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View File python-pycrypto.changes of Package python-pycrypto (Project openSUSE:Factory)

Mon Sep  3 01:20:34 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Make package build on RH6-like systems

Thu May 24 03:12:33 UTC 2012 - highwaystar.ru@gmail.com

- python3 package added 
- minor spec improvement

Mon Mar 12 21:03:54 UTC 2012 - saschpe@gmx.de

- Update to version 2.5:
  * Added PKCS#1 encryption schemes (v1.5 and OAEP).  We now have
    a decent, easy-to-use non-textbook RSA implementation.  Yay!
  * Added PKCS#1 signature schemes (v1.5 and PSS). v1.5 required some
    extensive changes to Hash modules to contain the algorithm specific
    ASN.1 OID. To that end, we now always have a (thin) Python module to
    hide the one in pure C.
  * Added 2 standard Key Derivation Functions (PBKDF1 and PBKDF2).
  * Added export/import of RSA keys in OpenSSH and PKCS#8 formats.
  * Added password-protected export/import of RSA keys (one old method
    for PKCS#8 PEM only).
  * Added ability to generate RSA key pairs with configurable public
    exponent e.
  * Added ability to construct an RSA key pair even if only the private
    exponent d is known, and not p and q.
  * Added SHA-2 C source code (fully from Lorenz Quack).
  * Unit tests for all the above.
  * Updates to documentation (both inline and in Doc/pycrypt.rst)
  * All of the above changes were put together by Legrandin (Thanks!)
  * Minor bug fixes (setup.py and tests).
- Changes from version 2.4.1:
  * Fix "error: Setup script exited with error: src/config.h: No such file or
    directory" when installing via easy_install.  (Sebastian Ramacher)
- Changes from version 2.4:
  * Python 3 support!  (Thorsten E. Behrens, Anders Sundman)
    PyCrypto now supports every version of Python from 2.1 through 3.2.
  * Timing-attack countermeasures in _fastmath: When built against
    libgmp version 5 or later, we use mpz_powm_sec instead of mpz_powm.
    This should prevent the timing attack described by Geremy Condra at
    PyCon 2011:
  * New hash modules (for Python >= 2.5 only): SHA224, SHA384, and
    SHA512 (Frédéric Bertolus)
  * Configuration using GNU autoconf.  This should help fix a bunch of
    build issues.
  * Support using MPIR as an alternative to GMP.
  * Improve the test command in setup.py, by allowing tests to be
    performed on a single sub-package or module only. (Legrandin)
  * Fix double-decref of "counter" when Cipher object initialisation
    fails (Ryan Kelly)
  * Apply patches from Debian's python-crypto 2.3-3 package (Jan
    Dittberner, Sebastian Ramacher):
   - fix-RSA-generate-exception.patch
   - epydoc-exclude-introspect.patch
   - no-usr-local.patch
  * Fix launchpad bug #702835: "Import key code is not compatible with
    GMP library" (Legrandin)
  * More tests, better documentation, various bugfixes.

Thu Sep  1 13:04:04 UTC 2011 - saschpe@suse.de

- Set license to Python-2.0, fixes bnc#715456

Wed Aug 31 16:46:21 UTC 2011 - saschpe@gmx.de

- Drop pycrypto-2.1.0-ssize.patch to fix SLE build

Wed Aug 31 16:10:43 UTC 2011 - saschpe@gmx.de

- Initial version, replaces python-crypto