Update for Botan, Botan.2802, DirectFB, DirectFB... recommended low

kdebase4-openSUSE, apper: This update resolves annoying, and dangerous usability issue with apper updater

This update fixes the following issues with apper and kdebase4-openSUSE:
- kdebase4-openSUSE:
+ bnc#802960: remove apper tray script
+ make plasma-nm icon works with the latest naming

- apper:
+ Update to 0.8.1:
* AppStream support (experimental)
* Updater plasmoid now as a pure QML applet, with some nice improvements
* Don’t create KJobs for when simulating the updates
* Allow for fetching showing screenshot from openSUSE servers
* and several bugfixes
+ Remove included upstream patches
+ Rename 10-opensuse-apper.js to 10-opensuse-org.packagekit.updater.js to reflect the new plasmoid name and to make sure it gets run on update even if the old one has already been run
+ bnc#802960: Don't set the added plasmoid to "Always visible"

Fixed bugs
[apper] update-stack update: Apper notifies to relogin before installation of new update stack has completed
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