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View File lighttpd.changes of Package lighttpd (Project openSUSE:Factory)

Wed Jun 13 11:47:33 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- dropped the perl line that mangled configure.ac
- moved automake patch into the geoip conditional
- move lua conditional out of the _repository block

Mon Jun 11 11:20:41 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Fix the previous change:
  We only need that patch on 12.2

Thu Jun  7 15:44:35 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- fixed build (automake)
  * automake.patch

Thu May 31 15:51:51 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.31
  - [ssl] fix segfault in counting renegotiations for openssl
    versions without TLSEXT/SNI (thx carpii for reporting)
  - Move fdevent subsystem includes to implementation files to
    reduce conflicts (fixes #2373)
  - [mod_compress] fix handling if etags are disabled but cache-dir
    is set - may lead to double response
  - disable mmap by default (fixes #2391)
  - buffer_caseless_compare: always convert letters to lowercase to
    get transitive results, fixing array lookups (fixes #2405)
  - Fix handling of empty header list entries in
    http_request_split_value, fixing invalid read in valgrind
    (fixes #2413)
  - Fix access log escaping of " and \\ (fixes #1551)
  - [mod_auth] Fix digest "md5-sess" implementation (Errata ID
    1649, RFC 2617) (fixes #2410)
  - [auth] Add "AUTH_TYPE" environment (for *cgi), remove fastcgi
    specific workaround, add fastcgi test case (fixes #889)
  - [mod_*cgi,mod_accesslog] Fix splitting :port with ipv6 (fixes
    #2333, thx simoncpu)
  - Detect multiple -f options: show error message instead of
    assert (fixes #2416)
  - [mod_extforward] Support ipv6 addresses (fixes #1889)
  - [mod_redirect] Support url.redirect-code option (fixes #2247)
  - Fix --enable-mmap handling in configure.ac

Tue Mar 20 12:43:55 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fix build on factory:
  do not use lua 5.2, use 5.1 instead

Mon Feb 13 10:49:46 UTC 2012 - coolo@suse.com

- patch license to follow spdx.org standard

Wed Dec 21 17:56:41 UTC 2011 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added the debian.tar.gz to the file list of the spec file to pass
  the check in factory

Sun Dec 18 16:22:26 UTC 2011 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.30
  - Always use our ‘own’ md5 implementation, fixes linking issues
    on MacOS (fixes #2331)
  - Limit amount of bytes we send in one go; fixes stalling in one
    connection and timeouts on slow systems.
  - [ssl] fix build errors when Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman is
  - Add static-file.disable-pathinfo option to prevent handling of
    urls like …/secret.php/image.jpg as static file
  - Don’t overwrite 401 (auth required) with 501 (unknown method)
    (fixes #2341)
  - Fix mod_status bug: always showed “0/0” in the “Read” column
    for uploads (fixes #2351)
  - [mod_auth] Fix signedness error in http_auth
    (fixes #2370, CVE-2011-4362)
  - [ssl] count renegotiations to prevent client renegotiations
  - [ssl] add option to honor server cipher order
    (fixes #2364, BEAST attack)
  - [core] accept dots in ipv6 addresses in host header
    (fixes #2359)
  - [ssl] fix ssl connection aborts if files are larger than the
    MAX_WRITE_LIMIT (256kb)
  - [libev/cgi] fix waitpid ECHILD errors in cgi with libev
    (fixes #2324)

Fri Dec  2 06:34:25 UTC 2011 - coolo@suse.com

- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Sun Oct  2 12:17:02 UTC 2011 - coolo@suse.com

- avoid endless loop in tests by using the right php path for 12.1

Mon Jul 11 16:09:22 UTC 2011 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.29
  - Fix mod_proxy waiting for response even if content-length is 0
    (fixes #2259)
  - Silence annoying "connection closed: poll() -> ERR" error.log
    message (fixes #2257)
  - mod_cgi: make read buffer as big as incoming data block
  - [build] Fix detection of libev (fixes #2300)
  - ssl: Support for Diffie-Hellman and Elliptic-Curve
    Diffie-Hellman key exchange (fixes #2301)
         add ssl.use-sslv3 (fixes #2246)
         load all algorithms (fixes #2239)
  - [ssl/md5] prefix our own md5 implementation with li_ so it
    doesn't conflict with the openssl one (fixes #2269)
  - [ssl/build] some minor fixes; fix compile without ssl, cleanup
    ssl config buffers
  - [proc,include_shell] log error if exec shell fails (fixes
  - [*cgi] Use physical base dir (alias, userdir) as DOCUMENT_ROOT
    in cgi environments (fixes #2216)
  - [doc] Move docs to outdated/ subdir and refer to wiki instead
    (fixes #2248)
  - fdevent: add solaris eventports (fixes #2171)

Sun Sep 19 15:32:36 UTC 2010 - jengelh@medozas.de

- Do not specify -TERM signal for killproc. This causes killproc
  to not wait until the daemon actually terminated, which would
  result in a subsequent startproc call (as done by the "restart"
  action) to not do anything.

Sun Aug 22 16:18:26 UTC 2010 - stbuehler@web.de

- update 1.4.28
  - Rename fdevent_event_add to _set to reflect what the function
    does. Fix some handlers. (fixes #2249)
  - Fix buffer.h to include stdio.h as it is needer for SEGFAULT
    (fixes #2250)

Mon Aug 16 16:25:03 UTC 2010 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fix building on sles9
  - disable ustar
  - use find | xargs instead of -delete

