File kiwi-boot-descriptions-rpmlintrc of Package kiwi-boot-descriptions

# don't blame on empty package, kiwi-boot-requires for obs
# integration is used to provide a requires list but the package
# itself comes with no content which is intentional. In addition
# don't blame on lib dependency which are also an expected result
# for this buildservice internal package
addFilter("suse-filelist-empty .*")
addFilter("explicit-lib-dependency .*")

# don't check for buildroot usage, kiwi's Makefile uses the same var name
addFilter("rpm-buildroot-usage .*")

# don't check for file duplicates
addFilter("files-duplicate .*")
addFilter("cross-directory-hard-link .*")

# don't check for locale locations, they are used in the initrd only
addFilter("file-not-in-%lang .*")

# kiwi master package can't be noarch if sub packages are arch specific
addFilter("W: no-binary");
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