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<patchinfo incident="19662">
  <issue id="1178066" tracker="bnc">VUL-0: CVE-2020-0433: kernel live patch: use after free in blk_mq_queue_tag_busy_iter of blk-mq-tag.c</issue>
  <issue id="1184710" tracker="bnc">VUL-0: CVE-2021-29154: kernel live patch: LPE due to incorrect BPF JIT branch displacement computation</issue>
  <issue id="1184952" tracker="bnc">VUL-0: CVE-2020-36322: kernel live patch: FUSE driver can confuse kernel by changing inode type</issue>
  <issue id="2020-0433" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2020-36322" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2021-29154" tracker="cve" />
  <description>This update for the Linux Kernel 4.12.14-150_55 fixes several issues.

The following security issues were fixed:

- CVE-2020-36322: Fixed an issue inside the FUSE filesystem implementation where fuse_do_getattr() calls make_bad_inode() in inappropriate situations, could have caused a system crash. NOTE: the original fix for this vulnerability was incomplete, and its incompleteness is tracked as CVE-2021-28950 (bsc#1184952).
- CVE-2020-0433: Fixed blk_mq_queue_tag_busy_iter of blk-mq-tag.c, where a possible use after free due to improper locking could have happened. This could have led to local escalation of privilege with no additional execution privileges needed. User interaction is not needed for exploitation (bnc#1178066).
- CVE-2021-29154: Fixed BPF JIT compilers that allowed to execute arbitrary code within the kernel context (bsc#1184710)
<summary>Security update for the Linux Kernel (Live Patch 19 for SLE 15)</summary>
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