File of Package ntop

#! /bin/sh
# (C) 2006, 
# Distribute freely. Use and modify with care. 
# No warranty.
# This script tests the source tar-balls 
# against files that we want to exclude.


for f in `ls *.tar.*`; do
  case $f in
  *.tar.gz)  look='tar ztf' ;;
  *.tar.bz2) look='tar jtf' ;;
  $look $f | egrep -- $bad_files_re && bad=1
#  test -z $bad && echo $f okay.

test -z $bad && exit;

echo ""
echo "==============================================="
echo "Risk level alert!"
echo "Please remove the above files from the package."
echo "==============================================="
echo ""
echo "press CTRL-C to abort, ENTER to continue"
read a