File azure-li-services-rpmlintrc of Package azure-li-services.15530

# While the package provides services all services are one-shot.
# Additionally upon initial run, i.e. on first boot the package
# itself gets removed via the azure-li-cleanup implementation.
# This means there is no package update path as the package will
# be gone after initial boot. Therefore there is no need for
# use of the "standard" systemd service handling macros.
addFilter("systemd-service-without-service_add_pre .*")
addFilter("systemd-service-without-service_add_post .*")
addFilter("systemd-service-without-service_del_postun .*")
addFilter("systemd-service-without-service_del_preun .*")

# Large Instance services runs once and never manually
addFilter("suse-missing-rclink .*")

# Large Instance systemd service binaries are no user tools
# and fully controlled by systemd. There is no need to provide
# a manual page for a one-shot binary that gets removed
# from the system after it has done its job
addFilter("no-manual-page-for-binary .*")

# Don't complain about how python packages its modules
addFilter("files-duplicate /usr/lib/python.*")
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