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Thu Feb  6 22:51:04 UTC 2014 - ecsos@schirra.net

- update to 3.9.1

  Openfire Improvements

    [OF-697] - Update bundled MySQL JDBC driver to the newest 5.1.x version
    [OF-715] - Update Openfire bouncycastle library from 1.46 to 1.49

  Openfire Features

    [OF-727] - Configuration option to disable presence broadcast for other resources on single user

  Openfire Tasks

    [OF-513] - Update installation package with the latest Java JRE (1.7.0_2 or higher)

Thu Feb  6 18:57:27 UTC 2014 - ecsos@schirra.net

- update to 3.9.0

  Openfire Bug Fixes

    [OF-454] - Openfire does not send user presence information to all resources of the user
    [OF-496] - javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac
    [OF-676] - Pressing on workgroup in Fastpath causes an exception
    [OF-677] - Monitoring Plugin - "Null" reappearing in Archive for Message Body
    [OF-678] - Monitoring Plugin - Ever expanding Index
    [OF-680] - Packet Filter Plugin does not allow creation of wildcard rules
    [OF-718] - Fix Debian initscript to support more JAVA_HOME paths
    [OF-719] - Userservice plugin leaves user roster items in DB when user is deleted

  Openfire Improvements

    [OF-654] - Openfire failes to create tables on MySQL 5.6
    [OF-679] - Packet Filter - Add option for "All Groups" and auto creation of rules based on Openfire Group Settings
    [OF-700] - Add a method to refresh a MUC room
    [OF-701] - Better group properties handling
    [OF-703] - UserService Plugin - Auto-create shared groups if not existing
    [OF-704] - Make LDAP connection timeout configurable
    [OF-715] - Update Openfire bouncycastle library from 1.46 to 1.49

  Openfire New Features

    [OF-681] - Add ability to search plugin to be able to restrict searching for users to only the group a user is in
    [OF-716] - Add Jitsi Videobridge plugin to Openfire plugins

  Openfire Task Fixes

    [OF-698] - Bump version on all bundled openfire plugins, bump min version due to distributing java6 binaries now

Sun Jun 16 22:27:17 UTC 2013 - ecsos@schirra.net

- update to 3.8.2

  Openfire Improvements

    [OF-342] - Add CORS headers to HTTP-Binding/BOSH
    [OF-393] - Group names with <> should be properly HTML escaped
    [OF-650] - Add support for X-Forwarded-For (XFF) headers from proxied BOSH clients
    [OF-655] - Add configurable JMX support
    [OF-657] - Merge Atlassian Crowd provider into Openfire core
    [OF-660] - Enhance the sessions pages (summary/detail) in the admin console
    [OF-674] - Add roster management capabilities to userservice plugin

  Openfire Bug Fixes

    [OF-14] - Subscriptions to pubsub node should be based on the JID as supplied, not the bare JID
    [OF-108] - Admin Console is adding BR tags when editing system property containing string with newlines
    [OF-453] - Ensure HttpSession is terminated properly by session reaper
    [OF-465] - Kicking MUC occupant on server is not propagated to clients
    [OF-476] - FlashCrossDomainHandler causes infinite loop under some circumstances
    [OF-477] - SASL server in OF creates digest-uri based on xmpp.fqdn but it sends xmpp.domain to the client
    [OF-595] - Security audit logviewer is not escaping tags
    [OF-646] - XmppDateTimeFormat is unable to parse date Strings
    [OF-653] - BOSH deadlock
    [OF-656] - Fix crossdomain.xml for BOSH
    [OF-659] - JDBCUserProvider returns all users for a paginated search
    [OF-661] - MUC Topic/Subject change not propagated to other cluster nodes
    [OF-664] - Monitoring archive shows null in room chat logs
    [OF-665] - MUC changes/activities do not propagate across cluster nodes
    [OF-666] - Pubsub items should be created using cluster time rather than local time
    [OF-667] - Monitoring plugin bad SQL for upgrade
    [OF-668] - Pubsub items (persistent) may be dropped in certain cases
    [OF-671] - XSS in server2server.jsp
    [OF-673] - Should include a 'to' attribute in initiating s2s streams

  Openfire New Features

    [OF-651] - Monitoring plugin should have an option to purge and restrict

Wed Apr  3 17:22:44 UTC 2013 - ecsos@schirra.net

- update to 3.8.1

  Openfire Improvements

    [OF-597] - Increase performance of fetch last pubsub item for a node
    [OF-614] - Add /usr/lib/jvm/default-java to the collection of default locations to look for a JRE

