File ModemManager.changes of Package ModemManager

Thu Jan 11 12:55:52 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.6.12:
  + Blacklist:
    - Ignored Pycom devices.
    - Added Microchip's VID to the greylist.
  + QMI:
    - Fixed connection state machine when built against libqmi <
    - Fixed connection state machine when an error is reported
      setting up WDS indications.
- Changes from version 1.6.10:
  + Blacklist:
    - Ignored Silicon Labs USB Zigbee dongles.
    - Ignored Garmin ANT+ sticks.
    - Ignored Intel coredump downloader device.
  + QMI:
    - Fixed potential user-after-free issues.
    - Fixed missing handler cleanups on network-initiated
  + MBIM:
    - Fix invalid session_id and nw_error reads.
    - Avoid calling mbim_message_unref() on NULL message.
    - Fixed invalid object access due to handlers not being removed
    - Ensure session is disconnected before trying to connect.
    - Fixed t crash when modem doesn't send gateways.
  + udev:
    - Removed default ID_MM_PLATFORM_DRIVER_PROBE whitelist.
      Devices exposed via the 'atmel_usart' driver aren't probed
      automatically any more.
  + Core:
    - Fixed running init sequence after port flashing in
    - Fixed "forbidden product strings" check in plugins.
    - Fixed multiple memory leaks and invalid memory read/writes.
    - Fixed multiple async operation completions in event handlers.
    - Fixed multiple potential NULL dereferences.
    - Fixed deadlock when trying to disconnect cancellable.
    - Fixed reporting TX/RX stats (numbers were swapped).
    - Ignored USB interface removal events.
  + libmm-glib: Fix NULL dereference on firmware unique_id checks.
  + polkit: Added missing Location interface method rules.
  + Plugins:
    - MBM: set data port for Dell DW5560.
    - Simtech: fix error reporting in 3gpp unsolicited events
    - Fixed multiple memory leaks.
  + systemd: Drop rule.
- Drop post(un) handling of icon_theme_cache_post(un), no longer
  needed, file-triggers takes care of this now.
- Drop ModemManager-1.0.0-systemd-activation.patch: No longer

Thu Nov  9 01:53:44 UTC 2017 -

- Avoid using "systemctl enable" in spec file (bsc#1038402).

Mon Jul 17 15:58:16 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.6.8:
  + Blacklist: Ignored default Linux USB Serial Gadget.
  + QMI:
    - Fixed build with libqmi 1.16.
    - Allow prefix match for modem images ending with '?'.
  + Plugins:
    - Telit: fix #PSNT values interpretation for HSDPA and LTE
    - Telit: add LTE access technology reporting.
    - Huawei: let the E3372 run NDISDUP via TTY.
    - MBM: fix async method completion enabling unsolicited events.
  + Core:
    - AT+WS46=? response parser extended to support ranges.
    - Fix setting up signal quality retrieval logic.
- Changes from version 1.6.6:
  + Blacklist:
    - Ignored devices.
    - Ignored Analog Devices EVAL-ADXL362Z-DB.
    - Ignored promotion boards from Renesas.
    - Ignored Analog PlutoSDR.
    - Ignored Telit LE866 flashing device.
  + Plugins:
    - Telit: fix AT+SERVICE 3GPP2 access technology reporting.
    - Telit: lock/unlock CSIM operations by default.
    - Telit: don't ignore AT ports without an explicit port type
      hint tag.
    - Cinterion: improve ^SMONG and ^SCFG=? response parsers.
    - Huawei: implement Signal interface based on ^HCSQ.
    - QMI: require FCC auth if InvalidTransition error is detected.
    - QMI: fix incorrect use of mm_base_bearer_get_status().
    - QMI: add WDS event reporting support.
    - MBIM: remove parent access tech loading.
  + Core:
    - Added RSCP item in the Signal interface.
    - Implement Signal interface in the generic AT based modem
      based on ^CESQ.
    - Improve network registration checks for LTE devices.
    - Handle SDIO devices.
    - Fix QCDM access tech reporting for WCDMA system modes.
    - Fix capabilities in 4G-only devices.
    - Set TTY as connected as soon as ATD replies.
  + And some other fixes.

