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View File memcached.changes of Package memcached (Project network:utilities)

Wed Nov  7 20:47:22 UTC 2012 - chris@computersalat.de

- update to version 1.4.15
  * Add some mild thread documentation
  * README.md was missing from dist tarball
  * Issue 286 : --disable-coverage drops "-pthread" option
  * Reduce odds of getting OOM errors in some odd cases 
- rebase use-endian_h, autofoo patch and 1.4.5.dif
- fix build <= 1140
  * export LIBEVENT_CFLAGS and LIBEVENT_LIBS so we dont need
    pkgconfig check for libevent on <= 1140

Wed Nov  7 19:58:59 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fix build on older distros
  - memcached-autofoo.patch: removed no-dist-gzip dist-xz
  - added new conditional to guard all the systemd stuff and
    guarded the general bcond_without with an suse_version > 12.2
  - export LIBEVENT_CFLAGS and LIBEVENT_LIBS so we dont need
    pkgconfig check for libevent on sles11
  - use makeinstall instead of make_install

Tue Aug 14 02:50:12 UTC 2012 - crrodriguez@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.4.14 
* Avoid race condition in test during pid creation by blind retrying
* Fixed issue with invalid binary protocol touch command expiration time

- If the test suite fails, package must fail build.

- Use byteswapping macros from endian.h and not some ad-hoc/slow

- Add systemd units.

Tue Apr  3 00:54:39 UTC 2012 - tabraham@novell.com

- removed fix-strict-aliasing.patch deprecated by this release

- Update to version 1.4.13
    * Fix inline issue with older compilers (gcc 4.2.2)
    * Better detection of sasl_callback_ft 

- Changes from version 1.4.12
    * fix glitch with flush_all (exptime)
    * Skip SASL tests unless RUN_SASL_TESTS is defined.
    * Look around for saslpasswd2 (typically not in the user's path).
    * build fix: Define sasl_callback_ft on older versions of sasl.
    * fix segfault when sending a zero byte command
    * fix warning in UDP test
    * properly detect GCC atomics
    * tests: loop on short binary packet reads
    * fix slabs_reassign tests on 32bit hosts 

- Changes from version 1.4.11
    * bug237 : Don't compute incorrect argc for timedrun
    * fix 'age' stat for stats items
    * binary deletes were not ticking stats counters
    * Fix a race condition from 1.4.10 on item_remove
    * close some idiotic race conditions
    * initial slab automover
    * slab reassignment
    * clean do_item_get logic a bit. fix race.
    * clean up the do_item_alloc logic
    * shorten lock for item allocation more
    * Fix to build with cyrus sasl 2.1.25 
    New features:
    * Slab page reassignment and bug fixes over 1.4.10. 

- Changes from version 1.4.10
    * Disable  issue 140 's test.
    * Push cache_lock deeper into item_alloc
    * Use item partitioned lock for as much as possible
    * Remove the depth search from item_alloc
    * Move hash calls outside of cache_lock
    * Use spinlocks for main cache lock
    * Remove uncommon branch from asciiprot hot path
    * Allow all tests to run as root 
    New features:
    * tested improvements in speed between 3 and 6 worker
      threads (-t 3 to -t 6) More than 6 reduced speed

- Changes from version 1.4.9
    * Add a systemd service file
    * Fix some minor typos in the protocol doc
    * Issue 224  - check retval of main event loop
    * Fix -c so maxconns can be raised above default. 

- Changes from version 1.4.8
    * Fix to write correct pid from start-memcached
    * Fix to enable LRU when using binary protocol
    * Upgrade stats items counters to 64bit
    * Add new stats expired_unfetched, evicted_unfetched
    * Allow setting initial size of the hash table
    * Expose stats for the internal hash table
    * bug220 : incr would sometimes return the previous item's CAS
    * Fixed bug on multi get processing
    * Experimental maxconns_fast option
    * Add an ASCII touch command
    * Add binary GATK/GATKQ
    * Backport binary TOUCH/GAT/GATQ commands
    * Issue 221 : Increment treats leading spaces as 0
    * Fix compile error on OS X 
    New features:
    * touch commands
    * fast connection limit handling
    * internal hash table
    * expored_unfetched, evicted_unfetched

- Changes from version 1.4.7
    * Use a monotonically increasing timer
    * Immediately expire items when given a negative expiration time
    * fix memcached-tool to print about all slabs
    * Properly daemonize memcached for debian
    * Don't permanently close UDP listeners on error
    * Allow memcached-init to start multiple instances (not recommended)
    * Issue 214 : Search for network libraries before searching for libevent
    * Issue 213 : Search for clock_gettime in librt
    * Issue 115 : accont for CAS in item_size_ok
    * Fix incredibly slim race for maxconns handler. Should no longer hang ever
    * Issue 183  - Reclaim items dead by flush_all
    * Issue 200 : Don't fire dtrace probe as the last thing in a function 
    New features:
    * monotonic clock