  Openfire Bug Fixes

    [OF-102] - Deleting user does not clear out ofUserFlag
    [OF-415] - Group disappears from the Group Summary view after editing its details
    [OF-596] - Last published item is not loaded when leaf node is loaded into memory.
    [OF-610] - Restore shared group support for read-only GroupProviders (LDAP)
    [OF-612] - Upgrade bundled JRE to last version...
    [OF-613] - RPM build failure with
    [OF-615] - Improve Robustness of loading MUC service at startup
    [OF-616] - Can't see newly created groups in Admin Console after the upgrade to 3.8.0
    [OF-617] - Fastpath plugin fails to build
    [OF-618] - Error in Admin console, MUC
    [OF-619] - GoJara plugin library has Java-6 code
    [OF-620] - JustMarried plugin library has Java-6 code
    [OF-621] - JustMarried plugin throws NullPointerException
    [OF-623] - PubsubPersistenceManager does not load nodes properly if the hierarchy has more than two levels.
    [OF-624] - Illegal JID when configuring a created MUC room
    [OF-627] - Update rpm bundled JRE 1.6u41

Sun Feb 24 12:24:31 UTC 2013 - ecsos@schirra.net

- update to 3.8.0

  Openfire New Features
    [OF-204] - Add clustering support to Personal Eventing via Pubsub
    [OF-205] - Add clustering support to pub-sub
    [OF-240] - Show last history messages in room with a specified age
    [OF-483] - JDBCUserProvider hardcodes searchSQL
    [OF-543] - Support OpenJDK for Debian build

  Openfire Improvements
    [OF-197] - Make openfire's plugin unloading -> loading more robust
    [OF-278] - Do not load all the system user to memory for shared groups
    [OF-342] - Add CORS headers to HTTP-Binding/BOSH
    [OF-448] - Add support for Ant 1.8
    [OF-481] - Upgrade Jetty from 7.0.1 to 7.5.4
    [OF-497] - Properly determine size of Collections to be cached
    [OF-506] - Phase out JettyLog
    [OF-507] - Improve logging of failed roster updates
    [OF-517] - Openfire should ignore Othername formats it doesn't understand
    [OF-524] - When closing a session as a result of a problem, send a <stream:error> stanza.
    [OF-529] - Allow users to get their own presence via presence plugin
    [OF-535] - Fixed Lithuanian translation for the Search plugin
    [OF-537] - Update Russian translation
    [OF-561] - Update Webchat for Jetty 7
    [OF-566] - Add RPM noarch build capability
    [OF-575] - Fix the installation guide (Custom Parameters)
    [OF-579] - Allow configuration of hazelcast plugin from outside the plugin jar
    [OF-581] - Improve startup script for RedHat
    [OF-582] - Improve locking on user's properties
    [OF-602] - Hazelcast clustering plugin improvements
    [OF-607] - When serializing JID instances in a cluster, do not use the (expensive) JID constructor

  Openfire Bug Fixes
    [OF-39] - The storage of items in memory in a persistent LeafNode is a memory leak
    [OF-191] - store offline messages with empty body for pubsub
    [OF-270] - Duplicate entry 'user xxx' for key 1 -- Exposed during load testing.
    [OF-271] - fix "duplicate key violates unique constraint "ofpresence_pk""
    [OF-419] - FastPath Web Authentication Bug
    [OF-439] - Memory leak in PEP service
    [OF-443] - S2S doesn't work (dialback broken)
    [OF-480] - Logs directory is not created in the correct location on some systems
    [OF-498] - "Supplied key (null) is not a RSAPrivateKey instance" error in the Server Settings / Server Certificates screen
    [OF-510] - Buildfile fails if ran using Java 1.7
    [OF-514] - BOSH terminate stanza needs terminate attribute
    [OF-516] - user-roster-add.jsp has wrong name for groups textfield
    [OF-518] - Admin Console saving 'CHOOSE' for a STUN address, which causes annoying traceback
    [OF-522] - Upgrade bundled JRE to 1.6u30
    [OF-525] - Creating chatroom on console yields "room_already_exists" error when it does not
    [OF-526] - Deleting room and specifying invalid alternate room JID causes trouble
    [OF-527] - muc-create-permission.jsp displays an immediate error without adding users
    [OF-533] - TLS filter applied to non-SSL connections does not use configurable algorithm
    [OF-539] - HybridUserProvider does not load tertiaryClass due to typo
    [OF-540] - Prevent NPE in LdapVcardProvider.java
    [OF-542] - Fix Deprecated use in Log.java
    [OF-558] - Improve BOSH robustness when connections drop for unknown reasons
    [OF-564] - User import/export plugin concatenates group names in export
    [OF-567] - zlib inflate synchronization issue
    [OF-572] - The node configuration form does not contain the parent, children or type on a configured node.
    [OF-573] - Thread synchronization issues with HttpSession/BOSH
    [OF-584] - Fix DNS SRV support
    [OF-586] - Deliver event notifications to all subscribed JIDs
    [OF-588] - PEPService fails to be added to a clustered Cache
    [OF-589] - improve JAVA_HOME detection in openfire.sh
    [OF-590] - Console error in session view when a cluster member goes offline
    [OF-591] - NullPointer exception thrown when deleting rooms via the Webinterface
    [OF-598] - database.defaultProvider.testAfterUse/testBeforeUse should default to false
    [OF-600] - Let a client to ask for the history messages of a specific date (XEP-0045)
    [OF-601] - NPE with Privacy Lists while in cluster mode
    [OF-605] - PEPHandler tries to cache presence for the entire world
    [OF-606] - MUC room destroy can fail when no alternate JID is supplied
    [OF-608] - ClassCastException: org.jivesoftware.openfire.component.InternalComponentManager$RoutableComponents cannot be cast to org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.OutgoingServerSession