Sun Feb 26 10:26:10 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.6.4:
  + Blacklist:
    - Ignored new Infineon flashloader devices.
    - Ignored Sigma Sport docking stations.
  + Core:
    - USSD: don't rely on lock status to allow actions.
    - 3GPP: always use 300s by default in the network scan
    - Build: limit the available glib functionality to the version
  + Plugins:
    - telit: add support for the Telit GE910.
    - zte: fix SUBSYSTEMS and ATTRS{idVendor} checks.
  + Other minor fixes.

Mon Jan  2 12:06:17 UTC 2017 -

- Recommend libmbim (boo#1017734)

Fri Dec  9 08:43:40 UTC 2016 -

- Drop pkgconfig(libsystemd-login): Even though configure checks
  for it, pkgconfig(libsystemd) is actually enough to enable the
  needed features (resume support). libsystemd-login no longer
  exists with systemd v232.

Tue Nov  1 13:24:34 UTC 2016 -

- Drop obsolete automake BuildRequires: Leftover from past patches.

Fri Oct 14 08:08:02 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.6.2:
  + Huawei: Fix setting up unsolicited voice messages.
  + Blacklist: ignored u-blox GPS/GLOSNASS USB dongle and some new
  + ZTE: avoid making udev rules tty-only.
  + Some other minor fixes.
- Drop ModemManager-core-use-MM-specific-logging-methods.patch:
  Fixed upstream.

Thu Oct 13 18:18:57 UTC 2016 -

- Add explicit pkgconfig(libsystemd) and
  pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) BuildRequires: Align with what
  configure looks for. These are needed for the new suspend/resume
  detection that arrived in 1.6.0.

Fri Aug 26 07:10:44 UTC 2016 -

- Drop
  No longer needed.

Thu Aug 18 14:55:57 UTC 2016 -

- Add ModemManager-core-use-MM-specific-logging-methods.patch:core:
  use MM-specific logging methods always instead of the generic
  GLib ones. Patch from upstream stable git.

Mon Aug 15 09:29:09 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.6.0 (boo#975211):
  + New features:
    - Core:
      . Implemented support for suspend/resume detection, currently
        working when systemd is in use. Whenever the system is
        suspended, we'll flag the modems as invalid so that they
        are re-probed from scratch when the system is resumed.
      . Added cancellation support for the probing operations.
      . Reworked and simplified the serial port response
    - Location interface:
      . Added A-GPS support, currently available only for QMI based
        modems with PDS service.
      . Added support for updating the default GPS refresh time.
    - Time interface: New default implementation for all AT-based
    - Voice interface: New DBus interface to allow the management
      of voice calls, which currently assumes that the audio
      channel is setup out of ModemManager.
    - Bearer: New support for reporting statistics of the ongoing
      connection with a new 'Stats' property, currently available
      for QMI and MBIM based modems.
    - QMI:
      . Implemented support for devices which only work in "raw IP"
        mode, like the Sierra MC7455.
      . Implemented support for SIM related operations using the
        UIM service, as newer modems with multi-SIM capabilities
        don't support the legacy DMS UIM operations.
      . Implemented support for detecting network-initiated
    - MBIM: If online mode fails, try to use the 'DMS Set FCC
      Authentication' QMI
    - udev: Added new supported 'ID_MM_PORT_IGNORE' tag to allow
      fully ignoring ports specified by the user.
    - mmcli:
      . Added command completion.
      . Added new operations to use the Voice interface.
    - Build: Added code coverage support.
    - Plugins:
      . haier: new plugin to support the Haier CE81B.
      . thuraya: new plugin for Thuraya satellite modems.
      . sierra-legacy,sierra: the implementation for Sierra modems
        is now split into two different plugins: a 'legacy' one for
        the old PPP and DirectIP based modems and the standard one
        for the newer QMI and MBIM based ones.
      . dell: new plugin for Dell rebranded devices from Novatel, 
        Sierra or Ericsson.
      . gobi: removed the plugin. All non-vendor specific QMI
        devices should now be managed by the generic plugin.
      . mbm: dynamically load the list of supported modes.
      . mbm: fixed several connection/disconnection issues.
      . simtech: support QMI devices.
      . huawei: implemented Voice call management support.
      . huawei: use static IP addressing in NDISDUP capable devices 
        if the AT^DHCP response provides the IP details.
  + Existing features backported to 1.4.x releases also present in 
    in ModemManager 1.6.0:
    - MBIM:
      . The mbim-proxy is used by default.
      . Implemented support for disconnection status notification 
        while connected.
      . Disabled CDMA capabilities, until properly supported.
    - QMI:
      . The qmi-proxy is used by default.
      . If online mode fails, use 'DMS Set FCC Authentication', 
        required by some rebranded Sierra modems (e.g. Dell branded 
      . Implemented support for loading SIM operator id and name.
      . Implemented power-cycle reset functionality.
    - Plugins:
      . telit:
        . added support for new devices, like HE910, UE910 and 
        . implemented dynamic port identification.
        . implemented unlock retries loading.
        . implemented supported/current bands management.
        . implemented supported/current modes management.
        . implemented modem reset and power down.
      . mbm: implemented GPS support for Ericsson HS2350 and 
        H5321gw modems.
- Drop upstream fixed patches:
  + ModemManager-cinterion_drop_unused_constants.patch.
  + ModemManager-novatel_remove_unused_custom_AT_probe_array.patch.
  + ModemManager-wmc_fix_typo.patch.
  + ModemManager-fix-whitespaces.patch.
- Added nmcli-bash-completion package.
- Need last version of polkit-default-priv (bsc#976945).
- build '--with-suspend-resume=systemd' argument.

