File amap.changes of Package amap

Wed Dec 27 12:33:47 UTC 2017

- Update to version 5.4:
  * This is a release to fix IPv6 UDP port scanning as no other tool
  * currently exists to do that.
  * Beside this, amap is outdated, and nmap should be prefered
  * Fix for IPv6 introduced in v5.3
  * Fixed UDP port scanning for IPv6
  * Disabled web update
  * added printing of [] brackets around IPv6 addresses (required)
  * Fixed a bug in amapcrap that the trigger would not display correctly

- spec file changes:
  * delete 'clean' section
  * fix license name
  * move 'changes' to the changes file
  * adding SUSE copyright (header) for spec file

Fri Mar 20 14:00:00 UTC 2008 bitshuffler

- Initial RPM
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