- Replaced target clean-book with clean-results
- Updated BUGS and TODO
- Stylesheets:
  * fixed bnc#573835 (PDF metadata)
- Bugfix: BUILD_DIR is now set in the makefiles
- Packaging:
  * added script that generates the source tarball via
    svn export
  * added %{ext_man} to spec file

Mon Sep 19 06:58:53 UTC 2011 -

- Applied spec file changes after Jan Engelhardt's mail on 
  (see also
- removal of '# norootforbuild'
- removal of Authors list, no longer desired in factory
- removal of %clean section, no longer required
- adding %{?_smp_mflags} whereever there is none 

Thu Sep 15 20:32:09 UTC 2011 -

Beta 7

- DAPS now supports EPS (will be converted to PDF and PNG) and
  PDF images; SVG sources can also be converted into PDF
  - new dependencies for EPS and PDF support in spec file:
    ghostscript-library, poppler tools
- completely revised to increase readability and improved
  inline documentation
- sped up png optimization with optipng by using optimization level
  2 rather than 8: almost no difference in file-size, but huge
  difference in speed
- Bugfixes:
  - rewrote profiling, since the changes from beta6 introduced
    an error that prevented profiling on changed files

Mon Sep 12 13:44:08 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: remove duplicate entries in SRCFILE list in
          (using sort)

Fri Sep  9 22:33:43 UTC 2011 -

Beta 6

- DAPS can now use XML source files with any suffix
  (not only *.xml--the KDE  project for example is using *.docbook);
-  set default values for PROFOS and PROFARCH in case they are empty
- Bugfixes:
  * target validate: call function comments_remarks rather than
  * target locdrop: correct docmanager command; warn if no file has

Thu Sep  8 15:26:48 UTC 2011 -

- this time for real:  adjusted spec file so daps also builds for

Thu Sep  8 14:22:11 UTC 2011 -

Beta 5

- print filename and ids for chapter and section headlines
  in draft mode
- added 301 and 302 codes to dontwarn options of checkbot 
- start image viewer in target getimages only when there are images

Thu Aug 11 15:32:45 UTC 2011 -

- Reverted previous change since that causes trouble with

Thu Aug 11 14:58:40 UTC 2011 -

- Adjusted spec file so daps also builds for openSUSE_Evergreen_11.2

Thu Aug 11 14:31:50 UTC 2011 -

- Using a stylesheet rather than the buggy /usr/bin/xml to get the
  rootid of a file for target checklink 

Wed Aug 10 14:37:31 UTC 2011 -

- Changed standard layout from Novell to SUSE (1st attempt)

Mon Aug  8 09:56:15 UTC 2011 -

- BUGFIX: target checklink now exits when no rootid or filename is
          specified; rootid from ENVfile is ignored 

Fri Aug  5 15:08:20 UTC 2011 -

- BUGFIX: Profiling was only redone when the _xml_ source files had
          changed, not when the entity files had changed - added a
          dependency on *.ent to the profiling target $(PROFILES) 
          to fix this

Fri Aug  5 14:45:49 UTC 2011 -

- BUGFIX: getimages function did not work in verbose or
          debug mode 

Thu Aug  4 14:00:20 UTC 2011 -

- adding a workaround for the crappy xml program that has no catalog

Thu Aug  4 12:15:56 UTC 2011 -

- Colored output is now automatically disabled when not being on a
  Terminal - so you now pipe daps commands to other programs
  (e.g. a PDF Viewer or a browser) 

Thu Aug  4 10:24:02 UTC 2011 -

- Added option --file to target checklink

Mon Aug  1 14:34:53 UTC 2011 -

- Changing target validate again: when being called explicitly, it
  now always checks profiled sources _with remarks_ ($REMARKS is
  set to 1). Options -r and -c have been removed again. 
- Bugfix: Using $@ instead of $SCMD_ARGS in getopts calls in

Mon Aug  1 11:33:13 UTC 2011 -

- we need to be able to install daps and susedoc in parallel
  internally, so removed the Obsoletes: susedoc statement
  from the spec file
- target validate can now be called with -r and -c, too 

Thu Jul 28 15:25:42 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: daps-susespell: the extra-dict was not invoked correctly

Tue Jul 26 15:34:47 UTC 2011 -

- BUGFIX: DAPS_ENV_NAME must not be set in config

Tue Jul 26 10:44:24 UTC 2011 -

Beta 4

- spec file:  
  * removed obsolete python dependencies (they moved to daps-docmanager)
  * obsoletes susedoc
  * recommends daps-docmanager and aspell+en dicts
- daps-susespell now has a man page and supports additional options
  --lang and --dict
Mon Jul 25 20:30:30 UTC 2011 -

- daps-susespell can now check multiple files
- Bugfix in lib/docbook-macros: Element typo (arearefs)