Mon Aug 16 15:53:13 UTC 2010 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update 1.4.27
  - Fix handling return value of SSL_CTX_set_options
    (fixes #2157, thx mlcreech)
  - Fix mod_proxy HUP handling (send final chunk, fix usage
  - mod_proxy: close connection on write error (fixes #2114)
  - Check uri instead of physical path for directory redirect
  - Fix detecting git repository (fixes #2173, thx ncopa)
  - [mod_compress] Fix segfault when etags are disabled
    (fixes #2169)
  - Reset uri.authority before TLS servername handling, reset all
    "keep-alive" data in connection_del (fixes #2125)
  - Print double quotes properly when dumping config file
    (fixes #1806)
  - Include IP addresses on error log on password failures
    (fixes #2191)
  - Fix stalls while reading from ssl sockets (fixes #2197)
  - Fix etag formatting on boxes with 32-bit longs
  - Fix two compiler warnings
  - mod_accesslog: fix %p for ipv6 sockets
    (fixes #2228, thx jo.henke)
  - mod_fastcgi: Send 502 "Bad Gateway" if we couldn't open the
    file for X-Sendfile (fixes #2226)
  - mod_staticfile: add debug output if we ignore a file with
    static-file.exclude-extensions (fixes #2215)
  - mod_cgi: fix race condition leaving response not forwarded to
    client (fixes #2217)
  - mod_accesslog: Fix var declarations mixed in source
    (fixes #2233)
  - mod_status: Add version to status page (fixes #2219)
  - mod_accesslog: optimize accesslog_append_escaped
    (fixes #2236, thx crypt)
  - openssl: silence annoying error messages for errno==0
    (fixes #2213)
  - array.c: improve array_get_unused_element to check data type;
    fix mem leak if unused_element didn't find a matching entry
    (fixes #2145)
  - add check to stop loading plugins twice
  - cleanup fdevent code, removed linux-rtsig handler, replaced
    some fprintf calls
  - only require FDEVENT_IN bit to be set for listening connections
    (fixes #2227)
  - add libev fdevent handler: server.event-handler = "libev"
  - mod_proxy: return response as soon as it is available
    (fixes #2196)
  - don't overwrite global server.force-lowercase-filenames setting
    (fixes #2042)
  - bind to IPV6-only if ipv6 address was specified
- drop lighttpd-ssl-retval-fix.patch: included in the release
- drop config.tar.bz2, our config is now the upstream config!:)

Thu Apr 22 11:54:26 UTC 2010 - mrueckert@suse.de

- use the pid file for killing the lighttpd to avoid killing other
  services which are using the lighttpd binary. (bnc#559534)

Thu Apr 15 15:52:49 UTC 2010 - mt@suse.de

- added lighttpd-ssl-retval-fix.patch:
  Applied patch fixing start failure with enabled SSL because
  of not properly checked SSL_CTX_set_options() return value

Thu Feb 11 15:49:56 UTC 2010 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update 1.4.26
  - Fix request parser to handle packets with splitted \r\n\r\n
    (fixes #2105)
  - Remove dependency on automake >= 1.11 with m4_ifdef check
  - mod_accesslog: support %e (fixes #2113, thx presbrey)
  - Fix mod_cgi cgi.execute-x-only option in global block
  - mod_fastcgi: x-sendfile2 parse error debugging
  - Fix mod_proxy dead host detection if connect() fails
  - Fix fd leaks in mod_cgi (fds not closed on pipe/fork failures,
    found by Rodrigo, fixes #2158, #2159)
  - Fix segfault with broken rewrite/redirect patterns (fixes
    #2140, found by crypt)
  - Append to previous buffer in con read, fix DoS/OOM
    vulnerability (fixes #2147, found by liming, CVE-2010-0295)
  - Fix HUP detection in close-state if event-backend doesn't
    support FDEVENT_HUP (like select or poll on FreeBSD)
- dropping fix-slow-request-dos-in-1.4.x.patch:
  included in release

Mon Feb  1 17:54:57 CET 2010 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added fix-slow-request-dos-in-1.4.x.patch:
  fix a bug that makes lighttpd allocate too much memory
  for handling a request.  (bnc#573948) CVE-2010-0295

Sun Nov 22 17:00:29 UTC 2009 - stbuehler@web.de

- update 1.4.25
  - mod_magnet: fix pairs() for normal tables and strings (fixes
  - mod_magnet: add traceback for printing lua errors
  - mod_rewrite: fix compile error if compiled without pcre
  - disable warning "CLOSE-read" (fixes #2091)
  - mod_rrdtool: fix creating file if it doesn't exist (#1788)
  - reset tlsext_server_name in connection_reset - fixes random
    hostnames in the $HTTP["host"] conditional
  - export some SSL_CLIENT_* vars for client cert validation
    (fixes #1288, thx presbrey)
  - mod_fastcgi: fix mod_fastcgi packet parsing
  - mod_fastcgi: Don't reconnect after connect() succeeded
    (fixes #2096)
  - Fix configure.ac to allow autoreconf, also enables make V=0
- dropped lighttpd-1.4.24_mod_magnet_regression.patch:
  included in update
- added lighttpd-configure_ac.patch:
  - remove fancy options which are not supported in older
    autoconf versions
- drop '-fi' option from autoreconf, so the libtool script
  isn't overwritten (as the overwritten one was broken).
  autoreconf is still needed for mod_geoip
- drop --with-webdav from ./configure (not an option)
- remove spawn-fcgi handling as it is removed from the source now
- remove ChangeLog from %docs (has been removed upstream)
- man page was moved from section 1 to 8

