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Fri Jan 27 03:28:51 UTC 2012 - malcolmlewis@opensuse.org

- Updated to Version 2.6.2:
  + Added support for the --jointbuf and --nojointbuf command line
  + Added support for the 'rewrite' action.
  + Starting from this version, 'eval', 'call' and 'lcall' actions
    set the output variable to 'undef' if no value is returned
    from Perl code.
- Dropped sysconfig.sec, sec.init and sec.service as these have
  been added upstream.

Mon Jan 16 18:44:11 UTC 2012 - malcolmlewis@opensuse.org

- Updated to Version 2.6.1:
  + Added support for the $+{_inputsrc} match variable.
  + Added support for the --keepopen and --nokeepopen command line
    options; also, dashes can be used instead of underscores in
    all option names.
  + starting from this version, Calendar rules are processed
    immediately after SEC startup procedures.
- Updates from 2.6.0:
  + Added support for the EventGroup rule.
  + Starting from this version, the Calendar rule accepts a year
    condition in the time specification.
  + Added support for 'lcall', 'getwpos' and 'setwpos' actions.
  + Added support for the named match variables and variable maps.
  + Added Cached and NCached pattern types, and support for
    pattern match caching.
  + Starting from this version, all unset or undefined variables
    are substituted with empty strings.
- Spec file cleanup via spec-clear.
- Added systemd supoort.
- Update spec file License field from GPLv2 to GPL-2.0 to conform
  with spdx.org identifier.

Mon Nov 15 16:53:24 UTC 2010 - malcolmlewis@opensuse.org

- Spec clean up
- Add example rulesets 

Sat Jul  3 00:00:00 CDT 2010 - malcolmlewis@opensuse.org

- initial build