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View File xiphos.changes of Package xiphos (Project Education)

Tue Oct 11 23:29:36 UTC 2011 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- updated to 20111010svn4310 to fix crash under oS 12.1 Beta 1

Mon Sep 19 22:16:18 UTC 2011 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- updated license to GPLv2 (fixed bnc#718902)

Sun Sep 18 18:30:18 UTC 2011 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- updated to 20110627svn4220 to have webkit backend and gtk3
- added xiphos-3.1.4-add-gconf-2.0-pkgconfig.patch (thanks to
  Nelson Marques)

Sat Jun 18 22:55:50 UTC 2011 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- use gtkhtml instead of gtkmozembed to fix crash just after start

Sat Dec 18 19:12:48 UTC 2010 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- update to 3.1.4:
  + Many smaller issues that have been waiting for a long time have been
    implemented. Again, classified as new, enhancements, and fixes.
    Please have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/xiphos/ChangeLog 
    for details
- package xiphos manpage

Sun Mar 28 21:52:25 UTC 2010 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- update to 3.1.3:
  + Bug reports addressed since 3.1.2:
.  2915026  Right to Left Languages - Display
.  2915912  RToL toolbar number order
.  2918463  crash detected in Fedora 12 xiphos-3.1.1
.  2924074  verse selection causes scroll-to-top
.  2928849  Parallel views (reset) problem
.  2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
.  2941678  Book name up arrow
.  2941684  Small caps in "LORD"
.  2943173  freeaddrinfo (win2k compatibility - dropped)
.  2951941  Turkish Ubuntu blocks display of Old Testament books
.  2956797  Xiphos crashes when trying to edit
.  2958644  Nautilus?  -  Xiphos doesn't show bible text
.  2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
.  2961704  crash detected in xiphos-3.1.2 module manager
.  2972686  Arabic is not right-aligned
  + Feature requests closed:
   2781509  Export->Copy HTML doesn't work properly
   2791414  Parallel View tab should behave like a real tab
   2791621  Biblical resource in seperate window: synchronize from/with?
   2795762  Reference bar: Choosing a book name
   2799867  Increase reducing of window sizes
   2893826  Versification in the Psalms
   2902403  How to install for other than listed OS
   2907492  Interlinear commentary
   2925935  One Year Daily reading Schedule
   2928388  personal note deletion
   2932551  Shortcut Keys
- removed outdated --enable-gtkhtml
- enabled with-gecko (and build against gecko-sdk)
- removed outdated openSUSE versions

Thu Aug 13 01:52:41 CEST 2009 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- update to 3.1.1
  + The Help->Chat interface had to change 
  + Per-verse user annotations ("inline marking")
  + There is a new geography interface through BibleMap.org
  + Module manager now can do automatic repository discovery
  + The verse navbar now has normal relief on book/chapter/verse.
  + A failure to redisplay properly after loading a tab set is fixed.
  + Freakish European keyboard Ctrl +/- should now work.
  + Some fixes were applied to journal/prayerlist editing.
  + If the sidebar is detached, it now gets a title bar name.
  + Bugfixes to the logic which preserves tab names as they are added
     or deleted.
  + New Slovak translation.
  + Strong's markup is now handled in pre-verse headers.
  + Ctrl-F4 will delete a tab.
  + Many other fixes and improvements
- changes for 3.1.0
  + The module manager is no longer modal
  + New interface translations: Norwegian and Welsh
  + Improved bookmark support
  + 'j' and 'k' have been added for keyboard-driven verse selection.
  + Many other fixes and improvements

Wed Jul 22 23:46:28 CEST 2009 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- added virtual provides: sword-frontend

Fri Mar 20 00:53:16 MSK 2009 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

- update to 3.0.1
  + Added transliteration support from non-Latin character sets.
  + Fixed a crash-inducing bug in detached ("free-floating") Bible
    and commentary windows, from context menu synchronization. This
    was redundant with the sync button in upper left, so the menu
    item was removed, and a glitch in the sync button's use was fixed.
  + Sidebar module list entries can be expanded by clicking anywhere
    on the row.
  + Only when not using tabbed browsing, a crash on history usage was
    stopped, though a full fix for tab-less history access is pending.
  + A PDF version of the manual is included.
  + Fixed a disappearing-button problem in the module manager, as well
    as several instances of faulty mutex usage.
- changes for 3.0.0 (Xiphos begins life, as the former GnomeSword)
  + Invocation of the editor (personal commentary, prayer list/journal) 
    will induce several harmless warning messages to occur.
  + A fabulous new look, with the support of professional graphics
    designers having done a facelift of our graphics
  + Standard module repository setup for first-time users
  + Image resize enabled by default
  + Commentary-by-chapter display, as a commentary module option,
    rather than just per-verse commentary.
  + Consistent dialog usages: Y/N questions and file browsers.
  + Module manager: Remembers previous settings. New remote source is
    set as current. Tooltips over icons in module manager lists.
    Visual improvements by showing repository in use and separating
    full module lists from limited update/uninstalled lists. Now
    functions correctly with both shared and personal storage areas.
  + Compatibility with forthcoming Sword engine updates for dynamic
    versification ("dv11n"). Future modules will support e.g.
    deuterocanonical books in Catholic Bibles. 
  + More uniform module option support in parallel window.
  + Dictionary links auto-display in the previewer, after the
    fashion of Strong's and morphology references.
  + Better Help menu selections: Online chat support, bug reporting,
    mailing list pointers.
  + Better search term highlighting in both sidebar and dialog search.
  + Double-click navigation of search results entries.
  + Improved/fixed search abort.  Assume "AND" semantic for sidebar
    multiple word search.
  + Countless internal cleanups, efficiency improvements, and
    bugfixes, the need for many of which was exposed by the Windows
    port effort.
  + Additions to the manual, especially for instruction on original
    language research and how to get help
  + Better integration of image support with ImageMagick libraries.
  + Respect for configuration-specified font choices (Font= and
    Fontsize= in module configuration files).
  + Improvements to build-time configuration support.
  + Fixed fast search ("lucene") index creation. 