Mon Oct 26 18:40:56 CET 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update 1.4.24
  - Add T_CONFIG_INT for bigger integers from the config
    (needed for #1966)
  - Use unsigned int (and T_CONFIG_INT) for max_request_size
  - Use unsigned int for secdownload.timeout (fixes #1966)
  - Keep url/host values from connection to display information
    while keep-alive in mod_status (fixes #1202)
  - Add server.breakagelog, a "special" stderr (fixes #1863)
  - Fix config evaluation for debug.log-timeouts option (#1529)
  - Add "cgi.execute-x-only" to mod_cgi, requires +x for cgi
    scripts (fixes #2013)
  - Fix FD_SETSIZE comparision warnings
  - Add "lua-5.1" to searched pkg-config names for lua
  - Fix unused function webdav_lockdiscovery in mod_webdav
  - cmake: Fix crypt lib check
  - cmake: Add -export-dynamic to link flags, fixes build on
  - Set FD_CLOEXEC for bound sockets before pipe-logger forks
    (fixes #2026)
  - Reset ignored signals to SIG_DFL before exec() in fastcgi/scgi
    (fixes #2029)
  - Show "no uri specified -> 400" error only when
    "debug.log-request-header-on-error" is enabled (fixes #2030)
  - Fix hanging connection in mod_scgi (fixes #2024)
  - Allow digits in hostnames in more places (fixes #1148)
  - Use connection_reset instead of handle_request_done for cleanup
  - Change mod_expire to append Cache-Control instead of
    overwriting it (fixes #1997)
  - Allow all comparisons for $SERVER["socket"] - only bind for
  - Remove strptime failed message (fixes #2031)
  - Fix issues found with clang analyzer
  - Try to fix server.tag issue with localized svnversion
  - Fix handling network-write return values (#2024)
  - Use disable-time in fastcgi for all disables after errors,
    default is 1sec (fixes #2040)
  - Remove adaptive spawning code from fastcgi (was disabled for a
    long time)
  - Allow mod_mysql_vhost to use stored procedures (fixes #2011,
    thx Ben Brown)
  - Fix ipv6 in mod_proxy (fixes #2043)
  - Print errors from include_shell to stderr
  - Set tm.tm_isdst = 0 before mktime() (fixes #2047)
  - Use linux-epoll by default if available (fixes #2021, thx Olaf
    van der Spek)
  - Print an error if you use too many captures in a regex pattern
    (fixes #2059)
  - Combine Cache-Control header value in mod_expire to existing
    HTTP header if header already added by other modules
    (fixes #2068)
  - Remember keep-alive-idle in separate variable (fixes #1988)
  - Fix header inclusion order, always include "config.h" before
    any system header
  - mod_webdav: Patch to skip login information for domain part of
    Destination field (fixes #1793)
  - mod_webdav: Delete old properties before updating new for MOVE
    (fixes #1317)
  - Read hostname from absolute uris in the request line
    (fixes #1937)
  - mod_fastcgi: don't disable backend if disable-time is 0
    (fixes #1825)
  - mod_compress: match partial+full content-type (fixes #1552)
  - mod_fastcgi: fix is_local detection, respawn backends if
    bin-path is set (fixes #897)
  - Fix linger-on-close behaviour to avoid rare failure conditions
    (was r2636, fixes #657)
  - mod_fastcgi: restart local procs immediately after they
    terminated, fix local procs handling
  - Fix segfault on invalid config "duplicate else conditions"
    (fixes #2065)
  - mod_usertrack: Use T_CONFIG_INT for max-age, solves range
    problem (#1455)
  - mod_accesslog: configurable timestamp logging (fixes #1479)
  - always define _GNU_SOURCE
  - Add some iterators for mod_magnet (fixes #1307)
  - Fix close_timeout_ts trigger (should finally fix lingering
  - mod_rewrite: add url.rewrite-[repeat-]if-not-file to rewrite if
    file doesn't exist or is not a regular file (fixes #985, thx
    lucas aerbeydt)
  - Add TLS servername indication (SNI) support (fixes #386, thx
    Peter Colberg <peter@colberg.org>)
  - Add SSL Client Certificate verification (#1288)
  - mod_fastcgi: Fix host->active_procs counter, return 503 if
    connect wasn't successful after 5 tries (fixes #1825)
  - mod_accesslog: escape special characters (fixes #1551, thx icy)
  - fix mod_webdav crash from #1793 (fixes #2084, thx hiroya)
  - Don't print ssl error if client didn't support TLS SNI
  - Fix linger close timeout handling, drop timeout to 5 seconds
    (fixes #2086)
  - Fix broken return values from int to enum in mod_fastcgi
- added lighttpd-1.4.24_mod_magnet_regression.patch:
  * mod_magnet: fix pairs() for normal tables and strings
    (fixes #1307)
  * mod_magnet: add traceback for printing lua errors

Wed Jun 24 18:23:56 CEST 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.23
  - Added some extra warning options in cmake and fix the resulting
    warnings (unused/static functions)
  - New lighttpd man page (moved it to section 8) (fixes #1875)
  - Create rrd file for empty rrdfile in mod_rrdtool (#1788)
  - Fix workaround for incorrect path info/scriptname if fastcgi
    prefix is "/" (fixes #729)
  - Finally removed spawn-fcgi
  - Allow xattr to overwrite mime type (fixes #1929)
  - Remove link from errormsg about fastcgi apps (fixes #1942)
  - Strip trailing dot from "Host:" header
  - Remove the optional port info from SERVER_NAME (thx Mr_Bond)
  - Fix mod_proxy RoundRobin (off by one problem if only one
    backend is up)
  - Rename configure.in to configure.ac, with small cleanups (fixes
  - Add proper SUID bit detection (fixes #416)
  - Check for regular file in mod_cgi, so we don't try to start
  - Include mmap.h from chunk.h to fix some problems with #define
    mmap mmap64 (fixes #1923)
  - Add support for pipe logging for server.errorlog (fixes #296)
  - Add revision number to package version for svn/git checkouts
  - Use server.tag for SERVER_SOFTWARE if configured (fixes #357)
  - Fix trailing zero char in REQUEST_URI after "strip-request-uri"
    in mod_fastcgi
  - mod_magnet: Add env["request.remote-ip"] (fixes #1740)
  - mod_magnet: Add env["request.path-info"]
  - Change name/version separator back to "/" (affects every place
    where the version is printed)
  - Fix bug with FastCGI request id overflow under high load; just
    use always id 1 as we don't use multiplexing. (thx jgray)
  - Add some dirlisting enhancements (fixes #1458)
  - Add option to enable TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT (fixes #1447)
  - Limit amount of bytes read for one read-event (fixes #1070)
  - Add evasive.silent option (fixes #1438)
  - Make mod_extforward headers configurable (fixes #1545)
  - Add '%_' pattern for complete hostname in mod_evhost (fixes
  - Add IPv6 support to mod_proxy (fixes #1537)
  - mod_ssi printenv: print cgi env, add environment vars to cgi
    env (fixes #1713)
  - Fix error message if no auth backend was set
  - Fix SERVER_NAME port stripping (fixes #1968)
  - Fix x-sendfile 2gb limiting (fixes #1970)
  - Fix mod_cgi environment keys mangling (fixes #1969)
  - Fix workaround for incorrect path info/scriptname if scgi
    prefix is "/" (fixes #729)
  - Fix max-age value in mod_expire for 'modification' (fixes
  - Fix evasive.silent option (#1438)
  - Fix mod-fastcgi counters
  - Modify fastcgi error message
  - Backup errno for later usage (reported by Guido Reina via
  - Improve FastCGI performance (fixes #1999)
  - Workaround broken operating systems: check for trailing '/' in
    filenames (fixes #1989)
  - Allow using pcre with cross-compiling (pcre-config got fixed;
    fixes #1986)
  - Add "lighty.req_env" table to mod_magnet for setting/getting
    environment values for cgi (fixes #1967, thx presbrey)
  - Fix segfault in mod_expire after failed config parsing (fixes
  - Add ssi.content-type option (default text/html, fixes #615)
  - Add support for "real" entropy from /dev/[u]random (fixes
  - Adding support for additional chars in LDAP usernames (fixes
  - Ignore multiple "If-None-Match" headers (only use first one,
    fixes #753)
  - Fix 100% cpu usage if time() < 0 (thx to gaspa and cate, fixes
  - Allow max-keep-alive-requests to depend on conditional (fixes
  - Make dependency on svnversion/git optional (for devel
    versionstamp, fixes #2009)

