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View File python-x2go.changes of Package python-x2go (Project X11:RemoteDesktop:x2go)

Wed Sep 26 09:13:43 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Resolve color depth issues on Windows clients (16 vs. 17 bit)
* Fixed keyboard focus in X2Go-proxied RDP session against
  Windows 7 / 2008
* Fixed session crashes due to leftover bash-like commands
* Prepare for DirectRDP session options

Sat Sep  1 22:09:59 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Become fully functional for users that have SHELLs than sh or bash
  on remote X2Go server.
- Update to new upstream release
* Catch IOError exceptions during SFTP client operations.
* Proper use of except statement for multiple exception catching.
- Update to new upstream release
* Refresh server feature list on re-connecting (log-off, log-on).
* Make sure SSH proxy sessions get torn down on control session
  disconnect no matter what happens to the control session itself.
- Update to new upstream release
* Ignore non-master sessions before calling the
  foldersharing-not-available hook.
* Avoid double notifications on SSHFS being unavailable for the
  authenticated user.
- Update to new upstream release
* Only notify HOOK_auto_connect, if the session really is configured
  to auto-connect (while at the same time no SSH key is present).
- Update to new upstream release
* Be tolerant if we can not terminate a session after failure of the
  forwarding tunnel.
* Improve session management, handle exceptions more gracefully.
* Ignoring timeouts for x2golistmounts and x2golistdesktops.
* Add support to X2goSession class to launch sessions from the Python
  interactive shell in five steps.
* Mark sessions as dead whenever an X2goControlSessionException
* Catch control session deaths when querying X2goSession.is_alive().
* Do not create a high CPU load after a network failure, do not try to
  execute a remote command if the session has already died away.
* The master_sessions dict may never have None values.
- Update to new upstream release
* License change upstream: GPLv3+ -> AGPLv3+
* Add support for session window title renaming.
* Add support for bringing session windows on top (MS Windows only,
  for now)
* Terminal sessions now remember the X window of a terminal session as
  an internal property.
* Fix many undefined symbols reported by Debian developer
  Jakub Wilk. (THANKS!)
* Add default value for new session profile parameter xinerama
  (ignored by Python X2Go for now).
* Add support for session port re-allocation on session resume
  (feature of x2goserver >=
* Provide client-side cache of shared local folders, detect
  server-side unsharing of client-side folders.
* Introduce concept of master sessions per profile to X2goClient
  class. Only the master session can mount/unmount client-side shared
* Fix IndexError if x2gomountdirs did not deliver any of the expected
  results to stdout.
* Handle session titles that just contain blanks (e.g. " ")
* Fix X2Go desktop sharing support.
* New feature: allow sessions on localhost system.
* Tolerate user names containing "-" characters.
* Provide hook methods for SSHFS failures (local folder sharing,
  printing, MIME box).
* Code cleanup: remove all unnecessary imports. Stop defining
  variables that get never used.
* Rename control session method is_folder_sharing_available to
* Draw all Xlib code into utils.py
* Fix faking of WindowsError exception object in printactions.py and
* Amend list of default session options.
* Update list of unsupported session options.
* Retrieve feature list from X2Go server per session.
* Add published applications support.
* Handle empty control session in the session list cache.
* Render and cache dictionary based published applications menu tree
  in Python X2Go. Cache the tree once rendered.
* Fix availability check of client-side folder sharing.
* Add support for published applications with no category submenus.
  Fix default language in published applications menu tree.
* Fix X2Go printing, do not spawn a gevent process for printing.
* Make published_applications_no_submenus an <int> session option
  that controls how many menu items will be shown without rendering
  category based submenus.
* Better support auto-resuming and auto-starting of session with
  Python X2Go.
* Include development location of nxproxy in possible file locations
  (only takes effect on Windows).
* Add X2goClient method is_profile_connected.
* Fix auto_start_or_resume method when using SSH proxy with
  interactive authentication.
* Provide default value for PUBAPP_MAX_NO_SUBMENUS in defaults.py.
