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.TH nagiosstats "8" "February 2006, May 2010" "sean finney, Lars Vogdt " "nagios"
nagiosstats \- report statistics information from the Nagios system

.B nagiosstats [\-hVL] [\-c config] [\-m] [\-d]

.B nagiosstats
is a program designed to provide information on the running Nagios
system.  It can provide a brief summary of information, or it can
be used to export specific information about the Nagios system
into an MRTG-compatible format.
For more information please consult the Nagios online documentation
available at http://www.nagios.org or the documentation available
with your Nagios server's web page.

The main configuration file. On openSUSE systems this defaults to
Print output in MRTG-compatible format. For more details run
nagiosstats with \-\-help
Comma-seperated list of variables to output in MRTG format.  For
more details run nagiosstats with \-\-help.
A helpful usage message
Print version information
Print license details

.IP /etc/nagios
Default configuration directory for Nagios

Nagios is written and maintained by Ethan Galstad <nagios@nagios.org>. This
manual page was written by sean finney <seanius@debian.org> for the
Debian GNU/Linux operating system (but it may be freely used, modified,
and redistributed by others) and adapted for openSUSE by Lars Vogdt.