Mon Mar  9 15:18:44 CET 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.22
  - Fix wrong lua type for CACHE_MISS/CACHE_HIT in mod_cml (fixes
  - Fix default vhost in mod_simple_vhost (fixes #1905)
  - Handle EINTR in mod_rrdtool (fixes #604)
  - Fix rrd error after graceful restart (fixes #419)
  - Fix EAGAIN handling for freebsd sendfile (fixes #1913, thx
    AnMaster for spotting the problem)
  - Fix segfault in mod_scgi (fixes #1911)
  - Treat EPIPE as connection-closed error in
    network_freebsd_sendfile.c (another fix from #1913)
  - Fix useless redirection of stderr in mod_rrdtool, as it gets
    redirected to /dev/null later. (fixes #1922)
  - Fix some problems with more strict compilers (#1923)
  - Fix segfault if siginfo_t* is NULL in sigaction handler (fixes
- dropped lighttpd-1.4.x_fix_mod_simple_vhost_mod_cml.patch:
  included in update

Thu Feb 26 15:25:01 CET 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- rely on the external spawn-fcgi package

Wed Feb 18 14:01:51 CET 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.21
  * Fix base64 decoding in mod_auth (#1757, thx guido)
  * Fix mod_cgi segfault when bound to unix domain socket (#653)
  * Do not rely on ioctl FIONREAD (#673)
  * Now really fix mod auth ldap (#1066)
  * Fix leaving zombie process with include_shell (#1777)
  * Removed debian/, openwrt/ and cygwin/; they weren’t kept
    up-to-date, and we decided to remove dist. specific stuff
  * Try to convert string options to shorts for numeric options in
    config file; allows to use env-vars for numeric options.
    (#1159, thx andrewb)
  * Do not cache default vhost in mod_simple_vhost (#709)
  * Trust pcre-config, do not check for pcre manually (#1769)
  * Fix fastcgi authorization in subdirectories with
    check-local=disabled; don’t split pathinfo for authorizer.
  * Add possibility to disable methods in mod_compress (#1773)
  * Fix duplicate connection keep-alive/transfer-encoding headers
  * Fixed fix for round-robin in mod_proxy (forgot to increment the
    index) (#1715)
  * Fix fastcgi-authorizer handling; Status: 200 is now accepted as
    the doc requests
  * Compare address family in inet_ntop_cache
  * Revert CVE-2008-4359 (#1720) fix “encoding+simplifying urls for
    rewrite/redirect”: too many regressions.
  * Use FD_CLOEXEC if possible (fixes #1821)
  * Optimized buffer usage in mod_proxy (fixes #1850)
  * Fix uninitialized value in time struct after strptime
  * Do not pass Proxy-Connection: header from client to backend
    http server in mod_proxy (#1877)
  * Fix wrong malloc sizes in mod_accesslog (probably nothing bad
    happened…) (fixes #1855, thx ycheng)
  * Some small buffer.c fixes (closes #1837)
  * Remove floating point math from server.c (fixes #1402)
  * Disable SSLv2 by default
  * Use/enforce sane max-connection values (fixes #1803)
  * Allow mod_compress to return 304 (Not Modified); compress
    ignores the static-file.etags option.(fixes #1884)
  * Add option to ignore the “Expect: 100-continue” header instead
    of returning 417 Expectation failed (closes #1017)
  * Use modified etags in mod_compress (fixes #1800)
  * Fix max-connection limit handling/100% cpu usage (fixes #1436)
  * Fix error handling in freebsd-sendfile (fixes #1813)
  * Silenced the annoying “request timed out” warning, enable with
    the “debug.log-timeouts” option (fixes #1529)
  * Allow tabs in header values (fixes #1822)
  * Added Language conditional (fixes #1119 patch by petar
  * Fix wrong format strings (#1900, thx stepancheg)
- added lighttpd-1.4.x_fix_mod_simple_vhost_mod_cml.patch:
  fix mod_simple_vhost and a small typo in mod_cml

Mon Nov 24 17:37:33 CET 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- as we build inside the obs now replace the opensuse_bs
  conditional with a conditional based on _repository.