Mon May 23 14:58:36 UTC 2016 -

- Add three more patches from upstream to fix build with gcc6:
  + ModemManager-cinterion_drop_unused_constants.patch.
  + ModemManager-novatel_remove_unused_custom_AT_probe_array.patch.
  + ModemManager-wmc_fix_typo.patch.

Mon May 23 13:42:39 UTC 2016 -

- Add ModemManager-fix-whitespaces.patch: Fix whitespace usage.
  While building with GCC 6, the indenting is taken as a warning
  for the user likely making a mistake.

Thu Apr 14 16:17:29 UTC 2016 -

- Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
- Rebased

Mon Apr 11 12:04:20 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.4.14:
  + Core:
    - Improved several AT response parsers (+CREG, +CGDCONT,
    - Explicitly disconnect bearer before removing it.
  + 3GPP: allow LAC/CID updates while registering.
  + QMI:
    - Don't assume LAC/CID updates are always given in system
    - Don't add APN auth settings if user/pass not given.
    - Load SIM operator id and name with "NAS home network"
    - Power-cycle reset functionality implemented.
  + Telit:
    - Added udev rules for Telite LE910 V2.
    - Implemented modem reset & power down.
    - Implemented unlock retries loading.
    - Implemented supported/current bands loading/setting.
    - Implemented supported/current modes loading/setting.
    - Ignored proxmark3.
  + Some other minor fixes.

Mon Nov  2 09:16:42 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.4.12:
  + MBM:
    - Implemented GPS support for Ericsson modems.
    - Enabled GPS port for H5321gw and HS2350.
   + Telit:
     - Added udev rules for HE910/UE910/UL865.
     - Implemented dynamic port identification.
   + QMI:
     - Expose IP config details in bearer object even if DHCP is
   + MBIM: CDMA capabilities disabled by default (not yet
   + libmm-glib:
     - If empty path (/) given, no SIM object will be created.
     - Added missing introspection annotations to disconnect().
   + Core:
     - Don't check the cache when explicitly asking for required
     - Initialize SMS messaging support also in the secondary port.
     - New +CGMR parser which covers the Telit HE910 specific
     - New AT-based generic implementation for the Time interface.
     - Fix reporting DENIED state in 3GPP modems.
   + Policy: remove rule which was preventing us from receiving
   + Blacklist: ignored MediaTek preloader.
   + Misc. other minor fixes

Thu Aug  6 08:26:47 UTC 2015 -

- Add explicit pkgconfig(udev) BuildRequires: we need it to define

Fri Jul 24 11:13:11 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.4.10:
  + QMI: retry unlock check on 'UimUninitialized' errors.
  + QMI: fix '0' prefixed IMEI/ESN/MEID.
  + Huawei: fix secondary port unsolicited message handling.
  + Huawei: ignore ^POSEND and ^POSITION unsolicited messages.
  + Blacklist: ignore devices from Posnet Polska S.A.
  + Blacklist: ignore Palm M5xx devices.

