File _service of Package drbd.18359

  <service name="tar_scm" mode="disabled">
    <param name="url"></param>
    <param name="scm">git</param>
    <param name="filename">drbd</param>
    To update to a new release, change "revision" to the desired
    git commit hash and bump "version" if necessary

    This will download branch first instead of tag.
    <param name="revision">drbd-9.0</param>
    <param name="version">9.0.22~1</param>
    <param name="versionformat">9.0.22~1+git.%h</param>
    <param name="revision">drbd-9.0</param>

  <service name="recompress" mode="disabled">
    <param name="file">*drbd*.tar</param>
    <param name="compression">bz2</param>

  <service name="set_version" mode="disabled">
    <param name="basename">drbd</param>
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