Thu Oct  2 18:52:48 CEST 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.20 (bnc#429764, bnc#374761)
  * Fix #285 again: read error after SSL_shutdown (thx
    marton.illes@balabit.com) and clear the error queue before some
    other calls (CVE-2008-1531)
  * Fix mod_magnet: enable "request.method" and "request.protocol"
    in lighty.env (#1308)
  * Fix segfault for appending matched parts if there was no regex
    matching (just give empty strings) (#1601)
  * Use data_response_init in mod_fastcgi x-sendfile handling for
    response.headers, fix a small "memleak" (#1628)
  * Don't send empty Server headers (#1620)
  * Fix conditional interpretation of core options
  * Enable escaping of % and $ in redirect/rewrite; only two cases
    changed their behaviour: "%%" => "%", "$$" => "$"
  * Fix accesslog port (should be port from the connection, not the
    "server.port") (#1618)
  * Fix mod_fastcgi prefix matching: match the prefix always
    against url, not the absolute filepath (regardless of check-local)
  * Overwrite Content-Type header in mod_dirlisting instead of
    inserting (#1614), patch by Henrik Holst
  * Handle EINTR in mod_cgi during write() (#1640)
  * Allow all http status codes by default; disable body only for
    204,205 and 304; generate error pages for 4xx and 5xx (#1639)
  * Fix mod_magnet to set con->mode = p->id if it generates
    content, so returning 4xx/5xx doesn't append an error page
  * Do not rely on PATH_MAX (POSIX does not require it) (#580)
  * Disable logging to access.log if filename is an empty string
  * Implement a clean way to open /dev/null and use it to close
    stdin/out/err in the needed places (#624)
  * merge spawn-fcgi changes from trunk (from @2191)
  * let spawn-fcgi propagate exit code from spawned fcgi application
  * close connection after redirect in trigger_b4_dl (thx icy)
  * close connection in mod_magnet if returned status code
  * fix bug with IPv6 in mod_evasive (#1579)
  * fix scgi HTTP/1.* status parsing (#1638), found by
  * fixed typo in mod_accesslog (#1699)
  * replaced buffer_{append,copy}_string with the _len variant
    where possible (#1732) (thx crypt)
  * case insensitive match for secdownload md5 token (#1710)
  * Handle only HEAD, GET and POST in mod_dirlisting (same as in
    staticfile) (#1687)
  * fixed mod_secdownload problem with unsigned time_t (#1688)
  * Use filedescriptor 0 for mod_scgi spawn socket, redirect STDERR
    to /dev/null (#1716)
  * fixed round-robin balancing in mod_proxy (#1715)
  * fixed EINTR handling for waitpid in mod_fastcgi
  * mod_{fast,s}cgi: overwrite environment variables (#1722)
  * inserted many con->mode checks; they should prevent two modules
    to handle the same request if they shouldn't (#631)
  * fixed url encoding to encode more characters (#266)
  * allow digits in [s]cgi env vars (#1712)
  * fixed dropping last character of evhost pattern (#161)
  * print helpful error message on conditionals in global
    block (#1550)
  * decode url before matching in mod_rewrite (#1720)
  * fixed conditional patching of ldap filter (#1564)
  * Match headers case insensitive in response (removing of
    X-{Sendfile,LIGHTTPD-*}, catching Date/Server)
  * fixed bug with case-insensitive filenames in mod_userdir
    (#1589), spotted by "anders1"
  * fixed format string bugs in mod_accesslog for SYSLOG
  * replaced fprintf with log_error_write in fastcgi debug
  * fixed mem leak in ssi expression parser (#1753), thx Take5k
  * hide some ssl errors per default, enable them with
    debug.log-ssl-noise (#397)
  * fix segfault for stat_cache(fam) calls with relative path
    (without '/', can be triggered by x-sendfile) (#1750)
  * fix splitting of auth-ldap filter
  * workaround ldap connection leak if a ldap connection failed
    (restarting ldap)
  * fix auth.backend.ldap.bind-dn/pw problems (only read from
    global context for temporary ldap reconnects, thx ruskie)
  * fix memleak in request header parsing (#1774, thx qhy)
  * fix mod_rewrite memleak/endless loop detection
    (#1775, thx phy - again!)
  * use decoded url for matching in mod_redirect (#1720)
- removed lighttpd-1.4.x_ssl_dos.patch: included in version update
- removed lighttpd-1.4.16_testsuite.patch:
  the path to the php-cgi binariy can now be configured with export
  of the variable PHP. adapt lightytest.sh accordingly.
- added a logrotate script provided by Carsten Hoeger (bnc#430565)

Fri May 16 15:57:11 CEST 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added lighttpd-1.4.x_ssl_dos.patch: (bnc#374761)
  properly clear ssl errors before proceeding to the next connection

Tue Mar 11 01:16:13 CET 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.19: (bnc#366526, bnc#364517, bnc#368670)
  * added support for If-Range: <date> (#1346)
  * added support for matching $HTTP["scheme"] in configs
  * fixed initgroups() called after chroot (#1384)
  * fixed case-sensitive check for Auth-Method (#1456)
  * execute fcgi app without /bin/sh if used as argument to
    spawn-fcgi (#1428)
  * fixed a bug that made /-prefixed extensions being handled also
    when matching the end of the uri in fcgi,scgi and proxy modules
  * print error if X-LIGHTTPD-send-file cannot be done; reset
    header Content-Length for send-file. Patches by Stefan Buehler
  * prevent crash in certain php-fcgi configurations (#841)
  * add IdleServers and Scoreboard directives in ?auto mode for
    mod_status (#1507)
  * open log immediately after daemonizing, fixes SIGPIPEs on
    startup  (#165)
  * HTTPS env var should be "on" when using mod_extforward and the
    X-Forwarded-Proto header is set. (#1499)
  * generate ETag and Last-Modified headers for mod_ssi based on
    newest modified include (#1491)
  * support letterhomes in mod_userdir (#1473)
  * support chained proxies in mod_extforward (#1528)
  * fixed bogus "cgi died ?" if we kill the CGI process on shutdown
  * fixed ECONNRESET handling in network-openssl
  * fixed handling of EAGAIN in network-linux-sendfile (#657)
  * reset conditional cache (#1164)
  * create directories in mod_compress (was broken with
    alias/userdir) (#1027)
  * fixed out of range access in fd array (#1562, #372)
  * mod_compress should check if the request is already handled,
    e.g. by fastcgi (#1565)
  * remove broken workaround for buggy Opera version with
    ssl/chunked encoding (#285)
  * generate etag/last-modified header for on-the-fly-compressed
    files (#1171)
  * req-method OPTIONS: do not insert default response if request
    was denied, do not deny OPTIONS by default (#1324)
  * fixed memory leak on windows (#1347)
  * fixed building outside of the src dir (#1349)
  * fixed including of stdint.h/inttypes.h in etag.c (#1413)
  * do not add Accept-Ranges header if range-request is disabled
  * log the ip of failed auth tries in error.log (enhancement
  * fixed RoundRobin in mod_proxy (#516)
  * check for symlinks after successful pathinfo matching (#1574)
  * fixed mod-proxy.t to run with a builddir outside of the src dir
  * do not suppress content on "307 Temporary Redirect" (#1412)
  * fixed Content-Length header if response body gets removed in
    connections.c (#1412, part 2)
  * do not generate a "Content-Length: 0" header for HEAD requests,
    added test too
  * remove compress cache file if compression or write failed
  * fixed body handling of status 300 requests 
  * spawn-fcgi: only try to connect to unix socket (not tcp) before
    spawning (#1575)
  * fix sending source of cgi script instead of 500 error if fork
    fails (CVE-2008-1111)
  * fix min-procs handling in mod_scgi.c, just set to max-procs
    (patch from #623)
  * fix sending "408 - Timeout" instead of "410 - Gone" for
    timedout urls in mod_secdownload (#1440)
  * workaround #1587: require userdir.path to be set to enable
    mod_userdir (empty string allowed) (CVE-2008-1270)
  * make configure checks for --with-pcre, --with-zlib and
    --with-bzip2 failing if the headers aren't found
  * fixed handling of waitpid() == EINTR mod_ssi on solaris 

