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open-vm-tools: update to version 8.8.1

This update fixes the following issues for open-vm-tools:
Fixes for 12.1 and 11.4:
- 703959: Build vmci as first module and copy Modules.symvers to source of all subsequent modules to be built. Fixes issues where vmhgfs for example does not have all symbols available and fails to load
- 698181: Add a tools.conf to the package. All settings are left to default except [guestinfo] / disable-perf-mon=1
- 748517: added call to vmware-rpctool in %preun to unset the installed version
- Add vmhgfs-2011.12.20.patch: Fix build of vmhgfs module with kernel 3.2.
- Update FSF address part in vmtoolsd header.
- Update to version 8.8.1 (Stable series):
- Updated code for compatibility with newer Linux kernel releases and with newer NetworkManager releases.
- dropped vmxnet+kernel-3.0 (not needed anymore)
- 743130: build with PIE

Fixes for 11.4 only (already fixed in 12.1):
- Update to version 8.8.0 (Stable series):
- This release of open-vm-tools matches the VMware Tools package released with Workstation 8.0 and Fusion 4.0. It's targeted at desktop users who want the latest features in (VMware's) Unity, HGFS and drag and drop support.
- Add open-vm-tools-vmxnet+kernel-3.0.patch: HAVE_NETDEV_PRIV is gone in kernel 3.0 and netdev_priv is in kernel since 2.6.6.
- use set_permissions instead of run_permissions on 11.4+
- Update to version 2011.07.19:
- Fix an issue in the HGFS driver that could lead to a kernel panic.
- Update some code to support new compiler and kernel versions.
- Minor bug fixes and code cleanup.
- Changes from version 2011.06.27:
- A few enhancements to Unity: XFCE support, better interaction with "the other" (Ubuntu's) Unity and compositing window managers, better X error handling, and a few bug fixes.
- few bug fixes in HGFS, and minor bug fixes in other components.
- Otherwise, mostly code cleanup.

Fixed bugs
warning flood /var/log/messages
hgfs doesn't work using open-vm-tools
binaries need to be position independent
Removing open-vm-tools package doesn't inform VMX that Tools were uninstalled
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