- Cleaned up spec

Thu Apr 23 12:26:45 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.4.8:
  + Build: avoid building DBus tests with GLib 2.32.
  + ZTE: support MF700.
  + Huawei: extend ^NDISSTATQRY parser with new response formats.
  + Blacklist: ignore devices from Access Interface Solutions.
  + Core: added ModemManager --version action.
  + Some other minor fixes.
- Changes from version 1.4.6:
  + MBIM: by default use the new mbim-proxy setup.
  + Telit: new support for HE910, UE910 and UL865.
  + Location: avoid printing location info in syslog with info
  + Greylist: add Cypress USB<->RS232 adapters
  + QMI: avoid unref-ing arrays owned by the output bundles.
  + Some other minor fixes.
- Changes from version 1.4.4:
  + Use 'DMS Set FCC Authentication' if online mode fails in QMI
    modems. This change requires bumping the libqmi version to
    1.12.4, which is the stable release including the change.
  + Fix segfault when empty pdp type string is given.
  + Fix segfault when port driver is unknown.
  + Blacklist: ignore PalmOS devices driven by 'visor'

Mon Feb  9 15:19:59 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.4.2:
  + MBIM:
    - Update to handle 'Function Error' responses as per libmbim
    - Handle network-notified connection status messages.
  + Bluetooth: Keep track of devices as they are move across sysfs.
  + Core: case insensitive matches in the APN list.
  + ZTE: avoid using QMI in the MF60.
  + Huawei: updated port type hint strings.
  + Icera:
    - Fix no IPv6 report response.
    - Retry Icera probing several times.
  + Altair: increase AT probe command timeout.
  + Some other minor fixes.

Mon Oct 20 11:57:19 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.4.0:
  + This version comes with the following updates in the
    - Updated the logic around the IP configuration properties in
      the Bearer:
      . Setting DHCP as IP method in the IPv6 settings means that
        SLAAC should be used to retrieve correct addressing and
        routing details.
      . DHCP IP method may now be combined with an explicit static
        IP address, as IPv6 SLAAC may require the link-local
        address to be present.
      . MTU is now also included in the IP configuration
        properties, if specified by the modem, and applicable to
        both DHCP and STATIC methods.
    - New 'OFF' power state, which fully switches off the modem
      device. After setting the modem in this state, no further use
      of it can be done. Currently available in Wavecom and
    - Location interface: new 'unmanaged GPS' support, which allows
      to start/stop the GPS module in the modem, while leaving the
      location information retrieval to other processes. Currently
      available in modems with independent GPS TTYs, like
      Option/HSO, Cinterion and Huawei.
    - New Test DBus interface: not to be installed, just for
      internal system tests.
  + Other notable changes include:
    - MBIM: support for ZTE and Sequans Communications modems.
    - Ericsson MBM: Support for AT-capable /dev/cdc-wdm ports.
    - Huawei: improved support for Network time retrieval.
    - Huawei: implemented GPS support.
    - Huawei: support for /dev/cdc-wdm AT ports via the new
      huawei-cdc-ncm driver.
    - Cinterion: implemented GPS support.
    - Cinterion: implemented unlock retries loading.
    - Cinterion: gather port types for multi-tty devices.
    - Cinterion: custom wait for SIM readiness after SIM-PIN
    - Wavecom: custom wait for SIM readiness after SIM-PIN unlock.
    - Probing: new flag to identify hotplugged devices which don't
      need full reset.
    - Tests: internal refactor of the ports handling code, allowing
      test-driven virtual ports and system tests run during
      'make check'. This new feature also comes with a new internal
      'Test' DBus interface, as well as new --test-[*] options in
      the ModemManager program.
    - and many more fixes...
- Changes from version 1.2.0:
  + Signal interface: new interface for extended signal quality
  + OMA interface: new interface to expose the Device Management
    capabilities defined by the Open Mobile Alliance.
  + Messaging interface: new 'Messages' property.
  + Modem interface: new 'Bearers' property.
  + 3GPP interface: new 'SubscriptionState' property.
  + Other notable changes include:
    - QMI: Implemented Manual CDMA activation logic.
    - QMI: Implemented 3GPP2/CDMA SMS support.
    - QMI: Added support for QMI modems in the ZTE, x22x and
      Cinterion plugins.
    - Huawei: multiple improvements and fixes for the ^NDISDUP
    - Huawei: new mode/switching logic with ^SYSCFGEX for
      LTE-capable devices.
    - Altair-LTE: set subscription state based on PCO.
    - MediaTek: new 'mtk' plugin added for MediaTek devices.
    - libmm-glib: Added GObject Introspection and Vala support.
    - and many more fixes...
- Add gobject-introspection-devel and vala BuildRequires: new build
- Split new subpackage typelib-1_0-ModemManager-1_0.
- Add rcModemManager symlink.