Mon Oct  8 01:37:27 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- use distro lua on 10.3 or newer

Mon Sep 10 00:29:16 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.18 (#307749)
  * fixed compile error on IRIX 6.5.x on prctl() (#1333)
  * fixed forwarding a SIGINT and SIGHUP when using max-workers
  * fixed FastCGI header overrun in mod_fastcgi
    (reported by mattias@secweb.se)
  * fixed hanging redirects with keep-alive due to missing
    "Content-Length: 0" headers
  * fixed crashing when using undefined environment variables in
    the config
  * fixed compilation of mod_mysql_vhost on irix (#1341)

Wed Aug 29 02:54:23 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.17
  * added dir-listing.set-footer in mod_dirlisting (#1277)
  * added sending UID and PID for SIGTERM and SIGINT to the logs
  * fixed hardcoded font-sizes in mod_dirlisting (#1267)
  * fixed different ETag length on 32/64 platforms (#1279)
  * fixed compression of files < 128 bytes by disabling compression
  * (#1241)
  * fixed mysql server reconnects (#518)
  * fixed disabled keep-alive for dynamic content with HTTP/1.0
  * (#1166)
  * fixed crash on mixed EOL sequences in mod_cgi
  * fixed key compare (#1287)
  * fixed invalid char in header values (#1286)
  * fixed invalid "304 Not Modified" on broken timestamps
  * fixed endless loop on shrinked files with sendfile() on BSD
  * fixed counter overrun in ?auto in mod_status (#909)
  * fixed too aggresive caching of nested conditionals (#41)
  * fixed possible overflow in unix-socket path checks on BSD
  * fixed extra Content-Length header on 1xx, 204 and 304 (#1002)
  * fixed handling of duplicate If-Modified-Since to return 304 
  * fixed extracting status code from NPH scripts (#1125)
  * fixed prctl() usage (#1310)
  * removed config-check if passwd files exist (#1188)
  * fixed crash when etags are disabled but the client sends one
  * fixed crash when freeing the config in mod_alias
  * fixed server.error-handler-404 breakage from 1.4.16 (#1270)
  * fixed entering 404-handler from dynamic content (#948)
  * added more debug infos for FAM based stat-cache
  * use more LSB like paths in the sample config (#1242)

Thu Aug 23 01:53:40 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- split the firewall files for http and https similar to apache

Tue Aug 21 00:01:48 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- updated lighttpd-1.4.10_testsuite.patch
  new name lighttpd-1.4.16_testsuite.patch:
  - omit upstreamed snippet

Wed Jul 25 14:02:32 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.16
  * added static-file.etags, etag.use-inode, etag.use-mtime,
    etag.use-size to customize the generation of ETags for static
    files. (#1209) (patch by <Yusufg@gmail.com>)
  * fixed typecast of NULL on execl() (#1235)
    (patch by F. Denis)
  * fixed circumventing url.access-deny by trailing slash (#1230)
  * fixed crash on duplicate headers with trailing WS (#1232)
  * fixed accepting more connections then requested (#1216)
  * fixed mem-leak in mod_auth (reported by Stefan Esser)
  * fixed crash with md5-sess and cnonce not set in mod_auth
    (reported by Stefan Esser)
  * fixed missing check for base64 encoded string in mod_auth and
    Basic auth (reported by Stefan Esser)
  * fixed possible crash in Auth-Digest header parser on trailing
    WS in mod_auth (reported by Stefan Esser) 
  * fixed check on stale errno values, which broke handling of
    broken fastcgi applications. (#1245)
  * fixed crash on 32bit archs when debug-msgs are printed in
    mod_scgi, mod_fastcgi and mod_webdav (#1263)
- removed lighttpd-1.4.x_mod_status_orig_uri.patch:
  included upstream

Fri May 25 16:37:55 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added lighttpd-1.4.x_mod_status_orig_uri.patch:
  show the original request uri in the mod_status output

Mon May 14 13:51:01 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- synced spec with the -snapshot rpms

Thu Apr 19 19:55:35 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added /var/lib/lighttpd/sockets/

