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gummi: Update to version 0.6.5

Gummi was updated to version 0.6.5.

- Update to version 0.6.5:
+ Bugs fixed:
- Fixed empty build logs when special characters were included
- Fixed a rare deadlock situation on program exit
- Fixed regression in spell-checking language listing
- Fixed regression in killing inresponsive compilation processes
- Correctly close file descriptors for child processes
- Implemented --version CLI argument
- Several translation updates
- Added Hungarian translation

- Update to version 0.6.4:
+ Bugs fixed:
- Replaced faulty importer implementation with a toolbar variant
- Fixed an issue where the previewer would not display correctly
- dvi script uses exit status to signal compilation status
- Improved the reported messages for some errors.
- Better TeXLive version detection
- Fixed a reference problem that could lead to a crash
- Search window is correctly centered in GNOME 3
- Tab markup not enabled when project loading fails
- Minor UI tweaks to the project & bibliography panels
- Minor UI tweaks to the snippet configuration interface

Fixed bugs
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