File README.SUSE of Package openssh.10662

This is OpenSSH version 7.2p2 for SLE12

There are following changes in default settings of ssh client and server:

* Accepting and sending of locale environment variables in protocol 2 is

* PAM authentication is enabled.

* root authentiation with password is enabled by default (PermitRootLogin yes).
  NOTE: this has security implications and is only done in order to not change
  behaviour of the server in an update. We strongly suggest setting this option
  either "prohibit-password" or even better to "no" (which disables direct
  remote root login entirely).

* SSH protocol version 1 is enabled for maximum compatibility.
  NOTE: do not use protocol version 1. It is less secure then v2 and should
  generally be phased out.

* DSA authentication is enabled by default for maximum compatibility.
  NOTE: do not use DSA authentication since it is being phased out for a reason
  - the size of DSA keys is limited by the standard to 1024 bits which cannot
  be considered safe any more.

* Accepting all RFC4419 specified DH group parameters. See KexDHMin in
  ssh_config and sshd_config manual pages.

For more information on differences in SUSE OpenSSH package see README.FIPS
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