Mon Apr 16 08:36:26 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.15:
  * fixed broken Set-Cookie headers
- additional changes from 1.4.14: (includes fixes for bnc:#246945)
  * fix crash if gethostbyaddr() failed on redirect [1718]
  * properly handle 206 responses generated by *cgi scripts.
    (#755) [1716]
  * added HTTPS=on to the environment of cgi scripts (#861) [1684]
  * fix handling of 303 (#1045) [1678]
  * made the configure check for lua more portable [1677]
  * added mod_extforward module [1665]
  * references to the fam stat cache engine should be conditional
    (#1039) [1664]
  * fix http 500 errors (colin.stephen/at/o2.com) #1041 [1663]
  * prevent wrong pidfile unlinking on graceful restart
    (Chris Webb) [1656]
  * ignore empty packets from STDERR stream. #998
  * fix a crash for files with an mtime of 0 reported by cubiq on
    irc [1519] CVE-2007-1870
  * allow empty passwords with ldap (Jörg Sonnenberger) [1516]
  * mod_scgi.c segfault fix #964 [1501]
  * Added round-robin support to mod_fastcgi [1500]
  * Handle DragonFlyBSD the same way as Freebsd
    (Jörg Sonnenberger) [1492,1676]
  * added now and weeks support to mod_expire. #943
  * fix cpu hog in certain requests [1473] CVE-2007-1869
  * fix for handling hostnames with trailing dot [1406]
  * fixed header-injection via server.tag (#1106)
  * disabled caching of files without a content-type to solve the
    aggressive caching of FF
  * remove trailing white-spaces from HTTP-requests before parsing
  * fixed accesslog.use-syslog in a conditional and the caching of
    the accesslog for files (fixes #1064)
  * fixed various crashes at startup on broken accesslog.format
    strings (#1000)
  * fixed handling of %% in accesslog.format
  * fixed conditional dir-listing.exclude (#930)
  * reduced default PATH_MAX to 255 (#826)
  * ECONNABORTED is not known on cygwin (#863)
  * fixed crash on url.redirect and url.rewrite if %0 is used in
    a global context (#800)
  * fixed possible crash in debug-message in mod_extforward
  * fixed compilation of mod_extforward on glibc < 2.3.4
  * fixed include of empty in the configfiles (#1076)
  * send SIGUSR1 to fastcgi children before SIGTERM. libfcgi
    wants SIGUSR1. (#737)
  * fixed missing AUTH_TYPE entry in the fastcgi environment.
  * fixed compilation in network_writev.c on MacOS X 10.3.9 (#903)
  * added kill-signal as another setting for fastcgi backends. See
    the wiki for more.
- fixed the default config: (#254820)
  it broke when module configs used variables
- added zlib-devel and libbz2-devel to the buildrequires for 10.3+
- added proper conditionals for older distros
- added optional mod_geoip module. (only build on the buildservice)
- added mod_magnet config file

Mon Mar 26 14:28:15 CEST 2007 - rguenther@suse.de

- Add gdbm-devel BuildRequires

Sat Dec  2 23:33:26 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fixed building on sles9

Thu Oct 19 22:11:16 CEST 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Factory has 5.1.1. so allow building against plain lua-devel

Tue Oct 10 01:26:06 CEST 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.13:
- removed lighttpd-1.4.9.patch: fixed it upstream finally.
  * added initgroups in spawn-fcgi (#871)
  * added apr1 support htpasswd in mod-auth (#870)
  * added lighty.stat() to mod_magnet
  * fixed segfault in splitted CRLF CRLF sequences
    (introduced in 1.4.12) (#876)
  * fixed compilation of LOCK support in mod-webdav
  * fixed fragments in request-URLs (#869)
  * fixed pkg-config check for lua5.1 on debian
  * fixed Content-Length = 0 on HEAD requests without
    a known Content-Length (#119)
  * fixed mkdir() forcing 0700 (#884)
  * fixed writev() on FreeBSD 4.x and older (#875)
  * removed warning about a 404-error-handler
    returned 404
  * backported and fixed the buildsystem changes for
    webdav locks
  * fixed plugin loading so we can finally load lua
    extensions in mod_magnet scripts
  * fixed large uploads if xattr is enabled
- buildrequire lua51

Mon Sep 25 03:15:19 CEST 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- lighttpd.sysconfig/lighttpd.init:
  added LIGHTTPD_UMASK with a default value of "077" to make sure
  we have a sane umask. mod_webdav now honors the umask when
  creating new files.

Sat Sep 23 14:59:10 CEST 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 1.4.12:
  o added experimental LOCK support for webdav
  o added Content-Range support for PUT in webdav
  o added support for += on empty arrays in config-files
  o added ssl.cipher-list and ssl.use-sslv2
  o added $HTTP["querystring"] conditional
  o added mod_magnet as long-term replacement for mod_cml
  o added work-around for a Opera Bug with SSL + Chunked-Encoding
  o changed --print-config to print to stdout instead of stderr
  o changed no longer use 0600 for new files with webdav. umask is
    honored. Make sure you have set a proper umask.
  o fixed upload hangs with SSL
  o fixed connection drops with SSL (aka bad retry)
  o fixed path traversal with \ on cygwin
  o fixed mem-leak in mod_flv_streaming
  o fixed required trailing newline in configfiles (#142)
  o fixed quoting the autoconf files (#466)
  o fixed empty Host: + $HTTP["host"] handling (#458)
  o fixed handling of If-Modified-Since if ETag is not set
  o fixed default-shell if SHELL is not set (#441)
  o fixed appending and assigning of env.* vars
  o fixed empty FCGI_STDERR packets
  o fixed conditional server.allow-http-11
  o fixed handling of follow-symlink + lstat()
  o fixed SIGHUP handling if max-workers is used
  o fixed "Software caused connection abort" messages on FreeBSD

- additional changes from 1.4.11:
  o added ability to specify which ip address spawn-fci listens on
  o added mod_flv_streaming to streaming Flash Movies efficiently
  o fixed handling of error codes returned by mod_dav_svn behing a
  o fixed error-messages in mod_auth and mod_fastcgi
  o fixed re-enabling overloaded local fastcgi backends
  o fixed handling of deleted files in linux-sendfile
  o fixed compilation on BSD and MacOSX
  o fixed $SERVER["socket"] on a already bound socket
  o fixed local source retrieval on windows
  o fixed hanging cgi if remote side is dieing while reading
    from the pipe (sandy@meebo.com)

Thu Jul 20 19:47:22 CEST 2006 - olh@suse.de

- remove unused neon from buildrequires

Tue May 30 22:39:42 CEST 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- updated to 1.4.10
 * added ability to specify which ip address spawn-fci listens on
 * added mod_flv_streaming to streaming Flash Movies efficiently
 * fixed handling of error codes returned by mod_dav_svn behing a
 * fixed error-messages in mod_auth and mod_fastcgi
 * fixed re-enabling overloaded local fastcgi backends
 * fixed handling of deleted files in linux-sendfile
 * fixed compilation on BSD and MacOSX
 * fixed $SERVER["socket"] on a already bound socket
 * fixed local source retrieval on windows
 * fixed hanging cgi if remote side is dieing while reading
   from the pipe (sandy@meebo.com)

- removed lighttpd-1.4.10_importantfixes.patch:
  all changes are upstream
- updated lighttpd-1.4.10_testsuite.patch:
  o removed max-request size
  o fixed count of the fastcgi tests.

