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View File download_files.service of Package obs-service-download_files (Project openSUSE:Tools)

<service name="download_files">
  <summary>Download files as specified in spec file</summary>
  <description>This service is parsing all spec files and downloads all Source files which are specified via a http, https or ftp url.
               Files which are identical to committed files get skipped. It can optionally also recompress the file if needed.</description>
  <parameter name="recompress">
    <description>In case the right compression is not available on server, do recompress the file as needed.</description>
  <parameter name="enforceupstream">
    <description>Fail when upstream file differes to local committed file. Package state will become "broken".</description>
  <parameter name="enforcelocal">
    <description>Fail when the file was not commited, download will happen anyway to verify that file is identical with upstream. Package state will become "broken".</description>