Wed Aug 20 08:29:18 UTC 2014 -

- Add ModemManager-1.0.0-systemd-activation.patch: Fix systemd dbus
  activation (bnc#892682). Systemd does not honor Alias= lines in
  install sections; that only works if the service file in question
  is actually enabled. So the dbus service file must refer to

Wed Jul 23 03:34:04 UTC 2014 -

- Added bnc878066-serial-ports-on-the-IO-card-are-not-responding.patch
  Fixed bnc#878066:
  4810-350 (Jaspar) and 4800-783 (Keystone Hi) serial ports on the IO card are not responding

Wed Jan 22 11:59:13 UTC 2014 -

- As we enabled pkgconfig(qmi-glib) and pkgconfig(mbim-glib)
  BuildRequires (last change), it's arguably also a good idea to
  replace --without-qmi and --without-mbim configure parameters
  with their --with-qmi and --with-mbim counterparts (and thus
  actually really enable the support).

Sun Dec  1 17:04:45 UTC 2013 -

- Enable pkgconfig(qmi-glib) and pkgconfig(mbim-glib)
  BuildRequires, as we now have a package for it.

Sat Nov 30 20:09:44 UTC 2013 -

- Run %udev_rules_update if such macro is defined.

Tue Sep 10 12:26:41 UTC 2013 -

- Enable the ModemManager service. In essence, it's a D-Bus
  service so enabling it in systemd only means to make it known
  and activatable (bnc#839067).

Fri Jul 19 14:46:25 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.0.0:
  + More flexible D-Bus API that accounts for the capabilities of
    modern devices.
  + Native support for Gobi and QMI-based Qualcomm devices via
  + Native support for MBIM-based devices via libmbim.
  + Preliminary support for GPS-based Location Services with some
  + More complete messaging API.
  + New libmm-glib client library.
  + New fully-featured command-line client (mmcli).
  + Systemd integration.
  + And various other changes.
- Add pkgconfig(mbim-glib) BuildRequires: new dependency (disabled
  for now).
- Stop passing --with-pppd-plugin-dir=$pppddir to configure, not
  reqcognized anymore.
- Add pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires, new dependency.
- Add systemd ModemManger.service to pre, preun, post and postun.

Fri Jun 21 13:31:36 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.7.991:
  + Bug fixes and improvements on the road to 0.8.0.

Thu Jun  6 10:27:50 UTC 2013 -

- License update: GPL-2.0+ and GPL-3.0
  Correct license is GPL-2.0+; see COPYING file.
  The cli tool is licensed GPL-3.0+.

Tue Apr 16 05:47:45 UTC 2013 -

- Drop rpmlintrc: the privileges are approved in Factory.

Sat Jan 12 22:02:09 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.7.990:
  + More flexible D-Bus API that accounts for the capabilities of
    modern devices.
  + Native support for Gobi and QMI-based Qualcomm devices via
  + Preliminary support for GPS-based Location Services with some
  + More complete messaging API.
  + Fully-featured command-line client (mmcli).
- Add pkgconfig(qmi-glib) BuildRequires: new dependency.
- Create new subpackage libnm-glib0.

Tue Nov 27 18:01:14 UTC 2012 -

- Move udev rules file to the folder specified by udev.pc by
  passing --with-udev-base-dir to configure.

Wed Aug 29 18:46:35 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Minor bugfixes.

Mon Aug 20 18:50:13 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 0.5.995.0:
  + More flexible and reliable port probing and modem setup.
  + New plugin for some Cinterion modems.
  + New plugin for some Iridium satellite modems.
  + New API for modem firmware management.
  + New API for network-provided date and time.
  + New API for indicating remaining PIN/PUK unlock retries.
  + New API for indicating enabled facility locks.
  + Plugins can now suggest and IP timeout value for connection
- Drop ModemManager-unsupported-qmi_wwan-ports.patch: fixed

Mon Aug 20 10:08:13 UTC 2012 -

- Add ModemManager-unsupported-qmi_wwan-ports.patch: fix calls to
  pppd when using the qmi_wwan. Fix bnc#776520.

