Update for GraphicsMagick, GraphicsMagick.1464, ... recommended low

nfs-utils: Several bug-fixes

This update fixes the following issues for nfs-utils:
- bnc#779851: Add dependency on "netcfg" to ensure /etc/services is present
- bnc#772534: nfs4-no-mount does send MOUNT_UMNT rpcs when unmounting an 'nfs4' filesystem. They are only required for nfs2,3
- bnc#785803: Make sure /usr/sbin/nfsidmap uses correct domain name for username mapping

Fixed bugs
NFS server does not work without installing netcfg
NFSv4 rpc.mountd refused unmount request from ... for / (/): not exported
Problem with Pulseaudio and NFS homedirectory
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