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View File hp-toolbox.wrapper of Package hplip (Project openSUSE:Evergreen:11.1:Test)

#! /bin/bash

# If possible use the KDE program kdialog
# otherwise fall back to the generic X program xmessage.
if test -x $( type -p kdialog )
then PopupProgram='kdialog --error'
else PopupProgram='xmessage'

# If hp-toolbox cannot access a hplip device
# then it doesn't show up on the X window system.
# It only shows an 'ERROR...' or 'error...' message on stderr
# but exits nevertheless with zero exit code.
# Note that one cannot grep for '^error' because there are leading
# escape codes (e.g. "esc [ 3 1 ; 0 1 m") in the output lines.
if test -x $( type -p hp-toolbox )
then hp-toolbox 2>&1 1>/dev/null | grep -q -i 'error' && $PopupProgram 'No HP all-in-one device found (those devices require a special setup).'
else $PopupProgram 'Cannot execute hp-toolbox.'