Wed Mar 14 17:13:02 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Retry sending SMS messages in PDU mode if an error occurs in
    text mode

Sun Feb 26 14:10:33 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Fix reading SMS messages in text mode
  + Fix communication with some Nokia phones
- Drop ModemManager-use-deprecated.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf: those were
  only needed for patch above.
- Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build

Wed Feb 15 11:51:04 UTC 2012 -

- Move dbus xml interface files from devel subpackage to main
  subpackage: those files might be needed at runtime.

Wed Feb  8 19:52:24 UTC 2012 -

- Add ModemManager-use-deprecated.patch: do not warn about using
  deprecated methods. This allows to build against glib >= 2.31.14.
- Add call to autoreconf in %%prep section, as the patch above
  touches m4 files.

Thu Jan 19 06:36:55 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Fixed sending SMS messages with modems that only support PDU

Tue Jan 10 07:04:21 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Better detection of registration state when connecting
  + Added support for more Ericsson modems
  + Many memory leak fixes
  + Ensure Gobi devices are driven by the gobi plugin
  + Added multi-part SMS message support
  + Better handling of requests when modem is disabled
  + USSD fixes for Huawei devices
  + Added support for Nokia Internet Sticks
  + Fixed quirky response handling on some Cinterion modems
  + Fixed CREG response handling on modems that include the RAC
  + Skip sending power-up command if modem is already powered up
  + Added support for Sierra Wireless devices using Icera chips
    (USB305, Lightning)
- Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
  xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
  bnc#697467 for more details.
- Drop ModemManager-glib-2.31.patch: fixed upstream.

Wed Nov 16 13:44:45 UTC 2011 -

- Add ModemManager-glib-2.31.patch: fix build with glib 2.31.

Tue Nov 15 14:15:25 UTC 2011 -

- Really enable parallel build: fix typo smp_flags => smp_mflags.

Sat Sep 17 09:43:38 UTC 2011 -

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile

Wed Aug  3 08:03:49 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 0.5:
  + Improvements for Samsung modems
  + Support access technology reporting for Qualcomm Gobi modems
  + Fix communication with Nokia N900 devices
  + Support multiple CDMA Rm protocols
  + Fix handling of Option access technology reporting
  + Fix handling of CDMA EVDO registration states
  + Fix problems reconnecting Ericsson F5521gw modems
  + Better handling of some Android handset modem
  + Bugs fixed: rh#583691, lp#765516, bgo#641661, bgo#652682,
    bgo#650740, bgo#652910, bgo#637327.

Fri Jul  1 09:46:46 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 0.4.998:
  + Handle udev 'change' events.
  + gsm:
    - set SMS storage location before enabling notifications
    - handle case of entirely empty SPN correctly
  + ussd: fix reception, network notifications, and network
  + serial: warn when open/close take longer than 7 seconds
  + Add a DBus interface for setting the log level.
  + Add support for Samsung Y3400.
  + Improvements for Icera-based modems.
  + Improve disabling of Samsung GSM modems.
  + Fix leaks.

Wed Jun 15 12:49:34 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 0.4.997:
  + Add support for various Linktop devices (LW273, etc)
  + Implement standard D-Bus Properties interface PropertiesChanged
  + Add support for Qualcomm SMD-connected modems
  + Export modem state over D-Bus
  + Add D-Bus API for CDMA modem activation
  + Correctly report HSPA+ access technology
  + Correctly report home vs. roaming state with basic Sprint CDMA
  + Add D-Bus API for power-cycling/resetting modems
  + Add support for USSD responses
  + Finer grained and more consistent logging
  + Blacklist more usb-serial dongles unlikely to be modems
  + Add support for platform serial ports
  + Loosen permissions for reading device information
  + Add support for Samsung Y3300 Icera-based modem
  + Speed up probing process when ports support AT commands
  + Better SMS reception and reporting
  + Add support for some Wavecom modems
  + Add support for Simtech-based Prolink PH-300
  + Add support for Alcatel X200
  + Fix various crashes when modem is removed
  + Bigs fixed: bgo#636040, bgo#636438, bgo#637140, bgo#638038,
    bnc#674022, kde#266807, lp#673457, rh#544121.

