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Fri Jan 13 13:40:48 UTC 2012 - stephan.barth@novell.com

- upgrade to version 1.5. Changelog from upstream:
  - The utilities will now ask interactively for a password if it was not
    provided with the -s command line option. This avoids security problems
    related to shell history files. 
  - Support for octal and hexadecimal numbers has been added. They can be used
    in both the records and selection expressions. 
  - It is now possible to select a given number of random records in many of
    the utilities using the -m command line option. 
  - The -n option now accepts a list of indexes, supporting ranges.
  - The new -U (uniq) option for recsel removes duplicated fields in the
    output records. 
  - The new -q (quick) option allows to quickly search for the desired record
    without having to provide a complete selection expression. 
  - Auto generated fields are now considered integers by default. This avoids
    repetitive patterns in record descriptors involving %auto and %type. 
  - Tab characters are now allowed in blank lines betwwen records.
  - The API in rec.h is now better documented with comments, and improved.
  - recfix now exits with an error status if there is a parse error in some
    input file. 
  - The usage of the internal data structures has been vastly improved,
    resulting in a much faster operation. 
  - Internal cleanup and code factorization.
  - Many, many, many bug fixes :D

Sat Nov  5 09:04:44 UTC 2011 - stephan.barth@novell.com

- split off -devel package
- upgrade to version 1.4. Changelog from upstream:
  - Support for encryption with the new %confidential special field.
  - Support for named types with the new %typedef special field.
  - Support for sorting with the new %sort special field.
  - Recutils support for org-babel is now included in the distribution as
    ob-rec.el. It allows to read rec data into org documents in both raw and
    table formats.
  - It is now possible to use double quotes for delimiting string literals in
    selection expressions, as well as single quotes. Unescaped newline
    characters are also supported.
  - recfix now supports several operations: check, sort, encrypt and decrypt.
  - recins now generates parseable locale independent dates when generating
    time-stamps in auto-fields.
  - The manual has been vastly improved.
  - Lots of bug fixes.

Mon Feb 14 07:04:03 UTC 2011 - stephan.barth@novell.com

- update to version 1.3. Upstream changelog:
  - A quite bad bug introduced in version 1.2 has been fixed. The bug was
    causing recins, recdel, and recset to report random integrity failures,
    due to an uninitialized variable.... The %size special field was added,
    which allows you to define constraints in the size of the record
    sets. Translations updates were made. Many bugs were fixed
  - v1.2: A new utility, rec2csv, was added to export rec data to CSV
    files. Support for auto-incremented fields and timestamps was
    added. Support for comments in enum type descriptions... was added. The
    "set or add field" operation was added in recset. New translations were
    added. Many bugs were fixed

Fri Dec 24 10:02:11 UTC 2010 - stephan.barth@novell.com

- Update to version 1.1:
  - new utility recfmt,
  - support for new operators in selection expressions
  - portability fixes
  - lots of bug fixes

Sat Dec  4 10:33:48 UTC 2010 - stephan.barth@novell.com

- initial package