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View File akode-config.diff of Package kdemultimedia3 (Project KDE:KDE3)

--- akode_artsplugin/configure.in.in
+++ akode_artsplugin/configure.in.in
@@ -2,10 +2,15 @@ if test x$build_arts != xyes || test x$h
   DO_NOT_COMPILE="$DO_NOT_COMPILE akode_artsplugin"
+  dnl Workaround invalid use of non-function.
+  m4_pushdef([AC_LANG_CALL(C)],
+             [AC_LANG_PROGRAM([$1
+extern char $2 [[]];], [return $2[[0]];])])
   KDE_CHECK_LIB(akode_mpeg_decoder,   mpeg_decoder,   have_akode_mpeg=yes,   have_akode_mpeg=no,   -lakode)
   KDE_CHECK_LIB(akode_mpc_decoder,    mpc_decoder,    have_akode_mpc=yes,    have_akode_mpc=no,    -lakode)
   KDE_CHECK_LIB(akode_xiph_decoder,   xiph_decoder,   have_akode_xiph=yes,   have_akode_xiph=no,   -lakode)
   KDE_CHECK_LIB(akode_ffmpeg_decoder, ffmpeg_decoder, have_akode_ffmpeg=yes, have_akode_ffmpeg=no, -lakode)
+  m4_popdef([AC_LANG_CALL(C)])
 # This must always be called to handle the --without-akode case, as autoconf