Thu May  5 10:42:27 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 0.4.996:
  - Add a mechanism to get remaining incorrect PIN attempts
  - Add a mechanism to retrieve the equipment identifier
  - Added support for returning devices to factory settings
  - Better compatibility with Blackberry GSM devices
  - Added a Location Services API with support for GSM devices
  - Fixes for Novatel CDMA devices (home/roaming status, better
    signal quality reporting)
  - Better detection of EVDO registration when device is in 1X mode
  - Add support for newer Alcatel devices like X220D
  - Support for more ZTE devices
  - Fix modem detection failures with some Sierra devices
  - Add support for newer Ericsson devices
  - Add an SIM identifier for use when auto-unlocking modems
  - Add an device identifier for use when MEID/IMEI is not yet
  - Handle signal quality reporting for GSM modems that don't
    support AT+CSQ
  - Add preliminary USSD support
  - Fix reconnection attempts with some Sierra devices
  - Add support for pseudo-ethernet interface on newer Sierra
  + Fixed bugs: rh#597296, rh#583691, rh#597088, bgo#626421,
    rh#585394, bgo#628105, bgo#627935, bgo#621815, rh#632516,
    lp#682282, bgo#590798
- Drop ModemManager-fix-new-glib.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop ModemManager-polkit-deprecated.patch: fixed upstream.
- Create a devel subpackage for new development files.

Sun Feb 13 16:52:28 CET 2011 -

- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
- Add hicolor-icon-theme BuildRequires and Requires since we need
  to have those macros defined and we install hicolor icons, so we
  need to have the theme installed.

Wed Nov 10 12:39:23 UTC 2010 -

- Remove zero-size files from documentation.

Wed Nov 10 12:36:31 UTC 2010 -

- Own parent directories.

Fri Aug 27 12:13:02 CEST 2010 -

- Add ModemManager-polkit-deprecated.patch to fix build with a
  recent polkit (>= 0.97). This is only needed on openSUSE 11.4 and

Mon Aug  9 12:46:41 CEST 2010 -

- Add ModemManager-fix-new-glib.patch to fix build with recent
- Build PolicyKit support: add polkit-devel BuildRequires and pass
  --with-polkit to configure.
- Do not add -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS: this is not needed

Mon Jul 26 11:56:15 UTC 2010 -

- Update to version 0.4:
  + For the full list of changes, see
  + bgo#604551: add an unlockRequired property that provides lock
                status, check modem PIN state before exporting it
  + bgo#608668: tag ChineBird PL68 ports
  + bgo#591047: only set auto registration if the modem isn't idle
  + bgo#608022: allow blacklisting various devices
  + bgo#617873: gsm: be more lenient in +CGDCONT parsing
  + rh#553199: ignore CSS on EVD0-capable modems.
  + rh#573510: assume +CPIN "READY" response indicates GSM
  + rh#579247: fix sypport check for last plugin
  + rh#569067: cdma: fix subclass registration state checking in
               error paths
  + rh#571921: cdma: prevent crash on modem removal
  + rh#587400: gsm/cdma: fix data port assignment
  + Updated translations.

Wed May 26 11:38:20 CEST 2010 -

- Remove hal-devel BuildRequires again.
- Remove ozerocdoff Recommends: usb_modeswitch is the modern
  solution, and it's already recommended. And ozerocdoff depends on
  hal, which is bad.

Thu Jan 21 18:05:51 UTC 2010 -

- Upgrade to version 0.3. No new features, but includes a lot of
  bug fixes and much broader hardware support.

Thu Dec 10 20:43:23 UTC 2009 -

- Remove unused BuildRequires hal-devel
- Add build require on udev for directory ownership.