Tue Dec 30 21:16:59 CET 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- disable post-build-checks: fixes need too long
- fix desktop entry

Thu Nov  6 14:55:51 CET 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- update to 2.4.1:
  + GnomeSword now takes control of sword:// URLs without asking any
    question, iff there was previously no handler for them.  (In a
    debug build, the question is still asked, but with better phrasing.)
  + Intermediate module paths for prayer lists are properly constructed.
  + GnomeSword can be built under Solaris (--enable-gtkhtml only).
  + Ctrl-F "find" capability: Without a Bible pane, it operates in
    comm/book pane; without that, it operates in dictionary pane.
  + Advanced Search provides search term highlight in result preview.
    Also, the Find button toggles to Stop during a search.
  + New icons, courtesy of Simon Meers.
  + Module configuration default font specifications.  If a configuration
    contains "Font=Some Font Name" or "Fontsize=+2", GnomeSword will
    respect that as a default.  The user can change it of course, but any
    time the user resorts to default font name or +0 size, module
    configuration takes over.
  + Companion modules: If a Bible or commentary has configuration file
    element Companion=OtherModule, then GnomeSword will offer to open
    that module as well when opening the first module.
  + F1-F4 provide help, preferences, advanced search, and module manager.
  + fixed: 2163853  Scrolling Issues
  + fixed: 2186692  GnomeSword cannot create module's path
  + fixed: 2190241  keys should work normally
  + fixed: 2121811  DRC and Vulgate are not Correct

Fri Oct 31 01:20:00 MSK 2008 - kirill.kirillov@gmail.com

-update to 2.4.0:
  + fixed bugs: 2036800, 2040344, 2040347, 2069455, 2069476, 2079930
    2084401, 2105812
  + closed feature request: 2056615 
  + Journal/prayer list support is enabled by default.
  + Selecting choices for Strong's modules is now complete, and Preferences
    comboboxes have gained an instructive "--Select--" first entry.
  + New translations, Swedish and Hebrew.
  + Sort capability in mod.mgr has been disabled (contextually pointless).
  + Module deletions are reflected immediately in list on completion.
  + An error in tab labeling has been fixed.
  + Phrasing in several areas was improved for translation ease and clarity.
  + Ctrl-plus/minus change the base font size.
  + Naming change: "Pinned" tabs => "linked" tabs.
  + '_' is accepted in module naming (journals/prayer lists/pers.comm).
  + Search results are clearable in advanced search.
  + Mouse activity is ignored during long-running mod.mgr actions.
  + An ancient mem.alloc glitch in genbook modnames was fixed.
  + The passage exporter is enabled by default; --enable-exporter is no
    longer needed.
  + The Help menu contains a reference to Translation, to solicit others'
    help in making GnomeSword more accessible to more language groups.
  + Navbar load glitch when switching between 1- and 2-testament Bibles
    has been fixed.

Tue Aug  5 10:21:40 CEST 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- update to 2.3.6:
  + fixed bugs: 1973928, 1994431, 2033166
  + closed feature requests: 1991842, 2009885
  + In the module manager, along with the usual per-module-type
    categorization of modules, the mod.mgr also produces a parallel
    per-availability categorization, for updated and uninstalled
    modules.  This makes it easier to find new stuff, rather than 
    having to crawl through all the per-type listings.
  + General books' bookmarks are generated using the key text rather
    than an arcane internal numeric module offset.
  + Devotionals open to today's MM.DD key, rather than attempting
    (and always failing) to open on the current dictionary key.
  + Genbook navbar tooltips have been made a bit more understandable
  + Main verse navigation has keyboard shorcuts on variations of N/P
  + The personal commentary editor can be invoked with Alt-Z.
  + Locked modules' cipher keys are stored correctly.
  + Image, Map, and Daily Devotional modules no longer appear in more
    than one module list.
  + Prayer lists have expanded to include a general journal concept; a
    few crash bugs have been fixed, and templates for journals & topical
    outlines are available.  These user-editable modules seem now to be
    suitable for general user-driven module creation in genbook format.

Thu Jun 12 17:33:51 CEST 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- added 
  Recommends:     sword-bible
  Recommends:     sword-commentary

Mon Jun  9 20:06:00 CEST 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- update to 2.3.4:
  + bugfix release
  + prayer list support
  + passage exporter
- fixes OS-Edu #59

Mon May 19 19:16:52 CEST 2008 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- cleanup requires
- use suse_update_desktop_file
- fix rpm group

Tue Dec 25 18:16:46 CET 2007 - lars@linux-schulserver.de

- initial package 2.3.1