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'\" t
.\"     Title: mini_epn
.\"    Author: [see the "AUTHOR" section]
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.\"      Date: 09/19/2009
.\"    Manual: mini_epn
.\"    Source: Nagios
.\"  Language: English
.TH "MINI_EPN" "8" "09/19/2009" "Nagios" "mini_epn"
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.ad l
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mini_epn \- run nagiosplugins inside of an embedded perl interpreter
After calling \fBmini_epn\fR an embedded perl interpreter gets started and asks for you a script to execute under the interpreter\&. To exit the interpreter loop press ^d at the prompt\&. Please note that the maximal input length is 1024 characters.
.if n \{\
.RS 4
# mini_epn
Enter file name: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_linux_raid.pl
embedded perl plugin return code and output was: 0 & \'OK md0 status=[UU]\&. md1 status=[UU]\&.
.if n \{\
This manpage was written by Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian\&.org> for the Debian Distribution and adapted for openSUSE by Lars Vogdt\&.