* On MS Windows: make shipped VcXsrv-Server known to Python X2Go.
  The shipped VcXsrv has to rest in $CLIENTAPPDIR/VcXsrv/vcxsrv.exe.
* On MS Windows: make VcXsrv-Server at the development location
  known to Python X2Go.
* Normalize paths to configuration files.
* Make new ini config defaults available in configurations, update
  list of known X-Servers if new ones are provided in defautlts.py.
* Provide function merge_ordered_lists in utils.py, merge list of
  default known_xservers with configured known_xservers.
* Make sure xconfig configuration changes provided by defaults.py get
  written to the X configuration file.
* Add X2goClient method is_session_profile(), return registered
  session for a specific session name if it has already been
  registered instead of registering a new session.
* Provide X2goClient method get_session_info(), do not auto
  start/resume sessions in published applications mode, provide hook
  method for auto-connecting interactively.
* Provide X2goSession method get_session_profile_option().
* Fix unexpected keyword error during connect() in X2goSession
* Fix metatype detection of session profiles.
* Implement X2Go-Top category in .desktop files that get used in the
  context of published applications.
* If the SSH proxy connection tries to bind to a used port, detect an
  unused local port and write this port change to the session
* Use double-quotes for pulseaudio options.
* Export X2GO_SESSION and PULSE_CLIENTCONFIG to published
* When starting pulseaudio on Windows use --exit-idle-time=-1.
* Fix X2goSession.get_shared_folders() method on Windows.
* No list_sessions() calls on server when querying the status of an
  X2goSession instance.
* Fix automatic mounting of Windows-stylish shared local folders.
* Transform blanks in mount points into underscores.
* Provide X2goClient.get_published_applications() method.
* Fill session profile configurations with missing default values and
  then detect the profile meta type.
* Support published applications that have to be run in a terminal
* Make sure that pulseaudio.exe has its PID directory. Otherwise it
  will fail to start the first time if the user is new to X2Go.
* Silence warnings that occur during session info queries in case a
  session startup has not yet been completed fully.
* On MS Windows: Use nxproxy- when testing Python X2Go
* On MS Windows: Use VcXsrv- when testing Python X2Go
* On MS Windows: If the configured X-server display port is already in
  use, try to detect the next available display number.
* Make transitions of master sessions more robust. Only allow local
  folder sharing for running sessions.
* On MS Windows: Re-use a left behind stray X-server that might have
  not get killed by a previous instance of Python X2Go Client. This
  trick is nasty, but works around faulty abortion of client
* On MS Windows: Handle detection of free TCP/IP X display port far
  more intelligently.
* On unused port detection bind to by default.
* Provide X2goSession.get_session_type() method.
* Do not call HOOK method if self.allow_share_local_folders is False.
* Try to derive language information from X2goClient instance.
* Make timeout on command execution customizable.
* Make sure path names in X2goPrintActions and X2goMIMEboxActions get
  normalized to OS-specific path names.
* Protect session cache from deletion while being processed.
* Adapt python-x2go to launching Unity-2d on Ubuntu precise.
* Ignore X windows with empty title while finding session window..
* Catch exceptions while calling SSH transport's getpeername() method.
* Fix control session failure notifications. Show them immediately
  after the connection has broken.
* Allow custom commands to be desktop sessions.
* X2goSession instances cannot raise X2goClientExceptions.
* Be more tolerant against suspension failures while taking over a
* Use Paramiko/SSH transport compression if available.
* Prohibit simultaneous calls to
* Cache SSH transport's getpeername() and get_username().
* Catch session startup failures due to faulty port forwarding tunnels
  and make them notifiable via hooks.
* Properly set setkbd value for x2gostartagent and x2goresume-session.
* Add support for re-registering sessions after session profile
* Add new session profile parameter: ,,variant''. Add support to set
  the keyboard layout _and_ the keyboard variant from the client-side.
* Give functionality to the "setdpi" and the "dpi" session profile
  parameter (setting the DPI allows font scaling).
* Use proper locking of session actions that are critical to being
  executed in parallel.

Sat Sep  1 22:09:44 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Initial package ( for build.opensuse.org