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View File sat4j.changes of Package sat4j (Project Java:packages)

Thu Oct 18 08:59:57 UTC 2012 - p.drouand@gmail.com

- Update to 2.3.2 version :
 * Bug [SAT-55] Fix memory leak in case of repeated use of Sat4j in an application
 * Bug [SAT-60] ClassCastException when a class implements Propagatable but not Constr watches a conflicting literal
 * Improvement [SAT-38] Investigate usage of plain CNF rather than custom cardinality of PB constraints 
 * Improvement [SAT-59] Use package-info.java instead of package.html for package JavaDoc 
 * Improvement [SAT-67] Concurrent calls to isSatisfiable 
 * New Feature [SAT-56] Allow the end user to visualize the search of the solvers 
 * New Feature [SAT-63] Make Java 1.5 binaries instead of 1.4 
 * New Feature [SAT-71] Add statistics in ManyCore solvers on the solvers that answers 
 * Sub-task    [SAT-51] Allow usage of Lower Bounding on Sat4j PB command line 

Mon Jun 18 13:58:30 UTC 2012 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- fix a build with jdk7 (-Dtarget) 

Wed Jul 29 15:48:25 CEST 2009 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- Don't use release date to make number of Factory rebuilds smaller 

Tue Jun  2 14:22:34 CEST 2009 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- Initial packaging of sat4j 2.0.3 in openSUSE