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View File python-msgpack-python.changes of Package python-msgpack-python (Project openSUSE:Factory)

Fri Sep 21 19:23:50 UTC 2012 - alexandre@exatati.com.br

- Update to 0.2.2:
  - Add use_single_float option to Packer. When it is true, packs
    float object in single precision format.
  - unpack() didn't restores gc state when it called with gc
    disabled. unpack() doesn't control gc now instead of restoring
    gc state collectly. User can control gc state when gc cause
    performance issue.
  - Unpacker's read_size option didn't used.

Mon Aug 20 01:13:03 UTC 2012 - alexandre@exatati.com.br

- Update to 0.2.1:
  - Add max_buffer_size parameter to Unpacker. It limits internal
    buffer size and allows unpack data from untrusted source safely.
  - Unpacker's buffer reallocation algorithm is less greedy now. It
    cause perforamce derease in rare case but memory efficient and
    don't allocate than max_buffer_size.
  - Fix msgpack didn't work on SPARC Solaris. It was because
    choosing wrong byteorder on compilation time. Use sys.byteorder
    to get correct byte order. Very thanks to Chris Casey for giving
    test environment to me.

Wed Jun 27 14:58:58 UTC 2012 - alexandre@exatati.com.br

- Update to 0.2.0:
  - Sorry, no changelog.

Fri Jun 22 20:48:50 UTC 2012 - alexandre@exatati.com.br

- Initial package (0.1.13) for openSUSE.