Mon Mar  6 22:49:18 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added lightytest.sh
  wrapper script around the test suite. so we properly cleanup the
  php-fastcgi process.

Mon Mar  6 20:40:57 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added new splitted config (config.tar.bz2)
- added lighttpd-1.4.10_importantfixes.patch:
 + typo in mod_cml documentation (doc/cml.txt)
 + added paragraph about using var. and env.
 + explain fastcgi.map-extensions (doc/fastcgi.txt)
 + include FAM_CFLAGS/SQLITE3_CFLAGS when needed (src/Makefile.am)
 + dont crash if using %0 reference in a !~ conditional (tln #557)
 + handle additional request types/methods for webdav
   this allows proxying mod_dav_svn through lighttpd.
   (src/connections.c, src/keyvalue.c, src/keyvalue.h)
 + handle aliases correctly with force_lowercase_filenames
 + improved error message for errors in the authentication config
 + cgi module no longer resets physical path (mod_cgi.c)
 + close unused pipe-fds as soon as possible to generate a
   SIGPIPE if the remote end dies. (src/mod_cgi.c)
 + only send REQUEST_URI and QUERY_STRING if they are set
 + added host.load as status-variable (src/mod_fastcgi.c)
 + better handling for shrinking files
 + don't init a SERVER["socket"] if it is initialized already
 + fixed end of life memleaks (tln #524) (src/server.c)
 + removed umask(0);, let the old umask stay in place (tln #547)
 + test suite fixes (tests/mod-fastcgi.t, tests/request.t)
 + allow leading zeros in HTTP/01.01 (tln #542)
   (tests/core.t, src/request.c)
 + fixed handling of subdirs in ssi (tln #462) (src/mod_ssi.c)
- start lighttpd with a minimal environment
- added update for the server.tag in the config file

Mon Feb 20 04:06:01 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- split off mod_rrdtool

Wed Feb  8 17:26:44 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.4.10
  * added docs for mod_dirlisting
  * added fastcgi.map-extensions to mod_fastcgi
  * fixed load balancing for mod_fastcgi
  * fixed extra newline for syslog() in mod_accesslog
  * fixed user-track cookie for IE in mod_usertrack
  * fixed crash in digest handling in mod_auth
  * fixed handling of 301 response-bodies from a mod_proxy backend
  * fixed loading of base modules if server.modules is not set
  * fixed broken cgi if mod_scgi is loaded
- enabled test suite
- applied lighttpd-1.4.10_testsuite.patch
 - limits the max request size to 2GB. otherwise it would be 2^63-1
   on 64bit arches and one tests would fail.

Wed Jan 25 21:37:51 CET 2006 - mls@suse.de

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Mon Jan 23 22:39:39 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- splitted up all modules that pull in extra dependencies
 lighttpd-mod_cml - lua, libmemcache
 lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost - mysql-shared
 lighttpd-mod_trigger_b4_dl - libmemcache,gdbm
 lighttpd-mod_webdav - libxml2, sqlite3

Mon Jan 23 20:49:24 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fix typo in the file section

Sun Jan 15 19:43:57 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.4.9
  * added server.core-files option (sandy)
  * added docs for mod_status
  * added mod_evasive to limit the number of connections by IP ()
  * added the power-magnet to mod_cml
  * added internal statistics to mod_fastcgi
  * added server.statistics-url to get internal statistics
    from mod_status
  * added support for conditional range-requests through If-Range
  * added static building via scons
  * fixed 100% cpu loops in mod_cgi ("sandy" )
  * fixed handling for secure-download.timeout
  * fixed IE bug in content-charset in the output of
    mod_dirlisting (sniper@php.net)
  * fixed typos and language in the docs
  * fixed assertion in mod_cgi on HEAD request is Content-Length ()
  * fixed handling if equal but duplicate If-Modified-Since request
  * fixed endless loops in mod_fastcgi if backend is dead
  * fixed Depth: 1 handling in PROPFIND requests on empty dirs
  * fixed encoding of UTF8 encoded dirlistings (Jani Taskinen )
  * fixed initial bind to a unix-domain socket through server.bind
  * fixed handling of lowercase filesystems
  * fixed duplicate request headers cause by mod_setenv
- added lighttpd-1.4.9_mod_fastcgi_crash.patch
  temporary fix a crash in the log message

Wed Nov 23 17:38:46 CET 2005 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.4.8
  * added auto-reconnect to ldap-server in mod_auth
  * changed auth.ldap-cafile to be optional
  * added strip_request_uri in mod_fastcgi
  * added more X-* headers to mod_proxy
  * added 'debug' to simple-vhost to suppress the messages by default
  * added support to let the server listen on UNIX-socket
  * changed default stat-cache-engine to 'simple'
  * removed debian/ dir from source package on request by packager
  * fixed max-age timestamps in mod_expire
  * fixed encoding the filenames in PROPFIND in mod_webdav
  * fixed range request handling in network_writev
  * fixed retry on connect error in mod_fastcgi
  * fixed possible crash in mod_webdav if sqlite3 support
    is available but not use
  * fixed fdvent-handler init if server.max-worker was used
  * fixed missing cleanup in mysql_vhost
  * fixed assert() in "connections.c:962:
      connection_handle_read_state: Assertion 'c->mem->used' failed."
  * fixed 64bit issue in md5
  * fixed crash in mod_status
  * fixed duplicate headers in mod_proxy
  * fixed Content-Length in HEAD request in mod_proxy
  * fixed unsigned/signed comparisions
  * fixed streaming in mod_cgi
  * fixed possible overflow in password-salt handling
  * fixed server-traffic-limit if connection limit is not set
- reenabled FAM support. (using gamin)

Tue Oct 11 16:08:26 CEST 2005 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.4.6
  * fixed compilation on MacOS X and cygwin
  * fixed compressed output if caching was disabled (seen in IE and Opera)
  * fixed range-request option
  * fixed mysql-vhost module (was broken in 1.4.5)
  * fixed false positive in the detection of case-insensitive FS

Tue Oct  4 04:34:38 CEST 2005 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.4.5