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View File generatebzball.sh of Package wicd (Project home:agentdero:wicd)


DATED_NAME=wicd-`date +"%Y%m%d"`

if [ -d "${DATED_NAME}" ]; then
    echo "==> Removing the old ${DATED_NAME}";
    rm -rf ${DATED_NAME}

echo "==> Grabbing the latest from Launchpad"
bzr co lp:wicd ${DATED_NAME}

echo "==> Throwing the translations into the new directory"
(cd ${DATED_NAME} && python setup.py get_translations)

echo "==> Pruning the .bzr directory"
(cd ${DATED_NAME} && rm -rf .bzr)

# These files appear to be in place just so bzr will allow the directory to
# exist in the tree
echo "==> Pruning .empty_on_purpose files"
(cd ${DATED_NAME} && find . -name ".empty_on_purpose" -exec rm -f \;)

if [ -d ${DATED_NAME} ]; then
    echo "==> Generating bzball"
    tar -jcvf ${DATED_NAME}.tar.bz2 ${DATED_NAME}
    echo "==> Failed to grab wicd from Launchpad"
    exit 1