Update for GraphicsMagick, GraphicsMagick.1464, ... recommended low

Softwarestack update for openSUSE 12.2

This update fixes the following issues with the Softwarestack:
- zypper:
+ bnc#854784: Fix groff .TP commands in manpage
+ bnc#844373:
* Fix detection of multiversion packages in transaction summary
* Improve prompt with more options hidden behind '?'
+ bnc#845619: Fix message typo
+ Updated translations

- libzypp:
+ bnc#852943: Fix disk usage computation for single packages
+ bnc#850907: Filter control chars illegal in XML1.0
+ bnc#846565: Always properly initialize pool storage
+ Updated translations

Fixed bugs
y2base core dump during node installation
Package install fails with "Fatal error in Python code occurred [[6]]" (code -1)
YaST reports "Not enough disk space" when mountpoints are on separate disks
zypper remove gives wrong message when removing a versioned package
zypper message typo: "Repository $NAME appears to outdated"
Zypper man page creates error when attempting to read it
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