Tue Aug 11 11:46:42 UTC 2009 -

- Update to the latest upstream:
  + Move device probing and detection to udev
  + Add plugin for Motorola C-series phones and BUSlink scwi275u
  + Add plugin for Qualcomm Gobi devices
  + Updated Ericsson 'mbm' driver
  + Better Huawei detection; don't drop BUSlink responses
  + Several other fixes

Tue Jun 16 10:43:16 EEST 2009 -

- Update to the latest upstream:
  + Some fixes to the public API to correctly implement the spec.
  + Implement unsolicited registration for modems that support it.
  + Implement new "Simple" interface.
  + Implement cached commands.
  + Implement 'V1 E1' parser to work with modems which refuse to
    turn their echo off.
  + Implement Nokia plugin.
  + Implement a plugin for ZTE modems.
  + Lots of minor bug fixes.

Thu Feb 26 11:42:41 EET 2009 -

- Probe HSO modems, don't trust (often incorrect) HAL modem
  properties (bnc #468329).

Fri Feb  6 09:19:14 EET 2009 -

- Fix dbus permissions (bnc #468384).

Mon Jan 26 15:24:20 EET 2009 -

- Implement Novatel plugin (bnc #468323).

Fri Jan 16 10:15:43 EET 2009 -

- Check the registration state even after unsuccessful attempt,
  some cards report error if they're already registered before
  the attempt (bnc #430673).

Tue Jan  6 12:35:58 EET 2009 -

- Broaden the network device matching for HSO modems as some
  (newer?) modems have only matching grandparent between serial
  and ethernet device UDIs. Fix the Option driver to not steal
  HSO modems. (bnc #462534).
- Explicitly disable unsolicitied messages for generic GSM modems
  (bnc #462536).
- Not all serial devices have carrier detection. Add a property to
  the serial base class to turn it off and make certain Huawei
  modems turn it off (bnc #462567).
- Suggest "ozerocdoff" (part of bnc #405178).

Wed Dec  3 11:07:27 EET 2008 -

- Fix the HSO modem plugin (bnc #449992).
- Provide 'org.freedesktop.ModemManager' so that NetworkManager
  could use alternative implementations.

Mon Nov 24 17:07:35 EET 2008 -

- Always log which modem plugin is used.

Tue Nov 18 13:09:18 EET 2008 -

- Don't require CDMA modems to implement verbose error reporting
  (+CMEE command) (bnc #430502).
- Add a Sierra Wireless plugin that waits a bit after enabling the
  radio (bnc #430673).

Fri Nov  7 15:44:06 EET 2008 -

- Implement a plugin for Option devices.
- Enable/disable plugging with SIGUSR1.
- Recommend usb_modeswitch (bnc #442515).

Fri Oct 24 12:39:05 EEST 2008 -

- Add support for MBM modems.
- Use only one serial port for Huawei modems.

Mon Oct 20 14:41:26 EEST 2008 -

- Fix a segfault which occured when scanning results could not be
- Register a correct response parser for generic CDMA

Fri Sep 19 13:56:21 EEST 2008 -

- Make it build for openSUSE 11.0 as well.
- Update from upstream:
  + Implement smarter APN choosing.
  + Implement PIN changing and enabling/disabling.
  + Make sure the device is enabled before trying to send commands to it.
  + Disconnect modem if it's connected while disabling.
  + Fix the loadable module name checking.
  + Document DBus error codes and messages.
  + Get the monitoring device from HAL for Huawei modems.
  + Add correct message to mobile (+CMEE) errors.
  + Finish the non-verbose (V0) mode parser.
  + Reduce the amount of power used to minimum when modem is disabled.
  + Reset the CID when the modem is enabled/disabled and disconnected.
  + Specify call mode in the modem init string.

Fri Sep 12 15:50:16 EEST 2008 -

- Remove the patch to not require dbus-glib-0.75, factory has it.
- Update from upstream:
  + Rewrite the serial port handling.
  + Implement serial command queueing.
  + Define and implement error reporting.
  + Fix device added and removed signals.

Sun Sep  7 11:45:30 CEST 2008 -

- Use autoreconf -fi.

Mon Sep  1 18:10:24 CEST 2008 -

- Update from upstream:
  + Fix upper case inconsistency in the public API (SetApn).
  + Fix HSO modem plugin.
  + Implement reading IMEI, IMSI, manufacturer, model, and version (revision).
  + License ModemManager with GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1.

Fri Aug 29 15:18:08 CEST 2008 -

- Update from upstream to get the API redesign agreed on NetworkManager
  mailing list.

Thu Aug 28 16:40:00 EEST 2008 -

- Initial checkin for autobuild.
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