- Changes from version 1.4.6
    * Gcc on Solaris sparc wants -R and not -rpath
    * Issue 121 : Set the runtime path when --with-libevent is used
    * Fix autogen failure when unable to find supported command.
    * fix race crash for accepting new connections
    * fix incr/decr race conditions for binary prot
    * fix incr/decr race conditions for ASCII prot
    * Compile fix (-Werror=unused-but-set-variable warnings)
    * Bind each UDP socket to an a single worker thread in multiport env
    * Add support for using multiple ports
    * Issue 154 : pid file out of sync (created before socket binding)
    * Issue 163 : Buggy mem_requested values
    * Fix cross compilation issues in configure
    * Issue 140  - Fix age for items stats
    * Issue 131  - ChangeLog is outdated
    * Issue 155 : bind to multiple interface
    * Issue 161  incorrect allocation in cache_create
    * Fix type-punning issues exposed with GCC 4.5.1
    * Simplify stats aggregation code
    * Reverse backward expected/actual params in test
    * Issue 152 : Fix error message from mget
    * Refuse to start if we detect libevent 1.12
    * Fix compilation issue on Solaris 9 wrt isspace() macro - Resolves  
      issue 111  
    New features:
    * multiple port binding

Fri May 27 12:41:52 UTC 2011 - coolo@novell.com

- follow fedora's lead and remove Werror

Thu May  6 12:03:59 UTC 2010 - freitag@novell.com

- update to version 1.4.5:
This is a maintenance release with some build fixes, doc fixes, and one new stat. 
    * Properly detect CPU alignment on ARM.  bug100 
    * Remove 1MB assertion.  bug 119 
    * More automake versions supported.
    * Compiler warning fixes for OpenBSD.
    * potential buffer overflow in vperror
    * Report errors opening pidfiles using vperror 
New Features::
    * New stat: reclaimed
    * sasl_pwdb for more simple auth deployments 

Fri Jun  5 03:19:40 CEST 2009 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to version 1.2.8:
  - make -b command actually work
  - *critical bugfix*. In 1.2.7 under multithreaded mode, memcached
    would never restart accepting connections after hitting the
    maximum connection limit.
  - remove 'stats maps' command, as it is a potential information
    leak, usable if versions prior to 1.2.8 ever have buffer
    overflows discovered. (bnc#501656) CVE-2009-1494
- additional changes from version 1.2.7
  - reset new stats with 'stats reset'
  - Slew of new tests. (misc, mostly Dustin Sallings)
  - Minor bug fixes. (misc, mostly Dustin Sallings, some Dormando)
    (see git history for full list)
  - -b command for setting the tcp listen backlog (Chris Goffinet)
  - Workaround for a more major bug that very rarely makes
    memcached stop allowing new data to be set. (Dormando)
  - Print why a key was expired in -vv mode (Dormando)
  - cmd_flush stat (Dormando)
  - listen_disabled_num stat for determining if you've hit the
    maxconns limit (Dormando)
  - Display error status on listen failures (Dormando)
  - Remove managed instance code. Incomplete/etc. (Dormando)
  - Handle broken IPV6 stacks better (Brian Aker)
  - Generate warnings on setsockopt() failures (Brian Aker)
  - Fix some indentation issues (Brian Aker)
  - UDP/TCP can be disabled by setting their port to zero (Brian
  - Zero out libevent thread structures before use (Ricky Zhou)
  - New stat: Last accessed time for last evicted item per slab
    class.  (Dormando)
  - Use a dedicated socket accept thread (Facebook)
  - Add -R option. Limit the number of requests processed by a
    connection at once. Prevents starving other threads if bulk
    loading. (Facebook)

Fri Nov 28 16:05:33 CET 2008 - ro@suse.de

- ignore test suite results for the moment
  (will not work without networking support in build environment) 

Tue Sep 16 18:25:33 CEST 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- require libevent-devel on 11.1 or newer

Sat Sep  6 18:25:44 CEST 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.2.6:
  Major crash fixes, DTrace support, minor updates. If you have
  stability issues with any previous release, please upgrade to
  this one.

Mon May 19 17:10:34 CEST 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.2.5:
  Minor bugfixes, build support for opensolaris, ipv6 support,
  "noreply" mode for many commands, largepage support for solaris.
  Made out of memory errors more clear and added eviction/OOM
  tracking per slab class.

Tue Jan 29 18:52:05 CET 2008 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.2.4:
  Many bug and platform fixes since 1.2.2. New threading support
  for stat queries. New commands 'append', 'prepend', 'gets', and

Sat Aug  4 07:43:52 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fixed a few rpmlint warnings

Sat May 26 11:25:32 CEST 2007 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.2.2:
  Memcached can be configured to support multithreading. Big code
  cleanup with performance improvements. Memcached now collects
  eviction and per-object-type statistics.
- synced with memcached-unstable

Tue Dec  5 23:06:59 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.2.1:
  o mainly fixes a stability issue reported on the mailinglist
  o a few optimization fixes
- removed autoreconf -fi for now
- build debuginfo

Wed Nov 15 16:18:18 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- added Conflicts: memcached-unstable

Sun Nov 12 18:54:14 CET 2006 - lmuelle@suse.de

- Fix typo in sysconfig file.

Sun Sep 10 12:00:00 CET 2006 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Update to version 1.1.13:
  o test suite (make test)
  o better libevent detection
  o 64 bit support (passes test suite at least now)
  o off-by-one errors in expirations fixed
  o bug fixes
  o start of "vbuckets" project.  instead of clients hashing
    a key onto a memcached instance, they map onto one of
    16k or so virtual bucket numbers, each bucket of which
    is owned by an instance and w/ a particular generation number.
    no client or tracker exists yet, but low-level stuff is there.

Wed Jan 25 21:38:14 CET 2006 - mls@suse.de

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Thu Aug 18 15:59:43 CEST 2005 - mrueckert@suse.de

- Initial package with version 1.1.12