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<patchinfo incident="10655">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1129231">VUL-0: ucode-intel,microcode_ctl: Intel firmware 20190312 release</issue>
  <description>This update for ucode-intel fixes the following issues:

Updated to the 20190312 bundle release (bsc#1129231)

New Platforms:

- AML-Y22      H0       6-8e-9/10           0000009e Core Gen8 Mobile
- WHL-U        W0       6-8e-b/d0           000000a4 Core Gen8 Mobile
- WHL-U        V0       6-8e-d/94           000000b2 Core Gen8 Mobile
- CFL-S        P0       6-9e-c/22           000000a2 Core Gen9 Desktop
- CFL-H        R0       6-9e-d/22           000000b0 Core Gen9 Mobile

Updated Platforms:

- HSX-E/EP     Cx/M1    6-3f-2/6f 0000003d-&gt;00000041 Core Gen4 X series; Xeon E5 v3
- HSX-EX       E0       6-3f-4/80 00000012-&gt;00000013 Xeon E7 v3
- SKX-SP       H0/M0/U0 6-55-4/b7 0200004d-&gt;0000005a Xeon Scalable
- SKX-D        M1       6-55-4/b7 0200004d-&gt;0000005a Xeon D-21xx
- BDX-DE       V1       6-56-2/10 00000017-&gt;00000019 Xeon D-1520/40
- BDX-DE       V2/3     6-56-3/10 07000013-&gt;07000016 Xeon D-1518/19/21/27/28/31/33/37/41/48, Pentium D1507/08/09/17/19
- BDX-DE       Y0       6-56-4/10 0f000012-&gt;0f000014 Xeon D-1557/59/67/71/77/81/87
- BDX-NS       A0       6-56-5/10 0e00000a-&gt;0e00000c Xeon D-1513N/23/33/43/53
- APL          D0       6-5c-9/03 00000032-&gt;00000036 Pentium N/J4xxx, Celeron N/J3xxx, Atom x5/7-E39xx
- APL          E0       6-5c-a/03 0000000c-&gt;00000010 Atom x5/7-E39xx
- GLK          B0       6-7a-1/01 00000028-&gt;0000002c Pentium Silver N/J5xxx, Celeron N/J4xxx
- KBL-U/Y      H0       6-8e-9/c0 0000008e-&gt;0000009a Core Gen7 Mobile
- CFL-U43e     D0       6-8e-a/c0 00000096-&gt;0000009e Core Gen8 Mobile
- KBL-H/S/E3   B0       6-9e-9/2a 0000008e-&gt;0000009a Core Gen7; Xeon E3 v6
- CFL-H/S/E3   U0       6-9e-a/22 00000096-&gt;000000aa Core Gen8 Desktop, Mobile, Xeon E
- CFL-S B0 6-9e-b/02 0000008e-&gt;000000aa Core Gen8
  <summary>Security update for ucode-intel</summary>
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