Mon Jul 25 14:26:21 UTC 2011 -

- Target checklink (chklnk, jana) now supports --rootid 

Mon Jul 25 08:19:17 UTC 2011 -

- Added exits after target calls
- Improved help/README on target init 

Fri Jul 22 21:21:46 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: daps init help now works correctly 
- Added a quickstart README
- Improved error handling and verbose output
- The majority of targets now write a logfile

Thu Jul 21 15:28:02 UTC 2011 -

Beta 3

- Bugfix: USEMETA now works correctly
- added new binary daps-susepell (Spellchecker)
- added new target getimages

Wed Jul 20 15:34:47 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfixes
  * replaced @VERSION@ and @DATE@ in daps man page
  * daps error messages now go to STDERR
  * DTDROOT/xslt (STYLEDEVEL) is the new defaul-LAYOUTROOT
  * Fixed the long-standing bug that required to activate remarks
    _and_ comments in order to see remarks
- new optional config option for ~/.daps/config: DAPS_ENV_DEFAULT
  to specify a default ENVFILE. If set, will be automatically used
  unless an alternative ENVFILE is specified on the commandline via
  -e/--envfile or via a sourced ENVFILE by DAPS_ENV_NAME

- added new target showenv that print variables ENVFILE and BASE_DIR;
  can output more variables if needed

Tue Jul 19 21:16:20 UTC 2011 -

- format_options needs to be called from the main call_make functions 

Tue Jul 19 14:43:00 UTC 2011 -

- Bugfix: Sourcing an ENV with DAPS_ENV_NAME set did not work
- Bugfix: Command line arguments for comments, drafts and remarks
  were not properly exported
Thu Jul 14 15:25:29 UTC 2011 -

- Moved daps-xmlformat to bin
- specifying a default ENVfile with DAPS_ENV_NAME=<ENV> in
  ~/.daps/config now also works when BASE_DIR is specified 

Thu Jul 14 14:20:05 UTC 2011 -

- added a new subcommend: init, which creates a working environment incl.
  an ENV file and a xml/MAIN 

Wed Jul 13 15:06:17 UTC 2011 -

- Fixed a bug in xslt/misc/get-all-used-files.xsl; needed
  to be changed, too
- error messages are directed to /dev/null when calling make_nolog

Wed Jul 13 13:28:48 UTC 2011 -

- LOG_DIR was not exported
- when running showvariable the date was always printed with the
  result - this is hopefully fixed now
- Expanded ENV conversion example in the upgrade README
Wed Jul 13 11:47:00 UTC 2011 -

- replaced the last remnants of "susedoc" with "daps" 

Wed Jul 13 08:56:17 UTC 2011 -

- Removed copy pdf from package PDF

Wed Jul 13 07:56:05 UTC 2011 -

- fixed dist-graphics (images were packed with absolute path)
- fixed HTML-USED (imagelist was wrong)
- fixed USED (removed double entries)
- added --extra-files option to package-src in order to be able
  to pack additional ENVfiles
- added --fop option for package-pdf
- packaging targets now have their own function in daps_functions

Mon Jul 11 09:41:38 UTC 2011 -

- lib/daps_functions: Fixed xep wrapper call
  (susedoc-xep -> daps-xep) 

Fri Jul  8 13:15:49 UTC 2011 -

- Another fix for projectfiles/reminingfiles: $INCLUDED
  must include $MAIN, otherwise will be called with
  an empty $INCLUDED if the book only contains a single MAIN file 

Fri Jul  8 12:32:42 UTC 2011 -

- MAIN was missing in projectfiles; fixed remainingfiles
- added TODO for man page generation, init target 

Fri Jul  8 08:15:53 CEST 2011 -

- Remove my name from the authors' list.

Thu Jul  7 09:33:47 UTC 2011 -

- Changed the IDs in /etc/xml/suse-catalog.xml to something that
  makes more sense

Thu Jul  7 08:07:09 UTC 2011 -

-  Fix for -e/-b options

Wed Jul  6 15:11:21 UTC 2011 -

- added short options -b and -e for basedir and envfile
- reformatted help

Fri Jul  1 21:58:37 UTC 2011 -

First beta of the DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (daps),
the successor of susedoc. Major changes compared to susedoc:

* make calls have been replaced by central wrapper script daps
  with svn/git style syntax
* Independent from shell environment
* All output generated by susedoc is placed in <wd>/build (default)
  or in <BUILDDIR> (can be spcified on the copmmand line)
* Strict separation between generated content and source files
* Typical Linux configuration style hierarchy established:
  - System wide configuration ( /etc/daps/config )
  - User configuration ( ~/.daps/config )
  - Book specific (ENVfile)
  - Command line
* STDOUT output much less verbose, log file is written
* Debugging function
* bugfixes
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