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View File squid-config.patch of Package squid (Project server:proxy)

Index: src/cf.data.pre
--- src/cf.data.pre.orig
+++ src/cf.data.pre
@@ -1464,6 +1464,8 @@ http_access deny manager
 # Adapt localnet in the ACL section to list your (internal) IP networks
 # from where browsing should be allowed
 http_access allow localnet
+# Allow localhost always proxy functionality
 http_access allow localhost
 # And finally deny all other access to this proxy
@@ -3769,6 +3771,10 @@ DOC_START
 	Instead, if you want Squid to use the entire disk drive,
 	subtract 20% and use that value.
+	Note on 'Mbytes': You need to consider the available RAM on the
+	 machine versus the approx. 10MB RAM per 1GB of files which the
+	 cache_dir index will consume.
 	'L1' is the number of first-level subdirectories which
 	will be created under the 'Directory'.  The default is 16.
@@ -3887,7 +3893,7 @@ DOC_START
 # Uncomment and adjust the following to add a disk cache directory.
-#cache_dir ufs @DEFAULT_SWAP_DIR@ 100 16 256
+#cache_dir aufs @DEFAULT_SWAP_DIR@ 100 16 256
@@ -4584,7 +4590,7 @@ DOC_END
 NAME: logfile_rotate
 TYPE: int
 LOC: Config.Log.rotateNumber
 	Specifies the number of logfile rotations to make when you