  Openfire Completed Tasks
    [OF-352] - Change license to Apache
    [OF-467] - Update build.xml to check for Java 7
    [OF-511] - Upgrade BouncyCastle from 1.45 to 1.46
    [OF-534] - Make the STUN implementation a plugin
    [OF-98] - Bug in xmlns for grantowner and grantadmin / not in sync with JEP-0045
    [OF-495] - A RosterItem could only be in one group
    [OF-499] - Update org/jivesoftware/util/log/util/JettyLog to the Jetty 7.6.0/8.0 API
    [OF-603] - Transport sends subscribe-Presence that can be denied

Sun Nov 25 10:06:25 UTC 2012 - ecsos@schirra.net

- * change so openfire can use openjdk-1.7
  * some other patches 

Tue Jan 26 10:24:35 UTC 2010 - nix@opensuse.org

- Dont enable fdupes (on resources/security/) as it breaks the crypto store
  See: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/OF-30
  For now disabled completely..

Tue Jan 19 10:15:01 UTC 2010 - nix@opensuse.org

- Add openfire-3.6.4-self_signed_certificate.patch from to fix SSL
  cert problem: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/OF-30

Fri Oct 23 18:32:29 UTC 2009 - nix@opensuse.org

- Change java dependency to "java-sun >=1.6.0" so that SLES 11 works properly

Fri Jun 19 15:14:37 CEST 2009 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New upstrean 3.6.4  
  Openfire New Features  
    * Use stronger RSA encryption algorithm for certificates   
  Openfire Bug Fixes  
    * Prevent users from changing other users passwords.  
    * LdapGroups assumed all members never in AltBaseDN.  
    * Stacktrace of exception while initializing SSLConfig are   
      now logged.  
    * DefaultAdminProvider was not including default admin account   
      when there were no admins specified.   

Wed Apr 29 16:22:20 CEST 2009 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New upstream 3.6.3
- Handle sysconfig file correctly
- Created rcopenfire symlink
- Moved to /usr/share for openSUSE 11.1 and later

Thu Apr 23 15:21:54 CDT 2009 - maw@pobox.com

- Replace openfirect.patch with openfire-sysvinit.patch, which
  patches the file necessary to allow openfire to build on
  openSUSE 11.1.

Wed Jan 07 22:18:00 UTC 2008 - Peter Nixon

- Patch init script to add LSB compliant headers (to build on openSUSE 11.1+)
- Add rpm prereq line to silence rpmlint

Sat Nov 22 04:18:51 CET 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New upstream 3.6.2

Wed Aug 27 10:02:00 CEST 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New upstream release 3.6.0

Wed Jul  9 08:28:34 CEST 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New upstream release 3.5.2

Thu Feb 14 16:49:13 CET 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New Upstream Release 3.4.5
    Openfire New Features
    * Improved connection pool recovery logic by switching to proxool. 
    * Now possible to allow the same component to connect many times to the same JVM.
    Openfire Bug Fixes
    * Fixed small memory leak in Multi User Chat.
    * LDAP settings (particularly search filters) will no longer get corrupted upon saving.
    * SSL settings pages now handle broken keystores without crashing. 
    * Added JID to room search results.
    * Setting VM options from config file in Debian now works.
    * RPM is no longer throwing warnings about ci and jivedev users.
    * Debian postinstall is now checking to make sure openfire group exists.

Sun Jan 20 14:32:07 CET 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- New Upstream Release 3.4.4
 * Jetty upgraded to fix announced security issue (http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/553235)
 * LDAP vCard database storage fixed to work properly with Active Directory and others. !!NOTE!! API Changes for providers were required. See important notes below. (1 vote)
 * Can now delete an avatar when using LDAP.
 * Current LDAP settings now being kept when editing config from admin interface.
 * Openfire install directories, log directories, etc are no longer world readable. (1 vote)
 * RPM uninstall no longer fails if Openfire not currently running.

Wed Jan 09 13:50:15 CET 2008 - claes.backstrom@fsfe.org

- Initial package